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witcher 3


someone needed a doctor?
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    so two days ago i just got an xbox one. i got the halo masterchief collection and evolve. evolve i can't really play much of because it's based on multiplayer and i haven't purchased an xbox live account. so yesterday i went out and bought witcher 3. i've never played any of the witcher games before, but i saw how it got great ratings and some screenshots. i heard it was an opened based world so i thought sure why not! i played it all last night and i've only gotten through the first town. i need to still do one side quest to get some drowner's brains, but they're a pain! i've only gotten one so far. seems it just randomly drops. also, the first side quest is apparently glitched. for some reason the girl in the wishing well quest just glitches. i did some research, and i guess everyone is just having this issue. my day will be spent playing this game today again.