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[Legends: Arceus] Would you like more Legends games?

  • I would totally love more Legends games.

    I know the whole selling point of Pokemon games is connecting with others for battles/trades, but as a kid I moved around a bit and ended up living in a very rural place where I was literally the only kid in school who played Pokémon. So I didn't have my first link trade until 3rd or 4th gen, and I'd been playing since Yellow (yay, I'm nearly 30! 😅)

    Legends being a single player game TOTALLY let me recapture the feeling of "I will become the absolute strongest person in this game", only I was also able to complete the Dex and actually achieve game-completion, unlike my poor old save files in Yellow, Gold and Ruby.

    It also provided us some awesome story and new characters, not to mention the "new" ancient Pokémon. It'd be very cool if they expanded on the Legends-verse, where more and more people are brought back to the past and trying to discover why. With Switch save-file shenanigans they could even have us meet our character from Legends Arceus.
    They never would, but they could!
  • Yes I'd love another Legends game, it broke up my Pokemon playing nicely, it was a welcome change.

    I'd like to see an entirely different storyline etc.

    Maybe continue the timeline in a different part of the world, slightly newer technologies but not nearly caught up with the present (present being Kanto technology and onwards).

    Eventually down the line we reach a place where we see small cities (medieval times or something?)