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  1. C

    I am creating a post-world Pokemon fanfic.

    A world where the term Pokemon was just a thing of past, a world where items do not have any use other than decor, a world where everything about a Pokemon was just virtual, where every Pokemon was just data waiting to debugged and scrapped after it has served its purpose. Welcome to my world...
  2. fabled-skies


    Disclaimer: This comic has been in development since July of 2023, thus it goes through a lot of changes in terms of art style and character designs, and will continue to do so. Apologies for the lack of consistency, as well as the infrequency of updates, as I am the only person both writing and...
  3. Xero3C

    [Pokémon] PokeLand 0 Episode 4 - Sympathy of Darkness

    Introduction: This story is partially based on real occurrences, although depicted in a very abstract form and it is important to note that this doesn't apply to all scenes. Certain facts were changed on purpose to better fit within this world and its narrative. Portrayed thoughts and emotions...
  4. M

    Want to See How Many Pokemon I Can Name?

    My Pokemon Experiences: Pokemon and Love I: The Boy Who Accidentally Introduced Me to Pokemon Girl is 8 years-old. Girl goes to daycare where she meets a boy named Tommy. Tommy is cutie who currently likes two things: Pokemon, and a girl named Jessica. Unfortunately, my sad little clay animals...
  5. txteclipse

    NaNoWriMo and The Eon Chronicles

    So I've got this fanfic I've been working on since 2007 called The Eon Chronicles. Over the past year, I've been completely re-writing it from scratch. This November, I will attempt to write 50,000 words of this story and hopefully get somewhere with the plot. The Eon Chronicles is a somewhat...
  6. Starry Windy

    A Hearty Announcement in April 1st

    Okay, life is getting a bit busier at times, and at the time I'm writing this blog entry, I was having many works on video editing lately, which means I have less time in here than I thought it would be, posting the blog entry quite less often nowadays, and I was considering if I should go...
  7. Silhouette

    Whoa wait a blog?

    Wow, last I knew I had to have 5,000 posts to be able to post a blog. I remember a few days ago I read that the post count was reduced, but I don't really care to find it in any FAQ or anything. Anyhow, I'm gonna have to find a use for this thing now. Maybe I can find a daily challenge thing...
  8. Misheard Whisper


    I managed to set up a pixiv account. One I can actually remember the login and password for, that is. I mean, I've signed up several times before, but . . . I've tried every possible combination of every variation of Misheard Whisper I can think of with every password I've used in the past...
  9. Misheard Whisper

    Operation: MWMFU

    Misheard Whisper Mass Fic Update, 28th February 2010. Yeah, so I've just updated, like, all of my fanfics/original stories. Artificial - Part V is released (Part IV I posted a few hours earlier) Andre's Agency - Act One, Scene Two is released. Bang Head Here - Chapter One - Littleroot Town...
  10. Swift!

    What Really Grinds My Gears #2

    Writer's block and other things that can mess with you when you're trying to write fanfiction. People from the FFL know what I'm talkin' about.
  11. Misheard Whisper

    Bored blog

    CHRIS BROWN'S 'FOREVER' JUST CAME ON C4! Are you jealous yet? You know who you are. WE HAVE A MUSIC CHANNEL CALLED 'C4'! Now are you jealous? Now everyone else knows who I'm talking about, too. ~FOREEEVERRRR~ *is really, really bored* The oneshot I mentioned last time - you know, with the...
  12. Misheard Whisper

    Spaghetti & cheese

    . . . in a toasted sandwich. Mm . . . Seriously, if you've never had a toasted sandwich with cheese and spaghetti in it before, get yo butt off of my blog and go have one. Just kidding, really. Stay here, I love you. <3 But seriously, they are the best comfort food the world has to offer. I'm...
  13. Swift!

    The Hand of Arceus

    It's here! After more than a week of heavy writing and months upon months of planning. The Hand of Arceus has finally been released. So, if you're not too busy, check it out and leave a comment. Constructive criticism is welcome.
  14. Swift!

    Get back to work!

    Huh? Oh right, I'm supposed to be a fanfiction writer. Big surprise, aye? I can't seem to come up with anything worth writing about, just random ideas that have failure written all over them. Help?