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February 2nd, 2008, 11:54 AM

Please check the bottom of this post for Updates.

Initial Info: Your father is Lance from the Elite Four. But he is too pre-occupied with his Pokemon training that he neglects you, and you guessed it, you, as a son/daughter, are upset.

Game Intro..
You are the regular trainer from Fire Red, but your clothes are darker and you wear a black hat. You start off in the upstairs of your home. You go downstairs to see that Oak is talking to your mom. They realize you're standing there and blah, blah, blah, Oak talks about you starting life as a trainer. He takes you to his lab and here you choose your starter Pokemon. Apparently you over-slept and your TWO rivals had the first choice in picking their starting Pokemon. So you are stuck with using Charmander. But not for long! Before you leave town, a few Rocket Grunts stop you and ask if you want to join their group. Whatever you decide you'll end up going with them anyway. They take you to their headquarters (which is conveniently located in your town) and you meet Giovanni. In exchange for your starter, you get to choose one of three OTHER starting Pokemon, all of which are new. You are made a Rocket Grunt and after all this introduction, you are finally off on your adventure.

Gym System
Instead of traditional Gym Leader Badges, you instead beat them and they offer you their best Pokemon afterwards. This Pokemon is automatically sent to some PC for Giovanni to access himself. In exchange for your obedience, Giovanni sends you a key item, like the itemfinder, exp. share, macho brace, etc. Also, when you win, you earn yourself a better rank within the Rockets. Start off as a Grunt, then Trainer, until Rocket Leader or something similar to this. This appears on your trainer card.

Along the way you are confronted by your two rivals. Usually one at a time in different locations, but occasionally a duel battle with both. They try to stop your evil ways.

Trainer Battles
Maybe steal Pokemon from trainers? I don't think this is possible but maybe I can incorporate the Yes/No script after the battle to choose which you want to take. Kind of like a prize for winning the battle, but will feel more like stealing with appropriate dialogue (Like the Rocket Steal Quests)?

Rocket Steal Quests - This is a long one.
Pager use introduced! Yeah, you get a pager, not a phone, but still, and occasionally you will get messages from Giovanni himself or your immediate superior on what Pokemon to steal in what area. For example, you just entered some forest and you get a message like this:

(Blue being your name)
Beep! Beep!
Giovanni: Blue! There's a MAGIKARP here somewhere.
I want you to get it and bring it to me.

Of course, there's only one "Magikarp" in the area, so if you see a trainer with a Magikarp, you better steal it. If you fail to catch it, or you choose not to send it (more on this later), a couple of rocket members will arrive (Jesse and James maybe?) and will try to "discipline" you with a battle. If you win, they let you go with a warning. If you lose, you lose that specific Pokemon (if you managed to catch it) and you lose a significant amount of money.

Basically, when stealing these Side-Quest Pokemon from trainers, you have the option not to send it. For example:

MAGIKARP was caught!
Send to Headquarters?
(with a Yes/No box)

If you choose to send it, you will be rewarded with a rare candy, protein, carbos, and similar items. If you choose not to send it, you don't get the item and you battle the Rockets, but you get the Pokemon. Your choice.

New Pokemon
There will be new Pokemon, of course. Don't know how many, but there will definitely be new starters, a couple of new legendaries and hopefully a decent amount of regular ones too. EDIT: I don't plan on having any Sinnoh Pokemon so, sorry if you were looking for them.

EDIT: Not every Pokemon will be available in the wild. A few good Pokemon, like the original starters, will only be available through mini Rocket Quests.

More features coming..

Any help would be appreciated.I already drew the Pokemon (I will send the pictures), I just need someone to sprite them for the game.

Any constructive criticism would also be appreciated. If this idea is too ridiculous (with reasoning) or impossible, let me know. Also, if you want to suggest something, let me know too.

One last thing, I know there is another game that follows a similar concept of a Rocket Anti-Hero, but I want to make this anyway. I doubt they will have the exact same features as mine, and I like the fact that mine is customized to my preferences.

I have to focus in school and have other stuff, so yeah, I know it's taking slowly.
UPDATE 3: Mapping out towns and routes. - Feb. 4
UPDATE 4: Still Mapping, with a few scripts done. - Feb. 13

February 2nd, 2008, 2:23 PM
wow nice story. i like it already but it will be very hard to make.
Good luck:)

February 2nd, 2008, 2:26 PM
Wow, this seems great!
I like the idea with sending it to headquarters for a reward/keeping it.

Best of luck!

February 13th, 2008, 9:09 PM
This reminds me of rockets revenge.
Destroy those do gooders!and good luck!.

February 14th, 2008, 12:45 AM
I really like steling the gym leaders pokemon idea
It reminds me of Pokemon XD (the pokemon game)
Good Luck with the hack