View Full Version : im back!

September 8th, 2003, 8:47 PM
Hi guys! iv decided to return now that its not so crouded ^_^

September 8th, 2003, 9:34 PM
Welcome back to PC I am Jason I uused to be Jaroma-ru blah blah..

September 9th, 2003, 3:01 AM
Welcome back, I remember you from the old PC... n_n Watashi wa Miyu-chan desu~ =D

September 9th, 2003, 5:46 AM
Hi guys! iv decided to return now that its not so crouded ^_^
Hi Sapphire Latios! Im 22sa~ Welcome back to PC!^^

September 9th, 2003, 5:49 AM
Welcome back to The Pokmon Community!

I was Haruka-chan. *needs to add that to signature*

September 9th, 2003, 6:56 PM
Well its good to be back! i didnt come here for a while cause i joined Arcanines site, my friend Allys site, my friend Loris site, and my friend Mars's site! :rolleyes: *starts to sweat trying to remember* well im glad to be back! :D

September 9th, 2003, 7:02 PM
Ok every one remember Sapphire is the craziest person in the history of history XD.
Welcome Scott to the new PC.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 10th, 2003, 5:06 AM
We'll hope you have a great time ^^

September 10th, 2003, 5:43 PM
well im ssssoooo happy to be back! and suprising this is the first forums i ever joined! so i can call this my "home" forums ^_^;

September 12th, 2003, 1:29 PM
Konichiwa` Everyone! This is my first time here. And I really don't know what to do. I'm mostly known as Ally, Latias, RubyRayquaza, Sapphire, or Haruka,. (wow i didnt know i had so many names) Sapphire Latias asked me to come so I did. This place is pretty big and Im all confused. Ill get the hang of this place though.

September 12th, 2003, 6:37 PM
Hey Ally! glad you joined! *looks at Sapphires post* coughcalledmeLatiascough :laugh:

Latios Master
September 13th, 2003, 9:51 AM
Welcome back to PC, SL! Have fun posting! :)

September 13th, 2003, 12:08 PM
i will! thats for sure! i missed comin here, i left cause it was too crouded! but know its at a nice size!