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December 17th, 2007, 8:08 PM
With Christmas on our doorstep, I figured it's about time to do something New Year's-y.

Basically, list the months, along with one special thing from each month this year that you can remember! It can be big, little, good, bad, or nothing at all. I doubt I'll think of something for every month. XD

I passed my Semester 1 exams. Yay. XD

My 3 year PC anniversary.

Went paintballing for the first time on March break.

Got promoted from AA to SA.


My nanny passed away.

Toured Europe for 11 days. France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany ftw.

My 17th birthday~

Start of Grade 12.


Became a euchre pro. =D Not really, but I learned the game and that's all I do during my spare period now. XD

Got hit by the biggest snowstorm in 20 days.

December 17th, 2007, 8:16 PM
January: Big fat N/A
February: Nope
March: Nutin'
April: Nada
May: End of the year 8th grade exams
June: 2 years PC Anniversary (during my 1.5 years away time)
July: First post on PC in 1.5 years
August: Began freshman year
September: Continue freshman year
October: My Grandfather's (Mother's side) passing.
November: Houston for two days and one night.
December: Exams 19th through 21st, birthday on 30th


December 17th, 2007, 8:25 PM
Started Highschool

Made New Friends

Heroes started again I think

My dad's 50th birthday

Met somebody special lol

Met up with old friends

My 13th birthday

Lost contact with a friend



Watched Heroes finale

My brothers 18th birthday

December 17th, 2007, 8:28 PM
2007: An endless torrent of pain and misery. Incidentally, also one of my best years in...years.

December 17th, 2007, 8:34 PM
Two Thousand and Seven
I built a hovercraft for Physics. It was... actually a lot of fun and the fact that it worked (more or less XD) was even better.
Started my philosophy class which was the greatest class ever since it had almost all my best friends in it and it was homeroom. ♥
Went to Disney World with my family over the break. I had so much fun. <33
Pokémon Diamond came out and I got my DS Lite. :D Cherrim became one of my favourite Pokémon. I also quit staff at PC. 8D; Oh, and I turned 18. These were so in order of importance. XD
I got accepted into the university I really wanted to go to. I was so happy. \o/
Graduated from high school, prom, etc. SUMMER. :D
Family reunion in Saskatchewan (lol), got to see more of my family on both sides.
New laptop. ♥♥♥♥
Moved out to my university about an hour and a half away from home. Learnt that my parents are very clingy.
Went home for the only times during my first term. :B Had midterms.
Did absolutely nothing except math assignments and midterms. XD
Finished my first round of exams (well, I will by Thursday), came home, etc. :D

December 17th, 2007, 8:34 PM
January: First year PC Anniversary

February: Something else

March: Er. Something?

April: That one thing.

May: Something.

June: Pwned the Final Exams of 10th grade.

July: Texas for 2 weeks; got a girlfriend, dumped her. Got another girlfriend; dumped her too. Within 2 weeks. @[email protected]

August: Uncle died, great grandmother died.

September: School, some upsetting things.

October: Uncle died.

November: Birthday! 8D 16th.

December: Was one of two 100%s on a Creative Writing assignment in a class of 34.

December 17th, 2007, 8:36 PM
1.First kiss.

16th Birthday

Got a job at a restaurant/ice cream parlor

hmm...that was about the time I joined up at PC

Finished up Sophomore year

Went to a music festival in Pennsylvania [Creation Fest NE]

Went to a camp that I've been going to since 2nd grade

First break-up

Junior Year begins

My job ended [parlor closed for the winter]

Re-sparked my interest in Ocarina/Majora's Mask

To be determined :P

December 17th, 2007, 8:40 PM
January: Spent all my time with girlfriend Tara

February:See January

March: See February

April: See March

May: Ended relationship. (4 1/2 years) Spent times alone

June: Lose a lot of friends

July: Partied to much due to depression

August: See July

September: First relationship since big break up. Ended fast. (Blues Pre-Season begins)

October: 3 years at PC (season begins)

November: Spent all time watching Blues hockey.

December: Same as November. lots of time talking with old friends. and old crushes.

December 17th, 2007, 8:48 PM
January: I got shoot. It didn't penetrate my body-armor, but it came close to.

February: 2nd year in Iraq.

March: Promoted to Staff SGT.

April: I spended a whole week on a recon mission... oh the loneliness.

May: The usual. a firefight here or there, but nothing special.

June: Same.

July: Took command of a squad. My first successful mission with me in command.

August: Somehow, I got Pink eye and was in bed for a week.

September: Again, nothing special. Just the usual nut job with a turban trying to kill me.

October: Marks my 4th year of action since I joined the conflic. spended 2 years in Afghanistan, and 2 in Iraq.

November: came Back home at last.

December: Just relaxing.

December 17th, 2007, 9:04 PM
Um, found out that my penpal from Japan was coming to visit? XD
Nothing exciting, I guess.
Penpal from Japan visited, and it was so awesome. ♥
My brother and grandfather went to Hawaii.
Brother's 16th birthday.
100marios and Sayuri no Hoshi celebrated their birthdays. W00t! (Yeah, I'm going to say that just 'cause it's an official word now...)
I can't think of anything in particular, except that I was busy preparing for my trip to England.
Visited my friends in England for three weeks. Definitely the highlight of my year!
4-year PC anniversary, brother's and grandmother's birthdays, grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary.
Friends from England came for my birthday!
Found out that Vampire Knight was going to be animated. YEAH BABY. 8D (Sad that it's the only thing I can think of, huh?)
Actually mailed Ashley's letter after, like... a year. XD; Yes, that deserves to go on this list!

December 17th, 2007, 9:22 PM
January: Started off by stressing during the rest of my Winter Break. I had several projects due.
February: Got a Wii. Went to a conference, where I placed 4th in our little region for my essay.
March: Got a new computer. Had a nasty cold and ear infection. Started applying for college. Yes, I know it's late. It's a long story.
April: Got Pearl. It was fun. I think I was also formally accepted into college then, if not in March.
May: Went to Paris.
June: Graduated from high school third in my class, not enough for anything pretty and shiny. Also left home at the end of June to spend the summer with my sister.
July: Had an emo episode on my Livejournal. Spent most of July doing... nothing, really. The highlight of the month was probably going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Oh! I forgot, I also went to the last Harry Potter midnight release party ever. I got a sticker with my book. :D
August: Had another emo-like episode. Finally left for college. Moved into my dorm, which I really like.
September: Grandparents visited the dorm. They spoiled me. I got a mp3 player from them. Switched roommates.
October: Not much. A few dorm parties. College work.
November: Participated in National Novel Writing Month and won. New computer broke second day in. MP3 player reformatted itself. Not a good month for electronics. Visited my sister for Thanksgiving.
December: So far, nothing much. I will visit my grandparents over the break, though. :D

December 17th, 2007, 11:45 PM

1+1 = 3? O_o
Speed posting in the DCC somwhat, each of those posts were pointless, so on the 7th, we were told not to post in there again, but we returned a little while later.
Rene posted in the DCC "Can I join the chit-chat?"
Rene, the Eeveesexual.
May said she was leaving PC forever, but she didn't.
Tali revealed her crush in IRL to her pair at that time.
My budgie had been dead for one year.
Tali said "They hurt my everything".
I saw that the one above got closed on the 30th.
On the 31st, I began year ten.February:

My friend in IRL made a mistake and said she has a crush on the year eight instead of a celebrity.
Jolty said at BF "Tali x Nica, can I come to your wedding?"
A fish died.
Saba joked "Banners feel me hard".March:

A word, flaretacular
Fuz called me a double poster even though it was his fault cause he deleted his post.
At BF, Fillershift and another strange name for Kenji.
Email sent out about finding a Lugia.
I said "we're going to have a Lugia" and it was taken another way.April:

April fools phailed.
Reached 10,000 posts.
New PC account.
Naughty post (IRL joke...)
BF's 100 members.
Turned 15.May:

Stupid Ebil Xylophones, they thought I meant a child would get offended by stu instead of sex.
Inactivity banner...
I thought the TV said that the genitals will squash you.
Tali left PC forever (still not sure about her logging on about a month ago.)
New pair.June:

Made June DCC
New pair
On the 17th, The count to infinity was born... all due to myyself PMing Mage to remake it because I couldn't be stuffed to.
Couldn't use XD for a week.
Made banner and avatar shop.
Bowled 180.
25th, The Police-y Staff was born. (Omg, so the story has been going for six months on Christmas :O)
Got to use XD again.July:

I left PC as a joke...
Returned to PC, calling it July fools.
Remade that awesome Altaria and Typhlosion FC.
Saba left PC. Then returned a little while later.
Pop called the dog "one time".
May said moe beam.
Got banner and avatar shop closed.
Ryouki said "kissing of true love". I still find that funny.August:

Poisonous full stop.
Some of "I wanna be the very best, like no n00b ever was, to appreciate staff and get somewhere in life"...
I can count one to two successfully.
Username change.
Made screenshot of Tali's so called return.
Shika x Ryouki created.
Ryouki didn't know what question he was meant to be asking.
Called Macy "high".
BF is one year old.
A male at school said that Sasuke is hot.
FC reached 10,000 posts.September:

Made Septembers MotM
I said Pop was raping Nan's glass.
Random questions at BF that Kenji, Alex and Shika replied to.
The count to infinity got closed.
The count to infinity returned because Scythe begged Signomi to reopen it... I think.
Theory that all S username'd people belong with R username'd people.
Bet that TCTI could reach 3000 by the end of the week... and it did.
A guest at BF, The Prophet of Truth... I still wonder who that is.
TPoT signed up.
Flying kangaroos (IRL)
Three awesome game type dreams.
The cookie party thing...
I made a TPS quiz "What year was The Police-y Staff set in?" Rene replied June.
The whole cubed thing.October:

Awesome dream about like... too hard to explain. It's PC-ish though.
Went to royal show.
PC wasn't working.
Slave names... cleaning lady and other one.
Kenji made a thread at BF "I love BF, don't you?"
PC working.
Ryouki said "A cleaning lady cleans you alive."
Went called TCTI "my dear".
Ryouki wants to marry a spam section.
I changed the display name at BF to "I'm myself, you're not, a, Went"
Mikami thinks that eating with her family late at night is romantic.
TSA x Mikami joke...
Went paired with The count to infinity for a couple of minutes.
Joke to Rene - TSA is the password to the world of anime.
Edit button...
Rights to own TCTI.
PC tax return.November:

People want TCTI theme.
I got the 10,000th post in TCTI.
The frogs returned.
Kenji joked that he was outside my window and I was stupid enough to look.
School river cruise.
PC 2 years.
Shika said to Ryouki "you're the one".
Tali was online O_o
The count to infinity requests Nica to be trained for world leader.
We got a new weiro.
No posting in TCTI for 15 days.
Another account... -cough-
My teacher said to my friend "what do you say when someone wants sex?" she replied "sorry".
Went in the PC chat for the first time.
Zet thinks a shadow can rape people.
Unpaired and new pair.

Returned to TCTI.
TSA's suicide story.
Username change back to simpsonqueen.
According to Scythe, you need to download imageshack to make banners.
Cedrik has a daughter. No srsly. That Vavavoom person, yeah, I've got proof.
BF was spammed by Chikara³, Deimos and Warheart. Yesh, good example for a PC mod, eh?
Nica numbers Kenji... according to May.
I got pictures of the frogs!
Mikami and Zet are going to get a room, because I said so.
Deimos & Warheart were swearing at me sometime this month, in a conversation. How wonderful.

Man of Faith
December 18th, 2007, 9:21 AM

- Spent New Year's day in Mississippi... >.>
- 9th Grade Mid-Terms... -_- Passed! :D
- Met my dad... 0.o

- Did nothing on Valentine's Day (as usuall...)
- Left KHU...
- Broke my IPod
- Got my 360 fixed

- My Birthday
- Spring Time! :D
- Got new glasses
- Became confused...

- Diamond and Pearl
- Reading for TAKS
- End of year project time
- Tested for Tuberculosis(spelling?)

- Finals 30 & 31
- Stressed

- Finals on the first
- Start of Summer Break
- Promoted to 10th
- Joined PC

- Lost Internet
- Boredom
- Finished 40+ books... -_-

- School Starts
- Met new teachers
- Grandfather's Funeral

- Studied
- All A's...
- Friend moves
- Sold one of my PS2s

- Got internet back
- Back on PC
- PC Username change
- Figured out something
- Rock Band! :D

- Met someone
- First date
- Bought gifts
- Fanclub?! :O
- Sick whole final week before Christmas Holiday (Right now...)

December 18th, 2007, 9:35 AM
January-Camped out and got a Wii, which is a good thing considering all of my Christmas gifts were Wii games.

February-After years of being fed up with rap music, I discovered the genre I actually like (Classic Rock 'n' Roll!)

March-March Madness. 'Nuff said. Best playoff system EVER didn't let me down. I also went to the Big Ten Tourney in Chicago.

April-Built a 7000-piece lego from scratch, my own design.

May-Rediscovered competitive battling, but ALL of my skill and knowledge had disappeared. :(

June-Got a new computer for my birthday. Great since I don't get much for my B-Day, but this was a nice present.

July-Joined PC.

August-Went to Legoland to complete my lego collectiong once and for all.

September-My Grandfather passed away.

October-Finally downloaded Netbattle to rediscover my lost skills of battling.

November-Nothing of interest.

December-Yeah, everything has been boring lately :P

What a year...

December 18th, 2007, 9:43 AM
New Year woooo~

Family issues and stuff.



Okay I seriously can't remember what the hell happened this month.

Got promoted on PC to moderator, scared the everliving crap out of everybody in the D/P forum.

My birthday.
FG's birthday and second PC anniversary.

Got demoted on PC for specific reasons.

Re-joined the PC staff.

Metroid Prime 3 ftw. 8D

Left PC.
...for two weeks.
Dog got lost in the streets, 2 days later, he was found.

Super Mario Galaxy, can't wait for Christmas.

December 18th, 2007, 9:45 AM
January: My first PC Anniversery

February: Skipped a midterm in karate, and got my blue belt before the rest of the people in my class :D

March: Went on our cruise around the Caribbean.

April: Got Pokemon Pearl, had lots of fun playing it =3

May: Completed my first year of homeschool

June: Grandpa went to the hospital with heart problems

July: Got a new laptop <33

August:Went to Universal Stuidos and Sea World :D I also had my wisdom teeth cut out, and made my LJ.

September: Eternal Sonata came out, and I had my birthday.

October: My father turned 50.

November: My brother took my desktop to his college dorm

December: Went on Christmas Break :D

December 18th, 2007, 12:05 PM
- Got a new calendar.

- Joined youtube. Woohoo.
- Discovered some hack rom called "Pokémon Shiny Gold".
- Joined my first forum ever.

- Joined PC. Started a good video series that lasted months.
- Started sending fan fics to Lemmy's Land.
- Met Foullump.

- Discovered than PC was bigger than the Emulation section. Got more happy after seeing that I hadn't been the only one.

- Joined another forum.
- Legend of the Seven Shadow stars was finally finished.
- Megaman765 fake account closing madness.
- Started getting Wii games.
- Met Erimgard.

- Finished year 11 ^_^
- June 6th, 2007. Joined the Database Error Fan Club, marking the end of my noobish stage in PC.
- Ended my job. But with enough money to...
- Get a Wii! With Super Paper Mario!
- The wonderful radio show I listened to each morning was closed. Snif.
- Don Carlos asked me to play his game searching for glitches.

- July 15th, 2007, 07:29 PM. First post in The Count to Infinity.
- Went to a summer camp for 15 days.
- Shadowmario64 killed his YT account T_T

- Joined my fourth forum. Got an admin place for being member nº 2.
- A month in the beach ^_^
- Met Nica.

- Started year 12.
- The prophet of Truth. Who the heck was him?
- Nica amabily forced me to join BF.
- Scythe saved TCTI from closeness <3
- Beat Twilight Princess.

- Lewis Hamilton lost the F1 title in a really pathetic way. I still laugh when I remember that. XDDDDD
- Started buying a new videogame magazine.
- Started the Did you know? thing in siggy.

- Got 9999 in TCTI ^_^
- Erimgard recruited me for Rocket's Revenge, the hack with more workers ever.
- Became 17 ^_^
- Super Mario Galaxy ^_^

- Tested SG once again.
- Beat Paper Mario for N64 after 7 years.
- Got a MSN virus T_T
- Finished my exams.
- Wrote this.

December 18th, 2007, 9:02 PM
Stood strong admist the drama epidemic going around.. lol

partied a lot

worked a lot for classes

studied for finals and got another part-time job

parties parties parties galore

my 21st birthday, good times!

epic party of the summer!

got the heck kicked outta me by a bipolar and drunken (former) friend... lol.. I'm not made of glass!

started another semester, a couple of parties

all revolved around preparing for Halloween PARTIES

epic thanksgiving, besides that, a lot of schoolwork

can't wait for Christmas and the New Years party(ies)

all in all, it's just been a yearlong party, anything to pass the time right now before I start preparing for lawschool. I could've done a lot more this year, but I've been laying low for awhile, trying to get school done on the weekdays, party harder on the weekends.

December 19th, 2007, 4:25 PM
Jan - 4th year anniversary! Dug myself out of snow

Feb - Birthday and more snow

March - Starting school tests

April - Playing track, getting ready for paintball

May - Finshing track(top discus :D)

June - Final test, school ends, PAINTBALL

July - parties, more paintball relaxing

August - became lazy, didn't move for hours :D

September - school D:

October - Candy!!

November - Turkey!

December - GirlFriend!!

December 19th, 2007, 4:50 PM
Ooh, good thread.

January: N/A

Febuary: Gave some girl a valentine card and chocolates, she gave me a kiss. #_#

March Was my sisters birthday and she gots a suprise party! I despise her...

April N/A

May I got to go white water rafting in SA for my sisters soccer tourny. Tres amusant!

June Became a teenager, school ended.

July Went on a cruise to Mexico and Hondourous ftw.

August Joined this AWESHOME forum

September School started, the offical first week of movie night.

October Best Halloween EBUR!

November Movie night began to go up in smokes, got paired to Hanako <3.

December Eventually going to see I Am Legend.

Well...that's it. I have no life.

December 19th, 2007, 5:05 PM
Jan-Playing TricksterOnline. :x

Feb- N/A

March-Took the standarized tests are Aced em >_> Started playing Gunbound.


May-Slackin off school and the school had a carnival :D

June-Lol wuts school? Discovered EV training. Joined PC :D

July-Got my wi-fi connector and went to Japan. Got HarryPotter7 at JFK XDD

August-Died inside when I came back to NY, starting badgering my dad for a Wii..Finished DeathNote. Thought it was awesome.

Sept-MY BIRTHDAY 8D Got a Wii. And school..

Oct-Discovered Shoddy and started kickin arse.

Nov-Attempting to spread shoddy throughout my classroom with friends XD Started playing SRO.


December 19th, 2007, 5:11 PM
my year:

january:had a mental break down
february:dislocated my shoulder
quit dA
returned to dA
got a bunny. oliver <3
march:watched a friend comsume paint thickener... which is toxic. mildly hilarious
started a rather stupid, and pointless relationship with a moron
got full marks on a MATH test. very exciting!
climbed a mountain in a mini skirt and ballet flats
april:had another mental break down
stayed in a five star penthouse in ballina/// was schweet
the great elephant debate
casino royale came out on dvd. daniel craig is love!
may:won a poker tournament
became friends with kiz again ^^
shattered my ankle into a bazillion pieces
step brother got into a fight
started talking to him again
june:got a job
my art teacher fell in love with me
SRC forum *hides*
found someone who actually likes my handwriting: my art teacher :P
year ten camp
discovered frosties. ZOMG
july:bought my beloved wallet
shel visited :]
was dubbed "luna lovegood"
bought harry potter #7
was hugely disappointed by harry potter #7
august:gave up furniture for forty hours... never again
TOM. got nothing. not even honours...
lonely princesses... lawl. vujovic
september:SRC camp
hand another mental breakdown
saw midsummer nights dream in theatre
discovered twilight
nearly died from throwing up for a week straight. lost ten kg
andy got a haircut... YUM
was attacked by a cactus
october:turned sixteen :]
got my learners permit
had a rawking sixteenth bday party
got a frog-puck <3
got ds and pokemon pearl and ranger
SC trials
saw across the universe <3
became his wench of some description
got a new prime minister
decided i want to become a writer
developed an obsession with strawberries
mum got rid of ollie
december:big day in lawl
started dating odie
had another fight with him
nearly crashed the car
made thank you dvd for a teacher
won the english medal :D

and thats about it

Midnight Beat
December 19th, 2007, 5:43 PM
Got new computer
Nothing much
Nothing mcuh
April Fools Day
My birthday
Finished freshman year
Enjoying extended summer break
Went to Michigan to see family
Found out Grandma has cancer
Started sophomore year
Got learners permit
Egged my friend on Halloween
Went to Michigan for an extended weekend
Got out of school for winter break
Have above a B in all classes (including pre-AP)
More to come~

December 20th, 2007, 7:16 AM
I'll see what I can remember.

- Joined PokeCommunity.
- Began studying the art of Pokemon D/P since enough data was gathered to compile my own movesets with.
- 5th year membership at my job

- Discontinued Iceman3k's Quest. AGAIN.

- Mom's Birthday
- Got robbed ON my Mom's Birthday ='(
- Became a very cautious person

- Obtained Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

- General Manager of my job got replaced with someone else
- Bought another Nintendo DS since the other one broke

- Nothing comes to mind

- Celebrated Independence Day with all kinds of fireworks.

- Nothing here.

- Bought a Wii with Wii Sports and Pokemon Battle Revolution
- Dad's Birthday
- Trained a Mamoswine =D (yes he's nicknamed :horns: )

- Older Sister's Birthday

- Made an exercise program for myself
- Started running afternoon shifts at work

- Met someone on BlackPlanet (Who apparently thought I was cute). Just friends at this point, as far as I know.
- Got my own Life Insurance Policy
- Experience a fierce Blizzard =D
- My own Birthday

Lucy Lu
December 20th, 2007, 7:41 AM
January - Computer broke
February - Computer broke. I got my raise from work.
March - Computer broke
April - Computer got fixed by my little brother, yay! My stepmom and dad and brother came to vist for a week.
May - N/A
June - My real mom and brother came to visit.
July - N/A
August - N/A
September - My three year PC Anniversary. My birthday. My best friend, IRL took me out to dinner for my birthday.
October - N/A
November - Spend Thanksgiving with my stepmom and dad's friends. Worked on Black Friday. x.x Omg, I thought I was going to die...
Decmember - Going to visit my stepmom and dad in New Jersey for two weeks.

The months that I had my computer broke. I just exercised and work a lot. Also watched TV! *gasp* Kept myself busy. XD

December 20th, 2007, 8:54 AM
January - I turned 15
February - I got a .15 cent raise at work. YAY? XD;
March - Nothing that matters to me
April - ...I don't remember..
May - Nothing important
June - Tried out a new hair style and I STILL use it.
July - Went to San Diego for the 4th of July
August - Started school again
September - I'm sure I was hit in the head by Andrew at some point during this month.
October - My 3rd PC anniversary, and on the same day is my best friend's birthday (weird, huh?)
November - Chikara gets kicked karate-style in the shin by Andrew (It hurt, I still have the scar ._.!)
December - Got out of school for winter break.

Yeah what and eventful year XD;

December 20th, 2007, 9:30 AM
January: Mum and Aunt's birthday. Nothing special really.

February: 15th Birthday. Just had a relaxing day with my friends, and my family at night.

March: Nothing worth mentioning.

April: Joined PC as I imported Pearl from the US. Did a media project at school, spent a whole day watching news channels, writing articles and taking photos :P

May: Year 10 Exams. Nothing too difficult here.

June: Work experience. Went back to my old primary school. Was really nice to see all the old faces. Went on holiday to the glorious Spanish isle of Menorca

July: Summer holidays. Water bomb fights, football (soccer, if you;re American :P) matches, general larking around.

August: More summer holidays. Same as before really. Went to Wales for a week, enjoyed it immensely.

September: Return to school, Year 11 and the final year of my GCSE course. Got a little closer to the special person in my life.

October: Bad month. Said special person accepts an offer of a date from some idiot. Promised her I'd still be there for her if it didn't work out. She was happy.

November: Better month. Did well in my classes, special person splits with idiot. Idiot isn't bothered as long as he's got his XBox. Special person says she will consider my date offer.

December: Mixed month. Special person decides to reject me because she doesn't think it can work. I meet up with her, and do everything I can to convince her that it could work. We agree to let her have a think about it over the Christmas break, after the pressure of our Mock GCSEs are over. Said exams going pretty well, maintaining close relations with special person. I give her a necklace for Christmas. Hoping it'll help her decide. Finished writing her a poem that I need to give to her. I get vote of confidence from everyone who knows both of us.

So, it's an optimistic 2008 for me. GCSEs will be over, and hopefully I will be with the girl that I've loved for two years.

December 20th, 2007, 2:15 PM
January - Broke up with my first girlfriend.

February - New Zealand school year started. Yr8. Hooray.

March - Yr8 Camp. One of the best 5 days of my life.

April - Started playing bass guitar. Still playing today.

May - Started my band with a couple of friends.

June - Not very accurate, but I think basketball season started round this time.

July - My band's first gig.

August - Went to Mt Ruapehu and Taupo for 3-day holiday.

September - 13th birthday. Yay.

October - Brother's birthday. Ate KFC till I literally collapsed. xD

November - Met & started a relationship with current girlfriend.

December - End of Yr8. Moving on to Yr9. College. Yay.

December 20th, 2007, 8:21 PM
January- 14th Birthday/ Had to leave friends from school; Expulsion practically. (8th grade)
February- Beat the living crap out of an old enemy from 7th grade :3
March- Started to get some good grades in old/new school.
April- Made new enemies. You know the routine/ Grades started to drop, old habits.
May- Expelled from Smith Jr. High
June- Got out early for summer. Hung out with friends a lot more, friggin' partied.
July- Brush with the law. Got wasted badly one night.
August- Started at an Alternative school, 8th grade from failing the year before.
September- Barely lasted there, got expelled at the end of September.
October- Started at some Charter school:( More and more hate developed.
December- Started out at my third school this semester. Liking it there.

I seriously need some help. I can see, smell, and hear expulsion from a mile month away :(

December 20th, 2007, 8:47 PM
January: Played my first proper TCG tournament. Bought my DS.
February: Hosted orientation students.
March: Went to a party.
April: Ran a DS meet.
May: Got "together".
June: Pokémon mall tour.
July: "Date".
August: Turned 18.
September: Melbourne Anime Festival.
October: Was dumped.
November: My friend from New Zealand visited.
December: NICTA showcase.

December 22nd, 2007, 8:14 AM
Studying hard for exam D:

Exams over!

Joined PC

Grand father passed away...

Went to singapore again and bought DS Lite

School starts again.

Exam Grades = thumbs down

Nothing really. I forgot about PC

People in my class only started using internet!?!?!

My birthday. My mom's birthday is my grand-dad's 6 month anni. Oh! New laptop!

Invited my friends as the exams were stressing us.

Got a new camera,Posting this xD

December 22nd, 2007, 1:39 PM
- 2007 begins.

- Not much.

- Mmmmnot much.

- Bro's birthday.

- Cinco de Mayo?

- Live Free or Die Hard - YES.

- I go to CA and see every good movie released that month. :D
- 4th of July (or Cuatro de Julio in this case... hmm) at my brother-in-law's brother's house. Illegal fireworks run rampant.

- Soulfest.
- I spend the rest of my Summer sitting in a chair with my face glued to a computer screen.

- School starts.
- Four words: Don't tase me, bro!

- I spend my life procrastinating and becoming weary of school.
- Halloween comes.

- Halloween goes.
- Thanksgiving, without thanks.

- Thank God for Christmas break.
- I waste ten minutes of my life typing a 'review' of 2007.
- 2007 ends.

And that pretty much wraps it up. :3

December 23rd, 2007, 5:28 AM
January: Turned 19 years old
February: Nothing
March: Passed my driving test =D
April: Nothing
May: Played last basketball game for my old team
June: Finished 1st year of uni
July: Started training with new basketball team
August: More basketball training
September: Played first basketball game for new team
October: Went to Germany for a basketball camp
November: Started and finished a lot of uni work
December: Uni exams and celebrating holidays!