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What are your thoughts on Pokémon Horizons so far?

The series has been going for nearly a year at this point (sub anyway, see another thread for a discussion around the huge dub delay) so let's hear your thoughts so far!

What have you liked?
What have you not liked?
What would you have done differently?
Are you still even watching it nearly 40 episodes in?

Personally I've liked it a lot! I prefer the consecutive stories and not having each episode near enough be standalone like in the previous series. It reminds me much more of the Sun & Moon series which I was also a big fan of. I like the majority of the crew and watching the new episode every Sunday morning has become an expectation in my household at this point! I don't expect it to win any awards for storytelling or character development or anything like that, but I'm a big fan of the world that's been created and it's exceeded my expectations in a couple of areas. I'm interested to see where the story will go as well, when it gets out of this little filler arc they're currently in!

Let's hear all of your thoughts!


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Given the fact we haven't seen it in the USA over a year after it started, I can't really give an opinion. By what I have seen via Serebi, it seems very slow. I haven't even seen many people talk about the anime. Maybe 2 or 3 episodes where people have been hype? But it just seems very slow and boring thus far, but we will see.

I am excited that Matt Mercer is going to be one of the voice actors. So interested to see who everyone else is played by.


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Glad they've finally moved on from Ash, but even so this series has been pretty boring so far from what I've seen. Too often Liko and Roy are given opponents they can't beat and end up needing Captain Pikachu to come in and rescue them at the last minute.

Feel like I would enjoy this series much more if the protagonists were given easier battles and more Pokémon for their team, allowing them to eventually get strong enough to defeat the tougher opponents.
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actually Pokémon was better with ash in it then without because ash finished all his battles and the 2 new protagonist don't no offense but if liko were to fight a trainer at ash's level i want all of the people to get a reality check force them into a situation where they fight a champion level trainer where the whole volt talkers all get destroyed badly with the person only using one Pokémon they should be put into a situation where there ship gets destroyed by that person with no place to escape and all Pokémon defeated even ash got brutally defeated if there ifs no brutal defeats and have the person say that they are too weak and the champion ash could show up to defeat that person that defeated the volt tacklers it will show ash battling that trainer and it will show that ash is on his own journey through the regions plus show another intense ash battle will make fans for ash and Pikachu want to see it again they lost a lot of fans without ash bringing him back will bring back the ash fans and it will show if those worlds are connected or not well and journeys was rushed but the final battle was rushed


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I personally am really liking it! The artstyle and colors are very vibrant, and it looks like a Ghibli movie. I'm enjoying the characters and overall story, though I'm only five episodes in. The beginning was strong, though it could have used some development of Liko at school and getting familiarized with Sprigatito before jumping into the bigger plot, but it's also a nice change of pace. And I like that we have new protagonists.
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I've only seen 3 episodes but I really like it.

Personally, I think it's cool that it's so heavily serialized, which is funny cause I prefer my television to generally be more episodic but I feel like Pokemon has been episodic for so long that I was itching for anything new and different. Gonna reserve genuine judgement until I've seen more, but thusfar it seems really cool! It's nice that they're trying to tell stories about other trainers and not just Ash for the first time in, well, ever, really. Don't get me wrong I love Ash, and I loved Journeys especially, but this seems like a really good new direction ^_^
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It's beautiful! And so interesting! Although I hesitated at first to watch since the absence of Ash kind of hurts, but I eventually watched it and now I can say "Liko is Amazing"! The new protagonist is embarking on an exciting journey with her friends and crewmates! It's terrific! I think, Liko is more relatable... The story, the series, I have just one word for it - it's BEAUTIFUL 😊
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I believe it's genuinely a really superb anime. Not just as a Pokemon anime but among anime as a whole. It has very solid and terific characters, a great cast that balances and works off each other well, slow build up in episodes that go onto the next so not a single moment feels superfluous, and an intriguing overarching plotline that I'm excited to see unfold.
Each character has plenty of clear traits that are relatable to people of all walks of life, and are down to earth in a way that makes them feel like actual, fully realized people because you can parallel the way they feel about things to situations in real life. This goes for both the 3 kids AND the adults, and I love that the adults get to be flawed characters that have their own problems and things to deal with and we do get episodes focused on them. The Pokemon themselves also get to be characters of their own, and I love how much personality they have just from how they act in scenes outside of when they're battling, even something like Spinel's Umbreon.