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December 4th, 2005, 7:28 AM
Long ago, three ancient pokemon in Hoenn were having a mighty battle.Groudon the ground/fire type pokemon was fueding against Kyogre the water type pokemon and Rayquaza the dragon/flying pokemon was trying to make peace between them.Nobody knew why they were fighting but later they they stopped fighting and slumbered in Marine Cave,Terra Cave,and The Sky Pillar.5,000,000 years later three teams called Team Aqua,Magma,and Dragon were trying to awaken those three pokemon with the Red,Blue,and Green Orbs.Team Aqua tried to awaken Kyogre so the sea would expand all across the world.Team Magma tried to awaken Groudon so the land would expand all across the world.Lastly Team Dragon tried to awaken Rayquaza to stop the other two teams from expanding the land and sea.

Will Team Aqua expand the sea?Will Team Magma expand the land?Will Team Dragon stop them?You will choose if you join this RP!

Rank: (1 Leader,1 Male Admin and 1 Female Admin,the Rest is is Grunts)

Heres Mine!
Team: Dragon
Rank:Admin (duh)
Personality:Hyper and very.....cool
Looks:In Attachment

December 7th, 2005, 4:14 AM
Sorry for DP but can somebody please join or post

Utter Disaster
December 7th, 2005, 9:58 AM
Name: Ranson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Team: Aqua
Rank: Admin
Personality: Is very serious to make sure they expands the sea. He is very cautious and sometimes reckless. In battle, he tries to eliminate his opponents as quickly as possible.
Pokemon: Swampert, Absol, Vaporeon, Crawdaunt
Looks: brown spiked hair, blue Aqua bandana, white shirt, Aqua jacket, Aqua jeans, black shoes

Is this good enough?

December 7th, 2005, 12:21 PM
Name: Alex
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Team: Dragon
Rank: Male Admin
Personality: Very secretive, has psychic powers, very intent onstopping the two other teams
Pokemon: Metagross, Dragonair, Deoxys, Salamence, Espeon, Umbreon
Looks: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v225/capalex65/Alex.jpg

December 8th, 2005, 4:02 AM
Both of your forms are APROOVED!

December 9th, 2005, 8:15 AM
Name: Terra

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Team: Dragon

Rank: Feamale Admin

Personality: Very mysterious and secretive, cunning, will risk her life to stop the other two teams can control the elements like fire, water, lightning, earth, air, and darkness. She can also levitate things with her mind.

Pokemon: Umbreon, Espeon (I always have those two they are my favorites), Flareon, Dragonair, Jolteon, Vaporeon. (Note to anyone who posted before me and has some of these pokemon I didn't read what pokemon you have so I don't know)

Looks: Like Admin Shelly from Tam Aqua except the outfit is black and doesn't have the Aqua sybol on the headband and has light brown hair instead of red.

Will this do?

December 9th, 2005, 12:26 PM
Ok After we get Atleast 5 more people to be Aqua Leader,Another Aqua Admin And A Magma Leader with to Admins we can start

Utter Disaster
December 10th, 2005, 1:01 PM
Ok, I shall put this in my siggy to get people here.

December 10th, 2005, 3:41 PM
Awsome!How About We All Put That In Our Sig

December 11th, 2005, 9:59 AM
oki i joint
Gender: male
Team: aqua
Rank: Leader
Personality: never stops before it is to late
Looks: like team aquas leader

December 11th, 2005, 10:16 AM
Name: Alex
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Team: Dragon
Rank: Grunt
Personality: Sly,Stealth
Pokemon: Seviper,Dragonair,Flygon,Lugia,Latios,Pidgeot

December 14th, 2005, 1:50 PM
Ok You Are Aprooved but can we now get ONLY members for Team Aqua and Magma

December 16th, 2005, 2:01 AM
what are you supposed to do?

December 17th, 2005, 5:32 PM
Name: Tyras
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Team: Magma
Rank: Leader
Personality: shy, serious
Pokemon: Alakazam, salamence, metagross, tyranitar
Looks: http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/1139/magamaleader3uh.png

December 18th, 2005, 12:50 PM
limy:you supposed to try to awaken Rayquaza(Team Dragon)Kyogre(Aqua)and Groudon(Magma)

December 18th, 2005, 2:42 PM
I wanted to be dragon. Since I prefer to stop both of them... :^(

December 24th, 2005, 12:44 PM
Rank:1 Female Admin
Personality:Arista is extremely blunt, and is very rude. That is, to people she commands. She's doesn't care about really anybody but herself and the awakening of Kyogre, and of course, the downfall of Team Magma, the pestering team who just can't get it right. She is easily bribed by things she likes, although it's hard to figure out what she likes now, rather than what she liked a few seconds ago. She is very sly and has a talent for cooking up lies that are very convincing. Albeit she's clumsier than most admins, but when she's on a mission she's like an assasin just trying to get their money's worth.
Pokemon:Feraligatr, Gyrados, Lanturn, Cloyster, and Mantine
Looks:Arista (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/rue.png)

January 4th, 2006, 12:43 PM
team-dragon,aqua,magma(triple agent I,m on no team I secretly whent to abtain all three of the pokemon for MY SELF.
Pokemon-dark mew,dragonite,blastoise,Blazeken,Zapdose,steelix
Rank-admin for all 3
looks-have on all black and a white mask
personality-dark and dangerous thats all you need to know

January 4th, 2006, 8:14 PM
I join!!!
Name: Carmen (Everyone calls her 13 though)
Age:12 (yes, young)
gender: female
teamn: magma
POkemon: persion, charizard, houndoom, mighteyena, gengar, pichu (Luffy)
Rank: admiral
Personlity: Looks aren't everything. Carmen is a genius, her IQ is 238 and she isn't that bad of a trainer either. She looks sweet but this little gil has an attitude and she isn't afraid to use it. She's sometimes referred to as 13 because she's considered bad luck.

January 4th, 2006, 8:57 PM
Wow so many people I know joining. I should too!!! :D Hmmm. Magma or Aqua......

Name: Ryo
Age: 15
Gender: male
Team: Aqua (there isn't too many so I'll be on this team. :P)
Pokemon: Milotic, Dragonite, Kingdra, Blastiose, Armaldo, Tyranitar
Rank: Grunt (Yay. I'm a grunt!!!! *Grunts*)
Looks: Ryo wears a blue headband around his head without a team aqua logo. He has blue hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue T-shirt and blue shorts unlike all the other grunts. He has dark blue gloves and a navy blue cape.
Personality: Ryo is quiet and thoughtful. He understands his orders and is extremely loyal but his skill is far beyond the other grunts and some admins. He fears promotion because he is quiet and rarely talks so any leader or admin ranks are out of his picture. Those who already cross him has seen how much force he boasts. Though he may seem ruthless on the battlefield, he is actually good natured and kind.

That should do it! :D
Oh I forgot. Heya White and Black_Winter_Wolf! :P Ah. Riku from DN Angel!I need to get some pictures.

January 6th, 2006, 12:22 PM
This storyline reminds me of another role-play I'm in, but what the heck, I'll join....

Name: Toren Uzumaki (I use this char in most role-plays ^.^)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Team: Aqua

Rank: Grunt *Hooray!...not*

Personality: Is quiet most of the time, almost heartless. He does have feelings like everyone else but they are hard to bring out of him. Loves his Pokemon greatly unlike most team members, and will give life and limb for anything that he believes in.

Pokemon: Vaporeon, Golduck, Dratini, Azumarill, Seadra, Milotic

Looks:Most Team Aqua members wear the uniform, but Toren dares to be different and wears his own clothes. He has on a dark blue, short-sleeve shirt and white shorts. His shoes are black, and he wears a dark blue sack on his back. His eyes are light blue, and his hair is a messy brown color. He is average height and is unusually light for his age.

January 7th, 2006, 7:28 PM
Sorry Shadow Xd Yo can only be on one team

Utter Disaster
January 7th, 2006, 7:40 PM
(Could we start ze RP now? I've been waiting a while.)

January 7th, 2006, 7:46 PM
Ok well have to wait 4 another magma

January 7th, 2006, 7:48 PM
We have to wait, oh, that's sad.

January 7th, 2006, 7:52 PM
No We Can Start but theres only 1 magma admin

January 7th, 2006, 7:53 PM
I think I can handle being the only one. Well if were gonna start... Care to do the honors, honey?

Utter Disaster
January 7th, 2006, 8:26 PM
(All right! We start!)

In the Team Aqua base near Lilycove City...

Ranson: All right. We've almost got the location of the red orb.
He was typing more on the huge computer.
Ranson: Good. We'll soon be able to get Kyogre and get rid of those Magma fools.

January 7th, 2006, 8:59 PM
{Utter Disaster, I'm amazed nobody's told you this before, but your not allowed to play in script if my memory serves me right.}

"What do you mean, 'almost'?" Arista asked angrily as she tied her hair into her aqua bandanna, "Shouldn't we have it by now? It's sorta hard to miss a big giant rock in the middle of the ocean. That is where the orbs are right? Or have those bumblings rocks messed it up again?" She asked, referring to the Magma grunts and admins.
"I get the feeling we're missing something again." She said leaning on her Cloyster "Like something big that'll get us in big trouble with Andy. Something like a detail we've overlooked."
This was her nature, to feel cautious when something big was in her hands, or in this case, the admins hands. "We should have the grunts check." She said to Ranson.

Utter Disaster
January 7th, 2006, 9:10 PM
(Oh. Ok, I'll switch. It's just that I'm used to script)

He nodded. "Right. Maybe they know." He finished adding a few things to the computer. "It should report if it's found the orb. Let's check on the grunts." Man, those guys better not of messed it up this time, he thought to himself.

January 8th, 2006, 8:29 AM
I sighed as I walked down the main street in Lilycove. Three days since I sent my prob to the mountain and still no signs of the orbs. "Grrr... those aquas are so annoying, they must have messed it up." I walkd out of town and to the dock heading towards the mountain. "Charizard, GO!" The firey red dargon appereaed and let out a roar. I smirked. "If those aquas want a fight, they'll get one." I sent a text message to Tyras, telling him what I was doing tthen jumped on my charizard.

January 8th, 2006, 8:45 AM
"Hey, why won't this thing work?" Arista asked gazing into the screen "It's going berserk. Is it because of the altitude it's searching at?"
The most logical thing would be to search on that big ol' rock out at sea, that supposedly housed ghosts of dead pokemon and the red and blue orbs...but maybe that was just myth.
"Where are searching for the red orb anyway?" Arista asked pointing to the screen.

January 8th, 2006, 9:26 AM
I walked around the hideout walking with the grunts. Some were slacking off and others were hard at work. I walked into the nearest computer room and found the admins in there. They were planning something. I was going to go over but decided not to. What they usual plan was weird things and all. I slowly cret out of the room trying not to get caught eavesdropping. (however that is spelled)

January 8th, 2006, 9:31 AM
{You spelled eavesdropping correctly}

Arista pressed the communicator in her ear, the microphon sitting in front of her mouth "Grunts, assemble in front of the computer room." She thought for a moment and added "NOW."
Turning off the communicator, she prepared herself to tell the grunts their orders for this ridiculous operation that was making her feel extremely insecure.
She turned away from the screen and started to kick the door open, but the door was already open..."Ranson, did you not close the door or something? Grunts are probably watching every d*mn thing we-" Looking around the door she saw a grunt, though she couldn't exactly name him, as to her he was just 'a grunt' and said "Wow...that was fast..."

January 8th, 2006, 10:00 AM
Toren Uzumaki walked slowly through the halls of the Aqua hideout, his Vaporeon walking beside of him, her eyes darting around in every direction, watching anything and everything that passed by.

Toren flinched when the speaker that was attched to his ear started to squawk, Arista the Admin’s voice blaring through.

Man, she needs to calm down. Something must be up

He sighed and turned around, heading in the opposite direction. He had just passed by the computer room, and now had to go back to reach it again. Once he arrived outside the room, he leaned against the wall, crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

January 8th, 2006, 1:49 PM
Gah. I got caught. Shoot
I quickly turned around.
"Ryo reporting Miss." I said and saluted.
What the heck am I doing? I wondered as to why I am saluting. I quickly dropped my hand and stood by the nearest computer console waiting for the others.
I am totally lost as to why I saluted. I shouldn't be eavesdropping. Agh. I thought.

January 8th, 2006, 1:54 PM
"Hmmm... I can't see anything in this fog charizard. Let's go back to the base." We turned around and flew back towards Magma's underground base. Landing, I jumped of and called back charizard. I scaned my I.D. card through the scanner. "Admiral 13, password." I typed it in. *** ****, bad luck. "Accepted. Welcome back, Carmen. Have a nice day." Not what you'd except from a magma sercurity computer but, I didn't complain.

January 8th, 2006, 3:44 PM
"Right." Arista snapped "Check over the information banks, then check the progress banks. Make sure nothing is overlooked. If anything relating to Magma is overlooked after we've checked this second time, then I'll have your heads for it."
She turned around and gazed at the screen "This is so strange...we should've found it by now."

Utter Disaster
January 9th, 2006, 3:51 PM
Ranson continued typing stuff up in the computer. "Yeah, I know. You'd think it would be easy tp find some random thing..." He typed up some more. "Then again it is some ancient artifact. These computers are supposed to find them. So why hasn't it yet?" He stopped typing and turned to face the grunts who came.

January 9th, 2006, 4:01 PM
"So, what's going on?"

Torne said as he opened the door and shut the door behind him. He was a little annoyed that he had been going to do something and he had been called for a "grunt" meeting, but he didn't have the strength to get into a fight with any of the admins, expecially Arista.

"What are we down here for? Any progress on the red orb?"

He asked, closing his eyes and sighing. The search for the infamous red ord became very annoying after so many failed attamepts to search for it. He hoped they had finally been able to pinpoint the location.

January 9th, 2006, 4:02 PM
I stared at my computer. "Why hasn't it showed up?!"I yelled then stoped and stared at the screen. A small beep was coming from the prob. "It's aqua!!! They have a machine their and its causing interferance!" I grabbed my pokeballs and darted out the room. I had to get their before the aquas. Boss intrusted me with the job of obtaining the orb. I ran out of the base and out into Lilycove city. "Charizard, go!"

January 9th, 2006, 9:50 PM
"Well. Apparently, we still haven't found the orb yet." I replied to the other grunt who appeared. "You sure are a bit late Torne." I glanced at him from the corner of my eye.
"I think me getting here first was a bad thing. Arista was pretty tense about our failed attempts." I sighed and shook my head a bit.
"We really are getting nowhere fast. I suggest we go and look for it but that's just me. And I don't want Arista to shout at me." I said and softly laughed.

January 10th, 2006, 3:01 PM
"Don't ask me if we've found it yet, Ranson's dealing with the computers, now I'm sure you all remember this is about the millionth time we've tried this, no thanks to the Magma's machine interuppting our machines, but I feel like we're missing something else." She said folding her arms "And I don't even want to hear you when you say 'what are we supposed to do' because I already told you!" (Check last post)
"Now I'm going to go out and search for the orb first-hand. Ranson, stay here and figure out how to destroy the Magma's wave link." She said enlarging Mantine's pokeball.

Utter Disaster
January 10th, 2006, 7:32 PM
"Ok then. Go get 'em." He opened up a new window on the computer and placed in a mini-disk into the hard-drive. "All right. The satellite should go down right about..." A window with bars appeared. (Like in a cell) They slowly started going down. "All right. Perfect. Now it should be easier to find that orb." He continued typing more things in. "Good. We're really close now."

January 11th, 2006, 12:46 PM
"Well, I guess I'll go since I have nothing better to do."

Toren sighed and pulled a blue Pokeball off of his belt and pressed the tiny button, enlarging the ball so that the Pokemon could be released.

"I'll take Milotic. Probably my fastest Pokemon to ride on anyway."

He took a step towars the door, turning the handle and turned back before going in it. Vaporeon closed her eyes and followed Toren, only going through the door instead of waiting on anyone else.

"Well, are we leaving now or waiting a little bit?"

January 11th, 2006, 2:47 PM
"Don't screw anything up." Arista snapped at Ranson before striding out of the computer lab.
Pressing the communicator into her ear as the trigger for 'speak' she said "Open the diving hatch." She wasn't exactly there yet, and she still had a few corridors and a floor to go, but she was one who didn't like to wait, and the hatch didn't exactly open on a dime.
She didn't really care if that grunt was following her or not, he was, after all, a grunt, and probably wouldn't be much help anyway.
As she quickly descended the stairs, she was please to find the hatch open wide enough for a set of pokemon, but not wide enough for a ship to pass through.
"Good." She said through her communicator to the Grunts on the upperfloor "We've got ourselves a wild goose chase Mantine." She tossed the pokeball into the deep blue water as a black shadow formed from the white light as she caught the pokeball as it flew back.

January 11th, 2006, 3:02 PM
"Ahh, here we go again, C'mon Vaporeon."

Toren said as he shut the door of the Computer Lab and began walking down the hall. He reached the door that led downstairs and disappeared behind it, Vaporeon slipping through the crack at the last second. He jogged down the stairs and walked through another door, going down the corridor to the elft. The Aqua base was so large and held so many doors and halls that if you were first visiting you probably would be lost forever. In fact, when Toren had first become a grunt he had been supposed to go to a meeting in Meeting Room #3 and had been 20 minutes late for it.

Now, back to the situation at hand. Toren slipped discreetly through another series of doors and finally saw Arista standing near the diving hatch.

"Thanks for waiting.'

He muttered quietly to himself so that she couldn't hear it. Vaporeon however did hear and began snickering.

"Milotic, go."

He said, tossing a Pokeball into the water. Milotic would take him to the surface and fly through the air instead of water.

"Do you want to come on my Milotic? It'd probably be faster than Mantine anyway."

He said, shutting his eyes and sighing.

January 11th, 2006, 6:47 PM
I was about to land at the bottom of the mountain when my wrist watch beeped. "Aqua..." They had troops coming. I grabbed my lab top and quickly began setting undectable mines in the area around. I pulled on a face mask and recalled Charizard and sent in Gengar. "Use poisen gas in this air. But make it spread out over a big distance and blend into the fog."
Gengar nodded and started emitting poisoness gas. It started t blend with the air and soon it didn't even look like it was there. "That should slow them." I quickly ran up the hill, thanking Ho oh I'd been born a genuis.

Utter Disaster
January 11th, 2006, 6:54 PM
Ranson walked out of the computer room and shut the door. "Gotta get into the action. Ok then." He took out a pokeball from his pocket. "Go Absol." Absol appeared in front of him. "Stay in this room and make sure nobody messes up the signal." Absol nodded and went into the room. Ranson went down the hallway.

January 11th, 2006, 7:33 PM
Arista glanced at the grunt, her brown hair slightly covering her right eye as it began it's escape from the bandanna. 'He's lucky he closed his eyes or else I'd have just poked them out.' Arista thought as Mantine took the comment very personally and spit water at the Grunt.
Arista sighed and waved her hand "Whatever Mantine, you go on ahead, and make sure no rockies are there."
Mantine gave the man a last glare before diving into the waters.
"I'm not going to be riding your Milotic, two people would slow it down, so I'll ride my Gyrados. It's faster -though less comfortable- than my Mantine." Arista said enlarging the lure ball and diving into the water without releasing the pokemon. She surfaced breifly to say "If you find anything, have your Milotic call into the communicator. I'll do the same with my Gyrados so be prepared for a jolt." Taking a breath she dived back down and released her Gyrados, who let her grab on boredly.

Utter Disaster
January 11th, 2006, 8:09 PM
Ranson looked out to see Arista and a Grunt talking. He walked to a different room where the other members would be. They were probably slacking off somewhere. Ranson was the big "Computer Guy" so he was usually assigned to locate certain things or hack into Team Magma's computers. He walked back to the Computer Room. Absol was probably bored not doing anything.

January 12th, 2006, 12:33 PM
Toren wiped his face of excess water that the Mantine had spit on him. Some had also got into his hair so he shook the water out, leaving his hair tossed all over the place as well.

"Come on Milotic, let's go."

He sadi, tossing the enlarged Pokeball into the water. It cracked open and released a large Pokemon, a Milotic. Toren dived into the water and grabbed onto Milotic, who flew up out of the water and started flying through the air. As they were going, Toren enlarged the rest of his Pokeballs and tossed them all into the water below. Out of them came a Vaporeon(Who had been recalled before they left), a Dratini, a Golduck, an Azumarill, and a Seadra.

"Everyone, follow Milotic, but search for the red orb along the way."

The all nodded and began swimming swiftfully through the water, their eyes darting in every direction as they did.

January 12th, 2006, 2:53 PM
"That's a good idea." Arista said enlarging another pokeball "Feraligatr," She tossed the pokeball into the water "Scare away any lookie loos on the nearby islands. Make sure they at least don't see us pass. It'd be great if a stupid person tipped a rockie off about us."
Feraligatr nodded as his nostrils slid closed and he submerged himself in the water.
"Gyrados, let's get to the mountain I showed you on the map pronto." Arista said patting the wild serpents scales as it dove into the water to go a faster distance in shorter time, but came up occasionally to give itself a short break.

January 12th, 2006, 3:07 PM
"Milotic, make sure you follow Gyarados and keep up with it. If we get lost out in the ocean we'll be the laughing stock of Aqua."

He said, patting the Pokemon. Milotic nodded and started to speed up, occasionally looking down into the water to see if they were still following Arista and her Pokemon. Toren looked into the water as well to make sure that his other Pokemon could keep up. Azumarill was having a little trouble swimming as swiftly as the others, but Vaporeon would occasioanlly help her keep going.

Hmm, I hope we find it this time. If we come back one more time without that orb Archie will have our heads.

January 12th, 2006, 3:15 PM
OOC:Remember, Archie isn't our leader, his name is...well it's somewhere in one of my first posts.

IC: "Stop." Arista said to Gyrados as it slowed at the shores of a rather small island. It's weeping willows set the mood, as this island was supposedly haunted by pokemon ghosts...or at least, the rumor was, that these ghosts gaurded the orbs.
She hopped off Gyrados, and in a flash of red light the serpent was gone, and Mantine floated up to the surface.
"Keep looking around, it might be somewhere else." She said to Mantine, as it diligently dove back into the waters, having it's remoraid friends help.
Arista motioned for the grunt to come down "This is where we're searching with the computers." She said.
Pressing on her communicator, all the way back to Aqua Headquarters, "Ranson. Rockies still blocking the signal?"

Utter Disaster
January 12th, 2006, 3:25 PM
Ranson headed back to the Computer Room. He walked inside to see Absol asleep...figures. He went back to the computer and opened up a new window. It showed the area around the base and whoever was there. He could see Toren and Arista indicated by little blue dots. The signal for the orb (or he hoped it was the orb) wasn't too far away. He pressed a button on his communicator. "You guys should be very close to finding the orb. It's underwater according to this, so get one of your pokemon to find it."

January 12th, 2006, 3:29 PM
"What?!" Arista shouted into the communicator "UNDERWATER?! You're kidding me! Stupid rumors."
Arista whistled for Mantine, and he appeared "Search harder, it's underwater. Tell that grunts pokemon too."
Mantine sighed, having to take two trips back and forth, and simply floated along the surface slowly back to where he'd been.
"Mantine!" She yelled "Get in there!"
Mantine turned it's head and slowly sank into the water. "So what do you expect me to do? Stand around?" She asked Ranson through the communicator.

Utter Disaster
January 12th, 2006, 3:35 PM
Ranson grinned a bit, knowing she wouldn't see it. "Well, I guess unless you brought some equipment with you, then you could help. If not, then I guess you'll have to do just that." He returned Absol to its pokeball despite that it was comfertable where it was. "If you need help, just say so. I'll be willing to help anytime now." He looked back to the computer. "Oh. I just figured out its probably in a cave under there."

January 12th, 2006, 3:36 PM
OOC: Oh, sorry, I forgot it wasn't Archie ;_;

"Milotic, down to the island."

Milotic soared down to the island, low enough so that Toren could hop off and land safely on the ground. He juststood around, waiting for a command from Arista. He overheard Ranson say something about the orb being underwater. Toren walked over to the edge of theshore and loked into the water whre all of his Pokemon were floating, awaiting for Toren to say something.

"Guys, the orb is underwater. Go help Mantine look for it. You too Milotic."

They all nodded and dived down into the deep reaches of the water. When Milotic dived in, it created a huge splash of water that flew up into the air and crashed down onto Toren. His entire body was socked and he shook his head to dry off his head and get the water out.

"Arista, I'm gonna go help look."

He muttered, not bothering to look at her. He took a tiny device out of his pocket that allowed him to breathe underwater. He pulled his pants down to reveal dark blue swimming trunks. He then pulled his shirt off and then prepared to dive in, but glanced at Arista.

"Are you coming? or am I doing this by myself?"

Utter Disaster
January 12th, 2006, 4:35 PM
Ranson tried to zoom in on the cave. "I think this cave was once a home to some rare pokemon, so it might be in there." He could hear that Toren was going to dive in as well. "Well, if you're going in there, just be careful. I guess I'll send my Vaporeon to help out." He took out Vaporeon's pokeball and released it. "Go help the others look for the orb." Vaporeon nodded and ran outside and dove into the water to find the others.

January 12th, 2006, 4:53 PM
Arista sighed "Right, I'll be glad to help...whatever your name is..."
She wasn't really wearing anything but her swimsuit anyway, so all she had to remove was her wrap around skirt, that wasn't really wrapped around, and a small jacket she'd tied in the front.
"Let's go." She said, sticking the breathing device in her mouth and pulling off her bandanna and tying it tightly around her neck before yelping, the device falling out of her mouth.
She felt what was underneath her then mumbled something to herself before saying "Mantine you slacker get out of the sand!"
Yet again she yelped as sand underneath her rose, bringing her with it.
"At least get me off shore." Arista said glancing back at the grunt "Now the question is, are you coming?" She asked tossing out her Lanturn, and Cloyster "If it gets dark, light the way okay Lanturn?" She said as Lanturn and Cloyster disappeared quickly into the deeper waters, Lanturn waiting submerged for it's trainer.
Mantine swam off the sand, into waters in which Arista could stand up in, her head the only thing not wet, as she swept the breathing device up on the way.
"Come on!" She said washing the sand out and placing it in her mouth as she sat on Mantine like a boat, keeping everything but her legs dry, but the 'boat' was keen for another break, as it slowly sank into the waters.

January 12th, 2006, 5:03 PM
"Gah. I got left behind." I said running towards the exit of the hideout and releasing a pokeball. A Dragonite came out and flew beside me. I put a diving gear on my back and jumped on Dragonite. "Dragonite let's go." I said to him and he nodded. He jet right out of the exit and into the air.
"Okay. These two blinking dots are Admin Arista and Toren, I think." I said to myself as Dragonite approached their location. The island was directly in front of us. When we got to the shore, I jumped off and saw Toren and Arista.
I said. "Return, Dragonite. Go Blastoise and Kingdra." I said returning Dragonite and releasing the a Blastoise and Kingdra.
"Guys wait for me." I said running to them.

January 12th, 2006, 5:12 PM
"Yes, yes I'm coming. And the name's Toren but I don't think that matters to you."

He sighed and pulled his goggles over his eyes, then jumped in the water. He started to dive in under, but then saw someone coming to the island. He glanced over at Arista, but then shifted his gaze back to the person.

"Okay, we'll wait. Just come on."

He sighed once more and floated in the water, waiting for the person to come in.

January 12th, 2006, 5:57 PM
Arista sighed and flipped out her old goggles, the one she used to hold her hair back with, before she'd gotten her aqua bandanna. Slapping it over her forehead, she noticed her upper legs were starting to get wet.
She sighed before saying "Wake up Mantine, you traveled half the distance Gyrados did!" She said slapping the smooth rubbery skin, before Mantine reluctantly pushed itself back up with a groan of it's name.
a good few yards away a school of remoraid searched for the red orb, under Mantine's request. The more help the better, seeing as computers just wouldn't seem to work this time.

January 13th, 2006, 12:34 PM
"Oh, forget it. We don't have time to wait."

Toren sighed and turned around, gazing into the water. He was in deepenough so that the water was up to his knees. He had to go in farther before he would be able to dive in. He made sure that the breathing device was secure around his mouth before starting to wade out farther into the water. Once the water was almost above his head, he secured his goggles, stuck his hands out, and dove under the water.

He started to pump his legs as he went under deeper. It was pretty easy to see clearly to see underwater since he was so close to the surface, but he knew once he got farther that he would need the waterproof flashilght to make his way around.

When Toren looked up, he noticed that neither Ryo or Arista had come under yet, but it didn't really matter to him. If he could find the orb before they did, surely he would get tons of praise? Yaybe he would even get promoted, that would be a joyous occasion indeed! He smiled and continued to flow farther, his eyes darting around to see if he could make out a cave or anything else.

January 13th, 2006, 3:11 PM
"Wh-hey!" Arista called down to Toren, she motioned for the new grunt to hurry it up and Mantine moved into more open water.
Slapping her goggles around her eyes, she pulled her chin length hair straighter, and dove in after Toren, Mantine immediatly swimming back to shore to take a nap, while Lanturn waited for me. I had Mantine take me out a bit farther than Toren, but he was already much deeper than I was.
I took hold of Cloyster, who'd waited for me also, his limited eyesight not the best help, so he knew he'd be helping me swim down faster.
I looked around, and nodded to Lanturn, who used flash, and followed me and Cloyster deeper into the water.
Sadly, the deeper the water was, the colder, and soon there were goosebumps all over me. But that didn't matter. What did matter was finding that Red Orb!
The light Lanturn produced lit up the entire ocean floor, if not dimly in some places.
I screamed to myself underwater, though keeping the breathing device tightly clamped in my mouth. Just how many caves were there?!
Counting from what I saw, there were three openings in my line of vision. I motioned to Toren to follow me, and I swam into the first cave, Lanturn staying outside for the other grunt to be able to find us.
The cave I'd picked was kind of small, though enough to fit 15 people comfortably close, the breathing space was about one head high, with holes in the rocks sheding light on the water, reflecting onto the walls.
I took out my breathing device and pulled my goggles onto my forehead. That grunt better have followed me, because I needed to tell him the plan. But before that...I pressed the waterproof communicator still in my ear "Ranson, do you know which cave the orb's in?"

January 13th, 2006, 3:22 PM
Yes, yes, I'm coming.

Toren sighed once(He does that a lot) more and started to swim towards Arista. She was holding onto her Cloyster so she was moving a bit faster than he was, but he tried to move as fast as his body woud let him. As he got closer, he saw Arista swim into some sort of underwater cave that went up as you entered it so that no water could get in.

Toren dived in and climbed up onto the dry land. He saw Arista talking to Ranson through her communicator, but he walked past her and tried to see farther into the cave, but it was so dark that he couldn't make out anything. He pulled out a large flashlight and clipped it onto his shoulder so he didn't have to carry it. The flash came on, and the cave was illuminated. To Toren's disappointment, the cave was very small and hardly large at all. He turned around and looked at Arista.

"So, are we leaving now?"

He asked, starting to shake his head to get excess water out of his hair. He shivered as the water dripped down his body, but he tried to hide the fact that he was freezing from the cold water.

January 13th, 2006, 3:44 PM
OOC: *cough* Read my description of the cave more clearly.

January 13th, 2006, 3:45 PM
OOC: Sorry, I thought that it meant that it was only small when you got in, but there was more to the cave. Sorry, I'll edit ;_;

January 13th, 2006, 9:39 PM
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Utter Disaster
January 14th, 2006, 9:07 AM
Ranson continued typing. "So there are three caves then huh? Well, I think it's in either the second or third cave. You should know when you're near because the orb is guarded by some pokemon, and a wall. So once you get there, you have to break down the wall to get in there. So good luck." He stopped typing. Heh heh. Soon we'll have the orb.

January 14th, 2006, 10:58 AM
Arista nodded, even though Ranson couldn't see it.
"Ranson said that it's in the second or third cave. Why don't you take the second cave, and I'll take the third, since I can swim there faster with Cloyster." She said climbing onto the wet shoreline.
She wasn't going to be bothered by the cold, because it was cold in the water, and cold on land. She knew she was going to get a cold by the end of it all.
"Hows that sound to you? Once the other grunt gets here, he can pick which cave he wants to go to. Ranson should tell him it's the second or third cave, he's smart enough to do that." Arista said examining the cave.

January 14th, 2006, 11:05 AM
"Fine, I'll go check it out. Radio me if you find anything or when you get to the cave."

He nodded at her and put the breathing device back in his mouth. He then stared at he water and dived into it, kicking his legs and going in deeper. He was a little tired from swimming so long, but he wasn't going to succumb to the fatigue.

As he went farther, the second cave came into view. Vaporeon and Golduck noticed Toren swimming so they followe him into the cave. He swam up and climbed up onto the land where he stood, once again shaking the water off his body.

The cave was pretty straightforward. When you came in, there was a tiny room with one, small path leading deeper into the cave. Toren decided to wait until Arista contacted him before going further.

January 14th, 2006, 11:19 AM
Arista grabbed hold of Cloyster, and he sped out of the cave. Lanturn caught sight of the two, as she had been waiting at the cave entrance, and Arista motioned for her to find Feraligatr and Gyrados. She was off in a flash, knowing where to find her, as Cloyster pulled her into the third cave.
It was quite narrow, and the ceiling wasn't very high. It was just enough room for Arista to crawl into the main chamber. But before that...
"Kookie." A red crab like pokemon hissed.
"A Kraby?" Arista wondered aloud "OW!" She screeched immediatly afterward.
"Get off me you ugly crab!" She yelled flinging the Kraby on the walls in which was clamped to her hand.
Cloyster shot a Hydro Pump, to push the Kraby out of the passageway, but he was in the back, therefore pushing Arista out too "Ahhh!"
"Cloyster..." Arista mumbled, rubbing the back of her head before pressing the communicator "Toren, I'm in the main chamber of the third cave. Are you in the main chamber of the second cave yet?"

January 14th, 2006, 11:31 AM
"Yeah, I'm here. Is something wrong? Your voice sounded anxious."

He said, letting go of the speak button. Was something wrong where she was? If it was too bad, surely she would have told him...

Woah. Did she just actually say my name? That's wasn't like her...Ahh, forget it

He sighed and closed his eyes, waiting for her to say something. Vaporeon and Golduck walked around the small and tried to get a glimpse into the deep cave, but it was simply too dark. They both sighed, almost simultaneously, and waited for an order from Toren.

Utter Disaster
January 14th, 2006, 2:31 PM
Ranson pressed the button on the communicator. "Ok, I figure you guys are in the caves now. Ok. Make your way through the hallway and watch out for landslides. Those have been happening recently in those caverns." He typed some stuff into the computer. Hmm...it doesn't look like I get get anything else on the cave. "Hey guys. I can't get anymore info on the caves, so you're on your own from here. Good luck and be careful."

January 14th, 2006, 3:33 PM
"What?" I snapped, pressing the speaker "My voice? That's totally irrelevant!"
Cloyster was obviously caught in the crevice, but soon enough...
Gyrados had wriggled it's way through the crevice, pushing Feraligatr, Lanturn and Cloyster along with it, pushing them out of the way with a nice hydro pump.
The four pokemon came tumbling out of the crawling space and gyrados landed in the small lake, seperating the entryway from the other side, and Feraligatr, as heavy as cloyster was, landed on Cloysters sharp spikes of a shell, and immediatly clawed itself off, while Lanturn landed safely in my arms.
I pressed the speaker again, lanturn cradled in one arm "Okay Ranson, but radio us if any landslides are going to occur, or if there's a particular area that's prone to them."

January 14th, 2006, 3:47 PM
"Ugh, fine. Just trying to help."

He sighed and released the speak button, walking forward and staring into the darkness of the cave. He once again turned on the flashlight on his shoulder and it illuminated the path before him. There wasn't anything special about it, it was just a long, narrow hallway of sorts.

"Vaporeon, Golduck, come on."

He motioned for them to follow him as he took his first steps into the hallway. He had no idea where it led, or what danger he could be walking straight into.

January 14th, 2006, 4:15 PM
I shook my head and sat down on a nearby boulder. MY voice. Anxious? Ha, never.
Lanturn was watching it's bulb dance around with great interest, as Gyrados floated lazily in the lake, Feraligatr nursing it's bruises and Cloyster napping where it had fallen from the crawl space.
I actually did feel anxious. What happened if we couldn't find it? Would the boss have our heads for it?
"Laaan?" Lanturn asked me.
"I'm fine. I'm just taking a break." I said, looking down at Lanturn who seemed to deem the reason good enough and continued to observe her bulb.
I was glad Lanturn was small enough to hold, as the cold air peirced my wet skin. Pulling off my goggles I tied my Aqua bandanna back onto my head, snapping the goggles on over it. Without the bandanna around my neck, the cold air seemed to become ten times colder. It was rather dark in the cave, the only source of light coming from Lanturn, the cave ceiling was lost to the endless dark of what wasn't slightly illuminated.
"Let's go." I said, as Cloyster diligently opened it's shell to reveal that it was ready to go, Feraligatr merely glancing at me before going back to spraying his wounds, with the potion I had him carry around. Gyrados paid no heed as he continued to laze around in the lake until Lanturn sent a good shock to wake him up.

January 14th, 2006, 4:25 PM
Toren continued to shiver as he walked along in the cave. It was pretty cold in there, and considering the fact that he was wet and all he was wearing was swimming trunks. Not only was it cold, but very dirty. There seemed to be tiny pebbles and rocks along the ground, and Toren was barefoot, so his feet got dirty and hurt as well as he went along.

The path was very narrow, so Toren and his Pokemon had to form a line. Golduck was walking in front, Toren in the middle, and Vaporeon behind. They had been walking for about a minute and still no sign of anything but the path ahead. Toren was growing impatient at how monotonous the walk was becoming.

January 15th, 2006, 11:19 AM
Riding on Gyrados across the lake was fairly short, and when my feet touched ground again, I stepped through the passageway, but was soon stopped.
Feraligatr, who'd decided to go after Lanturn, was stuck, in the narrow corridor, as Cloyster decided to find way to shove itself through.
I sighed and returned Gyrados, Cloyster, and Feraligatr, keeping Lanturn to light the way.
"Ow." I mumbled as my hand in which the kraby had been attached to scraped the walls "That hurt."
I looked up as a rock fell on my head "That hurt too!"
I continued down the walkway, idly examining my hand.
As soon as I was out of the passageway though, I turned to see if I'd forgetten anything, and the entire entrance back to the exit became concealed behind a landslide.
Under a good amount of dirt I scowled and tried to drag myself out. Feraligatr, Cloyster and Gyrados were at my waist, which was covered with a good two feet of wet sticky mud, while my arms were free in front of my face.
"This sucks." I told Lanturn, who'd managed to flee from the mud.
Pressing the communicator with annoying difficulty I said "Toren, I'm stuck here under a great pile of junk, so tell me if you find anything in your cave, because I don't think I'll be going anywhere for awhile."

January 15th, 2006, 11:33 AM
OOC; Naoko-chan, who do you want to find the orb, Toren or Arista? I don't really care who does...

"Alright, gotcha. Be careful."

He muttered, releasing the speak button and continuing to walk. After only a couple more seconds, Toren breathed a sigh of relief as he made out the exit of the tunnel. Toren and co. exited and found themselves in a circular room with 5 paths leading in every direction.

"Darn it! We finally get out of that stupid tunnel and there are even more of them! I guess I just have to pick one of them."

Toren took his foot and made a big pile of dirt in the tunnel that they had come through so that if they needed to leave they would know which tunnel to take...

"I guess we'll go in....that one."

He said, pointing to the one second from the left. He motioned for Golduck and Vaporeon to follow him as he went first into the tunnel. It was larger than the tunnel they had come through so they could all walk side by side.

I hope we find that orb soon...

January 15th, 2006, 12:30 PM
OOC: Umm...I really don't care. Eenie Meenie Miny Moe? lawl. I dunno. You pick.

Utter Disaster
January 15th, 2006, 1:26 PM
Ranson pressed his communicator again. "All right Toren. Since you're probably in the right spot. Keep walking foward and be careful of landslides. Their nearby in the area you're in. Remember to look for a wall with pokemon guarding it. As for you Arista, I suggest you get out of there. There have been recent landslides especially in the cave you're in."

January 15th, 2006, 1:53 PM
"Yes, I'll watch out. Thanks for the alert."

Toren crept quietly though the tunnel. In the distance, he could hear tiny roars, as if Pokemon could sense he was coming or something. Hopefully, Vaporeon and Golduck would be able to handle them.

"Be careful guys. I have no idea what we'll be facing up here."

As they kept going, the distant noises became louder and louder. Finally, Toren saw a large room in the distance. The noises that they had been hearing were loud and clear now.

"Here we go guys."

Toren whispered to them. He peeked around the corner and shuddered when he saw a Kingler, Crawdaunt, and Sharpedo going around a wall that looked suspicious. Now this might not seem like a hard battle but it was water Pokemon verses water Pokemon.

"Ranson, I'm assuming that this is where the orb is hidden?"

He said, speaking into his communicator.

January 15th, 2006, 2:22 PM
I grinded my teeth in an effort to keep myself from tearing the communicator in half "I NOTICED THERE'VE BEEN LANDSLIDES THANKS RANSON!" I shouted, into the speaker, unable to control myself "NO PROBLEM GETTING OUT CONSIDERING I'M STUCK UNDER TWO TIMES MY WEIGHT WORTH OF DIRT AND MUD!"
I huffed as Lanturn sweatdropped, and she continued to paw her way to my waist, where Feraligatr, Gyrados, and Cloyster sat waiting for freedom.
Far away in the depths of the cave in which I hadn't explored, I heard a crumbling sound, and a long rumble. Another landslide, probably triggered by my voice.
I shook my head before saying more calmly "I'll get to your cave as soon as I can Toren. Don't expect me for some time."
Lanturn squealed in excitement and I noticed that Feraligatr's pokeball had rolled off my waist and further to my fingertips, the blue of his lure ball poking out from the piled mud.
I plucked it out, and yelped, triggering a mini-landslide next to me.
"Stupid thing." I mumbled releasing Feraligatr, who stretched and scratched his belly boredly.
"Get Cloyster and Gyrados." I said to him "They're under here."
He lazy began digging like a dog, flinging dirt everywhere when he cleared the area with his snout.
Lanturn was making a game of dodging the flying mud and dirt, or sparying water at it.
Feraligatr grunted, and handed me a pokeball.
"Go Gyrados!" I tossed the great ball onto the hard ground, and he appeared, unhappy to not be in water I sighed, as Feraligtr searched for Cloyster.
Lanturn went over to gyrados, and squealed happily, while Gyrados simply roared in response.
Another landslide. Another few yells and I'd be covered in dirt again. They certainly sounded like they were getting closer.
"Shush!" I hissed to Gyrados who nodded, confused nonetheless.
"Gatr." Feraligatr said, presenting cloyster's Pokeball.
"Thanks. Return Lanturn." I said returning the now extremely happy pokemon.
I snapped my goggles over my eyes, and pulled my legs out of the mud, stood up and said, "Hydro Pump, both of you."
The two pokemon aimed a blast of water at the dirt, slowly eroding away the mud to reveal the crack that was my ticket outta here.
"Alright you two. Return." I said, sliding into the crevice, and side stepping my way back to the lake.
"Gyrados." I said quietly, tossing his pokeball into the water, as he emerged with another roar as I winced.
Another landslide.
"Shhhhh!" I hissed stamping my barefoot on the sand.
Gyrados obidiently let me onto his back as he quickly brought me to the other side.
I was standing at the edge of the entrance, returning Gyrados, and climbing through the manhole. The pool of water that connected this cave to the ocean would be my haven, soon enough....
Before diving into the water, I placed the breathing device in my mouth, released Cloyster for the first time since the landslide, and tied my bandanna around my neck.
"Almost out of this accursed place." I said to myself, muffled by the breathing device.
I was glad when I saw the entrance to the Second and First cave, but decided to clean all the mud, dirt, and gunk off of myself before entering the Second cave. Toren was good enough to last for a little while longer. I thought, pulling my fingers through my hair and rubbing the sand off my legs and arms.

January 15th, 2006, 2:43 PM
OOC: Woah, long post Naoko-chan ^^;;;

"Oh, forget it. Arista, when you get to my cave, just take the the tunnel that's in front of you. It's very long, and I'll probably be done by the time you get here, but you come to the end of the tunnel, there will be a room with 6 different tunnels in it. Take the second one from the left."

He sighed and looked at the Pokemon...who were now walking towards him. Apparently Toren had been talking too loud and they had overheard.

"Guys, it's time to battle. Both of you use Hyper Beam."

Toren wanted to get this battle over with as quickly as possible, so he had them both use their strongest attacks first. They both opened their mouths, charged the energy, and shot it forward. One of them hit Kingler, who was sent backwards into a wall from the sheer force, while the other hit Crawdaunt who in turn was also sent backwards. Sharpedo had used Agility and was weaving around the group at a high speed.

It suddenly rushed forward towards Toren, teeth bared. It came to his leg and used....bite. The sharp teeth teared his flesh and it started to bleed at a high rate. Not only that, but Sharpedo also used Slash on Toren's chest which made him fly a couple feet and fall down on the ground, leaning against the wall.

"Ughhh, Milotic, hyper beam."

Toren dropped a Pokeball to the ground. The large Pokemon came out and blasted Sharpedo with a very powerful energy beam. None of the opposing Pokemon were fainted, but extremely hurt.

Toren reached into the bag tied around his neck and pulled out a tiny cloth. He slowly reached down to the bite injury on his leg and weakly tied the cloth around it. The cloth turned reed quickly from the blood coming out of the injury.

January 15th, 2006, 3:03 PM
OOC: Should I give you the time for you to 'get it done'?

IC: "Gross." I mumbled, still picking grains of sand from my hair as I climbed out of the entry to the Second cave.
I released Lanturn, and it promptly used flash when it noticed it couldn't see me.
"Let's go." I said, letting Lanturn lead the way down the tunnel Toren had told me to go...and soon enough I was thinking to just let Toren get it over with. The tunnel was so long!! Not to mention boring.
Lanturn stopped abruptly and whined, as it's bulb got dimmer "I'm sorry, here, I'm sure I have a flashlight here somewhere...just as Lanturn's bulb flickered out, I found the flashlight, and turned it on. Returning Lanturn to it's pokeball I continued down the passageway...

January 15th, 2006, 3:12 PM
OOC: Nah, it doesn't matter. In fact, he might need some help now....

Toren continued to lean against the wall, his eyes half-shut. The water Pokemon that they were fighting were stunned a little bit from the hyper beams, so it gave Toren's Pokemon enough time to recharge. They all nodded when they were ready to attack again.

"Alright, finish the Pokemon with Hyper Beam."'

He commanded, his voice devoid of emotion. normally he didn't like to cause Pokemon a lot of pain but his group had caused him a lot of pain. All the Pokemon shot their respective beam towards the other Pokemon. They all looked fainted after the attack, but you could never be to sure...

"Okay, time to get that Red orb."

Toren slowly stood up and winced in pain as he did. It hurt a lot to move. Milotic offered to let Toren ride him, but he refused. Sometimes he could be to prideful.

He slowly limped across the room towards the wall where the Pokemon had been before. He was moving very slowly and it ook him almost two minutes to make it. When he reached the wall, he lifted his hands and started to feel the wall to see if there was some sort of secret spot that opened the wall like a door.

January 15th, 2006, 3:36 PM
"What way was it again?" I asked myself, biting my lip as I was faced with seven choices "This isn't fair at all!" I whined.

Skimming through each conversation over the communicator, I deducted from my thoughts that it was the second tunnel. At least that was my best guess.

"Here goes everything." I said walking through the second entrance.

Things were a lot darker, with just a flashlight pointing ahead instead of all around me. I felt I was becoming paranoid, as I began to think that anything could pop out of the shadows and attack me. Stupid Kraby. But other things peirced these thoughts. Stupid ones to boot. Like, When's this tunnel gonna end! and, I wonder when the last time I ate was. This tunnel would soon be dubbed 'come through here at the price of your sanity' in my eyes.
I had sustained a fair amount of minor scratches from the landslide, and the throbbing cut on my right hand didn't help either. Never knew how painful a Kraby's clamp could be.

But these thoughts kept me from turning back, as I soon realized I wasn't even looking where I was going....much to my dismay, I'd stepped on something, which seemed to slip even further into the ground as I did so. I yelped, being the girl I was, as it was covered in sticky mud, in which I thought was apart of the creature.

"Duuuunsparse." The thing yawned.

I sighed in relief. A Dunsparse. Stepping over the pokemon, which had promptly gone back to sleep, I suddenly thought, I wonder how Mantine's doing....MANTINE!
I'd completely and totally forgot about him!-no matter, he was probably still sleeping the lazy butt.

"Woah..." I breathed as I reached the end, and saw a large chamber of the cave "Nice place goin' on here-hm?"
I caught sight of three fainted pokemon, a Kingler, Crawdaunt, and Sharpedo, and All of Toren's pokemon. At least that I knew of.
"What happened to you?!" I asked catching wind of Toren who was examining the wall, bleeding profusely from chest and leg.

January 15th, 2006, 3:42 PM
Toren continued to feel along the curves of the wall to see if there was any way to get through. He turned around at the mention of his name.

"Oh, yeah. That Sharpedo over there took a bite out of my leg and slashed my chest."

He said, looking down at the two injuries. He was in immense pain, but he triednot to show it, especially to her. The cloth tied around Toren's leg was almost entirely soaked with blood so it wasn't really helping much. The injury on his chest wasn't as bad, but it still hurt and bleeded a lot.

"What happened to you? You don't look to good either."

Utter Disaster
January 15th, 2006, 4:05 PM
Ranson was listening to some of this. "Yeah, that's what guardians are for. Now about the wall...you need to use three different attacks on it, all on different parts of the door. All of them have to be water attacks though. Try using a Hydro Pump on the top part of the door, Water Gun on the left part, and Water Pulse on the right."

January 15th, 2006, 4:30 PM
"Thanks Ranson." I said into the communicator "And as for you, I'm not as scratched up as you. I just got a Kraby stuck to my hand," She lifted her slightly red hand, which had stopped bleeding awhile ago, "And I also got caught under a landslide, so that didn't help either."
"I'll let my pokemon do the attacks. Your's look a little worn out, except none of my pokemon know Water Pulse, so we'll need to use your Milotic." I said releasing Feraligatr, and Gyrados.
"Here." I tossed my Aqua Bandanna at Toren "That'll only fit around your leg, but it's better than nothing considering your blood is already leaking through."
I pulled my goggles off of my forehead and hung them around my neck.

January 15th, 2006, 4:41 PM

He muttered, catching the blue bandana. He bent down and stretched the bandana around his legs, then took the two sides and tied them in a knot. He then stood back and and slowly limped away from the door so he could get away from the attacks. Golduck and Vaporeon stood off to the side as well, watching Toren to make sure he was okay.

It took him about half a minute, but he finally reached a point where he was out of the way. Upon reaching it, he turned around and then glanced at Milotic, who was merely floating in the air, awaiting a command.

"Milotic, use Water Pulse on the right side of the wall at the exact same time as Arista's Feraligatr and Gyarados."

January 15th, 2006, 4:53 PM
"Alrighty then." I said placing my hands on my hips "Feraligatr, Water Gun, Gyrados, Hit it with a Hydro Pump!"
As these attacks flew toward the door, Milotics water pulse quickly followed, and easily caught up to the other two attacks. As the water burst onto the wall, the water seemed to catch on the door, and none sprayed off, as it drained right off the slab of stone.
The wall soon began to shake, and a great crack became present in the stone as it began to pull apart.
"Do you think we should stop the attacks?" I asked, as Feraligatr began to need to move his head to aim at the door instead of the chamber inside.

OOC: What are we going to do if we find the Red Orb? Nobody but us and Utter Disaster are roleplaying, and we're all on Team Aqua...

January 15th, 2006, 5:02 PM
OOC: I don't know, everyone that signed up isn't even doing anything. Maybe we could take control of NPC Dragon and Aqua members?....;_;

"I think the crack's wide enough to slip through now."

He said, slowly starting to limp forward. He waved his hand to tell the water Pokemon to stop the attacks. Once he reached the wall, he felt along it and the stone was very wet. You could barely see though the crack. He turned back and looked at Arista before attempting to go in.

"I'm gonna try and see if I can manage to slip though. do you want me to go by myself, or are you coming?"

Vaporeon and Golduck both looked at each other and nodded. they both ran forward and stood beside Toren, acting as if they were giong to go with them. Toren waved his hand, telling them to move awya.

"No guys, just stay here. I'll be fine."

January 15th, 2006, 5:24 PM
I had entered the room of the underwater cave. I was soaked to the skin from top to bottom. My shorts and T-shirt were extremely wet and it was very cold in the cave. "Brrrrr. is it usually this cold in these caves?" I wondered.
"Gah. This is what happens when you tell them to go first. You lose track of them." I mumbled shaking my head, throwing water around. Blastoise and Kingdra snickered a bit.
"Gah. Stop you two. Return Kingdra, you did well." I said to both pokemon and returned Kingdra, who doesn't do good on land.
"Blastiose, follow me. We need to catch up to the other two." I said and ran to the first chamber followed by Blastiose. I passed the first and second chamber, while getting caught in some minor pokemon battles.
"Gah. Where are those two? These caves sure are big but the look small too." I said. Blastoise followed closely behind me incase we got ambused by some water pokemon.
We came to seven chambers.
"What the.... This sucks. I lost my communicator and now I get stuck with choosing a path that could led to dangerous stuff. Hm.. Shoulda stayed back at the hideout." I mumbled. "Well. Here goes." I said and closed my eyes. I walked to my left slightly and entered the second path. I walked a bit and suddenly slipped on something.
"Agh. What the..!" I shouted.
"Dunnnn..Sparrrrse." came a voice.
"Agh. A dunsparse. What's it doing here?" I wondered. "Whatever. Your going dow..." i stopped. The dunsparse had gone to sleep.
"Huh? Oh well. One less thing to worry about." I said and started walking forwards. The end of the cave revealed another chamber.
"Yes. I made it. Now where are those two?" I thought.

January 15th, 2006, 5:37 PM
I turned around hearing a seperate voice "Oh hello...grunt." I said awkwardly "Sure took you long enough."
Returnin Cloyster and Gyrados, I hooked them onto my waist again, and said "I'll go with you. You're half dying already anyway." Blunt, but who really cared at this point in time?
"Are you coming?" I asked turning around to face the newcomer, wondering how his Blastoise fit through the passageway my Feraligatr couldn't get through.

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January 15th, 2006, 5:47 PM

He muttered, bending down and slowly trying to slip through the crack. He was fairly sure that he could make it through, but he was having a tiny bit of trouble. He was almost through when a sharp pain entered his side. A jagged edge he hadn't noticed had scraped the side of his body. He was about to yell out in pain, but clenched his teeth and tried his hardest not to.

Oh great, as if I wasn't in enough pain.

After a couple seconds of struggling, he finally made through and stood up slowly, backing away and waiting for Arista to come through.

"Watch out when you come through. I scraped myself on something sharp."

January 15th, 2006, 6:00 PM
"Kay!" I called as I slipped in. I examined the walls carefully ahead of me, for anything sharp.
Nothing caught my eye... "Hey there's nothing-Ouch!"
I looked down at the side of my stomach, where a cut was bleeding lightly. It was just a rock, that didn't look like it'd be bumped into.
"Oh well, too late!" I said as I slid out of the crevice "Wow..." I said looking up "This chambers bigger than the last one!"
The stalacites and stalagmites were all visible, the stalacites dripping water, and the stalamites towering majectically to meet the Stalacites.
In the middle, on a stalagmite in which the tip had been cut off lay the prize. The treasure.
"Come on!" I called to the other grunt "Now the problem is getting it out of here without touching it and or being possessed by Kyogre...." I murmured examining the Red Orb.

January 15th, 2006, 6:12 PM
"Wellm how are we supposed to do that? Maybe it's some kind of trap and the cave will collapse on us if we take it.

He muttered, limping forward to get a closer look. The orb seemed so simple, just a tiny little ball. At first glance it didn't seem very special but this simple little ball held so much immense power that it was almost unreal. Toren couldn't take his eyes off of it. The orb was so mystical that you were almost drawn to it, like a rare Pokemon or something.

"Wow, I can't believe. This is actually the Red Orb. It just seems so unreal that it's right in front of us."

He said, his eyes sparkling. He wasn't normally like this, it's like the Orb had some kind of special power...

January 15th, 2006, 6:29 PM
"Hey..." I said watching Toren "It's just an orb. Besides, we shouldn't be gawking over it, we should be finding a way to bring it back to Aqua."
I was beginning to feel uneasy around him. He was starting to act like Andy when he first heard about the Red Orb. Andy pursued the Red Orb until almost half a squadrant had died, and in the end, everyone knew that he stopped at nothing to get what he wanted, until it was too late. Would this happen to a mere grunt?
'There's a reason they're grunts. They lack the mental power to fight the grasp of the Red Orb. Which is why grunts are set to find the orb. Not capture it.' That was what someone said to me a long time ago. Sure, they had a certain disliking for people lower then them. Worse than me. But I couldn't help but think of that now as Toren stared at the Red Orb.
"Hey, where's the other grunt?" I asked changing the subject.

January 15th, 2006, 6:38 PM
Toren shook his head, trying to shake his thoughts away from the Red Orb. He glanced at Arista, then looked back at the crack to see if he was coming.

"Dunno, I guess he decided to wait until we came back with the orb."

He limped a little closer to the orb and gazed at it. It seemed to be glowing a little but, as if it were ready to activate the very second that someone were to grasp it in their hands.

Suddenly, Toren jerked his hand and grasped the injury on his chest. it was nor hurting eve more than before, which was strange considering it hurt more than when it had actually happened. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he winced in pain. He once again tried to show that he wasn't hurting, but he wasn't very successful this time around.

January 15th, 2006, 6:51 PM
"Hey are you okay? You're really weird you know that?" I asked him as he grasped his injury.
I sighed and released Lanturn "Lanturns light sort of negates pain. It works for me at least."
Lanturn gave a shrill cry of joy, being mostly rested.
"Sit." I said bluntly, pointing to the wall as I also released Cloyster and asked him for the ointment I always had him keep in his shell.
Cloyster closed it's shell, concealed for about 5 seconds and emerged from his shell with a tube of ointment clamped in his smirking mouth.
"Okay, then Lanturn, lights please." I asked smiling at her in a joking manner, as her bulb brightened "Her bulb is warm too by the way." I said as Lanturn let her bulb dangle in front of Toren, though herself mainly paying attention to the bulb. She was always fascinated with the way it bobbed whenever she moved her head.

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January 15th, 2006, 7:00 PM
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"Well, thanks for the compliment."

He said, sarcastically. He opened his eyes and looked at her as she released her Lanturn and Cloyster. The Lanturn dangled its warm bulb in front of Toren, while Cloyster gave her some sort of ointment that was in its shell.

"I'm assuming that it's for me?"

He said joningly, but quickly stopped when the pain resumed. He normally tried to remain humorous and such, but right now that was the farthest thing from his mind.

January 15th, 2006, 7:09 PM
"No." I said sarcastically "No it's for the Red Orb."
Lanturn squealed cheerfully when I walked over, the bulb dancing violently and capturing her intrest immediatly over again, while Cloyster thumped over.
"Here. I'm sure you can apply it yourself." I said handing the tube to Toren as Cloyster pushed itself against me.
"Hm? Oh fine go ahead." I said as Cloyster turned back into it's shell to grab yet another something I had him keep in there. But this was just a pokemon treat.
"I wonder how we'll get it. It's impossible to touch it. Maybe psychic would work. Do any of your pokemon know psychic? Mine are kinda useless unless it's electric and water attacks, and I'm sure shocking it or blowing it away with a jet of water would be extremely helpful right now." I said sarcastically.

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January 15th, 2006, 7:20 PM
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"Yeah, well I hope that I'm not so helpless that I can't rub a little ointment on myself."

He took the ointment and unscrewed the tiny cap on it, then squeezed some of it into his hands. He rubbed it together in his hands then started to rub it where they scratch was on his chest. When he was finished, he turned the cap back on it and handed it back to Arista, then proceeded to answer her question.

"Well, Golduck knows Confusion. Can that levitate things?"

January 15th, 2006, 7:23 PM
I thought for a moment "Um...Yeah I think." I sweatdropped, having never actually fought or used a golduck before "Shouldn't you know?"
I took the ointment from him and tossed it to Cloyster, who caught it in it's mouth and turned into it's shell again.
"Do you think the red orb can go through the confusion wave and into the caster? That'd be bad, because then we'd be trapped in here with a Kyogre controlled pokemon." I said thoughtfully.
Pressing the communicator I asked "Hey Ranson, how're we supposed to get this Orb anyway?!"

January 16th, 2006, 9:09 AM
"Well, I use Confusion a lot in battle, but I've never used it to levitate anything."

He said, sighing and crossing his arms. He wanted to get out of this cave and return to the base as fast as he could, but until they figure out a way to actually get the orb that idea was very far off.

"Well, how should I know what's gonna happen if I try do do that? It's not every day that you get your Golduck to try to move a mystical orb with a confusion attack."

He muttered, closing his eyes and awaiting a response from Ranson.

Utter Disaster
January 16th, 2006, 10:48 AM
"Well, you guys are right about Confusion and that it can lift things, then again, you'd be using it for quite a while, whichh would probably mess up Golduck's concentration." He had to think a bit. "Well, I can't really think of much. If you have another pokemon that could use a Psychic move, then it would probably work."

January 16th, 2006, 11:10 AM
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"Ah. Sorry for falling behind. I had to do something." I said.
Hearing about a need of a pokemon that can use Psychic or Confusion, I let out Milotic from her pokeball. She gave a yawn after coming out.
"My Milotic could use Psychic if it helps." I said to Arista and Toren. I commanded Milotic to lift a few boulders on the ground. She then made them twirl and dance and then I told her stop and place them back on the ground.
"She has powerful mental abilities." I said to Arista and Toren again.
"So what should we do?"

January 16th, 2006, 5:32 PM
"Well, Toren has a Milotic too, Gyrados has a Hyper Potion on him, so that would help milotic restore itself, and so we can switch between the two Milotics." I said thoughtfully.
Cloyster was digging through his shell again, to revieve a good whack from me "One treat a day Cloyster." I reminded him as he frowned.
"Cloy...ster..." He said dejectedly.
"One." I repeated, and he mumbled something before settling himself to watch the attacks.

January 17th, 2006, 12:54 PM
"Well, that settles it then. My Milotic is over there on the other side of the cave, so yous can take the first. My Milotic needs to carry me because of these wounds, but I'm sure he has enough strength to do both when the time comes."

He muttered, turning around and looking at the orb. He so longed to just get it all over with and return to the base. He was in a great deal of pain so normally the first thing on his mind was lying down and resting, but he didn't want to let a little measly injury keeping him from doing his job. He wanted to get back out there and crush Magma and Dragon like his life depended on it. But they first had to attend to the matters at hand, which was currently trying to move a stupid orb away from its resting place(Sorry, had to do a little bit of ranting there ^^;;;)

January 17th, 2006, 10:32 PM
"Alright. I'll start it off. Milotic, use Psychic to carry the Red Orb." I said to Milotic. Milotic closed her eyes for a second and opened them unleashing her mental powers. She psychically carried the orb.
"Okay. We should get going. I don't know how long Milotic could keep the Psychic attack going." I explained and ran a bit over to the opening of the chamber.
"Let's go, Milotic." I said and gestured to her to come slowly as to not lose concentration and drop the orb. She slowly yet quickly crept over to my position.
"Guys. Ready when you are!" I shouted to the other end of the cave.