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Would you eat any Berries?

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    At the moment, no. Cannot eat berries of any kind.

    Outside of those restrictions, probably a pure sweet berry like Mago or Pecha. Might be convinced to try Wacan (Sweet + Sour) or Kasib (Sweet + Dry) too.

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    As long as I knew with absolute certainty that none of them were deadly to humans, I'm the weirdo who'd try every single one of them just to see what they did/tasted like lol.
    Same. I wanted to try out every single berry from the second I learned about them. That being said, I'd mostly prefer the sour berries for the ones I'd eat regularly, with some sweet ones too. I'm especially interested in the Grepa and Salac berries.
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    Sure, I would want some. I like berries irl, and the ones in the pokemon world look big, pretty and juicy, if a little whimsical. I think they would taste amazing. I would look for a berry with a sweet flavor though, because that's the way I like my fruit to taste.

    I would most want a roseli berry, the art looks like a strawberry, my all-time favorite fruit. I want a watmel berry too. The design and name both scream watermelon, and they can be really refreshing in summer. I hear that Japan's Densuke watermelons are some of the best in the world, so maybe the watmel berries taste like that! I will add a payapa berry to my basket next. Seems to be an anagram of papaya, the color is more passion fruit-like, but if it tastes like either that's a win. Let's top it all of with a pecha berry, my pink, heart-shaped peach.