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WHEN WILL IT ALL END? (HG/SS Blog, obviously)


☆ E N T E R T A I N E R
OK, just a few things I'd like input on:

What levels should I train my Pokemon to before taking on Green/the redone E4? I can take down Green whenever I want, and probably defeat him easily, but I doubt I'd be able to defeat the redone E4 easily, which is why I'm holding back.

My current team (levels not certain, since I'm typing this while in school):


Corona ~ Female @ Luck Incense
Level 61


Tara ~ Female @ Amulet Coin
Level 61
-Sheer Cold (may replace for Perish Song)
-Ice Beam


Millie ~ Female @ Muscle Band
Level 52
-Confuse Ray
-Cross Poison


Gardia ~ Female @ Wise Glasses/sometimes Choice Specs
Level 63
-Shadow Ball
-Future Sight (eventually will be Calm Mind)
-Light Screen


Kanon ~ Male @ Shell Bell
Level 52
-Hyper Beam (will replace with something else eventually)
-Confuse Ray
-Dark Pulse


Elena ~ Female @ *forgot*
Level 47
-Iron Defense
-Protect (may take out for Thunder Wave, or perhaps Rock Climb)
-Iron Tail

Elena recently joined my party, and so I took out my Vileplume for her. I needed another physical attacker anyways, so she fits the bill (her Adamant [+Atk. -Sp. Atk.] nature makes her even more of a perfect fit).

Someplace where I can train would also help. I'm currently getting all the gym leaders' numbers (with the exception of Green), and I've been taking on the E4 again and again to raise their levels. The battle calls I get from some trainers and the occasional option of traveling on the boat help as well, but not too much.