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After all my visits to the hospital and to the doctor, finding out a lot about my stomach and what could happen etc. have started to get me worried that something bad will happen to me when I start getting stomach pains. I mean, last month I could have a tummy ache and be fine with it. Now, I instantly become cautious and the first thing I do is panic, and I know that isn't good but I really can't help it. A few days after one of the trips to the doctors, I had one of the symptoms of appendicitis (what I was suspected to have) and just had a small panic attack. What's worse is that now I become very anxious when I'm home alone because I worry something will happen and no-one will be there to help me.

All of this has just made me more aware of pain I get generally and then when I notice, I start worrying. Is there any advice you can offer me?


I know dem feels..

I had gastritis due to stress (it's where the stomach lining inflames and can lead to ulcers) :/ and I had to take Lansoprizole.. it was like a 24/7 heartburn just in my stomach for months so I can definitely relate to stomach woes. What I say is that if you worry or stress, you'll make it worse, so try your best to take a deep breath and say to yourself that they are working on it and the more calm you are, the better it is for your stomach. You will get less symptoms and so you just gotta try and think that.. and that even if you're suspected to have something like appencicitis, there are always ways doctors will work on it and get better.

As hard as it is, don't panic because it REALLY will affect it and I'm proof of that.

By the way, I have stopped taking lansoprazole now after like.. 4/5 months, so things do get better but you need just a little time!!