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July 18th, 2013, 11:37 AM
Hi Guys!

I just joined eight days ago and I wanna actually make some friends on here!

My name's Kayleigh and I'm from the U.S.! I guess most people are but IDK. My favorite pokemon is Slowking (it has been since I evolved Slowpoke on my Pokemon Gold GBC game) and I just got into competitive battling in the past year! I'll probably need some tips so please respond!

July 18th, 2013, 11:44 AM
Hi there Kayleigh! Welcome to PokeCommunity, good to meet you. ^^

I'm new to competitive battling myself but thanks to all the experienced battlers here I've been learning a whole lot. Check out the Battle Center (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=234) for everything related to battling, they have some good battling guides and even places where you can get your team rated! We primarily use Pokemon Showdown as our battling platform of choice so you can easily drop by the official server (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=289012) and get battling. You can build your favorite team through Showdown, too, so it doesn't require you to actually have the Pokemon in your game. I'd love to have some battles with you sometime! Do you have any preferred tiers? I love random batts, NU, and Little Cup. Don't have a team set on my Showdown account though, so I'll have to make one (unless it's random battle since the team is automatically generated for you).

Glad to see you decided to create an introduction as well, good choice. :D You're still a new user and still eligible - yay! I'm from the US too yeah, but there are so so many people here from the UK or Australia, haha. Sometimes I almost feel like there are more Australians on PC than Americans.. but that's a good thing since it makes the forum more diverse. I'd never have met people from all over the world otherwise. :)

And you are awesome for liking Slowking since he's my favorite Slowpoke evolution! I used him once in my Crystal game and loved it. He was always so bulky and very rarely ever fainted. One of these days I need to use him again, ahhh.

Anyways, great meeting you Kayleigh and hope you have an amazing time here! Be sure to let me know if you need any help with the forum!

July 18th, 2013, 11:59 AM
Hey there Kayleigh, and welcome to PC! My name is Zach, and it's a pleasure to meet you!

Not to worry, we have quite a few members from the United States! I am one of those members, except I'm from Florida not Maryland. :P And my friend Cirno explained the general gist of things around here, but I wanted to welcome you personally here to PC! :]

Anyways, as a reminder, please be sure to look over the rules so that you do not wind up getting into any trouble at all. The last thing we want to see here is a new member getting an infraction just by breaking a simple rule :(

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in asking anyone around here on staff (users with the bold usernames), and they'd be glad to help you out anytime! :D

Hope you enjoy your stay here at PC! If you ever wanna chat, please feel free to send me a visitor message or a personal message! ^_^

J-pop princess
July 18th, 2013, 12:00 PM
Nice to meet you! I am also new to this forum and have only competitve battled for 8 months but I think I am pretty good I mean I run a clan but that is beside my point :P

Nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy yourself here like I am ^^

July 20th, 2013, 12:35 PM
Welcome to PC, Kayleigh!

As Cirno well-stated, we have a Pokemon Showdown server for all of your competitive (or casual!) battling needs. Sometimes Wolflare, one of our Moderators and a sysop on the Pokemon Showdown server, likes to host Community Days. Community Days are basically just days where all the regulars, and anyone else who would like to experience the server firsthand, just gather around on the server and have fun battling and just chatting for a good portion of the day! Typically random battle and UU, etc. tournaments are held on those days and it's just a whole bunch of fun! You should be on the lookout for announcements for Community Days and join us sometime, alright? 8)

I hope to see you posting around in the Battle Center, if that still piques your interest, as well as maybe some of the other Pokemon gaming forums that might interest you. Which of the games do you like the most? Depending on which generation, you might find yourself wanting to post more in the respective generation your favorite games are from, because there's usually some really cool, fun discussions going on each and every one of those forums. Don't hesitate to try them all out, and maybe even some of the general discussion boards (like Chit Chat & Polls) if you get bored and just want to chat it up with your fellow members. 8)

Once again, welcome to PokeCommunity and please do enjoy your stay, drop me a VM/PM sometime if you want to chat!

July 20th, 2013, 12:41 PM
Hi there and welcome to PC

Since a lot has been explained already i dont need to add much besides things i want to say.

Like look into the rules (very important), have loads of fun (also very important) and if you have questions ask a moderator. And ofc if you ever wanna chat with me just VM or PM me, since i dont bite... well i do, but i dont bite humans or any living things...

So have fun and enjoy your stay :D