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[Weekly Puzzle] Who's That Pokémon? (Week 65) - FINISHED

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UPDATE: Hi everyone, this week's contest is officially over! Please click here to access the Main Thread of "Who's That Pokémon" for further updates!​


Weekly Puzzle #65

It's time to put your Pokémon knowledge to the test with our weekly contest of "Who's That Pokémon"! Once a week every Tuesday I'll post a zoomed-in section of a Pokémon and it's your job to tell me which Pokémon the art belongs to. All of the art used will be from the Pokémon's official Dream World art and will be a 30x30 px section of the art cropped and zoomed in 8x. Once you think you have an answer, send it to me in a PM and you could be our next prize winner!


  • Guess the Pokémon whose art is being featured!
  • The clue is a 30x30 px section of the Pokémon's Dream World art (found here) cropped and magnified 8x.
  • Send Meadow a PM (private message) with your answer once you've figured it out - you may answer as many times as you want per week, but only your final answer will count!
  • Do not post answers in this thread - you don't want other people to use your answers, do you?
  • Feel free to chat about the puzzles and how easy/hard you find them; that's the fun of this game after all!
  • Submit your answers by next Wednesday (July 13) before 10:00 p.m. EDT if you want them to count!


A winner is a winner and a winner is you - assuming you won! Here's what you can expect to win from accumulating points by guessing puzzles correctly. (Hover over the emblems for descriptions!)


All "Weekly Puzzles" (including this puzzle) are worth one point on the rankings.

Clue - Week 65

As of May 31, 2015, Mega Pokémon are now included as possible answers in the standard "Who's That Pokémon" rounds!


Good luck, everyone! Feel free to discuss the puzzle in either this thread or the Main Thread! I added a poll to this thread to get an idea of its general difficulty level, so I would appreciate it if you gave your opinion! (All votes are anonymous, so there's no need to be shy!) ^^

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Hope you're having a RuFF day!
This one made me look through the Dream World Arts 4 times. So I voted for somewhat hard :)


[color=#bae5fc][font="Georgia"]KAMISATO ART: SOUME
Found the answer in the most unexpected of places! This rates about average for me~


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Alright everyone, are you ready for the moment of truth? This week's contest is officially over, so it's time to reveal the answer...



Specifically two of its upper teeth, as well as a bit of its mouth! Congratulations to everyone who guessed it correctly! Now let's give a round of applause to the following participants...

This week's winners:
Battle Girl Spoony

(Please let me know if I accidentally missed your name on the list of winners! If so, I'll be sure to double-check my inbox and get everything sorted for you! Also, if your name is italicized on this list, then that means you have already attained Secret Rank status!)

Probably didn't expect a mouth shot of Hippowdon, eh? :P I guess this one may have been one of the harder puzzles as of late, after all! Also... it's that time of year again... you know... when people get name changes and stuff? I'm gonna have to go through and update everyone's names again, haha. And speaking of name changes, I've went back from Meadow to Revise Librarian again, so if you're looking for Meadow, I'm right here! Anyway, stay tuned for Weekly Puzzle #66, which should already be up right now! I'll get to the scores and emblems as soon as possible, so hang on tight! :D

Be sure to keep track of the Main Thread (linked here), because that's where you can find any important updates regarding WTP! For now, feel free to discuss this week's puzzle (or anything WTP-related) in the Main Thread! See ya later, everyone! ^.^