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Warning! A New Challenger Approaches! (Sleigh Bells, Ctrl+Alt+Del, New SSB Trailer) [Daily Bloggity Entry #48]

El Héroe Oscuro

IG: elheroeoscuro
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    Date: 10 April 2014
    Time: 2:05 PM ET
    Mood: Excited for the new game!

    With the Nintendo Direct earlier this week, we were blessed by Nintendo with a forty minute presentation of new wonders and features for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game. Super Smash Bros, if you don't already know, is one of Nintendo's most popular franchises where they pit fighters from all across the Nintendo Universe - with occasional special guests from other platforms - into one huge beat-em-up game. Through the Nintendo Direct, we almost got what we wanted to hear: a release date for the fourth installment of the game. Suprisingly, Nintendo has decided to separate the release dates of the game: the 3DS version will be coming out in the summer of this year, while the Wii U version will come out later in the winter. The only possible explanation for that in which I can think of is that the Wii U version will have exclusive material that will prompt people to pick up a Wii U and thus boost their sales, which may or may anger most of their fan base.

    Daily Music - "Young Legends" by Sleigh Bells

    Anyways, let's get more into the nitty gritty part of the Nintendo Direct. More importantly, we were introduced to five new playable characters for the game: Sheik, Yoshi, Zero Suit Samus, and surprisingly Charizard and Greninja. Personally, all of these additions make me very, very excited. The decision to make Sheik and Zero Suit Samus stand alone fighters was a very good choice on Nintendo's part in my opinion. As those were two of my favorite fighters to play as in Brawl, I'm thrilled to find that I don't have to change speratically on the battle field now and can thus choose them right from the get go. Turning towards Yoshi, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo announced this lovable character into the newest SSB game. He has been in the franchise since the very beginning in it's initial release on the Nintendo 64, and even though I wouldn't call him the most popular choice in the game, it would have been a shocker to not see him in the newest addition. However, it still begs the question whether or not there will be other iconic people in the game: with only a few months left until it's release, characters such as Captain Falcon, Ike, Ganondorf, Ice Climbers, Mewto (seriously bring him back Nintendo), Falco, and and Ness have yet to be announced. It would be a shame to see many of these characters missing from the game, so hopefully they'll be announcing the soon.

    Daily Comic - "Desensitized? Nah" by Tim Buckley of Ctrl+Al+Del
    However, let's talk more about the two newest additions: Charizard and Greninja. Greninja was a real shocker to me, but also not too surprising of a choice. Like how Lucario was added into the mix in Super Smash Bros Brawl, I think Nintendo wanted to add an iconic new generation Pokemon into the mix and thus decided to choose one of the three starting Pokemon. After watching the announcement video of Greninja (which you can find in the Daily Video portion of this blog entry) I thought that his move tactics actually resembled that of Sheiks. The quick attacks and jump movements seemed almost identical to her, which just makes me even more excited to use him. Charizard on the other hand, resembles a lot like the way Bowser fights. Strong in attacks, but not the fastest fighter in the field. Yes, he was in Brawl as part of the Pokemon Trainer, but as a stand alone fighter it makes him very interesting, especially when it comes to him and his Mega Evolution.

    Daily Video - "Super Smash Bros. - Challenger From The Shadows" by Nintendo

    I'm honestly super, super excited for this new Super Smash Bros game, and I don't think I'll be able to fit it all into one post. I'll most likely create a Part 2 of this at some point to talk more about the other features from the Nintendo Direct (the new Final Destination map omg), but for now I'll leave it at that. Even with these new characters, I'm still extremely excited to play as Little Mac, as I love the Punch Out series and I grew up on that. Are you excited for this newest games? Who do you usually play as in Super Smash Bros.? Who would you like to see in the newest game? What was your favorite part of the Nintendo Direct? Comment below as I'd love to hear and discuss with you what you have to say about this topic!

    ‡ As always, the "Daily Bloggity" is self written by myself and includes just some of my opinions on different mediums. If you have a subject that you might want me to touch on, feel free to PM me or comment below! I would love to hear some of your ideas! Tune in tomorrow at 5PM Eastern Time for the next edition of the "Daily Bloggity!" Cheers! ‡

    - elheroeoscuro