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Random Plushie
February 4th, 2006, 1:17 AM
Several long years ago, Hoenn dispatched a small group of explorers to search the lands west of their region. They didn’t need to wander as far as planned, however, for across several hundred miles of ocean water, which was merely a fraction of what was expected, the explorers hit land.

It proved to be a region unlike the other four, and within a few weeks of the first humans setting foot on this new land, there was no current resident of the other four regions that didn’t know of this fifth country, which, in no time, had earned itself the name of Ryko.

The explorers, only just beginning to start settlements in Ryko, called more and more people in, towns and cities spreading throughout the region like one giant termite infestation. The humans dominated slowly; settling in one place, becoming familiar with the area, then sending another group of explorers that had been called in to move on to another location, moving away from the relatively safe coastlines and further inland, towards the more remote and unpredictable environments there.

Each settlement became one with the land on which it was built, uniting with the native Pokemon and beginning to live in harmony. Of course, back in the other regions, this meant a longer wait for the signal that it was safe to move in, since there was still much of Ryko that was in need of scouting. The settlers thought nothing of it, conquering Ryko at their own pace and further encouraging impatience among the other regions.

After years of this type of domination, the discovery of Ryko became old news, because it was taking much too long for the explorers to cover the extent of the territory. It became nothing more than a random vacation spot for the future, and the general public lost interest in moving in.

Over time, this allowed the explorers that had made settlements across most of Ryko to live without being bothered by the outside regions. Because of this, the people began developing their own lifestyles within each settlement, which ultimately ended up differing from that of the other regions. These people became the first to be considered true natives of Ryko.

In short, Ryko was allowed to grow on its own without any influence, and as a result, the first line of Gyms (not to mention League) in the region gained unique rules and battlefields unlike those in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Orre.

In the present time, a professor has finally set up a place of Pokemon research on the coastline of Ryko, located in the first town to have been built as a settlement for humans.

This professor goes by Prof. R. Chrysso, and is unknown to the other regions, seeing as how truly isolated Ryko has remained, but nonetheless he claims to be a professional. Indeed, after merely a few years of taking up research in Ryko, he also claims that he has reached a breakthrough in technology.

But the problem is; he’s too much of a nobody. How is he to get anyone outside of Ryko to listen to him? What he needs first of all to prove his theory is test subjects for his technology.

And what could be a better source of such subjects than energetic young trainers and co-ordinators?


You can be either a Pokemon Trainer or a Pokemon Co-ordinator from one of the four regions neighboring Ryko, with a few years of experience under your belt. Like most residents of these regions, you don’t know much about Ryko other than it’s a land far away that took a long time to explore.

You have recently received a letter from someone who calls himself Prof. R. Chrysso. In this letter, you are invited to attend a presentation by this professor, during which he will reveal to you his ‘special invention’ that he claims will be of great assistance to the well-being of your Pokemon.

He mentions in this letter that transportation has already been arranged, based on where you live (which basically means a boat for everyone); all you have to do is show up on the designated day of the presentation at his lab in Meridian Town, located in far-off Ryko.

Yes, to most this so-called ‘special invention’ already sounds cheesy and weird. But hey--Even if the presentation is as cheap as it sounds, at least you’ll have scored a free vacation.


1. Follow all rules of PC and the RP Section. Obvious.

2. I’m going to be very serious about this one; there will be absolutely no powerplaying, godmodding, bunnying, or character control in any way, shape, or form allowed. You have no right to control the character of another person without their consent, and most people should already know this.

3. Please don’t post beneath four lines. If you really can’t do that, then you may as well avoid signing up. Seriously, posts that are that short are no fun..

Sign-Up Form, Y’all:

Appearance: (I would appreciate it if you described with lots of detail. ‘Cause detailed appearances that don’t confuse me are good things. ^-^)

Personality: (Seriously, try to be more descriptive than ‘Oh, s/he’s very nice.’ >.> Describe your character’s personality with more than just a few basic adjectives, please. It’s a lot more important than it seems.)

Pokemon: (Your character is allowed to have a maximum of four Pokemon, with SOME evolved forms allowed. Yes, your character does have experience, but I will hardly accept one to four-time Champions/Master Contest winners. And remember, your character’s Pokemon are not just things that come when they’re called and obey your Trainer’s every whim. They have personalities and attitudes of their own, so please don’t butcher that and sign-up with brainless robotic drones.)

History (Optional): (You may describe past events and accomplishments here. Try to be fairly reasonable in this field.)

Other (Optional): (If there’s anything else you’d like to say that doesn’t really fall into the other fields, you may write it down here. Please don’t make your character an inhuman superhero. If your character has a certain talent, there must be a valid reason for it, yes?)

RP Sample: (Yep, I will require a sample of your skills. ‘Tis very important, so do try hard when you fill this out.)

Here is my sign-up:

Name: Oliver Tan
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Appearance: This guy is a red-head, and a spiky-haired red-head at that, although he attempts to keep his hair from spiking directly up by wearing a headband that is a deeper shade of scarlet than his hair. This doesn’t stop his bangs from growing downward, though, which gives him a rather awkward hairstyle. His eyes match this, however, the red shade of his hair being complimented by the green of his eyes. Of course, due to his temper, most of the time you’ll hardly notice that.

As far as clothing goes, the boy is often seen wearing a mustard-yellow colored hooded sweater, which is probably over a shirt of some kind. The sleeves of this sweater are actually so long, though, that you can barely see his finger tips sticking out. Along with this, he wears baggy jeans that seem a bit too large for him, probably a hand-me-down, which is further suggested by the stitches in the left pant leg.

To carry items and such, he is equipped with a fanny pack that is dark blue in color, almost blending in with his pants. However, because his sweater is so big, this fanny pack, not to mention the boy’s Pokeballs, are usually hidden from view.

Overall.. Oliver is short. Very short for his age. Based on height alone, he looks to be about 12 years old. Don’t let this fool you, though, for once he gets ticked off, stopping him can be quite the task.

Personality: The thing about Oliver’s personality that you will probably become familiar with first is his abnormally short temper. He is especially sensitive to remarks about his height, and his constant proclamations that he is indeed not short when the subject comes up will remind you of that.

He is always quick to get angry, and quick to lose his patience, but usually not during Pokemon battles. If he does, it is usually because he has lost his temper at the guy on the opposite end of the field, and not over a situation in the battle itself.

When he is not angry or ranting due to his temper, he is fairly calm and collected, although he does have an attitude, which usually involves sarcasm. Basically, if he hasn’t labeled you ‘friend’, he’s not a very nice person to come across. And even if he does consider you a friend, his temper will stand strong, and so will his sarcasm when he’s calm.

However, he does have a soft spot for his Pokemon. It’s obvious that he cares deeply for them, but he will never admit that to anyone. He tends to be strangely patient with his Pokemon and will rarely lose his temper, however short it may be, over their actions.

History: Oliver was born and grew up in Olivine City, never really exposed to anything outside of his home town, or anything not covered in television programs. His parents own the local Poke Mart, which to this day is their main source of money. It may not seem like a very reliable source, but being the only shop in town that sells Pokemon-related items can seriously rake in the cash.

As a result Oliver lived a quiet, pampered life, enjoying the fact that Olivine was near the coastline, therefore allowing him to take strolls along the beach, the ocean that lay beyond becoming something he frequently enjoyed.

It wasn’t until his ninth birthday that he received his first Pokemon. His mother and father gave him an Eevee as his present, which Oliver named Piro soon afterwards. This immediately squashed his parents’ dreams of him someday taking over the family business, of course, because Oliver immediately became intent on training Piro up to be a champion someday. And who knew, perhaps he’d even manage to train up a whole team!

His parents weren’t too thrilled about that, naturally. They convinced themselves that their son would give up on the ‘becoming a Trainer thing’ because they believed he didn’t want to make that much effort.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon whose side you’re on), they were wrong. When Oliver received a Teddiursa for Christmas the next year from a good friend, the boy was dead set on becoming a Trainer. Naming the new Teddiursa Yoku, Oliver continuously asked for his parents’ permission to set off on a journey.

Weeks went by, and through all that time Oliver’s parents refused to let the boy go. During this time, Piro and Yoku took to watching crime investigation dramas together, and soon both of them had become convinced that they were eligible for becoming secret service agents. Or FBI agents. Same difference.

And finally, when Oliver asked for permission again on the twenty-sixth consecutive day, his parents gave him their consent to leave Olivine City with Piro and Yoku in tow. The boy wasted no time with celebrating this, although Piro and Yoku would’ve preferred it because they were going to miss their shows if they left. It wasn’t long before the boy was ready to leave, considering his parents owned the Poke Mart.

And so Oliver left his home town, Piro and Yoku following, while still sulking over the fact that they wouldn’t have television on their journey. Oliver’s first goal once he had set off was to make an attempt at training his team as best he could, and then like a normal Trainer he would set out for badges. And perhaps he’d even manage to catch more Pokemon. Flanked by his two best friends and cloaked in determination, the boy set off into the world.

Two years passed. Oliver still hadn’t completed training to the point where he was satisfied with his progress, or that of his Pokemon. He hadn’t even traveled across much of Johto yet. However, he had made attempts at collecting badges, obtaining the Fog Badge with.. difficulty. He also returned home to challenge Jasmine once, but the result wasn’t too nice. In fact, he was massacred by the Steel Gym Leader, having to endure a brutal loss.

Shocked into an emotionless state (which went away after a few days), Oliver convinced himself that he needed a lot more training before he could even consider challenging a Gym Leader again.

After two years of more training, evolutions among his Pokemon, and also catching two more Pokemon, Oliver hadn’t made another Gym challenge. Even after such a long time since losing to Jasmine so humiliatingly, he refused to muster up the courage to make another Gym challenge. He instead chose to hang around home often, while maintaining a routine of training and raising his Pokemon. He never dared to think about Gyms.

His parents were thrilled at this decision, but they didn’t get as much time to enjoy it as they would have liked, because soon after that, a very strange letter had arrived for their son..


Espeon (Male), Piro
Oliver’s first Pokemon, usually found patrolling the area near the Trainer’s feet. Otherwise he is scouting the area, attempting to pick out ‘potential threats’ and positioning himself between his Trainer and the ‘threat.’

Piro is rather peculiar, always wearing dark sunglasses and rarely showing emotion other than those revealed in his voice. Through months of watching countless FBI dramas and other related shows, this Espeon has come to develop a sort of “FBI attitude,” which can make him seem quite over-protective of his Trainer.

When he speaks, he tries to maintain seriousness, often containing laughter and forcing himself not to crack even the slightest of smiles. As a result, other Psychics may detect some self-conflict within him. Either that or he just really wants to be a typical stereotyped FBI agent.

Ursaring (Male), Yoku
Yoku became Piro's best friend soon after he was given to Oliver, soon coming to share the Espeon's passion for crime investigation dramas. This results in Yoku wearing the same kind of shades as Piro, and also in the shared passion for 'upholding justice.'

But what makes him different from Piro is his lazy side. Yoku prefers napping and standing around just looking cool rather than seriously promoting their 'official' image. He also tends to show more emotion than his Espeon friend. Instead of trying to be serious and contain all of his emotion, Yoku tends to reveal it more.

Flaaffy (Male), Makamo
Makamo was the first Pokemon that Oliver managed to catch on his own, on the way back to Olivine from Ecruteak. He wasn’t part of a group of Mareep or anything at the time. No, for some reason he was wandering about on his own, but all the same Oliver quickly decided to catch him.

This Flaaffy is actually rather jumpy, and tends to be afraid of.. Well.. everything. As a result, he always seems to be alert, wide-eyed, and shivering, often throwing up Light Screens in self-defense and shocking anything that scares him too suddenly. It is highly advised that one doesn’t sneak up on him from behind. In addition to his ’fraidy-cat personality, he is actually quite gentle-natured and doesn’t like to attack unless it’s necessary, or in other terms, when he’s too scared to care about being gentle.

Houndour (Male), Akeru
Akeru was caught after Makamo, several months after Oliver lost to Jasmine. Found wandering the streets of Olivine City as a pup, the Houndour recalls little of his life prior to living on the streets, but he doesn’t really care. He considers life with Oliver ‘fun,’ and sees no point in trying to remember his past. Akeru’s main priority: Just have fun.

This Houndour practically radiates energy. He simply can’t get rid of all his excess energy, no matter how far or long he may travel in a day. He is innocent enough, and is often a source of annoyance when you combine his optimism and excessive hyper-ness. To top it all off, he has a tendency to be especially curious, and will not hesitate to pry into someone else’s life as soon as he meets them.

He also has a habit of collecting twigs and tree branches, then placing them all in a pile. He usually does this whenever the group he’s in stops to take a break, or he finds that he has nothing else to do/everyone is ignoring him. The latter occurs most often.

Other: N/A

RP Sample:

The skies were clear that day, allowing the full force of the sun’s rays to come streaming down onto the beach, instantly reflected by the ocean water, which created dazzling sparkles of light over the ocean swells that would be potentially blinding if one were to stare at it for too long.

Yes, perfect beach weather.

But for some reason Oliver was the only Trainer sitting on the beach at the moment. In his hand he held a reasonably sized stick, which he had taken from the pile of twigs that Akeru had managed to pile up near him. In fact, the crazy little Houndour was out near the water again, running out as far as he could go in order to reach for a piece of driftwood out on the waves. Of course, as soon as the next wave came in the Houndour was forced to retreat, barking loudly in defiance at the water that dare separate him from his precious wood. He advanced as soon as the water pulled back out, attempting again to retrieve the driftwood floating out on the waves.

Piro was out of his Pokeball, too, as usual. The Espeon was actually laying off his strange attitude for once, basking in the warmth of the sun, curled into a ball and sleeping through Akeru’s barking. Every so often one of his lavender ears would twitch in response to an especially shrill yap or such, but nonetheless he slept on, near that pile of sticks.

Oliver had turned away from that now, letting his Pokemon relax while they could. He had been training them a lot lately. However, he was still sulking over that last battle with Jasmine, and as such he was reluctant to try again. Clutching the stick firmly in his right hand, he began to write a message in the sand, then watched as the ocean water rose up to wash the whole thing away before he was done, although the water never came up as far as to get him wet.

Saying nothing, he began to write again, only to stop and watch as the waves washed it away once more. He sighed mentally, knowing that it would be more sensible to simply write the message someplace in the sand farther up the hill, but then again, he still wasn’t sure if he wanted anyone to read his message anyways.

A howl of joy snapped his mind back to reality, causing him to turn his head towards the source of the noise, his spiky red hair acting accordingly and naturally shifting with his movement.

His deep green eyes instantly lit up a bit at the sight of a blissfully unaware Akeru proudly dragging a the piece of driftwood away from the water, and back towards the pile of sticks. It calmed Oliver to see such innocence.. When you were someone as young and energetic as Akeru, it must’ve been a lot easier to make decisions.

{Look! I got another one!} Akeru yapped, dropping the driftwood onto the pile, then proceeding to look up at Oliver and beam. {That’s better than you’ll ever do! Uh-huh!}

Oliver frowned, having gotten used to the Houndour’s speech patterns by now, while Piro wrinkled up his nose in annoyance. Akeru’s constant jabbering was disrupting his nap. Oliver said nothing, though, nodding at the little Houndour before the Dark-type turned away and began to trot back towards the water. Once more, Akeru searched for wood to add to his latest pile.

Alter Ego
February 5th, 2006, 9:22 AM
Yay! Congrats on your first very-own RP Plushie! ^0^ *Throws confetti*

Sign-Up Form, Y'all:

Name: Yikari Arikawa
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at a good 1,76 meters of height with a slightly skinny bodybuild, Yikari is fairly tall for his age and his skin is of a fairly pale pigment, although not deadman-pale mind you. Yikari's face still has that smooth, somewhat boyish appearance to it that makes him look younger than he is to most people. His hair is dark brown and usually kept at a fairly short length, stopping a fair bit before reaching his shoulders, and usually looking like it has been neatly combed over his head, although wether the boy spends plenty of time in secret with a comb or wether this is just a peculiarity of his hair is unkown. Yikari's eyes are of a slightly lighter shade of brown, and they, combined with his innocent smile, have saved him from a couple of sticky situations during his life. For clothes, the boy usually wears a shirt, usually dark green or dark blue in colour, a pair of greyish white shorts which end a bit above his knees, and a pair of equally coloured, and quite considerably worn, sneakers, although odds are that the sneakers were originally white. The boy usually travels light, carrying whatever possessions he needs in the various pockets, some of them concealed, which his attire posseses as well as a reasonably sized sack of cloth, dark blue in colour and secured with a length of black string around the mouth of the sack and another attached to serve as a strap for carrying it over his shoulder.

Personality: A predominantly cheerful, go-lucky, and extroverted person. Yikari is a sworn opposer of sulking, brooding, depression, and dullness in all their incarnations and is willing to put quite a bit of effort into ensuring that as few of the people near him end up suffering from them as possible. He's practically always willing to play a prank, tell a joke or one of his more or less exaggerated stories, or poke fun at a particularly dour or pompous person in his vicinity. He's also quite often lazy, loves to cheat in small things, has very little regard for authority figures, and can be a bit of a coward when things get too serious. The boy's disrespect for authority figures also translates into a disrespect for rules and regulations in general, and he has no qualms about breaking a law which he finds too restrictive, all in the name of good cheer and curiosity. Sometimes, though, from behind his cheerful, reckless, and rather chaotic behaviour, Yikari can exhibit quite grave seriousness and shame in certain matters, although it is rare in the extreme for him to do so, and indeed, perhaps these concealed emotions of his are partially the reason for his strong conviction to keep everyone from brooding.


Croconaw "Marco" (Male)

Yikari's first pokmon. The boy ran across this pokmon by pure chance as he was taking a small nap in the shade of a tree by the river running by his hometown. The boy was just about to drift off into blissfull sleep when he suddenly felt a strong tug on his shoelaces and, before he knew it, had been pulled down into the water. Luckily, the river was a fairly calm one, and after a bit of struggle the boy managed to haul himself up, a short investigation of his shoes revealing a small Totodile who was chewing at the boy's shoelaces with a blissful expression on his face. It soon turned out that the little crocodile, whom Yikari soon dubbed 'Marco', wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box. Apparently, the water type has developed a very particular taste for noodles and, according to his own words, considered that Yikari's shoelaces were quite exquisite in that regard. Having provided the Totodile with a suitable meal, Yikari had no problem in gaining his trust and the two soon grew to be partners. While Marco, as previously mentioned, isn't particularly bright, he's a very confident and friendly pokmon who always tries his best and has a very strong intuitive belief of what is right and wrong. He is also strong even for a member of his own species, and quite stubborn when he puts his mind to it, and if anything, his evolution has only served to enhance those traits. Luckily, the Croconaw rarely bothers to ponder deeply on matters, usually relying with an almost childish conviction on Yikari's judgement, trusting that the boy always knows what to do.

Haunter "Hagure" (Male)

A playfull and mischievous pokmon quite close in personality to his trainer, Hagure first met up with Yikari and Marco as the two were out on one of their nightly excursions, having, by chance, happened to grow curious about the very same building. Amused by the possibility to cause some mischief, the Haunter promptly proceeded to stalk Yikari, waiting for the right moment, at which point he clasped the boy by both shoulders and screamed into his ears at the top of his voice, startling Yikari and causing him to trigger an alarm in the building they were in, forcing both the boy and his Croconaw to make a hasty retreat with a manically cackling Haunter at their tails. After that incident, Hagure continued to follow the duo, leading to a myriad of precariously placed water buckets, tied together shoelaces, sudden scaring ambushes and other pranks directed towards the boy and his Croconaw. Yikari soon grew to learn the Haunter's patterns however, rigging up a counter-prank so complicated and well executed that the Haunter actually grew to respect the boy, agreeing to join his team so that both could learn from each other. Since then, the two of them have spent plenty of time laughing, joking, conning, and playing pranks on carefully chosen individuals, and generally getting into trouble in any way they can, staying true to their guiding principle 'If it's not fun, it's not worth it.'. Hagure is perhaps the more recklessly mischievous of the two, however, being far less discerning about whom to mess with and how much than his trainer.

Houndoom "Hiro" (Male)

Yikari's latest catch to date. Unlike his companions, Hiro is a quiet, pragmatic, and rather dour pokmon. He rarely smiles, and even then it's usually a gleefull kind of smile, speaks very little and only if he thinks it's necessary, and enjoys being alone with his thoughts most of the time. He is not one to make jokes unless they are sarcastic in nature and hates it when no-one else seems to be taking situations seriously. When Yikari first found Hiro, the Houndoom had been imprisoned n a cage by a professional poacher and his body showed signs of heavy abuse, which is perhaps the reason for Hiro's negative mindset to this day. Regardless, Hiro sees it as his job in the group to make sure that the rest stay alive, a duty which he, like all things in life, takes seriously, and while he and Yikari do have plenty of differences in their opinions and often argue, there is still a bond of trust between them, and both are ready to support each other whenever necessary.

History (Optional): Born in Fuschia City, Kanto, Yikari was always a mischievous child, even in the age when he was barely able to stand, and caused no end of headaches for his parents. His father, a bussinessman and one of the top executives in the Kanto pokmart chain, rarely had time to spend at home, leaving even more of the responsibility of raising the unruly young Yikari to the boy's mother, a former teacher gone housewife who, it soon turned out, didn't have a very good capacity for handling stress. One day when Yikari was hardly older than seven, his mother suddenly collapsed right in the middle of her morning routine. Once doctors had been called to the scene, the woman was quickly diagnosed with over-exhaustion and weak nerves and temporarily called away to a rest home so that she could recover. Now of course, Yikari's father was still by no means ready to take up the scepter, so instead, he chose to delegate responsibility of the boy to his own father, an aged ninja master whom he hoped could teach the boy some discipline.

While at first Yikari thought that living with a stuffy old grandfather would be a real gyp, it soon turned out that the grandfather in question, Hibiki Arikawa, was far from stuffy; an eccentric old man who promptly refused to accept that age was catching up with him. Excited to have a youngin' around the house to teach him about modernity, the old ninja master was more than willing to relate the knowledge of his own skills to the boy, in fact, he insisted, and although Yikari was quite far from a model student, he still grew to learn a thing or three from 'gramps' during the time he spent with him, which soon grew from a couple of months to a year to a couple of years, as it turned out that Yikari's mother was recovering far slower than what had been expected and that they didn't want to over-exert her, although Yikari and his grandfather made a point of making regular visits to see her. Growing up this way, Yikari quickly took up the habit of excercising the skills he had learned by poking around town and getting into all kinds of trouble, and, eventually, grew quite notorious around the parts, up to the point where his grandfather decided that it might have been better for him to...get some distance before certain people in his community got overly ticked, and when Yikari reached the age of twelve, a traditional starting-age for trainers, his grandfather was quite willing to send him out into the world, hoping that the boy's Totodile friend would be enough to keep him safe from his own habit of getting into trouble.

Travelling first through his own home region and later even venturing on brief excursions to Johto and Hoenn, Yikari got to experience a great deal of things and meet many people, people who grew to think of him with more or less fondness, although if the mischievous boy ever got to experience something he didn't find amusing even in retrospect he certainly isn't showing it, always ready to give the curious a friendly smile and relate one of his fantastic tales, half of them half-truths and the rest full-lies.

Other (Optional): Trained by his grandfather as he is, Yikari has mastered a few basic tricks of the ninja trade, possessing a good talent for jumping, climbing, stealth, and pick-pocketing as well as his favourite skill; the creation of smoke bombs.

RP Sample: EDITNESS: Well, the sample is done. Oh, and if your still not convinced then might I direct your attention to Ancient Dynasty (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=58028) and Showgan (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54449)?

"Yikari Arikawa!"

The loud, authoritan call resounded ominously across the Slateport City market square, like the first roll of thunder before a full storm breaks out. Surveying the effects of his exclamation stood the voice's owner, a rather rotound man who seemed to be in his late forties, his faded brown hair already displaying signs of thinning, despite his best efforts to conceal this by donning a dark brown hat which he thought looked quite smashing in combination with his equally coloured suit and blue tie. The man leaned a bit on his wooden cane, which was painted a blue matching his tie, for a moment before walking over towards the small crowd of people who were gathered around the person he had just adressed, another man, this one far more youthfull and far less obese, dressed in a manner which simply screamed 'hired muscle'.

As the duo approached, the small crowd quickly dispersed, leaving only one person standing to meet the two men; it was a boy, somewhat gangly-looking with his long legs and generally skinny build, his dark blue shirt, greyish white shorts, and sneakers which looked like they had been white in their better days creating a peculiar contrast with his short but healthy-looking, dark brown hair and the white-toothed smile of purest innocence he wore on his face.

"Edwin Palmer!" he exclaimed, throwing his arms out dramatically as if to embrace the older man, "Dearest of all my friends! How are you this fine day?"

"Don't you 'friend' me, Arikawa!" the man who was apparently named Edwin snapped, glaring furiously at the boy, "You've gone too far this time!"

"Gone too far?" Yikari echoed with a look of polite curiosity on his face, "Palmer-san, whatever do you mean?"

"You know bloody well what I mean!" Edwin snapped furiously, a vein bulging treatheningly from his now considerably sweaty face, "And don't try to sidetrack me with that fancy pre-school japanese of yours! It's your cruddy hair tonic!"

"My hair tonic?" the boy repated with a continuously polite, but now slightly hurt, expression on his face, "Ed-kun, are you implying that there is something wrong with my great, great, great grandmother's formula?"

"I ain't implying nothing!" Edwin bellowed, stamping his foot, "I'm saying that you conned me and passed a bottle full of ditch water onto me! And I'm also saying that you'll provide a refund right now!"

The hired muscle-man took this opportunity to crack his knuckles treatheningly.

"Now...Eddie-baby..." Yikari continued in a soothing tone, carefully placing a hand on the man's shoulder, "Of course I'll pay you back if there's something wrong with the tonic, but...dear man, you didn't apply it to your hair, did you?" he asked the last question with the tone of one who had just come to a terrible realization.

"Eh?" Edwin asked, now having been forced to come to a pause, "Well-of course I...I mean...it's a hair tonic-"

"Oh, poor, poor Palmer-sama." the boy replied in a slightly melancholy tone, shaking his head, "What am I to do with you? I shall have a new bottle delivered to your home free of charge, as an apology for the incovenience, and with proper application instructions too. Your poor man, applying hair tonic to your hair..." he finished by giving the older man a compassionate pat on the shoulder.

"I-well...I..." Edwin muttered, now having completely lost the ball, "Erm...that's-that's mighty kind of you." he managed at last, now visibly calmed.

"Don't mention it, Ed-kun." Yikari replied, giving the man another pat on the back and a cheerfull smile, "Now if you would excuse me, I think some of the good ladies over there are waiting for their turn." he cocked his head in the direction of a small group of women who were, indeed, watching the scene with a measure of interest.

"Oh-course', sorry to bother you..." Edwin replied, standing helpless there with his hired muscle by his side while the boy cheerfully skipped over to his next customers, bowing deeply to each one and acting with all of those clichd little phrases and mannerisms which he knew tended to provoke some giggling and laughter.

Poor, deluded, Palmer-sama... Yikari thought for himself as he started out his negotiations, Why on earth would I have given him ditch water when there was a perfectly good tap available?

February 5th, 2006, 10:25 AM
Yayness! I actually signed up earlyish for this one! ^-^ Lemme see... should I be a trainer... or a coordinator... oh the decisions!! o.o

And Alter, I just noticed your newest quote. XD

Name: Cynthia Tharnst

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cynthia has long, light blue hair that looks rather curly near the ends. She has a very pale complexion, and light gray eyes. She looks like one of thos girls who if a strong breeze came by, it would blow her over like a piece of paper. She's very skinny, and is of medium height. She wears a pink skirt with a white top that has three pink roses printed on it. Her backpack is quite small and also light blue in color. She usually has her hair down, though sometimes she remembers to put it up. Cynthia's face always seems to have a melancholy expression on it, even when she is happy.

Personality: A quiet person, Cynthia is not one to talk too much. She speaks when needed, and when she feels comfortable, and at first glance she seems somber and weak. However, Cynthia's will-power and extreme loyalty make her a hard person to defeat. She has a strong sense of justice, and when she feels that something is unjust, she will not hesitate to try and right the wrong. Cynthia has many fears. She fears heights, crowds, water, noise, spiders, darkness; pretty much everything. Because of this, she relies heavily upon her pokemon and her friends to help her. These fears are the reason she became a pokemon trainer, so that she could learn how to overcome them, and become a better person.


Spoink (Wilbur)- Named after a Spoink in a famous children's book, Wilbur is Cynthia's partner pokemon. She simply adores the little piggy, and he adores her back. They have always been inseperable. The Spoink is a kind and gentle pokemon that came to watch over Cynthia when she was very sick once when she was little. The two became good firneds, and Cynthia even helped Wilbur find a beautiful deep blue pearl to place on his head so that he could impress a girl Spoink he had been fond of. She still rejected him though, but Cynthia cheered her friend up in no time.

Doduo (Tic-Tac)- This pokemon was a gift to Cynthia by her father. It was considered rare where she lived, and so she was very happy to recieve her. She appropriately named her "Tic-Tac", derived from the sound that her talons made when she walked on the sidewalk or other smooth surfaces. However, because it is a Doduo, she has two heads to her. One of the heads is serious and angry all of the time, while the other is carefree and almost annoyingly self-centered. Thus when Cynthia refers to the serious head, she calls her "Tic", and when referring to the other, she calls her "Tac".

History: Cynthia grew up on a large farm near the outskirts of Fuschia City. Her family was constantly having to round up escaped Safari Zone pokemon, and return them to the park. But Cynthia got to see many rare pokemon this way that most people only glimpse a few times in her life. She began to feel sorry for the trapped park pokemon, that were always attempting to escape into the wild. Her family didn't share her sentiments though, and so she remained quiet about it. Sometimes she could swear that she could see whip lashes on some of the escaped pokemon, but she figured perhaps they were from poachers. Yes, that had to be it....

Unfortunately, Cynthia wasn't much help to her family. She was so afraid of a great many things. She was afraid of bugs so she was always racing about outside, trying to get them away from her. She was afraid of heights, which didn't help much when it was time to build a new barn. She couldn't even enjoy herself when she went to the beach, afraid that the water would drown her. People, including her family, teased her about her fears, and she always felt bad about it, but what could she do?

Her family's farm had many pokemon on it, Miltank, Tauros, even some grazing Bayleef that they would use to help pull things in addition to their Rapidash. Cynthia was supposed to get a Ponyta for her 10th birthday, but she didn't really want one. She wanted a unique pokemon that would still accurately reflect her country life. Luckily for her, around her 10th brithday, she got very sick with pneumonia, and had to stay in bed for 3 weeks. This may seem unlucky, but it was then that she met her partner pokemon Wilbur the Spoink. Wilbur snuck in her room to watch over her, and he helped cheer up the depressed little girl. After the Spoink agreed to stay with her, she made the decision to become a pokemon trainer in order to overcome her fears. She had to prove to herself that she could accomplish things that would help her family.

Her first year of pokemon training was pretty easy. She caught a Pidgey, and forced herself to train a Caterpie. She went around to the gyms in Kanto and tried her hand at beating them all. When a year had passed, she went home for a while to take a break, and released her two new pokemon, then a Pidgeotto and Butterfree, back into the areas she caught them from. She figured that they would want to go home like she had. Wilbur the Spoink stayed with her of course. Her father gave her a coming home present of a Doduo he had been raising up for her. She happily accepted it, and went out for her second year of training. This time she raised a Poliwag and discovered a new fear of hers-- electric pokemon. A girl's angry Pikachu accidently shocked her with a Thunderbolt, and she actually had to go to the hospital because of it. Cynthia recovered physically, but mentally she became terrified of any electric pokemon. When she released the now Poliwhirl back to its home, and went back to hers, she took a year off, and calmed herself down a bit. Now she is ready for a new challenge, and hopes to somehow curve her fear of electricity.

Other: Nothing much to put here. =P *pokes*

RP Sample: Phwee! It's... Showgan (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54449)! And... my RP Elemental Knights (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=60146)! Taa-daa! XD

February 5th, 2006, 10:58 AM
Erm, is it OK if I join?? This RP looks intriguing(sp?).....

Name: Kiro Namagutchi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: A very slender young man, Kiro has a height of 6'1. His skin is a very dark apricot and he has big teal eyes. He has black hair, spiked up in a very wierd fashion. His upper wardrobe consists of a dark purple long-sleeved shirt which he wears all the time under a yellow vest, with the 8 badges from Hoenn he earned embedded with 4 the right side, and 4 more on the left. His pants are a dark navy blue, with two red stripes on each side, and a zipper at the heel, which he unzips, to make it look cooler. His shoes look like big sneakers, almost like clown shoes, and they are a pale purple. He also wears two headphones which are attached to his neck, cord dangling below to his pockets connected to his CD Player, Torchic Brand. He usually has a sad expression, even when he is filled with joy. On his back, he wears a teal-colored backpack.

Personality: A very quiet person, Kiro was never really much of a talker, until he met his girlfriend, Nami. Nami made him into the guy he is today, a hyper, oversensitive, overall nice kind of guy. He is also a very vigilantic person, always ready to help someone in need, and he is happy to do it. But, sometimes, he can be very lazy, or not active. He always like to listen to his music, usually rock, on his CD Player.


Ralts(M),(Kindle)-Having a wierd nickname, Kindle was Kiro's first Pokemon, which he caught by accident. He caught it, when he was walking through the Route from Cherrygrove, to Rustboro, and he decided to take a nap, which made the Ralts come nearer to him, because he had PokeSnacks in his bag. When Kiro awoke, the Ralts was happily sleeping next to him, and he threw a PokeBall at it, obviously, capturing it. He then nicknamed it Kindle, after the brand of PokeSnack the Ralts ate. Kiro has Kindle holding an Everstone, which never makes it evolve.

Flareon(F),(Ember)-Ember was Kiro's second Pokemon, him capturign it when she was still and Eevee. Kiro found her in Rustboro, in the backroom of a storage house, near death. When he found her, Kiro quickly took her to the Rustboro PokeCenter, healing her. She was grateful, and then decided to journey with Kiro, which was when he noticed the she was carrying a Fire Stone. He quickly used it to evolve her, and then nicknamed her Ember.

Lapras(M),(Ice)-Kiro had aquired Ice by a trade with Wallace, who had seen that he had great ability after defeating him, so, in exchange for a Kingdra Kiro had, he traded for the Lapras, which was probably the only male Pokemon Wallace had. Content with his new Pokemon, Kiro makes his way back home..

History (Optional): Will be revealed throughout RP.....

Other (Optional): None

RP Sample: (OOC: IS it ok to give you a Link to an RP where my skills are shown?) Look at: Kingdom Hearts: Death and Rebirth (http://pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=60355), and Elemental Knights Remake (http://pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=60146).

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February 5th, 2006, 11:42 AM
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I shall get to the sign-ups now.

@Alter Titan: Splendid profile! ^o^ Like I really need to say more.. XD Too bad ya couldn't think of an RP Sample, but I won't think much of it since the two RPs you've listed are fine samples in themselves. So, you are Accepted~!

@Melissa: Ah yes, you did a good job as well. No problem in waiting for the History. And since I've also seen how well you can RP, I'll also consider your past performances your sample ('cause Alter's getting away with it, too). So of course, you're Accepted~!

@Jack Skellington: Your username reminded me of the best movie ever. XD Getting to business, your sign-up is okay. Are you sure you meant "the Route between Cherrygrove and Rustboro City"? They're on two different regions, brother. XD Ah, and it is okay to have past/current RPs as your sample. I'll accept that. ^-^ Accepted~!

Now I guess I'll edit my own sign-up into the first post.

Edit: Well, that's done.

February 5th, 2006, 12:21 PM
Name: Jirae Flaredown
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jirae is about 5'10" and weighs about 130 lbs. He wears a black T-Shirt and black shorts, both of which have flame designs on them near the bottom. He wears black moccasin-type shoes. His hair is short, somwhat spikey, and brown, and his eyes are brown as well. A scar oddly resembling a flame is on his right knee.

Personality: Jirae has a somewhat split personality. At times, he is very cruel and critizisive of other people and thinks most other people to be lower then himself. At other times, however, he is a very kind and caring person who is willing to die to help a friend. His friends usually get annoyed at the constant changing between these two personalities.


1. Blaziken lv36
Jirae's strongest Pokemon, Blaze was Jirae's starter Pokemon as a Torchic. For quite some time Jirae trained Blaze exclusively, so he quickly leveld up and evolved. Due to this, the strength of Blaze himself as well as Blaze's relationship with Jirae is much stronger then that of any other of Jirae's Pokemon.

2. Tailow lv14
The first Pokemon Jirae ever caught in the wild was a Tailow, which he named Airfall. A very fiesty Pokemon, Airfall often pecks at random objects such as trees and rocks.

3. Dustox lv12
As a wurmple, Intoxicator didn't do much except lay around and eat berries. Eventually, as he saw Jirae's other Pokemon getting stronger, he decided to participate in battles more and more and eventually evolved. Intoxicator had wanted to be a Beautifly, however Jirae was happy that he had evolved into Dustox instead.

4. Aron lv17
Like his name would imply, Hardhat is a very defensive Pokemon both in battle and in personality. Rather shy, Hardhat doesn't often play with Jirae's other Pokemon, even though she's been offered to many times.

History: Raised in Hoenn, Jirae wasn't really interested in Pokemon until about age 14, when his friend got him into it. He then started his Pokemon journey and over the course of the years he was able to get the first 4 gym badges of the Hoenn league. When he was in Lavaridge town, after beating Flannery, he received the letter from Professor R. Chrysso and decided to accept the trip to Ryko.

Other: Nope.

RP Sample: For the best examples of my roleplaying skills, you can check out Reach Into Time (Pokemon Roleplay) and Fantasy Dimension (Other Roleplay).

Alter Ego
February 5th, 2006, 12:32 PM
Wha-? Whadda ya' mean I have no sample? *Pokes own profile* I added that one in just for you, ya' know. Anyways, you only noticed my new quote now, Melissa? It's been there for a good three days now. xD Ohh...and Cynthia creates a nice contrast with Yikari, yes she does. ^-^

Aaaanyhow, I'm supposed to be writing a lit. analysis for Swedish so I can't stay on and stalk people too long here. Might stop by, briefly, later on.

February 5th, 2006, 12:36 PM

Name: Mayal Lash
Appearance: [/URL] The flap that goes down the front of her shirt continues to the very rim of the dress's skirt. The skirt has a sort of wrinkled effect to it, and she has fourteen thin silver bracelets evenly distributed amongst her wrists, seven on each arm. Mayal has pale aqua boots that reach her mid-shin on, so pale they're almost white. The clips that hold up her chesnut brown hair are ever changing, sometimes white bunnies, sometimes orange kittens, etc. Her unruly hair almost never looks neatly combed, usually with a 'just woke up' kind of wavy effect to it.

Personality: Mayal is soft-spoken, her voice usually very quiet, or near a soft murmur, but she never hesitates to say what's on her mind, whether she says it loudly or quietly. She has a strong sense of responsibility, and will often drag her friends into a situation where they have to help someone else. Mayal is easily frustrated, and doesn't like it when she doesn't do something perfect of at least average. When she doesn't succeed, she usually breaks into a temper tantrum, where it mixes with a state of depression. During these tantrums, she'll often snap at anyone who talks to her, rant on a trivial thing, or keep deathly silent. Most of the time, she if quite patient and agreeable, though she's quick to be polite to people she likes, and as rude as possible to people she doesn't like, or finds just as rude. She makes decisions before she thinks them through, but they usually lead out okay.


Absol (m)
Name: Zell
History:Zell was traded to Mayal from a Cooltrainer in return for a Girafarig. He wasn't too happy to be stuck with the crazy bunch of pokemon, each with mischevious or overly helpful personalities, but in the end, after Mayal showed it how seriousness wasn't always the way to go, it tolerated the group...to an extent.
Personality: Zell has the patience of about one short fuse about to blow, as in, it doesn't take much to piss him off. When he gets pissed off, he'll often make sure everyone knows it, as he takes different tactics each time. He has a very sarcastic demeanor, and doesn't hesitate to say what he thinks about something, much like Mayal herself, though his brash and secluded attitude clashes with the other pokemon's.

Haunter (M)
History: Haunter was originally Mayal's first pokemon at her young age of 3, a Ghastly. As they played together, he learned many new techniques, often trying them out on unsuspecting boys of which Mayal disliked. He liked to cause mischief around her school, and was soon banned from school grounds, though he still follows her around invisibly at school.
Personality: Nightmare is very mischevious, and has the most happy-go-lucky personality you'll ever meet. He likes to play pranks on just about anybody, and laughs almost non-stop afterwards. He's rarely serious, even in battle, he'll play pranks on the pokemon, manipulating Mayal's command into a frightening prank.

Name: Treble
History: Treble was one of Nightmare's victims of a prank, when he became invisible as a cloth was tied around Treble's eyes and odd groaning sounds came from his mouth. Too scared to move or fight back, Treble was forced to endure this until Mayal returned Haunter back to it's pokeball. Treble instantly considered Mayal her savior and followed her around until Mayal decided to just capture her.
Personality: Treble is very timid, and will often start to tremble when it's scared, giving her her name. When she's scared, she's pretty much immobolized, and won't be able to do anything but stare and shake. Or, she'll wail at the top of her lungs, in a sort of screech attack.

Sneasel (M)
History: Slash is Treble's best friend, the one who protected Treble when she was immobilized. He was quite disgruntled when Treble started to follow Mayal around for saving it just once when he'd save her fifteen times over, but eventually was captured by her in a fight with the Haunter that had frightened his dear friend.
Personality: Sneasel is just as mischevious as Nightmare, but he knows when to stop, and when he's not playing pranks he's rather serious, much like his newfound friend Zell. The two of them are usually the one's to restrain Nightmare when he goes over the top in one of his 'brilliant' ideas. He is also usually the butt of Nightmare's pranks, or in other words, the victim, which gives him a disgruntled disposition most often.

History (Optional): Mayal was your average girl, getting those average grades and in regular afterschool activities. She enjoyed gymnastics, being extremely flexible and also did track as another extra curriculum. She started with a ghastly, one of her favorite pokemon, as she always had a liking for dark, psychic, and ghost pokemon. Training with her Ghastly day after day, their bond became stronger yet after he evolved into a Haunter. They easily captured a Shuppet, Sneasel, and Girafarig together. Mayal traded her Girafarig for a newly captured Absol. Her life in Larousse was always the same, battling in the battle tower, and fighting nearby trainers. Sometimes on her family's vacations to different cities in Hoenn, she'd gather badges for fun, entered a few contests, and did just regular girl stuff. But soon enough her parents made her make a decision. Which way down the path did she want to go? She made the immediate decision to battle, be a trainer, because her pokemon weren't there to show-off, they were there to win battles and badges. One day after a particularly rough battle in the battle tower, she reieved a letter in the mail, asking her to come to a region she'd heard of only as a vacation, for a presentation. Being bored, having not yet gotten permission from her parents to travel Hoenn alone, she took this opportunity to travel a different region alone, while her parents thought she was doing educational programs, and immediatly consented to come.

Other (Optional): Mayal is very flexible and quick on her feet.

RP Sample: (Oh you needed a link? Okies then.) [URL="http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=60335"]Fantasy Dimension (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/KendoGurl/Blonde%20hair/6141127534440388.jpg)

February 5th, 2006, 1:01 PM
{ooc| Wh00t, Plushie, this looks awesome. However I must refuse your request to hug Alter, because... ah, who cares. After all, I have a distinct lack of scruples. *flying tackles him* *stands up quikcly and brushes the dirt off herself*
Mind if I join? As usual I'll be playing a gal.
Also, yay for doduos called Tic-tac!}

Name: Amber Western
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Amber has a real 'cowgirl' look about her, which is probably something to do with the brown cowboy hat she always wears at a jaunty angle on her head. It's a light beige colour with a dark brown rim, and has a swellow feather poking from it. She has an oval face dotted with cute freckles, and shoulder length ash-brown hair which falls in many curled ringlets. She has bright amber eyes and a jovial, care-free expression.
Amber is long-legged and tall, slightly flat-chested but very skinny. Despite her cowboy hat, the rest of her attire is strangely normal - cut-off jeans, bamboo flipflops, with a black tank top and a pink bikini underneath. She has an overlarge suede bag, which she normally carries slung over one shoulder. It contains all sorts of junk, including a towel.

Personality: Amber is an active, upbeat girl, with a thirst for adventure and a thrill seeking streak. She tends to be fearless, climbing up waterfalls and throwing herself down raging rivers. Amber has a love for water, her pokemon and her family - though she finds it difficult to make friends. Amber bores quickly of situations, and her crude ways tend to offend. She recently started training pokemon as another source of excitement - her family are also far happier for her to travel around with pokemon companions than on her own.

Vaporeon~ Festival, ♀
Festival was Amber's first pokemon, and they're very much in tune with each other. Amber isn't paticularily intelligent or good with languages so half the time she has no idea what her pokemon are saying; despite this they have a very open, good-natured relationship, which involves lots of swimming, giggling, and making fun of other people.
As her name suggests, Festival met Amber at a music festival a year or two ago; as an eevee, Festival had been a rather neglected pet, and was dragged around concerts by her teenage owner. Amber had 'borrowed' her, but 'forgot' to give her back. As a result, Festival now belongs to a weird little cowgirl. She's a very light-hearted pokemon.

Tauros~ Roam, ♂
Roam... is extremely dim-witted, extremely slow, and extremely laid back. Amber tends to ride on him, but Roam really couldn't care less. Why he decided to follow her, Amber really has no idea, but he plods after her like a lovable puppy.

Chimecho~ Ivanhoe, ♂
Yet another pokemon that has for some unknown reason attached itself to Amber, Ivanhoe fought against Festival in a rookies tournament, lost sorely, and decided he preferred Amber over his usual trainer. For a while, Amber tried to ignore him in the hope he'd go away. However, he kept following her, and she's finally accepted him into her team - though Amber would have preferred something with a bit more 'grrr'.

History (Optional): Amber grew up in safe, secure Celadon - her mother and father owned the resturant down town. Amber had a cosy upbringing with her many siblings (seven in all) and large, extended family, and until the age of seven she was a very contented little girl. The rockets took over the town, built the gambling shop, and her father joined the team. His pokeball business had gone bankrupt due the the department store, and while he sold to the rockets at reduced prices, he at least had some profit coming in. Mrs. Western and her children knew, and while they didn't like it, they knew it had to be done. He became distanter, busier, but at leats he was putting food on the table and shoes on his children's feet. So Amber went on living happily, though warily, for another year. Until their father vanished completely. An investigation was launched, but he was never found; by this time, the rockets had already been forced to disband by a mysterious trainer called 'Red'.
Amber and her family lived on. They got by, with help from relatives. It was just another casulty of the Rockets, the newspapers claimed. Amber became wild, thrill-seeking and brusque; soon she spent more time on the cycling road and in fushia's seas than in her own beloved city. Her mother, in turn, became nervous and skittish. Her family was breaking down one by one, what with her older children heading off to college and her husband gone.
Then Amber found Festival. The girl took her chance and fled, off to a far-off region - glad to be away from the bad memories.

Other (Optional): OMG SHE CAN SWIM.... Yeah, my trip to the pool the other day has given me yet another obsession.

RP Sample: Showgan and whatnot.... I will add links laterz.

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February 5th, 2006, 1:02 PM
Okay Alter, I've edited my post again, is it to your satisfactory? XD

@Burninating Torchic: Hmm, you may want to be a bit more descriptive than that. For example, I can't really get an idea of your Pokemon's personalities. Sorry, but your sign-up isn't really up to par, eh.. Declined~

@Naoko-chan: Is that RP Sample from an RP? Could you please provide a link? Thankies much. Anyways, I trust you'll finish soon. Pending~

@Charon: Hi hi! ^-^ You're going to make Alter sad. XD Anyways, your sign-up looks good, to put it simply. Accepted~

February 5th, 2006, 1:16 PM
Uh..what exactly do you mean? I think I put plenty of information down...I've never needed to put more information then that down for any other RPs I've done. Care to explain which areas, other then the personalities of my Pokemon, I need to elaborate on?

February 5th, 2006, 1:19 PM
OOC: I personally think she's pointing at your appearance and personality.

I've finished my sign-up sheet, just letting you know

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February 5th, 2006, 1:26 PM
@Burninating Torchic; Well, I just thought you could've elaborated just a bit more on his personality is all. Y'know, like went into a bit more detail on his reactions depending on which of his two personalities he was displaying. Not much more, just another line or two, know what I'm saying? The more details you provide, the better. You could've described more than three aspects of his two personalities.

@Naoko-chan: Yeah, that pretty much sums up my point. X3 Anyways, you've finished, and it looks fine, so you're Accepted~

I probably won't accept much more people after this.. Partially due to a Super Bowl Party, but whatever. o.o

February 5th, 2006, 1:29 PM
@Burninating Torchic; Well, I just thought you could've elaborated just a bit more on his personality is all. Y'know, like went into a bit more detail on his reactions depending on which of his two personalities he was displaying. Not much more, just another line or two, know what I'm saying? The more details you provide, the better. You could've described more than three aspects of his two personalities.

@Naoko-chan: Yeah, that pretty much sums up my point. X3 Anyways, you've finished, and it looks fine, so you're Accepted~

I probably won't accept much more people after this.. Partially due to a Super Bowl Party, but whatever. o.o

So...wait. I elaborate on my character's personality and I get accepted, or what?

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February 5th, 2006, 1:34 PM
So...wait. I elaborate on my character's personality and I get accepted, or what?

Well, yes, if you fixed up your sign-up enough I could accept you. In addition to your personality, you could also add onto your character's appearance. I don't know, it just seemed a little short to me 'cause I'm weird like that.

I have to leave now. Will check on this later. :3

Kurosaki Ichigo
February 5th, 2006, 1:43 PM
Wow this looks intresting, i'll sign up for sure.

Name: Rhyly Usama
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Rhyly, has spikish like dark brown hair very close to black his eyes are a lean black, he usually wears mostly black but with a tinse of red in his shirt and in his baggy pants, hes an overall cutie really. Overall thruout Rhyly's journey and adventure he changes his attire alot, his main attire is the one described above, he has various other attires, his PJs for example are a black pair of bottoms with a shirt with Pikachu's head covered over it, he also has his training attire, this is the only pair of clothing that isn't black this is his navy-blue clothing that has red once again and he also has a pair of black finger tiped gloves, but he also wears these clothes normally anyway.

Personality: Rhyly is young pokemon trainer from the Kanto region, he is exicted he loves Pokemon, and potentially has a thrist for pokemon battles, he loves to make friends, espically with his Pokemon, his first pokemon friend is his starter pokemon, Sparky his Pikachu, and he would do anything to protect those he loves, he is also one to wear black alot, most people usually assume that Rhyly is more of a Goth than a Pokemon Trainer, this generally can annoy our young friend, but of course what makes him the most angriest is when someone doubts his skills as a pokemon trainer, and thats when you really don't want to be near Rhyly.

Pokemon: Sparky: http://www.geocities.com/richiesite2/pic/19.jpg
Sparky, is Rhyly's Pikachu, and also his very first pokemon, he is different from most Pikachu's as he has a bit of hair on his head, form being quite old. He also is male, he has been attracted to some various different Pikachu's but also has a secret admirer.

Happy: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs214.gif
Happy, is Rhyly's Butterfree, he is also one of Rhyly's first he evolved from a Caterpie to the fightful Butterfree, he is one of Rhyly's favs. This elegent Butterfree is a bit different from most of the Butterfree that you usually find for first of all its a female Butterfree, she has elegent wings with pink markings on her wings to symbolise that she is in love.

Zippo: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs207.gif
Zippo, is Rhyly's Charmeleon, he was originally a Charmander, but he then evolved into a Charmeleon to save Rhyly's life from a devastating Mega Punch. Zippo has been very loyal to Rhyly, and would protect his trainer with his life, his most powerful attack is his Flamethrower attack.

Scyther: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs281.gif
Syther, was the only member of Richie's team that he didn't name, the Scyther protected Rhyly in the Safari Zone because it trusted him as Rhyly had helped it, and thats how it joined Rhyly's team. Scyther's main advantage is his speed, unlike most of the other Scyther's he is one of the fastest it is unknown why he also has a special symbol that is on his chest it represents, friendship, the friendship he has with his trainer.

History: From the age of 8, Rhyly was intrested in Pokemon afterall being the grandson of a famous reseracher, had its advantages of becoming a Pokemon Trainer at such an early age, his very first pokemon was his Pikachu, this is his most loved pokemon, and most cherished, as he grew his Pokemon skills improved but even his grandfather was amazed at his Pokemon Raising ability and the ability to overcome all odds even when it looks as if that hes in trouble, and always comes out a winner even if he loses.

One of the most pypical moments in Rhyly's history is that when he had his first Pokemon Gym Battle he was battling agaist a Rock Gym Leader, this Gym Leader underminded Rhyly, and put him down telling him that he couldn't win with a puny Electric Pokemon, this trigered something inside of him as he managed to defeat the Mighty Rock Snake Onix, and of course won his first ever badge.

Of course just like his grandfarther, Rhyly is also a Trainer as well as a Reseracher, he generally spends his study and research in new pokemon, as well as Pokemon Fusion, or as it is usually known as DNA Splicing, but Rhyly is more concerned on the well being of his Pokemon, and not the breakthrus that he makes, and this makes him less of a Researcher, than what he should be.

Other (Optional): Rhyly has a natural talent for raising Pokemon, even when faced with an Angry Rhydon, he was able to calm the Rhydon down and befriend it. Even from the Age of 10, he had a natural talent of Pokemon liking him, this talent proves to be one of his greatest strengths in the adventure he will now take.

RP Sample: *Rhyly made his way down the pavement from Ash's house as he smiled softly some and looked from side to side* "Well Sparky, looks like its time for us to head out, we have to head to the new Region and meet this Professor, i'm sure this is the start of a great adventure eh Sparky?" *Sparky just looks at Rhyly with a smile as they then begin to make their way, they head in the direction of the Harbour to board this boat to the new Region as he had made his way aboard the boat he looked about himself his Pikachu on his shoulder as he entered his cabin he sat down on his bed as he thru his bag down, looking about himself as he grinned with a smile* "I need to become better, i need to become stronger...i need to be the best" *he then grinned even more a little gritting his teeth* "And on this new Region i will do just that, at least...i hope i can, do you think i can Sparky?" *Sparky merely looked at his Trainer with a smile and then a bit of a nod* "I'm glad you think so Sparky...tonight were gonna have a celebration on the beggining of our Journey in the Ryko Region, their should be all new kinds of Pokemon for us to capture, i would of taken more Pokemon, but Oak just wouldn't let me..." *he sighed a bit as he got up picking his belt up hooking it back up as he walked out of his room only for a Pokemon Trainer to challenge him to a battle, he only gave a mere smirk as his first Pokemon to be sent out was his Scyther* "Okay Scyther, lets make this a quick and easy battle, attack with Fury Cutter" *Scyther launched towards the Enemys Pokemon, the enemy dodged it and tryed to make a counter attack but Scyther was one step ahead as it has used Double Team to confuse the Enemy before striking it with a powerful Fury Cutter the Enemy Trainer only had that one Charmeleon which seemed to be no match for the Scyther, Rhyly hand shaked the Trainer, as the Trainer departed Rhyly began to laugh to himself as he had only begun his Journey*

P.S. I was stuck on what 4th pokemon to use, but i'll use Scyther cuz i was stuck between that Ghastly and Eevee.

Alter Ego
February 5th, 2006, 1:57 PM
So...wait. I elaborate on my character's personality and I get accepted, or what?

All she said was that your sign-up was understandard, which it was, whether she accepts your or not depends on how much you improve it. I'd suggest elaborating on everything, myself...-.-

And yes Plushie, I am quite satisfied and-OMG! Incoming! O___O

*Tackled by Charon*

I feel so...violated...

Nah, J/K. ^-^ Although you know, you're really delegating your task to others, Plushie. Ahh...if only others had leadership skills like that. xD

Kurosaki Ichigo
February 5th, 2006, 2:01 PM
I hope mine gets accepted, i really should of used an original character, but i love roleplaying as Richie @_@

Random Plushie
February 5th, 2006, 8:19 PM
Although you know, you're really delegating your task to others, Plushie. Ahh...if only others had leadership skills like that. xD

That's right, my leadership skills suck and I know it. XD

@Kakashi Hatake: Hmm, personally I don't like it when someone's character isn't original, but that's just me. >.< I'd also say that the sign-up itself could've been better, but since you're using Richie I don't know how much you could add to it. I'd say the best way to go would be to create an original character, which would make it easier to write a better sign-up sheet. All in all, the conclusion is: Declined~

If you wow me with an OC I may reconsider.

Alright, here ish the list of accepted people so far:

Alter Ego

And myself, too, obviously. o.o

I think that'll be it for sign-ups, unless Burninating Torchic or Kakashi Hatake decide to edit their posts. If someone else comes along they'll need a really good sign-up. XD

Anyways, I'll probably start some time tomorrow, probably around the same time as this post.

Kurosaki Ichigo
February 6th, 2006, 4:10 AM
Awww, well could i at least use his pokemon?

February 6th, 2006, 4:44 AM
Yey! Plushie started her own RP!^^

Oh Feebas, so you decide to leave Yibber out of all the fun,eh?XD

Whatever, no worries if I don't get accepted/ ish too late, Plushie.^^
Just doing up a sign-up sheet just incase the mighty Plushie reconsiders.XD

Sign-Up Form, Y’all-

Name- Ernis Reanald
Age- 14
Gender- Male

A brown-haired young man with fair skin and black eyes. That doesn't mean that he's withheld and depressed all the time or anything, no way. On the contrary, usually one should be able to catch that certain sparkle in his eyes when he's happy. Ernis' height never really mattered to him, but he was always considered as a middle-ished heighted kid. The lad isn't one to be so self-conceited to pull out a mirror every few seconds to check his hair, nor is he one to let himself go without a care for personal hygiene. For short, the boy just makes sure that he's in a presentable state for all, more or less. His brown hair isn't long or anything, just barely reaching his shoulders.

He sports a blue-colored top with long sleeves, and I mean long. They fall over his hands, but this is of course, on purpose. What he claims to be 'style'. Ernis also wears a normal pair of black pants,nothing special, they aren't new...or old to the extent that there are holes and scratches. The dude takes good care of his pants. Great balls are secured on the equally black belt around his waist. To carry his many posessions, each with its own meaning to him, the boy is always seen with a yellow knacksack over his left shoulder.

Oh! And how could one not notice his perfectly clean and white sneakers?


Well, for starters, Ernis is one whose personality..how would one put it? He loves and lives for the spotlight. An attention-seeker since young, the boy always tries his best to impress girls and show off to the males. In other words, he flirts and tries his luck. Course, this always fails, ending up with slaps and punches.

But was this going to keep him down? Of course not! Not many people manage to see his never-say-die determination. Probably because Ernis doesn't let it show as much, instead, replacing it with cowardliness. He tends to shy away(or run screaming) from potential danger, never really considered a loyal friend. Or a friend even!
Ernis has tried to make up for his lack of courage in the past, repaying those by helping them, despite their attempts to chase him away. The boy just hates this part of himself. Why did his conscieous have to be so big anyway?

The boy can also be funny at times, mostly cracking jokes for the attention and rarely, more for the fun of it. He knows when to be serious and has always had this knack in voicing out his opinions, whether the other side's listening or not. Plus, a small interest in Astrology, but that didn't really amount much to him.

Aside from all that, there is a reason why Ernis is such an attention-seeker in the first place. Is he even an attention-seeker to begin with?But yeah, having no close friends to confide in(except his trustworthy Pokemon), nobody knows much. Everyone just thinks he's a wannabe...and coward.


Remoraid- Rew ~ Male

The first of the two Pokemon Ernis obtained before starting his journey. From his grandfather when he decided to set off and be known. His grandfather was a raiser of prized water Pokemon of the sea.

Rew is anything but energetic, the water type is lazy as can be, choosing to sleep in his pokeball instead of floating around near his trainer. This was a turn-off to Ernis at first, but later on, the boy finally discovered a new side to the Remoraid. His loyal side.
Whether he be napping, sleeping or not, when his trainer calls him out, Rew'll be ready for action, after a few yawns atleast.
The Remoraid also has a strange liking for eggs.

Feebas- Chue~Male

The second Pokemon Ernis received from his raiser of a grandfather(And his first best friend too). Chue is a headstrong and confident Feebas, always trying to keep the others around him happy and lively. Instead of slouching over and crying when Ernis' competitors call him 'ugly', this just makes the fish more determined than ever. It also gives him a higher percentage of launching a Water Pulse at the other side. Confidence would have to be the first thing you spot about him, a truely unique Feebas indeed.

Though a little down on the fact that he can't change Rew's attitude of sleeping, the Feebas decided to instead, continue smiling at other Pokemon he'd meet.

Sudowoodo- Buu - Female

The first, and so far the only Pokemon Ernis has managed to catch. Buu loves to giggle and mess around with the Pokemon around her, whether she knows them or not. She'd say 'Helloness!' to the smallest Wurmple and 'Lookies at your fluffiness of the tails!!' to a passing Usaring. She does have a serious side, though hardly ever shows it, only because she's rather scared that not as many would want to befriend a boring tree. Friendship is what this Rock Type really needed when she was all alone in the mountains. Mount Meteor to be precise.
That was when she saw Ernis walked(with a funny Feebas skipping beside him) by, within her sight, the Sudowoodo could only call out shrilly in happiness and excitement, rushing towards the boy in a hasty manner.
Ernis would have been squished with not for the fact that Buu skidded to a halt at the last possible minute to wave before unleashing a Rock Silde attack on Chue. She had to test these amusing people, see if they were good enough to be friends with her.

All went smoothly as Ernis picked up the Great ball, holding Buu inside, grinning to the slightly shooken Feebas on his shoulder.

History (Optional)-

Born in Mossdeep City, Hoenn, the boy began his journey at the age of 11, with only two fish pokemon and a knapsack filled with food and clothes for company.

Son of two Coordinators, Ernis figured that he'd most likely have a knack for Coordinating as well, it was supposed to be in his blood after all. Feebas was he wrong. The boy started out as a poor Coordinator, getting his appeals mixed up, only to witness the confusion of his Feebas and Remoraid. He then found out, that the saying was true. Pratice makes pretty appeals. Or..something like that. It was possibly one of the few times the young Coordinator didn't want to give up. Rare indeed.

With Rew in the Smart Segment, Chue in the Beauty, Ernis managed to win contests and improve his skills throughout the three years of his journey thus far.

If not for his grandfather's Mantine however, the boy would've been still stuck on Mossdeep, missing the chance to catch a Pokemon who was so suited for a Cute Contest like Buu.
Ah yes, Ernis' granfather. Quice Fernall. Great breeder he was, though the old man had no idea whatsoever in the department of contests, he still served as a good mentor to the boy. A tad fustrated when his grandson rebelled to say that 'Girl's don't dig sissy breeders', he decided to teach Ernis the fundimentals of battling instead.

Anyway, so the boy won contests, that didn't mean he was a true, gifted Coordinator or anything even close, he lost his fair share of contests. Still, he was getting somewhere, and sooner or later, he'd be able to follow his parent's footsteps and become a Master Rank Coordinator. Now he could only deal with being one who had endured his way up to three Super Rank ribbons he stored safely in his bag. Ernis had won a number of battles too, though never having fully grasped the subject. And well...he had little interest in Pokemon Battles. But, that doesn't stop him from excepting challenges.

Travelling around did have its perks, how many other valuables Ernis has managed to gather is a mystery. Rew could have sworn his scrambled eggs that he had caught a glimpse of a big, shiny white thing poking out of his trainer's bag once.

Now, knowing that there was a new reigon with fewer people, Ernis thought that if he could become on of the first top Coordinators there...

Oh, joy!

Other (Optional)-
As mentioned earlier, Ernis has always loved the stars in the sky, or the whole big, blue thing for that matter. Living near to the Space Center was a great pleasure for him. He'd always go there when he was younger and had time. Learning about the constellations made up of stars and the unexplored planets in the sky.

RP Sample-

{Fooey-ness!}the Rock type sighed to herself, she had sat herself on a stray rock on the cold ground. Actually, if one was to look carefully around, the cavern she was sitting in was filled with numerous amounts of rocks. Hard rocks, big rocks, small rocks. Most piling up ontop of one another to form a funny shaped hill to one side of wall.

She rolled around the small pebbles infront of her using those two branched arms, both ending with three shrub-like plants, trying her best to keep from falling asleep right then and there from the obvious boredom. This was what it had been since her whole family left her here. Telling the Rock type to get herself into gear and take care of herself. Be more independent and other morals the Pokemon would have only dreamed of remembering. The fork on her head wriggled back and forth absent-mindely as she looked up from the very, very indulging stones on the floor. It seemed that the brown-colored creature was hallutinating, as, for some reason..she could hear voices.

Actually soft mumbling as the creature couldn't make out the words properly, not like there were any noticable ears on her anyway. No wait!

{Always look on de' bright side of life! Da de-de- dum. Dum!}the Feebas on the shoulder of a boy hummed to himself, a wide smile plastered on his face.

{Whatness? People! People!! Peopleness!!!}the creature screamed in delight, jumping up, or rather, springing from her rock and started running over to the trainer and his Pokemon without any second thoughts. {Hee!! Hee! Hee! Helloness peoples!}she called out shrilly, waving her hands over her head to catch their attention.


"Chue, you've been singing since we started going through this creepy cave! I know that this'll come back and haunt me when I sleep tonight..."Ernis grumbled, retreating back a few paces as a Zubat swooped down from one corner of cave, smiling at the boy with its gleaming fangs. It was as if the bat was trying to freak him out, the Coordinator knew it!

{Neh, Ernis, friend. I tell you, don't be so negative all the time! When'll we ever have the chance to walk through a scary cave where we can potentially lose our lives and sing jolly campfire songs at the same time?}the Feebas on the boy's shoulder gave him a pat on the head using one small fin before continuing to sing.

{Always look on de' bright side of life!}

"Thanks, Chue. You made me feel much better."Ernis replied sarcasticly, glaring at the fish Pokemon.

{No probelem!}

"I don't even know why I bother with you-?!"the boy squinted his eyes at an approaching figure, it was running too fast, it was too blurry to even know what that thing was. All he could make out were funny muffled calls of 'Suuuuudo!! Wood, suuuu!!!' or something like that.

"Chue!! Wha-what is that thing? Protect me will you?!"Ernis immediately tore the Feebas off his shoulder, holding him infront of his face and closing his eyes so that it wouldn't feel as bad.

{You are all funny people! Why do you place your funny fishness infront of you?}the Sudowoodo screeched to a halt, placing her hands on her hips and winking at Ernis and Chue. She was just about a few steps away from literally bowling the boy and his Feebas over.

{Now! I challenge you funny peopleness! You, beat, me! And I'll come with you to bring happiness forever moreness!!}the Rock type placed one hand on her chest, the other pointing to the Coordinator and his Feebas.

"Wha..?"the boy blinked, staring at the Sudowoodo with a look of utter confusion on his face, wanting to turn to ask Chue what she had just said. He was however, rudely stopped as the tree Pokemon jumped back and landed on the ground with a huge 'thud'. She grinned ever so slightly as the rocks inside the cavern started to shift out of their positions and roll towards the boy.

"Tell me again why we decided to come here, Chue?"


Would continue but I need to do my homework.>_<;;

I just realised how rushed I was yesterday.o.O
I randomly named my character, counted the years wrongly.
*went and put 2 years instead of 3 years in the dude's history*

I kept on waking up in the middle of the night to whack myself for missing all the many parts I've edited into the post. X3

Alter Ego
February 6th, 2006, 5:53 AM
Dun' worry, Yibber, if that ain't a good sign-up then I don't know what is. ^-^ But I just noticed...two gender bends? If anyone else is accepted we'll have a male majority in the cast. I haven't seen that around here for...umm...well, ages quite frankly. Yay for that! ^0^

Oh, and this isn't a completely worthless post by the way, just after I shut of the computer last night I came to realize that my little boy would need something to carry his spare clothes and other things in so now I've added that. *Pokes profile edit* It's a small thing, but I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't cause any confusion.

Anyways, I'll just be waiting for this whole thing to start, which would be...*Blinks* the tommorow of today, which is the today of you because you posted that during your own yesterday, right? Whoa, I think I've confused myself. xD

February 6th, 2006, 7:41 AM
{ooc| Naaaar... I'm really tired... I got tripped while playing hockey and grazed the skin off my hands. Gah. This is why I hate sports. Anyway, I'm gonna make some brandy snaps later! Yay!
I am so proud of myself for violating Alter... =D

Yes, this isn't pointless because I'm informing y'all that... um... I edited the history. Badly. But I thought Amber needed one. Yeah.
And yay, like, lots of men! *slutcomment'd*
I'm annoyed, my friend told this guy I like... that I like him... I think it's revenge because I flirted with her boyfriend... ;
Girls are such she-dogs ^^;


EDIT: Also, Alter, why are you psoting pointless OOCs here when you should be posting in Showgan? We need Amelia input, Goddanm! *evil eye*}

February 6th, 2006, 8:25 AM
@ Alter: Yeah... I'm slow... XD Remember? It took me forever to get to 1,000 posts? Slow. ^-^

@ Charon: I just randomly came up with the name Tic-Tac! I was thinking of that book... oh! I had the name just a moment ago in my head!!! X_X Oh yes! I remember now, I was thinking of a clock-doggie from the book "The Phantom Tollbooth" whose name was Tock... or was it Tick-Tock...? Oh snap... I give up, I haven't read that book since the 8th grade.... o.O

@ Plushie: Finished History! Just so youze know. ^-^

Alter Ego
February 6th, 2006, 9:58 AM
@ Plushie; Sorry to break my word like this but I just can't seem to keep myself from typing out this stuff. *Bows before the great RP master* If you think I'm being too spammy with this then just tell me and I'll clear up the offending posts, yes?

@ Charon; There, I've written up no less than two nice ICs in Showgan now, happy? ^-^ Typing up another one for Ancient Dynasty on the side here, although I'm also looking for a suitable article for my internal assessment in Economics.

@ Melissa; You slow? Oh, no, no, no...that term shall never do. You are simply thorough, that's all. ^-^ Oh, and your char...somber expressions...fear of spiders...and born and raised in Fuchsia? Gawd, that's dynamic potential right there. Heh, I hope you don't mind if Yikari has...ahem, run into that particular person once before, because a certain little scene involving a particularly large Ariados has just popped into my head. xD

Random Plushie
February 6th, 2006, 10:47 AM
@Yibber: Omigosh hello! Ernis! XD I can tell you put your heart in that, girl, so you shall be Accepted~ as well! No really, that was a good sign-up.

@Alter: Don't worry, I don't think you're going overboard just yet. XD

@Kakashi Hatake: Erm, I guess you could do that, but my statement about good sign-ups from earlier still stands. XD

Well, my Mom decided to call in sick (and leave me home with her XD), so I should start this now. I'm not supposed to be on the computer, though, so we'll see how that goes.

Kurosaki Ichigo
February 6th, 2006, 10:58 AM
Okay i updated, tell me whatcha think.

Random Plushie
February 6th, 2006, 11:10 AM
@Kakashi: Aw, ya could've been a lot more descriptive than that, right? Descriptive = Good. Length + Descriptive = Awesome. I don't see much of that in your current sign-up, though, dude. Plus, you kind of left some 'Richie's in there from your earlier sign-up. I know you have more effort than that in you, man. But I say: Declined~

If anybody wants to know, the first post is on its way. o.o

Kurosaki Ichigo
February 6th, 2006, 11:12 AM
Erm the only Richie parts i left was the Pokemon, cuz you said i could...

Random Plushie
February 6th, 2006, 11:34 AM
@Kakashi: Yeah, I replied to that PM to address that..

Anyways, I do believe it is time to start..


There were only a few stray clouds in the sky, none of them restraining sunlight to stream down and reflect off of the ocean's waters. This sunlight succeeded in creating dazzling sparkles like the ones you would see off the coast of Olivine City.

However, there was no coast in sight at the moment, just miles of open sea stretching as far as the eye could see, a whole ocean of sparkling light that wasn't very good for staring at. In the middle of all this water was an ocean liner of sorts, although compared to most ocean liners it wasn't very luxurious, and resembled more of an over-sized ferry than a high-class ocean liner.

Indeed, the huge boat wasn't really furnished that much except for the dining hall below deck, and even that housed no more than ordinary wooden tables and chairs. The few sitting rooms had chairs, too, obviously, but it didn't really matter anyways. It was as if you were supposed to stand the whole way across the ocean!

This ocean liner was heading for port in Meridian Town, and was currently transporting a lot more passengers than usual, for some weird guy who thought he was a professor had paid the captain and crew a fortune to sail to an assortment of regions and pick up these designated passengers.

It was plowing through the ocean at full speed now, intent on reaching its destination before noontime.

One of the passengers stood on the deck now, a scowl across his face. It was a little boy, his spiky red hair being held down by a deep scarlet bandana for the most part, although bangs still trailed down the sides of his face. It was hard to believe that through this warm weather, he was wearing a yellow sweater and pants, but it wasn't like he was complaining.

Next to this boy was an Espeon, standing alert, flicking his gaze across the deck as if scouting for threats of some kind. However, this certain Espeon.. was wearing dark sunglasses. It was weird, but..

"How long is this going to take?" The boy hissed to no one in particular, staring out at sea, although taking care to avoid staring at any one spot for too long.

{Eh, Skipper, it'd be a lot easier to endure the ride if you actually tried to, erm, socialize with the other passengers.} The Espeon grunted, maintaining a level of seriousness as he adressed his Trainer, although he didn't look up from the deck.

"Perfect.." The boy muttered, his scowl deepening. Socializing was the last thing he wanted to do right now..

February 6th, 2006, 11:53 AM
@ Alter: Heh, a large Ariados eh? Well, sounds good to me. Truth be told, if I ever saw an Ariados in real life, I would freak out and probably be skitish for days afterward. XD Speaking of rea life/game crossovers... there's this boy sitting across from me in the computer lab that looks just like Prince Innes from Fire Emblem.... O_O I'm not joking. That's... scary. I'd better stop looking at him or he's going to think I like him or something.

Yay! 'Tis starting! ^-^ I should be doing homework but... meh.

BTW, for you information, my Mom's name is Cynthia. Though she goes by Cindy.


"Oh Wilbur... do you think this will be difficult?" asked a light and melancholoy voice. It sounded almost like a soft breeze blowing through a willow tree. The girl that the voice belonged to was standing on the deck of a boat, facing out towards the water. She didn't like being on this boat, and constantly felt like the great machine was tipping over even when it wasn't.

Her light blue hair flew in and out of her smoky gray eyes as the wind from the boat moving blew it around. She looked down at the thing she was addressing, and noticed that it was not where it should have been.

"Ah! Wilbur?!" she said in the same light voice with just a hint of urgency. Suddenly a grunting voice answered her.

{Cynthia? I'm right here!} It came from a squatty, purply-gray pokemon that had a little fat pig-like nose on his face. A large, deep blue pearl was atop his head, sparkling in the light. His black marble eyes blinked happily up at his trainer, and he snorted a little when he sniffed the air. He had jumped up from the deck floor to the railing of the edge of the ship without Cynthia noticing. She frowned a little, concern showing through her expression.

"Wilbur... I do not think you should be up there. What if you...?" she couldn't finish, figuring that he could figure out the rest of her sentence.

{Oh you worry too much Cynthia. Remember why you took this trip?} the pudgy pokemon said, bouncing lightly.

"Y-Yes... but isn't worrying about you falling a reasonable fear?" the girl asked, still feeling terrified about her pokemon's choice.

The pig chuckled to himself, and then hopped down onto the deck again. He didn't want to alarm her, even if it was fun to look upon the ocean below from the railing. Cynthia sighed, and picked up the Spoink to hold in her arms. She noticed a boy on the other side of the deck comment on how long it would take to reach their destination. She silently agreed. The less time she spent on this water... the more her nerves would be intact.

OOC: LUNCH TIME FOR ME! XD *is hungry*

Kurosaki Ichigo
February 6th, 2006, 12:02 PM
Okay, i've finally done it now, that should be enough right?

Random Plushie
February 6th, 2006, 12:31 PM

Eh, Kakashi, I don't know.. Even though you added length and such, I still see a wide array of errors in that RP Sample.. Yes, many punctuation errors.. >.<


The red-headed boy continued to scowl, even as his Espeon looked up from the deck to talk to him directly. Those dark sunglasses of his obtained quite a bright highlight from the sun above, while the Espeon began to swish his tail back and forth in the air casually.

{Really, Skipper, making conversation would be in your favor..} The Espeon said, shooting a hinting glance at the girl nearby, the one accompanied by a Spoink. He felt that socializing would make time pass a lot quicker..

"Piro! Stop calling me Skipper!" The boy exclaimed, although for some reason he seemed to be bottling up his true amount of irritation. "I don't want to talk to anybody. I'd rather 'socialize' with Akeru." He concluded, nodding firmly.

{Fine, then, Skipper-Oliver, go ahead and talk to Akeru, seeing as how you seem to be refusing my guidance.} With that, the Espeon, Piro, turned his gaze back towards the deck, observing the people in the nearby area like a security camera.

"Alright, I will." The Trainer, Oliver, replied. He actually regretted saying that.. Talking to Akeru was much worse than talking to any human, he reckoned. Nonetheless, he kept his word and lifted his sweater up just a little, so he could easily unclip one of the four Pokeballs on his belt. With a simple motion of his wrist, he opened the said Pokeball in a moment's time, the usual burst of red light flaring out before it took the shape of its occupant.

Within a few more moments, a Houndour had materialized in front of Oliver, but as soon as that had happened, the Houndour spent little time checking his surroundings before beginning to yap his head off.

{Wheeeee~! Boat boat boat! You never said the boat would be this big!} Akeru howled, hopping in place and every so often turning to face another direction, while still hopping.

Oliver mentally sighed. Why did he do these things..? How had he come into the possession of this Houndour..?

Kurosaki Ichigo
February 6th, 2006, 12:35 PM
(*sighs* bloody hell...thats cuz i work in Para, and not small Semi Paras, its technically the same thing as for punctuation i cannot help it if i sucked in English Class...but whatever, thats just meh...all because i have crap grammer.)

February 6th, 2006, 1:10 PM
{ooc| LMAO, Plushie, Akeru made me laugh. If my dog could speak...he would be exactly like that.
Hiiiiiii, Melissa's-Mum-whose-name-is-Cynthia! I've never met anyone called Cindy, but when I was little I used to have a Cindy Doll. She had blonde hair, and I used to paint her feet turquoise.
Ariados are one of my favourite pokemon, but I've never trained one of played one. Weird.}

“We’re nearly there-ere~!”

Perched on the railings with her legs dangling, the girl cast a lean shadow on the decks. She sat high above crashing waves, relishing in the sunlight and fresh sea spray. Wingulls screeched and careered overhead, dipping and diving as they rode on the ways. The girl watched them intently, her bright amber eyes fixed on their swift forms. To her, it was a perfect moment; she was lost in the seascape, enjoying more than the view.

Amber Western was a pretty sort, with a soft oval face and almond eyes. Ash brown hair framed her face in chaotic ringlets; the wind and the water vapour had already had it's way with it. She was dressed for the weather, despite the arduous task that lay ahead of her. Faced with exploring an uncharted region, Amber didn't think to wear anything more hard wearing than bamboo flipflops and cut off jeans. Everything about her - from the way she squatted on the raillings dauntlessly, and that expectant grin on her face - told of an adventurous, highly sprung girl. Beneath her tank top, a white and neon pink bikini was just about visible, soaking through already. The damp material clung to her awkwardly - as if this girl really didn't belong in something as restraining as a t-shirt.

The girl glanced down, to see a Vaporeon perched by her feet. The water type's tail was still wagging, though slightly slower now. Her bright brown eyes were still full of excitement. Amber smiled warmly at the sight of her old pokemon; Festival never seemed to change, bless her heart. Her fur might now be blue and her tail might be ridged, but she was still the light-hearted little eevee Amber had found a few years before.
"I'm... Hungry." Amber announced, and jumped back onto the deck without hesitation. One mistake and she would have tumbled into the sea, but Amber didn't seem to notice. Either that or she didn't care. Amber brushed the dirt from her hands and smiled. "Let's find some food."
{Yes'm!} Festival chirruped, and trotted obediently after her trainer, who was already striding away.

February 6th, 2006, 2:52 PM

She had decided to look away from the edge of the boat. It was only serving to make her stomach churn. This wasn't the sort of churning that happens to people who get sea-sick either, more like the kind that people get when they feel like they need to scream or run away. Cynthia hated being afraid of everything....

{Let's talk to someone Cynthia, maybe you'll meet a nice person here!} Wilbur suggested, bouncing happily. Wilbur almost never stopped bouncing; his tail even moved when he was being held. When Cynthia first got Wilbur, her family was under the popular notion that if Spoink stopped bouncing, their hearts would stop as well. Cynthia could remember when one day, to her horror, she saw Wilbur squatting on his tail without bouncing at all. She had screamed and began crying, but Wilbur hopped over to her unharmed.

It seemed that the popular notion was not true. Cynthia later found out that Spoink do indeed need to keep bouncing to pump their heart, but this is only when they are hard at work, or battling. When they are at rest, there was no need to pump a good deal of blood, and their hearts worked on their own without the added help of bouncing.

"I- I don't know... they all look rather busy with their own selves," she said, her gray eyes not really looking at any of them.

Wilbur knew that Cynthia would rather walk naked down a public street than initiate a conversation with someone she didn't know. It was always worth a shot to ask her though. {Eh, just asking,} he said, his stubby arms shrugging, {I'm sure at least one of them will interact with you sometime.}

"Maybe," she responded lightly, her voice only a little louder than a whisper. Was that a Houndour over there? Cynthia didn't like hyper dogs... they scared her when they got too excited. She budged up a little, trying to make herself look less noticable.

February 6th, 2006, 2:59 PM
<'SHUUUUUUUUPPPPPPEEEEEEEETTTTT!!!'> Treble wailed. The sound was like nails dragging themselves down a chalkboard, and nobody in the cabin appreciated it much.

<'Pipe down you overgrown peice of cloth!'> Zell grunted from his once relaxing posture on the bed before he was nearly thrown off the bed in surprise.

<Wow new record! Let's see, 5 second wail this time for a simple 'boo'...> Nightmare said taking out a pad of paper and pen from inside of him and scribbling nonsense onto the pad.

"Those aren't words Nightmare, those are scribbles." Mayal said looking at the pad as Slash comforted Treble.

<They are highly refined and advanced SCRIBBLES thank you very much. Doesn't look like much to the HUMAN eye, because we pokemon are much more modernized.> Nightmare said in a very fake accent.

<'Yeah, which it why you still wipe with a leaf.'> Zell said rolling his eyes and settling back into the bed sheets.

<Like he wipes at all.> Slash said rolling his eyes.

<B-but, I-I thought H-haunter's d-didn't go to t-the b-bathroom...> Treble stuttered through sniffles and short gasps.

Nightmare glared at the two other pokemon before determinedly folding his arms and floating to the corner of the room, refusing to say anything until they apologized. He would definetly be mute for the rest of his life.

<Do I smell incompetent skills around here? I think I do.> Zell said sarcastically as he hopped off the bed and let himself out.

<We'll get some fresh air too.> Slash said leading Treble out of the room, after Zell.

<AH!> Zell said purposely as loudly as he could as he technically shouted into the cabin <THE AIR IS MUCH NICER OUT HERE DON'T YOU AGREE SLASH?>

<Indeed!> Slash called back as he led a sniffling Treble out of the hallways.

<It doesn't smell any different to m-me...>

"Well, might as well be hanging out here for a little while longer Nightmare they don't seem to have the thought of apologizing on their minds" Mayal said grinning at her pokemon, which had his jaw dropped to the floor. Literally.

<B-but that's not fair! Go teach them a lesson please?! Give em' the old hour long lecture about teasing! The one you give me! The old one-two!> Nightmare said fake tears welling up in his wide red eyes.

"You got what was comin' for you Nightmare, what can I do?" Mayal asked chuckling at the disgruntled expression on his face "Besides, once we get to our destination, we'll drop the subject okay?"

<So what about till we get there?> Nightmare asked curiously, a surprised expression now sliding onto his face. He always seemed to have knack for acting. Except that it was always extremely fake acting, but he certainly was good at changing expressions every other second.

"Till then, we'd better find some leaves shouldn't we?" Mayal laughed running out the cabin leaving a surprised Nightmare in the bedroom.

<I thought trainers were supposed to be on no side!> Nightmare wailed spinning around in confusion <Might as well gag me and throw me overboard...LIFE IS OVER! I might as well kill myself! ...Not that it would do much anyway...> Nightmare contemplated, acting ever more <I really should've considered that job offer.>

Random Plushie
February 6th, 2006, 10:23 PM

Nyuk nyuk nyuk, here's a picture of Oliver (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/purple_wing/Oliver.png) so you can all see the whacked-out hairstyle. :3

His sweater is supposed to be longer than that, though. .__.


{Go ahead, Skipper-Oliver. Socialize. It's better than talking to other passengers, right?} Piro said mockingly, looking up at Oliver, although there was still little emotion revealed in his expression. The only possible way to tell that he was being sarcastic would be to listen to the sound of his voice.

Oliver gulped. As soon as he initiated a conversation with Akeru, the Houndour would probably babble a quick response and jump on him or something..

"Yeah, Akeru, uh, you enjoying the boat rid-" Oliver was cut off before he could finish the sentence, Akeru interrupting as soon as he felt like it, again barking his head off.

{The boat is fun! Of course me is enjoying! But I can't find twigs! Piro, are there twigs around here!?} Akeru yapped, first barking up at Oliver, then turning to the Espeon at ground level. Piro opened his mouth to say something, but Akeru didn't stick around to listen, instead deciding to wander off towards the middle of the deck, surveying the area for some reason.

Oliver didn't bother following, although his scowl deepened. If Akeru got in trouble, he'd totally eat it.. God. He pondered whether or not he should return the Houndour to his Pokeball. Well, he had just come out..

February 7th, 2006, 3:02 AM
(OOC: Are we all on the same boat?? Or do we all go on different boats? If we are on different boats, please tell me, I sort of forgot......-.-......)

February 7th, 2006, 3:36 AM

Yeah, we should be on the same ship.^^

Anyways, edited some parts of my sign-up sheet.
And, cute drawing of Oliver there, Plushie!^^


"Ernis Reanald! Just think of how good that name would look up on a banner, or on the TV. With huge, shiny letters, each golden-colored.."the boy leaned back on the deck chair he was sitting up, trying to picture his name up in lights. He wasn't going to be like the other young people there, sitting near the railing and looking out yonder. It was just the sea afterall, only a big patch of blue. Why get excited over it when one could converse with him anyway?

{Ernieness is so correct! I wonder how flashy my name would look on paper!}the Sudowoodo sitting on the deck beside her trainer grinned. Buu had always agreed with her trainer, whether she knew what he was talking about or not. She then let out an impatient sigh, starting to count the amount of fluffy clouds which had gathered in the sky.

{Oh yes! I would be great to see your name on lights and get money and be famous with screaming fangirls.}Chue remarked, he was sitting on Buu's lap, takinga deep breath before continuing. {And suddenly go bankrupt as someone sues you for being unfair to the rights of the public and have to go and stoop down back to a lowly level and get publicly humiliated by your peers and fans everywhere and losing face!}the Feebas finished, giving a firm nod before looking up to see what was so interesting about the clouds to the Sudowoodo he was sitting on.

"Once again, thank you for the commenting, Chue."Ernis rolled his eyes before getting off the deck chair for a stretch. Arms rasied above his head, the boy then started strolling after putting his hands down, rather interested by the batch of people who were going to the new region. He didn't have any worry about Buu or Chue, they were bound to be following him.

"What do we have here? Boys and girls....Pretty girls infact."he grinned inwardly while continuing his walk, noting a nice-looking girl with blue hair, too bad she looked a tad scrawny for his taste. A short boy who looked like he was only 12, with these outrageous bangs and red hair. Another would have to be the girl who looked like she had done some running. Wearing aquaish boots, her hair was rather messy too...There was one more, a very beautiful cowgirl who had been against the railing with a Vaporeon at her feet.

{ I know what you're thinkin', friend. And the answer is 'no'! I mean, you know that they'll all turn you down either way. But yeah, just keep smiling! For there's bound to be one person in the Earth who likes you for you and your...'unique' personality.}Chue paused, wondering if he had just said the right thing.

"I know, okay? But there isn't a law against staring and standing, is there?"he growled at the Feebas, folding his arms across his chest before continuing to examine the deck once more. Anyways, the cowgirl was already walking off.

February 7th, 2006, 4:24 AM
((OOC:Thanks Angel!))

Sitting in his room on the ship he just boarded, Kiro sighed, wiating for the giant steel beast of a ship to come to a halt, which would mean that he would be able to come off of the ship. He let out Kindle, hoping to be able to talk with him.

{{Yes Kiro? What is it you called me out for?}} asked the small green Pokemon, his tiny legs wiggling.

"Nothing, I just wnated some company, I mean, it will be some time before we get to this Professor's place and whatnot. I just hope I will be able to see some new sights, more than what I have seen in Hoenn, Kanto, Jhoto, AND Orre!" the teen smiled indubitably.

{{Oh, well, what do you want to do Kiro?}} asked Kindle, as he climbed up on top of the bed on the ship.

"Erm, well, let's see if there's anything to eat on this ship ok?" replied Kiro, as he picked up Kindle, who was now on his shoulder, and walked outside to the main deck. He saw some people talking, and some PokeMon, but decided to not talk to any of them, but instead, went to the kitchen area. As he entered, Kindle now walking behind him, he stopped, and saw his favorite food: Pizza. His mouth was practically overflowing with saliva as he stared at the disc of Italian goodness. He ran over to it, got a piece for Kindle, and chowed down.

{{YUMMY! I love this stuff!}} said Kindle, his eyes shiny from the pure ecstacy of the pizza tast in his mouth.

Finding some alluminum foil, Kiro packed some pizza into his teal backpack. He then drank some tap water from the sink, and burped rather loudly. He then took out his P*DA, and called Nami.....

*Ring....* *Ring.....* *Ring.....*

"Hello? Kiro?" said a soft, but kind voice.

"Hi Nami! I just wanted to, you know, check up on how you were doing!" Kiro said. He smiled at seeing his beautiful girlfriend, her short black hair bouncing up and down.

"Oh, ok then! What are you up to?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing really, it is so boring here!" he smiled.

"Ok then, erm, why don't you call me when you arrive at, wherever it is you're going," replied the teenage girl.

Kiro sighed as he hung up on her, and then decided to walk around with Kindle, and then decided to walk up to the Captain's Deck, to see just who the captain sailing the ship was.....

((OOC: Plushie, is it OK for me to RP as the captain? OR if you want to, then I would understand that too....))

Alter Ego
February 7th, 2006, 4:59 AM
OOC: Aaaaack! I feel so late! >.< Oh well, I'd better just catch up then, eh? Oh, and I like the Oliver picceh you made, Plushie, particularly the one where he's all angry. xD Although personally, I think he kind of looks like a girl in his non-angry pose.



"Aww...come on Hiro, just one itty-bitty little-"

{No!} the Houndoom interrupted sternly, a tired but determined look in his eyes as he looked up at his trainer, a tall and somewhat gangly-looking boy who, despite the somewhat childish appearance his face and light brown eyes currently held, seemed to be in his early teens, his dark brown hair ruffling slightly in the fresh sea breeze but dutifully returning to its original, well-ordered spot. The boy gave a bored sigh, returning the small, grey ball of unidentified substance into the right-hand chest pocket of his dark blue shirt, the greyish white shorts he wore having proven to be a rather poor hiding spot for the rather volatile devices when he accidentally tripped and triggered a good five of them at once.

"Okay then, you old spoilsport. No smoke bombs." Yikari concluded in a dissapointed tone. It was always a bit humiliating to be scolded by your own pokmon, but he still knew that, dull company though he was, Hiro did have a knack for keeping him away from punishments which his other pokmon seemed to lack.

{Good.} Hiro replied simply, {And another thing, when leaving the scene of a prank, don't run about will-nilly like that.} Yikari automatically zoned out a bit, sensing a preach on its way, {Sneak out of sight, dust of your clothes, then calmly walk away, or better yet, return to the scene while feigning curiosity for it to throw off suspicions. If you spent half as much time learning these simple methods you would not need to pointlessly waste-}

Yikari had now blanked out the Houndoom's words altogether, surveying his surroundings, and specifically the people there, instead, nodding his head and mumbling in consent now and again to feign interest, while in truth, he was far more fascinated with the people aboard; first off, he spotted a boy who was-whoa, he was a real chibi, wasn't he? And short-tempered too, if the tone of his conversation with that sunglass-wearing Espeon and hyperactive Houndour was anything to go by. A mischievous grin spread across Yikari's face, yes, he could probably have some fun with him later on, once he had discovered a polite way to get Hiro out of the picture. And then there was that cowboy-girl, well, she certainly had the hat for that occupation, and not bad at all in the looks department either if this back-view could be trusted, although as usual, Yikari found himself thinking more about this aspect in terms of how she could assist in some glorious pranks. Yes, there was definitely something about that girl's manner which appealed to him, a kind of fundamental disrespect for rules which seemed to surround her, yes, perhaps she would actually understand him a bit better than most. Most males didn't seem to think of her that way, though, at least not that loud and boastfull boy with his Feebas and...Sudowoodo? The boy smiled a bit, he had always found the mimickry pokmon fascinating, although to his dismay he had yet to find one to call his own, and he certainly wasn't about to steal someone else's. Regardless, the boy in question was definitely staring quite openly at the cowboy girl, although he seeemed like the type to stare at practically everything that was physically capable of having babies, a myriad of amusing thoughts began running through Yikari's mind as he thought on what glorious fun could be derived from this trait and he had to excercise quite the amount of self-control not to burst out laughing.

What depressed the boy however, was that no-one seemed to be socializing with anyone else. And what, he thought, was the point of having a bunch of interesting people if they didn't notice anyone else?

"Really now..." Yikari muttered under his breath, "This won't do at all. Even gramps' old storage cellar had more in the way of social interactions..."

{Excuse me?} Hiro interrupted sternly, {Boy, if you're thinking of pulling some kind of reckless prank-}

"Reckless pranks?" the boy echoed in a feigned hurt voice, "My dear Houndoom, you do me a great wrong. You know I would never do anything reckless, like gramps always said-"

{Gramps indeed.} the Houndoom snorted contemptously, {Your grandfather is a loony old man who still thinks that he isn't a day above 20!}

"I know..." Yikari replied, in a perfectly sad voice, "I agonize over that fact constantly."

{Don't cheek me, boy!} Hiro growled, {I'm serious this time!}

"Oh, lighten up, will you?!" Yikari exclaimed, laughing and playfully patting the fire type's horned head, "I'm only going to socialize a bit with these fine people here. It's not like I'm going to get in trouble doing that, is it?"

{Well...if you say so.} the Houndoom replied, although he sounded none too convinced as he cast a wary glance at the various strange individuals in their vicinity, {But don't get into any mischief this time, the captain is already suspicious about us because of that 'kick me' sign you pinned on his back.}

"Yeah, he's almost as huffy as you." the boy replied in a carefree tone, "It was just a piece of paper, I don't see what the big deal is."

{That's a first...} Hiro muttered sarcastically, but his trainer was no longer listening, already preoccupied with walking towards the other people and trying to decide which of them to pester first.

Just as he did so, Yikari's eyes suddenly fell on a somewhat pale and frightened-looking girl with light blue hair who was peering in what the boy thought was a rather shy manner at the other passengers, a Spoink which was probably hers adressing her and apparently attempting to encourage her to talk with the others. That girl, it was as if 'melancholy' had been written all over her being in large, bolded, capital letters with a non-removable marker, and Yikari immediately labeled her the most critical case of non-fun on this boat. But what's more she seemed so...familiar somehow, as if he'd seen her, or someone very like her, a long time ago...the boy shrugged this off though, unable to recall the exact details at the moment. Well, if she indeed was such a person he'd find out soon enough, the boy concluded, now having firmly made up his mind about where to begin. Deciding on which manner he would emply this time, he suddenly underwent quite the shocking transformation, at least for one who had been watching, his carefree expression and friendly smile suddenly dissapearing only to be replaced by one of outmost solemnity and seriousness and his previously light step seeming to loose all of its spring, making way for a carefully ordered and official gait as he approached the girl, his back held straight for once, which effectively showed his full stature, and his head bent slightly as if in mourning.

"My condolences, miss." he said in a tone containing the gravest sincerity as he arrived near the girl, "I know this must be a difficult time for you, truly, a difficult time for all of us. But I wished to inform you that I knew the deceased more than most and share your grief, so if you wish to dialogue with me about the ramifications of his current deceased state then I would gladly respond."

February 7th, 2006, 5:19 AM
Oh, and I like the Oliver picceh you made, Plushie, particularly the one where he's all angry. xD Although personally, I think he kind of looks like a girl in his non-angry pose.

Like, I've only just realised that.O.o;;
Yeah, Oliver does look a little like a girl.^^;;

Um..you drew him too cute-like!X3
Though, its usually girls who have bigger eyes than boys, maybe if you make Oliver's eyes a tad smaller?

This's just a suggestion really.^^;;

Random Plushie
February 7th, 2006, 8:33 AM

I see. Well, if he looks like a girl, that's another reason for people to insult him, which further explains the short temper he has today. XD


Akeru was wandering about near the middle of the deck now, walking around in circular patterns as he did so. Every so often he would stop suddenly, sniff the air a bit, and continue walking around the center of the deck. Oliver folded his arms as he watched, the least he could do was to supervise.

{You fail at socializing.} Piro snickered, snapping his head in the other direction as Oliver turned to glare at him. It was obvious that Oliver wanted to make a sharp retort, but he found no time to as he heard Akeru start barking again.

The Houndour had looked up from his latest lap around the deck, only to spot the Houndoom of another Trainer. A particularly frustrated looking Houndoom indeed, accompanying a tall and gangly boy, who was busy talking to the Spoink Trainer that Piro had noticed earlier.

Akeru's eyes immediately lit up, and he was indeed barking again in pure cheer, the little Houndour wasting no time in bounding over to the bigger Houndoom.

"Oh boy." Oliver said, already beginning to make his way over, in fear that Akeru would likely disturb someone. Piro soon followed, his ears perking up as he remained alert.

{Hi hi!} Akeru yapped, bouncing up and down as he arrived near Hiro. {Do you know where all the twigs are hiding?}

February 7th, 2006, 8:37 AM
{ooc| Alter... I love your character o_o;
Also, here's a random question... would you guys prefer it if I put double spaces between my character's speech? I've noticed you guys all do... (Yeah, I'm slow...)
Love the picture, Plushie! I think... the hair might be why he looks feminine.}

The girl clapped her hands in a finite manner, and turned to look accusingly at her pokemon.
"Festival?" she demanded, in a peculiar northern accent, "Where're the food hall?"
Her vaporeon gazed up at her with big, reproachful eyes.
{I dunno, Amber. Sorry...} the little vaporeon trailed off, as her trainer put her hands on her hips. There was one thing Festival hated, and that was letting down her trainer. {I'm sure I can find it~!} she mewed, and her tail wagged hopefully.
"Ah..." Amber paused, studying the trainers wandering to-and-fro, "...it doesn't matter. We'll find it later." The girl set off again, walking through the crowds while her Vaporeon cheerfully at her heels. Festival was happy in nearly any situation; whether it was clinging to a rock face in the baking heat, or scrambling up the cycling road in the torrential rain, it didn't matter as long as Amber wasn't disappointed.

Amber frowned at her little pokemon. Festival was a peculiar thing - sometimes Amber through she was sellotaped to her ankle, the way she never left her side. Now Amber couldn't imagine life without her little Vaporeon - annoying as she was - but only two years ago Amber had wanted nothing to do with pokemon - whether for battlings, contests, or companions. Now she was setting out to conquer a region with them! Amber couldn't help chuckling; Fate's taken a strange turn.

She peered around the ship, half looking for a food hall. Amber was definetly hungry - she'd only had three bowls of porridge that morning, and it was nearly time for lunch! Of course, she was only half looking - because she was also preoccupied with scruitnising every other kid her age on the ship, of which there seemed to be quite a lot of. Closest to her was a fearfull looking girl with blue hair. Amber stood and stared for a bit, mainly because the wimpy-looking lass was accompanied by nothing other than a crazy bouncing pig. Amber blinked, and dragged her eyes away, only to see a peculiar looking boy and a houndoom heading towards the other girl. She almost smiled; there was something she liked about him, and Amber wagered it was that scheming look he had in his eyes. She had already turned away when Yukari switched personalities; her attention was now on a spikey red headed boy, who was wearing an overlong mustard jumper. He was pretty short - Amber guessed he was twelve, maybe eleven, so she decided to ignore him.
However, Festival was wagging her tail, and staring straight at the young boy's houndour. She glanced at her trainer. {That pokemon looks fun!} she yipped.
Amber's expression soured. "Before you even ask...no. We're here to get some adventure, right? Not friends." she told Festival stonily. The little water-type's whiskers began to droop. "Anyway," she continued, "his owners so short, he's like... twelve..."
{Oh yes!} Festival squeaked, as if she had only just noticed how vertically challenged this boy was, and as if his height was a perfectly good reason to avoid him, {I agree.} She stared up at her trainer expectantly, and Amber just smiled.

That's the other thing I like about her.... the cowgirl thought, tipping her hat back slightly, Sides with everything I say...
Amber didn't seem to notice Enris at all.

February 7th, 2006, 10:05 AM
OOC: Oh dear. Methinks Cynthia is not the kind of person to catch on to pranks quickly. ^-^

And nice drawing Plushie! Very interesting hair indeedy. I'm sure some people will be quick to pointing out the very things Oliver hates people pointing out. *coughYikaricough* ^^


Wilbur bounced in his trainer's arms a bit. {Look! Someone's coming over!} the Spoink said in an upbeat tone, glad that at least someone on this boat aside from the pokemon was interested in communicating. After all, what's a pokemon journey without friends to talk and laugh with?

"Ah! I- I don't want to talk...," Cynthia whispered in a wimpering voice that sounded a bit frantic as well. She never knew what to say to anyone. It seemed like whenever anyone that was a stranger to her began to talk to her, all of the interesting things drained out of her head, leaving her with nothing but mundane, plain words. She thought of just hurriedly walking away to evade the oncoming boy, who seemed to look quite serious, but it was too late, and suddenly the boy with dark brown hair was upon her. She clutched Wilbur tightly and Wilbur frowned at her.

She was lucky he was squishy, or she could have seriously hurt him.

As the boy began to express his concern over the loss of a person they all apparently knew. She blinked in confusion. Deceased? She hadn't been aware of anyone dying! Her eyes looked back and forth, seemingly searching for anything that would help her make some sense out of this. Had she come on the wrong boat?!

What if she was on the wrong boat? What if this was going to a funeral, and she was stuck going to the funeral of someone she never knew?! Should she say something to the boy about her being here for something else...? Or should she just pretend things were okay until they all got off the ship? Or perhaps she could just stay silent and he would eventually leave.

No... she didn't want to seem rude. And she certainly couldn't lie....

"Ah... I- I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you're talking a- about," she said in a whispy voice, her gray eyes still looking confused, "S- Someone's died?"

Wilbur rolled his little piggy eyes. It was obvious that he was tricking her. He was mocking the way that Cynthia always seemed to look even when she was happy. He remained quiet though. If he told Cynthia what the boy was doing, she would just freak out and run off, and he would rather that she discovered it on her own.

Alter Ego
February 7th, 2006, 10:28 AM
OOC: Ahh...yes, I can see Yikari having glorious fun with this group. xD Glad you like him, Charon. ^-^ He's one of my favourite own male chars, definitely. ^^


Out of the corner of his eye, Yikari watched with considerable amusement as a small Houndour bounded over to Hiro and attempted to strike up a conversation with the grouchy Houndoom who shot him an annoyed look as if to say 'you do something'. The boy merely turned his gaze away, maintaining his act as the girl in front of him began growing extremely flustered, stating that she didn't have a clue what he was talking about. Had his victim not reacted so...ideally, Yikari would probably have kept up the act, but as it was, there just was no fun in beating the beaten as the old saying went, so he decided to call it off before the Spoink over yonder blew his top.

"Don't have a clue." he confessed with a shrug, his serious manner dissipating as quickly as it had come, "Which means that we are official partners in cluelessness." he let out a small laugh at the world in general "Although truly, with the expression you had I would probably have wagered that it was either your aunt or your grandfather who had kicked the bucket. Oh, but even partners in cluelessness should know each others names, yes? Yikari Arikawa, at your service miss." he bowed politely to the girl, although he took care to keep an eye on both her and her Spoink just in case either decided to lash out at him for his little trick as he finished, giving her a friendly smile and musing at what the reaction would be. Anger? Embarassment? More confusion? Or, like that was ever going to happen, laughter? He truly wasn't quite sure.

{Twigs?} Hiro growled indignantly at Akeru's question, eyeing the little Houndour as if he was a particularly small and irritating fly who had decided to pester precisely him, {Who cares about some-} he halted himself in mid-sentence, noting the Houndour's hyperness and innocent nature, a sly grin spreading across his face, {Why yes...} he replied in a far more even voice, {I think I saw some waaay over at the other end of the ship.} he nodded towards the opposite end of the vessel they were on, {Why don't you go take a look over there?}

February 7th, 2006, 10:46 AM
{ooc| *coughs* Amber's already started saying that terrible 's' word, Melissa.}

The girl and her pokemon wandered further along the ship, Festival still falling in perfect step with her trainer. Her finned tail was still wagging, and she moved with a contented spring to her step; Amber, however, looked slightly more sombre. She was, after all, very hungry.
{Look~!} Festival exclaimed, in her usual sing-song voice. Amber glanced in the direction she was pointing; there was that boy again, the one one with the short brown hair. He was talking to the pig-girl, who was looking positively terrified at the prospect of conversation.

Amber grinned. "Should we ask them?" she asked her pokemon, who began to nod eagerly. Festival wouldn't have disagreed if Amber had asked her to cross the Sahara desert, but something told the girl the vaporeon was more than happy to go over. She guessed it was because of the short boy's houndoom; Festival tended to adore hyper pokemon, and Akeru was definetly one of those.

The cowgirl swaggered over, coming to a halt in front of the girl and the boy. She put one hand on her hip, and with the other, tilted her beloved hat forward ever so slightly.
"Do any of you know where the food hall is?" she asked lazily, before letting her eyes fall on Cynthia. She frowned visibly. "Uh....something wrong?"
Amber very rarely had concern to spare for her fellow females; she didn't hate them, or anything like that, but Amber just found them really, really tedious. Still, she didnt want to make a bad impression. On a trip like this Amber guessed you would need allies; it was better to start straight away.

Random Plushie
February 7th, 2006, 10:47 AM

I do believe this is going to be rather fun.


{Okay!} Akeru yapped, immediately coming to the conclusion that Hiro was indeed correct and surely must've known for sure because he sure was older. Akeru was very sure. The Houndour quickly turned to face the opposite direction, but paused suddenly before leaving, as if he had just come to realize something very important.

{Hey, what kinda twigs are over there?} Akeru asked, turning back towards the Houndoom, a grin on his face.

"Are you pestering people again?" Oliver asked the pup, arriving a few steps away from his Houndour. Piro was still hanging around near his feet, taking care to look as 'official' as possible. "Come on, we don't want to be upseting these good folk." Oliver continued, referring to the other Trainers, along with the other Pokemon.

{I'm not pestering!} Akeru retorted, bouncing up and down with sheer energy. {I'm asking! Big difference!}

Oliver was about to say something else, when he noticed that a cowgirl-person had wandered over here as well. And now she was asking about the food hall. Technically she wasn't asking him, but Oliver didn't really care.

"I don't know. Ask a sailor or someone who's actually familiar with the boat." Oliver said sharply, his mood already going downhill.

February 7th, 2006, 10:55 AM
OOC: Heh, Yikari makes me laugh! =D I wanna play a prank on someone now!

Eep! I just accidently kicked the wall my feet are next to. On the other side is a meeting room with a meeting going on in it. Oops... .__.



"Uh... I don't know," Cynthia replied to the girl that had approached them and asked about food. She wasn't sure where anything was on the boat, and she wasn't entirely sure if anything was wrong considering she wasn't sure if anyone was dead or not.

However, as soon as the boy's serious demeanor fell away, Cynthia was still left scratching her head. What? There wasn't a dead person? Cynthia frowned a little, trying to figure out what had just happened. The boy proceeded to introduce himself, and Cynthia was still a bit confused.

"M- my name is Cynthia Tharnst. S- So no one is- is dead?" she said timidly, unsure about what she was even saying.

{Ugh... Cynthia it was a joke! He was tricking you!} Wilbur confessed, not able to hold it back any longer. She was so slow on figuring these things out sometimes, and he wasn't about to let her go looking like an idiot just yet.

"Huh? A joke? Oh!" she said, comprehension suddenly dawning on her face and everything suddenly clicked. That was quite rude of the boy to do... leading her on with false pretenses like that just to make a silly joke. Weren't jokes supposed to be funny to everyone? Cynthia wasn't sure if she liked the other ones.

She looked up at the boy before her, who was obvious waiting to see her reaction to realizing that she had been hoodwinked. "That wasn't a very nice thing to do... pretending that someone was dead. I was afraid that I had gotten onto the wrong ship!" she said, half-annoyed and half-relieved that she was in the right place after all, "Why would you do a thing like that Mr. Arikawa?" Cynthia often called people she didn't know well by their last names with a title in front of it. It seemed more formal to her and for some reason had always been the way she had addressed others.

Wilbur shook his head. She still hadn't understood that he had been mocking her serious expression?! Ack... she was worse off than he thought.

February 7th, 2006, 11:00 AM
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Random Plushie
February 7th, 2006, 11:02 AM

Like, I did edit my post.

So I win. =P

Alter Ego
February 7th, 2006, 11:09 AM
OOC: Hehee...yay for pranks! =D It's so fun to play a shameless char like Yikari, well, not completely shameless, that's where Hagure gets into the picture. xD


Yikari gave the girl a friendly smile, despite the fact that she had just stated that what the boy had done wasn't nice, "Now-now, there's no need to be formal, Cynthie-chan." he replied, shaking his head at the girl's manners, "Just Yikari will do. As for your question..." he took a brief pause, "With that expression of yours you looked like you were attending a funeral already so I thought I shouldn't spoil the mood." the boy explained in an innocent voice, putting on his shameful-little-boy expression as he looked up at the girl with big, light brown, puppy-dog eyes "Are you very angry at me, Cynthie-chan?"

{Birch twigs.} Hiro replied automatically to Akeru's question, {And I think there was some oak there too, maybe elm too, although I'm not quite sure about that.} Truthfully, the Houndoom had no idea of where he pulled these random trees from, but for some reason they sounded right. He had probably been around Yikari for too long, lying shamelessly as he did.

As the cowboy-girl from before approached, asking for directions, Yikari turned his attention there for a moment, although the red-head had already replied in a rather grouchy manner.

"Now, now, there's no need to be rude, Chibi-sama." Yikari commented, giving the boy a can't-we-all-just-be-friends look, "I do believe that I saw the dining hall entrance around the center of our fine vessel."

Random Plushie
February 7th, 2006, 11:18 AM
"Now, now, there's no need to be rude, Chibi-sama."

He had struck a blood vessel. A blood vessel that was currently revealing itself on the forehead of our dear friend Oliver.

"W-What's that supposed to mean?" Oliver asked, in as calm a tone as his temper would allow, clenching his fists in an attempt to keep himself under control. Normally he wasn't so quick to get this angry.. But he really hated it when people hinted at his short-ness.

{I suggest all who wish to live back up a little. Thank you for your time.} Piro said, making his 'announcement' in a tone bearing all seriousness. He was probably joking, though.

{That's not what I meant!} Akeru barked, turning to face Hiro again as the Houndoom answered his question. {But you get a coolness point for trying! Would you like to know your current score?} The Houndour howled, beginning to once again bounce up and down.

February 7th, 2006, 11:42 AM
OOC: I edited! ^0^ And this is a bit short considering I have class in like... a short time. >.>


"Ah... I see," Cynthia replied as Yikari explained his actions, "So you were making fun of me. Making fun of me in a joking way? Ah. I am not angry, Mr. Arikawa. I--."

That's when a the short boy butted in and began to become a bit angry about what Yikari had said to him. This was understandable, considering the boy had probably gotten such comments many times before in his life, and therefore must find it quite annoying.

Wilbur blinked. {Wow that kid's short. Almost as short as me,} he squealed, finding it hard to believe.

February 7th, 2006, 1:02 PM
{ooc| Things are hotting up already...
Isn't Wilbur the name of the pig in Charlotte's Web? That children's book from...I dunno... the 50's?}

Amber clucked her tongue. "I was only asking..." she replied, eyeing Oliver lazily. He was acting like... well, like an equal to her and the brown haired boy. Cynthia seemed to be calling him 'Mr Arikawa', which sounded far to formal for Amber's taste. Still, the short boy was acting like he was their age, when it was quite obvious he was only about 10 or 12. She watched him with contempt, but didn't say anything more.

Instead, she turned to Cynthia, who seemed nice enough - Amber was willing to overlook her cowardice for the moment, and as she was the only other girl around, Amber wanted to make a decent impression. Guys were great, but there are some situations you really need a fellow girly for.
"I'm Amber." she announced.

Festival mewed softly, and bounced over to Wilbur. She ran around the Spoink in a tight circle, giggling.
{I'm Festival!} she yipped, before bounding off again and doing exactly the same with Hiro. Then she paused; the vaporeon had just caught sight of Piro, and now she was watching him with curiousity. She hadn't seen another eevee-kin for ages - they were quite rare in Amber's region.

February 7th, 2006, 3:03 PM
((OOC: Not to nag or anything, but no one has seemed to answer my question from my previous post....>__>....))

As he walked up the long flight of pale white stairs, all Kiro could think about in his mind was, "how is Nami doing? Where is she? Why did I accept this request; I just got back home to visit her." Kindle lagged behind, struggling to walk, since his body was so abnormally puny.

{{Kiro! Wait for me! You are leaving me behind!}} said Kindle, panting between each word he managed to say. He was about to collapse from fatigue when Kiro finally picked him up.....

((OOC: Sorry the post is so short, I will edit later, *C YA*))

Random Plushie
February 7th, 2006, 5:52 PM

So sorry. I could've sworn I had typed up something..

Ugh, I hate being sick. >.<

If you put a pause after Kiro enters the captain's place, I will RP the captain. Actually, I'd prefer it since I'd like to do something with the captain anyways..

February 8th, 2006, 2:17 AM
Ernis wasn't liking this one bit. Not only was everyone ignoring him, but the short kid and another boy who popped out of nowhere seemed to conversing with the pretty cowgirl. And the scrawny blue one too. He sniffed, not really knowing what to do, deciding to lean his back against the railing.

{Why don't you join them, Ernieness?}Buu smiled to her trainer, gesturing to the group which had gathered, the Feebas on her shoulder nodding in agreement.
{You should try making friends, friend.}Chue grabbed his trainer's wrist, trying his best to score a decent thug. Ernis however, slowly shook the fin off, before turning away with a thoughtful look on his face. Perhaps his Pokemon had a point there. If he made friends, or atleast got..aqquainted with these people, there would be some good points. He could follow them around to participate in contests, while being protected with the sheer number of them all together. And well..company was a must for him. His greatness and talent was not meant to be hidden away now, was it?

"Well..Okay I guess."he faced his Sudowoodo and Feebas, shrugging before starting to walk over to the group.

{And a one! And a two! And a pushness!}Buu called out from behind him, giving the boy a strong shove so that he would get to the trainers faster, or that was what she wanted. Ernis sighed as her arms collided with his back, causing him to land on the floor, the floor near Oliver's feet to be precise.

The Coordinator had failed to catch the conversation which was going on before.

"Ahh! My bad, kiddie. Sorry."he was addressing Oliver, getting up to brush the dirt off himself, shooting a glare to Buu before smiling to the group.

"Hello, you lucky people! I am Ernis Reanalds! You may have heard of my greatness, since I am quite a great Pokemon Coordinator! And I for one, have decided to be in the wanting of includement in this 'little groupy' you have going on here! Let's be friends and all that chit-chat stuff."he announced in a high and mighty tone, waving his hands around for added effect. Behind him stood his Sudowoodo and Feebas, both peeking to see what kinds of Pokemon there were.

{Helloness! I am, Buu!! And this here's my funny fishy, Chue!}the Rock type jumped out from her hiding place, grinning at the Vaporeon who had just introduced herself as Festival. The Feebas in her arms deciding not to talk, not just yet.


Ernis has no idea what he's just gotten himself into, that inconsiderate fool.XD

For my History project, we had to search on this, Sikh Temple.
I didn't hear the teacher say it properly and went to search for a 'Sick Temple'.
Made my whole class break down in laughter the next day.o_O
(Got scolded by the people who I had to like, do the project with.XD)
Lucky that we needn't pass it up til' tomorrow.X3

Oh, and ish Plushie sick?!XO
Feebas hope you get better.^^;;

Alter Ego
February 8th, 2006, 7:40 AM
OOC: Heating up indeed...gawd, I wonder how Ernis is going to make it alive through the RP. Yikari, at least, can excuse himself on techincalities this time...I think. xD Oh, but I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, Plushie. ;.; Get well soon, yes? Oh, and I do believe that it's about time for the captain to make a reaction already, Kiro should be right by his cabin by now, ne?

And I just have to say, Cynthia is my personal favourite of the cast this far. Hehee...she's so guillable in such a beliavable way, I actually feel kind of sorry for her. Yikari does too, luckily, now to find a suitable spot to fit in the little past scene...ah, but it will probably have to wait until they get into the wilderness. xD


Yikari's expression brightened again as Cynthia said that she wasn't angry, although before he could really comment one way or the other, Oliver had interfered and demanded to know what he meant.

"I simply meant to say that there was no call for such harsh words, Akane-kun." the boy replied in an earnest voice, "I meant no disrespect and you have my deepest apologies if the little nickname I gave offended you in any way." he bowed dramatically to the boy, although he once again made sure to keep a wary eye on the person in front of him just in case he decided to do something violent. The boy really was touchy about his height, and had there not been so much company Yikari might have played on that trait a bit more, but he really didn't feel like trying his luck with Cynthie-chan's tolearance at the moment.

No sooner had Yikari finished apologizing than the cocky coordinator from before came sashaying over to them, tripping on his path and nearly mowing down Akane-kun as he fell before getting back up and pompously introducing himself to the group. Yikari observed the scene with a measure of fascination and mischief in his expression, wondering what the short-tempered boy would think of what had just occured but deciding that perhaps it would be better not to find out.

"Ahh...but of course, who wouldn't have heard of the allmighty Ernie-san." Yikari said in a voice of such overblown admiration that only a true fool would fail to spot the sarcasm behind it, although he wagered that Ernis fit quite snuggly into that category, "The coordinator whose appeals are what lure the sun up in mornings and whose divine spleandour cause it to faint and sink back beneath the horizon in a love-filled stupour at evenings." he performed a ridiculously overdone sweeping bow towards the boy "For my part you are quite free to join our 'little groupie', as you call it, although first, perhaps it would be prudent for you to apologize for your poor choice of words before our dear Akane-kun here blows his proverbial top, yes?" he nodded towards the red-headed boy, all the time wearing a cheerfull smile on his face as he took a few steps back from the scene.

{Would you believe that I am utterly fascinated about precisely that subject?} Hiro asked sarcastically at Akeru's comment, his attention now focused on Oliver as he made his way a bit closer to Yikari, ready to protect the boy should things get ugly. Just then, however, the Houndoom found himself the subject of a veritable onslaught of annoying little pokmon. First there was the Vaporeon, Festival she had called herself, darting about and running around him like no-one's bussiness, the Houndoom growled in indignation, although fortunately the water type became far too preoccupied with watching that weird Espeon with the black sunglasses to pay any more attention to him. This was a short-lived respite of peace however, as it was precisely then that Ernis decided to step forward, two annoying pokmon in tow. One of them was one of those tree-like things with constant fool's grins plastered on their faces that Yikari was so fond of for some reason, and a particularly exhubrant one at that...joy....And the other...well, it was obviously some kind of fish, tucked away under the arm of the one who had introduced herself as Buu.

{Oh joy...} Hiro replied sarcastically, giving the two a look which indicated that he considered them little more than a nuisance, {I am Hiro, if you must know, and I'd prefer it if you grabbed your prat of a trainer by the scruff of his neck and dragged him back to wherever you lot came from, thank you very much.}

"Now Hiro...." Yikari said in a dissaproving voice, shaking his head at the Houndoom, "Be nice to our guests."

The fire type scoffed, doing his best to ignore all of the pokmon in his vicinity altogether.

February 8th, 2006, 8:07 AM
OOC: Fuu.... I'm groggy this morning. My Dad woke me up in the middle of a dream and I'm still recovering. XD

I love everyone's characters so far! It's kinda fun to see Plushie play a hot-tempered boy. ^^

Oh, and yep, Wilbur is the name of the pig in Charlotte's Web. It's one of my favorite books. ^-^


Lots of people were very near Cynthia right now, and she swayed a bit as she realized just how close they all seemed. She didn't like crowds.... She tried to slink away from them, but she was too involved now, and she wasn't sure she could get away with it without seeming extremely rude. She just glanced nervously down at Wilbur with a look that said:

'What do I do now?'

The little Spoink looked up at her and said quite plainly, "Whatever you want."

Cynthia listened to the cowgirl introduce herself as Amber, and nodded to acknowledge that she had heard the girl. She didn't seem so bad, at least she hadn't tried to poke fun at her, though she really wasn't angry about that-- just slightly confused still.

"Ah... my name is Cynthia Tharnst. Pleased to meet you Miss Amber," Cynthia replied to the girl, her eyes darting over to Yikari as he spoke quite loudly to the boy with the Sudowoodo who had just introduced himself. People on this boat, for being so silent just a few moments ago, sure did like to draw attention to themselves. Cynthia usually just wanted to sit on the sidelines and watch, but, she took a deep breath, it didn't look like it was going to happen anytime soon in this place.

February 8th, 2006, 8:31 AM
{ooc| I'm tired... and in German we had to go in pairs, and because I was late to the lesson all the class was already paired up and I had to go with my...ARCH ENEMY *hiss spit*
Now I'm depressed, becuase she was mean. Her piercings are also scary.
Yah... Mel... I get the same thing, with credit being stolen and stuff. Especially in German, when we sit in alphabetical order.. The guy I sit next to is terrible at the language (whereas I'm just scraping an A) so he always copies me.. I'm too lovely to refuse. xD}

As Enris introduced himself in a flourishing manner, Amber's eyebrows rose so high they vanished underneath her coyboy hat. "Isn't co-ordinating a girl's sport..?" she muttered bluntly. That side of pokemon training had never interested her in the past, involving far too much thinking and not enough adrenaline. She smiled and winked at him. "Kidding, kidding... nice to meet ya."

Her eyes flicked to the boy's pokemon for a moment, but she soon returned her gaze to the boy. His pokemon looked weak, to say the least - I mean, who on earth tries to battle with a droopy fish and a dancing tree?
Festival giggled as Buu spoke to her, and began to dart around his feet. {Nice to meet you, Buu and Chue~! Your names rhyme! So cuuuuute~!} she exclaimed.

Amber flinched at Cynthia's words. "Please... just call me Amber. Miss? Gawd, you sound like a teacher..." she groaned, but gave Cynthia a good-natured grin anyway.

February 8th, 2006, 6:11 PM
((OOC: I will finally RP again! I had a temporary writer's block, but it is gone. I am a bit depressed though, I found out my evil enemy likes me....Talk about pathetic, she is sort of cute though, BUT, back to the RP....))

As he finally made his way to the top of the stairs, Kindle on his shoulder, Kiro looked around, entering a strange, small, but yet quaint room. It's walls were colored maroon, and the floor was wood, painted white. He admired it for a second, and zoned out for s few moments, snapping back to reality at Kindle rapping his head. Kiro shook his head, and then saw a man with a hat on, who he obviously thought was the captain.....

February 8th, 2006, 6:15 PM
OOC: Wow, incredibly sorry, but this is gong sosososososososo fast that it's like ten lightyears ahead of little ol' me. Sorry I must drop out, as I can't hope to catch up, and well, I'm a little too busy right now to catch up...Sorry!

Random Plushie
February 8th, 2006, 8:59 PM

Ah, 'tis okay, Naoko-chan.. Yeah, we do tend to go fast most of the time. XD

It would've been cool if you continued, but.. eh, no worries.

On another note my sore stomach went away. ^.^ Thankies for all the good wishes, I'm sure that's what did it. :3

Of course, because of that I had to go to school, and today just happened to be a field trip day. Today we went to a fishpond. Every time we go to a fishpond I slip on a rock and scrape my knee, though.. >.<


Oliver narrowed his eyes slightly as Yikari went into an explanation of what he had meant, keeping his arms folded the entire time. Akane-kun? Oliver had no idea what that meant, but decided to go along with it since the guy seemed to be pouring his heart and soul into this.. 'apology'. Actually, he seemed to pour his heart and soul into everything he said. Weirdo. Had this guy ever considered Drama Club?

Oliver had calmed down considerably, however, once Yikari was finished. He was about to reply with a considerable amount of regained control, when he heard the sound of someone being shoved coming from behind him.

Within moments a random guy had appeared near Oliver's feet, startling said Oliver and sending him a few steps to the side, seeing as how the red-head hadn't been prepared for this in any way. However, before Oliver could shout anything rude (especially since the guy had just called him 'kiddie'), the dude quickly got to his feet and began introducing himself with gusto, around the time that his Pokemon, a Sudowoodo and a Feebas, arrived behind him.

"Ernis? Whatever. Watch your step." Oliver muttered, his arms still folded. The red-head quickly lost interest in the new arrival, turning back towards Yikari. "And you're forgiven, by the way. But just for the record, my name is Oliver. Now you don't have to give me silly nicknames." He concluded. At least that got multiple introductions out of the way, since there was a whole group gathered 'round now. He hoped they all had the sense to listen so he wouldn't have to repeat himself.

Piro narrowed his eyes (not that anyone could see it through those shades), now that all these people had arrived. They were affecting his line of sight, how dare they! Now it would be considerably difficult to spot danger before it arrived. Wait! What if these people were danger! What was he to do!? Quick! Think of something pretty!

While Piro was twitching for some reason, Akeru's eyes brightened a great deal. Funny people galore! Especially those Buu and Chue people. That Vaporeon was funny, too. Not to mention that Spoink! Hey, he was surrounded by funny people! And they all had the coolest names! Or at least the ones that had introduced themselves.

Wait, the funny Houndoom had just introduced himself, too! He was still cranky, yes (although why anyone so cranky could be so funny was beyond the little Houndour), that much was true. But that didn't mean it couldn't be fixed. And besides..

He knew where the twigs were!

{Hiro!} Akeru repeated, turning towards the Houndoom, once he had gotten past his thoughts. {Hiro is funny! He wants to know my name, yes? It's Akeru!} The Houndour exclaimed, a huge grin plastered on his face at this point.


The Captain's cabin was indeed very quaint, and hardly furnished, which matched the theme of the ocean liner itself. Okay, so the boat was actually very big, but still, it wasn't furnished that much at all.

In one corner, where the man with the big hat now sat, was an ordinary, rectangular wooden desk, which was cluttered with navigation intstruments and maps of various oceans, not to mention several books that were probably logs of the ship's voyages. There was also some sort of wireless microphone on the desk, which was currently being handled and tapped by the man with the large, important-looking hat. Since no sound came forth from any speakers, one could assume that the microphone was not working properly.

On the end of the room opposite from the desk was a small bed and nightstand. It was probably the best the Captain could afford, but still nothing to brag about. Either that or he was just a cheapskate.

The only other piece of furniture in the entire room was a painting currently hanging on the wall, which depicted a stormy night at sea. There was a ship in the middle of the fantasized typhoon, a stereotyped pirate ship that barely seemed afloat, refusing to sink beneath the raging waters. Lightning flashed across the painting's skies, adding to the painting's ability to somehow draw in viewers.

"Test! Test 1-2!" The man in the corner exclaimed, earning no response from the microphone. Aside from the man's very large hat, which covered up whatever hair he had, the guy was dressed rather.. casually, in a simple white polo shirt, and long white pants that went down to polished white shoes.

"YOU WILL WORK!" The man shouted, grabbing the microphone and pounding the poor device into his desk, denting the piece of furniture quite effectively before lifting the microphone back up to his mouth.

"Test 1-2?" The man said again, grinning broadly when he realized that the microphone was now working perfectly (who'd want to risk getting pounded into a desk a second time?). Speakers that were placed around the ship would carry his message all throughout the ship. It was so fun making big announcements, heehee.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! This is your captain speaking! After realizing that I had left my compass in my cabin, I of course went to get it and decided to check up on our progress from here instead of waiting until I walked all the way back up to the control room (okay, so it isn't really called that, but I like to. And I can because I'm the captain). In result, I have come to the conclusion that we are very much ahead of schedule! I do believe that we shall be arriving in Meridian Town within the next two hours! Maybe even one and a half if these marvelous winds keep up! Thank the map, everyone! Give it a mental hug! Okay, that is all. Yay for being ahead of schedule!" The captain concluded, placing the microphone back on the desk.

Apparently, he was very cheerful when the microphone was listening to him.

"Now, to get back to the control room!" The captain exclaimed to himself, standing up from his desk and soon stepping away from it. As soon as he turned around, he actually noticed Kiro standing there.

"Hey! What are ye doing here!?" The captain exclaimed, pointing at Kiro and Kindle. "Do not attempt escape! Speak, intruder, speak!"

Too bad his naturally cheerful voice wasn't very threatening.


Oliver looked up as the captain's annoncement thundered across the deck, courtesy of two rather large speakers fixed to the nearest ceiling, which the Trainer had not noticed before. The amount of irritation and all-around anger in his expression began to decrease slightly, once the captain's long speech had ended. He unfolded his arms, close to actually smiling for the day, even after the irritating events that had happened earlier.

"Ah, great news. Perhaps this day is finally turning for the better." Oliver commented, failing to notice Piro's twitching.

February 8th, 2006, 9:09 PM
((OOC: The captian seems like a funny man!! ^0^!!)


Kiro paused for a moment, repeating what the captain said in his head, and the decided to speak, while Kindle was slightly shivering on top of his shoulder; the captain scared him.

"Erm, hello? Well, I was just wandering around, and I decided to see what the captain was like! But, first of all, what's your name?" he then smiled, and then awaited a response, while Kindle whispered something in his ear:

{{Erm, Kiro? Can we please leave? This man scares me!}} asked the Ralts, glancing between the captain and Kiro.

Random Plushie
February 8th, 2006, 10:03 PM

Yes, I thought it'd be fun to have a weird captain. xD


The captain paused after he had taken in Kiro's response, placing one hand thoughtfully on his chin while he observed Kindle's reaction as well. The sheer brightness of his clothing was becoming frightfully more obvious by the second.

"Ah! So we have an adventuror in our midst! Heh, that sounds so funny because one would usually say 'traitor' instead of 'adventuror'. But you are no traitor! Or at least I think you aren't. You, my boy, seem to be more of the energetic type, yes? Of course you are! Do not deny my judgement, because I am pretty dang sure it's right!" The captain exclaimed, pausing in his speech.

During his pause, he decided to clear his throat for no apparent reason.

"Yes, anyways, my name is Benjamin Schmidt! It is a very nice name and I am proud of my mother for giving it to me. Your name may be nice, too, but I'm not entirely sure, of course, because I have no clue as to what your name is. But it is okay!" He paused again in his speech, but suddenly seemed to have realized something as soon as he had done so.

"Oh my goodness! I have forgotten about the dearest control room!" The captain exclaimed, suddenly rushing forward and shoving Kiro as lightly as possible towards the doorway. "We must leave now! You, dear boy, you go explore somewhere else now! But if you get into trouble, I will be very angry at you indeed! So, you should.. um.. talk to some other people! Yes! Occupy yourself!"

Quickly shutting the cabin door behind him, the captain was rushing down the stairs and towards the next exit within the instant.

February 9th, 2006, 2:30 AM

Yeah..the captain dude's funny.XD

Oh yeah, a sketch of Ernis I did during Study Period today.^^;;

~Clickie for tha ignorant dude we all shall learn to love~ (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/My%20Sketchys/Scans020.jpg)


"Ah, yes! Of course you've heard of me! I am after all, one of the greatest Coordinators Hoenn has seen so far."Ernis beamed, taking in every word of Yikari's statement, it didn't seem that he would catch onto the sarcasim anytime soon. Delighted by the fact that the tall boy was now bowing to him. The only thing that bothered the Coordinator was that look on his face.. such a childish smile he had.

"Its attitude like that, that makes the lack of male Coordinators these days-"the boy stopped talking as Amber stated that she was ony kidding, winking at him. Oh yes, the cowgirl was very pretty indeed. Ernis decided that he was going to continue staring at her unlike he freaked her out so much she had to continue talking to him.

"Ernis, my boy, you are one smart thinker!"he praised himself mentally, giving Cynthia and Oliver an absent-minded wave with one of his hands before carrying out the afformentioned plan.

{Heyness! Don't say such bad things about Ernieness here! He's a good trainer! Be bestness!}Buu immediately said in defence at Hiro's reply, though calming down right after, smiling before continuing. {But I'm sure Hiro didn't mean it!}the Sudowoodo was in a right cheerful mood, like she had almost always been.

{Aw, no worries, friend! I'm sure Hiro here was just fooling around!}Chue joined in, sensing that this was one grouchy Houndoom he was dealing with.

{You shouldn't be frowning all the time! But, I won't mind if you did a pawstand so that that frown'd turn upside and down!}the Feebas clapped his fins together, before glancing at Festival, to the twitching Espeon, then the Houndour. Oh yes, there was one more Pokemon who had yet to introduce himself to the fish. That Spoink with the blue girl...

Ernis was certain that he could have continued staring for another few minutes if not for the fact that the loudspeakers began with that irritating loud voice. The darned contraption broke his concentration. The Coordinator flicked his hands to make sure his sleeves fell properly over them while listening to the strange announcement.

"WIth a captain who talks like that, I wonder if we'll even make it to the island without drowning to death.."he mumbled, though glad that they were reaching land soon. Crossing his arms as there was nothing else to do but look cool, or whatever it meant to him.


*wonders why Ernis hasn't been killed/thrown off the ship by now*

Alter Ego
February 9th, 2006, 8:51 AM
OOC: Amen, cheers for the captain! ^0^ Oh, and for Ernis' picture too, although I think his right (Our left that is) arm seems disproportionally long. o.O Meh, it could just be me, though. ^-^

Oh, and yay for you not being sick anymore Plushie! ^-^ So well-wishing works? I'm going to have to do a lot more of that then. Hmm...maybe charge the less special individuals for it too. xD


Yikari put on a would-be dissapointed expression at Oliver's comment, "Aww...but Oliver-sama, I like to adress people by silly nicknames." he let out a good natured chuckle, "But very well, since you're such a good sport I won't call you Akane-kun any longer, even though that name suits you better than you might know." he grinned at some inner joke of his "Oh, I almost forgot." the boy stated, clapping his hands together and turning to adress the group in general, "Ladies, gentlemen, and Ernie-san..." he cast a meaningfull glance at the coordinator who had taken up staring at Amber "If I may have your attention please?" he beamed at the whole assembled lot of them, "For those who don't know, my name is Yikari Arikawa and it is a pleasure to meet you all." he performed yet another dramatical bow, this time to everyone. Before the boy could continue, however, the captain's announcement cut in, his voice booming across the ship, courtesy of the loudspeakers. Once the old man had finished, Oliver was quick to state that the day was finally turning better while Ernis made a pessimistic comment about their chances of survival.

"Ahh...don't worry Ernie-san." Yikari said, laughing as he patted the coordinator on the shoulder as if he were an old friend, "I'm certain that our esteemed captain is quite well aware of what he's doing." he turned towards the whole group again, "Soo...what do you good people make of this whole invitation thing, then?" he inquired, watching the others curiously, "Do you think it will be fun?"

Hiro was about to say something snappish at Akeru's introduction but then came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the effort. Sarcasm was wasted on some people, {Pleasure to meet you, I'm sure...} he muttered in a completely dispassionate tone, {As for me performing pawstands...} the Houndoom added indignantly, {That you can forget. I'm here for security and strategic counsel, pawstanding and other tomfoolery is already quite well taken care of Hagure and my trainer here.} he nodded towards Yikari.

OOC: As a random piece of trivia; if my sources are correct, 'Akane' is the japanese name for Madder, a kind of plant which grows to about 1.5 meters of height (*Cough*Oliver*Cough*) and can be made into a crimson red dye (Note Oliver's hair colour). It's also a japanese girls' name (Cause he can look kinda femmy xD). Lol, triple-hit. I spend way too much time thinking about some these things. xD

February 9th, 2006, 9:47 AM
OOC: My goodness, the boys on the ship are gonna wear themselves out by the time they reach Meridian Town. XD

And yeah Alter, you do think of these things too much. j/k ^-^ What a perfect plant to name Oliver after though!!


How outgoing everyone here was. It was so strange to be in the middle of all of this... as if Cynthia had suddenly become a passenger on a showboat. That Ernis kid was certainly happy with himself and kept on staring at Amber. Oliver looked close to blowing a fuse and Cynthia was little afraid of him. She didn't really like people, especially boys, who shouted a lot and got angry all of the time. Ernis had even spoken ill of the captain. She had visibly frowned at his statement of the captain drowning, and had she been a stronger person, would have commented on it.

She smiled though as Yikari mentioned the invitation. That meant she was on the right ship for sure! Her head was still a bit dazed from Yikari's trick, and she hadn't really been 100 percent sure she was where she was.

As the very animated boy had asked a question directed to them all, Cynthia felt that she could answer without looking too forward. She didn't mind speaking her opinion when asked. She was just never the first one to initiate the conversation. She stepped forward, "I- I think it's exciting. This place... is supposed to be fairly new, right? Not many people from the other regions have come here before." She was being sincere, and really did think it was exciting. Scary as well, but she omitted that part, not wanting to look too frail in front of such strong people.

Wilbur had jumped down from Cynthia's arms to the gaggle of pokemon that had been looking and talking to each other. He figured he should introduce himself, and try to look somewhat more outgoing than his wispy trainer.

{Hi. In case any of you were wondering, my name's Wilbur. I'm with the timid-looking human girl over there,} he said, indicating Cynthia with his nubby arm.

Alter Ego
February 9th, 2006, 10:29 AM
OOC: Nonsense Melissa! Boys their age have a lot more energy than you think. Why Yikari alone could go on for hours at an end without even noticing fatigue, and Oliver is probably no worse. Ernis could probably manage it too...well, at least if he could spend the time staring at Amber. xD

Oh, and Akane was just a spurr of the moment thing because I'd incidentally learned about the plant when running random japanese terms through internet translators and dictionaries the other day, I thought that the coincidence was so amusing that it wouldn't do for Yikari not to take advantage of it. ^-^ Oh, and Akane is also Whitney the Goldenrod gym leader's original name.

And one more thing; it was Ernis who commented on them all drowning, not Oliver. Cynthie-chan is barking up the wrong tree. =P


Yikari's face lit up a bit, quite the feat considering the expression it was already wearing, as he noticed that Cynthie-chan was not only speaking up but also...smiling? Yes, that seemed to be her verison of a smile. Poor Cynthie-chan, she obviously couldn't have gotten to smile very often in her life, seeing how out of practice she was. Well, the boy concluded, he would be quite glad to teach her.

"I concur with Cynthie-chan here." he stated, nodding at the girl's words, "It's going to be fun to see what's on the other side of the glorified puddle. Not to mention Chrysso-sama's machine..." he added with a spark of enthusiaism glowing brightly in his eyes, "...I wonder if he would let me try controlling it if I asked nicely?" the boy continued speculating, tilting his head slightly "I do have a certain way with machines you know..."

{A very destructive way...} Hiro interjected, giving the boy a stern glance, {Remember what became of that quizz machine back at Cinnabar?}

Yikari folded his arms defensively, although even this motion seemed a tad exaggerated, "Well, it did ask for a manual correction." he retorted.

{I still don't believe that it meant throwing the manual at it, you know.} Hiro retorted, rolling his eyes.

"Well I still think they made too much of a fuss about it." Yikari stated as his final defense before suddenly unfolding his arms and seeming to shrug off the matter alltogether, "So...what about the rest of you?" he asked, once again turning his attention to the group, "Do you believe that Chrysso-sama's invention is as great as he thinks it is?"

February 9th, 2006, 11:58 AM
{ooc| I'm making refrigerator cake! Or however it's spelt... yay. Chocolate, Butter, Syrup, Sultanas, nuts and cherries!
Ahhh, I do like winter. I do an awful lot of mucking around in the kitchen.
Also... I have no school next week~!
Love the picture, Yibber. And the post. Enris is...as funny as feebas.}

Amber blinked.
Enris was... well, staring at her. Not even slyly. Those big brown eyes of his were fixed straight on her, almost unblinkingly, and Amber found herself feeling strangely...paranoid. She stared down at her t-shirt and plucked at it cautiously, then stared at Enris.
"Uh... have I got soup on me or something?" she asked the boy, and shot a questioning glance at her Vaporeon. The little water type shrugged her shoulders, as if she understood what Amber meant from her expression alone.

She shook her head, and turned to Yukari for a second. However, he spoke in such an over egged way he really was giving her a headache.
"Crissie....sameh?" she rubbed her forehead. "Gah, speak normally, all these languages are giving me a headache..." she muttered, gesturing to the pokemon.
She grinned half-heartedly at the red-headed boy. "Oliver. Got it... at least someone's got a normal name around here."

Festival giggled - after all, Amber's large ego needed a lot of nurturing; laughing at her jokes was just one of the things Festival liked to do for her trainer.
Turning away from the humans, Festival switched her attention back to Oliver's espeon, who was wearing sunglasses and looking very classy. She fluttered her eyelashes.
{Hello, sir!} she squeaked, {Nice to meet you!}

February 9th, 2006, 9:21 PM
Blinking in suprise, before he even got to say another word, Captain Schmit took off, and Kiro, was unfortunatly left speechless, Kindle still shaking, said to Kiro:

{{Kiro, let us PLEASE GO BACK TO THE ROOM!}} said the small green Pokemon, the ever popular angry vein popping out of his forehead.

"Ok! OK! We will leave now," replied Kiro, a bit annoyed by Kindle. As he walked toward the stairs, he returned Kindle to his PokeBall. Kindle, in respect, did as his master wished, and returned to his ball. He then walked down the inforgiving stairs, wishing that they would arrive in Meridian Town already.....

Random Plushie
February 9th, 2006, 10:22 PM

Ah, so that's why 'Akane' seemed so familiar.. I read about it being Whitney's Japanese name somewhere. Probably Wikipedia or something along that line. But that name does suit Oliver perfectly, yes it does. XD

Heh. The Captain > Most.

On a side-note, BB may be joining in some time soon. He missed sign-ups because of his acting adventure, so yesh. It shouldn't be too late for him, though, seeing as how the boat still has quite a while more to go before reaching Meridian Town.

I just thought I'd let y'all know. Anybody have a problem with this?


Oliver tilted his head slightly as Yikari asked for everyone's opinion on the invitation thing. Now this struck him with shock.. He hoped that Yikari wasn't talking about a certain invitation that Oliver himself had recieved. However, the red-head's hopes were crushed when the drama king began referring to 'Chrysso-sama', Oliver instantly recognizing that same name (although without that suffix thing) from his own invitation.

Oliver stood rooted to the spot in his shock, listening in horror as Cynthia shared her opinion, followed up by more over-egged comments from Yikari. Yes, he had figured that all the passengers were headed for the same town.. But in no way had he pictured that these guys were going to the presentation as well.

He just could not picture himself sitting through a presentation in the same room as Yikari. Or that Ernis guy. The girls seemed level-headed enough to provide a sound level suitable for concentration.

"Wait!" Oliver exclaimed, finally getting over his momentary shock. "You're all going to that Chrysso guy's presentation too!?" He shouted, holding both hands to his head at this point. "If that's true, then that invention had better be as great as it sounds, else there's no way I'm getting through this.."

Meanwhile, Piro immediately snapped back to his senses as Festival adressed him, his ears perking up as he became aware of his surroundings once more. Once he had spotted the Vaporeon that had called to him, he remained expressionless for a few seconds, tail swishing back and forth.

{Yes ma'am. It is most honourable on my part as well. The name's Piro..} The Espeon said in a rather serious tone, pausing in his speech to flick his gaze across the other Pokemon gathered as well. {I would appreciate it if the name wasn't forgotten.}

Akeru's tongue was lolling out of his mouth now, eyes fixed on Wilbur. They had been ever since the Spoink had introduced himself. Deciding to make a move, Akeru wasted no time in completely forgetting about Hiro, dashing over to Wilbur as quickly as he could manage, tail wagging the entire time.

{Wilbur is a funny name! Have you ever noticed how really shiny that pearl is!?} Akeru exclaimed, reaching out to touch the blue pearl on Wilbur's head with his nose as soon as he had bounded over.

February 9th, 2006, 10:39 PM
Realizing that there was something going on on the deck, Kiro quickly ran towards the deck, only to see people conversing, some girls, and some guys. He walked up to a hilariously short person, with wild red hair, who upon first glance, Kiro thought was a girl. He then had to hold his breath in to keep from laughing his brains out, but then managed to say,

"Erm, what's your name? Mine's Kiro."

Which was when Kiro couldn't hold it in anymore, and started to laugh like crazy, his large eyes collecting many tears from the laughter. He quickly apoligized to the boy, and awaited a response.

February 10th, 2006, 5:05 AM

Like, so that's why Akane sounded so familiar. Well yeah, it suits Oliver.^^

Ahh..and it isn't Ernis' arm tha's long, it's his sleeve.XD
I might have overshot the length abit.^^;;

Funny as a Feebas, Charon? I find him entertaining.XD

Oh yeah, I don't mind Bulba joining us.^^


"Um..okay, Arikawa."Ernis gave Yikari a strange look as the boy gave him a pat on the shoulder, regretting that he had even said it loud enough for everyone else to hear. However, he easily straightened up as Yikari proceeded to ask about the invitation.

"Ah! Of course it'll be fun! Yes, though the main reason I even bothered to reply to this man's letter was cause.. If the great Ernis was to be one of the first few Master Coordinators in this new region, I'd be more famous than I am, right now! Haha! With fangirls swarming everywhere and popularity!"Ernis replied loudly, taking note to make sure that Cynthia was done talking.

{Oh! Helloness, Wilbur!}Buu turned to wave to the Spoink, what Piro said was correct, that orb on his head was really shiny indeed.

{Ah..Friend, trust me, being happy is better than being a cranky Houndoom.}Chue had blocked out Hiro's negative statement, mearly smiling. The Feebas was one who was hard to bring down indeed.

"You talking about that Chrysso guy right? I doubt that he'll let anyone near that machine."Ernis never had a second thought on remembering the professor's name.

"No, miss. You don't have a soup stain on yourself. You're just so pretty that I couldn't help but stare. Your eyes are like two, crystal clear pools of blue."he grinned at Amber, hoping that the decent complimenting would help him get a good start with the cowgirl.

If not for the fact that she had amber eyes.

Alter Ego
February 10th, 2006, 6:31 AM
OOC: Hmm...BB is joining? That's fine by me, just as long as we get his profile here too. ^-^

Oh, and Jack Skellington, I hate to be the terrible nagger in this instance but I have to point out that your posts are getting disturbingly short and undescriptive. Also, you should write out what exactly it is that your character is saying, not just "Kiro asked whoever about whatever", and how on earth did he find out everyone's names? Really, that post needs a lot of editing imo. <.<


"Headache?" Yikari echoed in a voice of purest innocence, "My deepest apologies Ambry-chan..." he gave another one of his dramatical apology bows, "It was never my intention to cause pain to any of your bodily parts, although I cannot speak for Chrysso-sama's esteemed parents or explain their naming habits." the boy bowed again, "Perhaps we could ask our esteemed captain to lend you something for the headache then, yes?"

Just as the boy had finished his apology to Amber however, another event caught his attention; namely, Oliver's words on what he felt about attending a seminar with this group.

"Now Oliver-sama, I take offence." Yikari commented in a dramatically offended tone, folding his arms, "Why ever would you not like to attend Chrysso-sama's seminar together with our lovely little family here?" he swept one arm through the air in a gesture to encompass the whole group, a mischievous grin spreading across his face as Ernie-kun began talking with Amber, Yikari nonchalantly slipping a bit closer and giving him a discreet nudge on the arm.

"Why Ernie-kun, you truly are what they call a smooth operator..." he whispered in a would-be sly voice, "Although how you ever managed to get such a good view of her eyes when your own were focused quite a bit lower is beyond me." he gave the coordinator a quick grin before taking a bit of distance from him again and awaiting the others' responses.

February 10th, 2006, 10:15 AM
{ooc| sorry I didn't post earlier, I was meant to be going out but my parents were taking...aaaaages. They told me I 'couldn't start anything' though, so no posty from me ;;}

Festival sniffed sadly. Piro didn't seem very interested in her... she stalked off to cower behind her trainer, who was too busy eyeing suspiciously to notice.
"My eyes are...Amber, y'know? Hence the name?" the girl said sarcastically, and rolled her eyes. Still, she couldn't but smile. "Thanks, though." she added, in a softer voice. Boys very rarely told her she was pretty; after all, Amber was skinny and outgoing, but she still lacked the most important part of a woman's anatomy. A large chest.

She paused, as the conversation turned to Chrysso's letter.
"Oh... this invitation?" she opened up her bag and pulled out a very crumpled looking piece of paper, which had a large bite out of one corner. She grinned sheepishly. "Uh...yah, my Tauros got hold of it..."
As Yukari continued to gabber on in his whimsical voice, Amber couldn't help but grin. "Our little family?" she laughed. They had only just met, and they were hardly the perfect little clique; one prankster, one shrimp, one coward, one...well, whatever Enris was. She chose to ignore Yukari's second comment; after all, she hardly had much chest to stare at.

Amber glanced up as another boy appeared, followed by a Ralts. He began talking to Oliver, and Amber smiled politely. "Hello!"

{edit: I'm sad, Nigma's roleplay looks really cool but I didn't get an invite. Ah well.}

Random Plushie
February 11th, 2006, 10:28 AM

Um, yes, Jack Skellington, I do believe Alter has a point.. Could you try working on that, please?


Oliver had narrowed his eyes again, having just attempted to ignore Ernis and that attitude of his. However, his attention on Ernis didn't last very long, for once Yikari had begun commenting again, Oliver immediately forgot about Ernis. Turning away from the Coordinator, he folded his arms in the manner that they had been before replying.

"Family? Are you implying that after several minutes of talking with everyone, you're attached?" Oliver asked, if only to hear Yikari's response. His responses had proved interesting thus far, if a bit annoying in Oliver's eyes. Shrugging mentally to himself, Oliver decided he may as well share his opinion. It wasn't like he had anything else to do.

Reaching into one of his sweater's pockets, it only took a few moments for Oliver to retrieve the folded piece of paper that he had been looking for. It was a good deal less crumpled than Amber's invitation for the most part, and of course, had no bites taken out of it, either. He flicked his eyes across the words printed on the invitation, just to refresh his memory.

Dear Mister Oliver Tan,

Greetings, my name is Chrysso. Or, more formally, Professor R. Chrysso. I am a Pokemon Researcher currently taking up research in the region known as Ryko. You may or may not have heard of it, Mister Tan, but either way will suit me just fine.

Getting to the point, I am cordially inviting you to attend a presentation at my lab, located in Meridian Town. During the course of this presentation, I will reveal to all who attend my latest invention, which I have constructed due to a breakthrough I have reached in my studies. This invention is solely for ensuring the well-being of your Pokemon, and in no way do I expect it to be harmful. This invention, whether you take my word for it or not, is very unique in design and performance and I do hope that you will attend my little seminar. If the invention is ready, I may allow for its use on your Pokemon.

Since all members of my invited audiece do not take up residence in Ryko, I have ordered for an ocean liner, S.S. Kingdra, to travel throughout the assigned regions and pick everyone up. Once you are aboard the ship, the journey will already be fairly complete. The S.S. Kingdra will make one last destination after it has picked up all passengers, heading to my lab or not, which is Meridian Town.

Once the ship has landed, all you have to do is show up at my lab.


Prof. R. Chrysso

Looking over the invitation one more time left Oliver puzzled. Now that he thought about it, he had absoutely no idea what this invention did, how this professor guy knew his name, and why the guy would invite him specifically to a science presentation, anyway. It didn't make much sense.

"I guess it must be worth it to find out what this guy is all about." Oliver spoke up, his usual temper having gone for the moment. "Since he went through the trouble of inviting us specifically."

{It all seems like an underground operation, Skipper-Oliver.} Piro spoke up, looking up to Oliver. {I've been saying that since the very beginning. There's no trusting random people who invite you to special parties!} He exclaimed, all the while holding the serious tone in his voice. He had noticed Festival stalking off (he tended to notice a lot of things), but paid it no heed.


Thought I'd give y'all something to refer to.

The invitations don't differ much at all, save everyone's names.

February 11th, 2006, 10:46 AM
((OOC: Sorry for that short post, but here is a longer one, and I edited my previous post! ^^!))


Kiro sighed, and then grabbed the letter he had in his bag, which said the exact thing the short boy's letter said. Amazed that someone else on the ship was going to his location, Kiro then acted nicer to the wild haired boy, apologizing many many times in sorrow. He called out Kindle, so that he could play with the other Pokemon he saw at the edge of his eye.

{{Kiro....Do I have to?}} asked Kindle, nudging at Kiro's leg with hard force.

"Yes, now go along now, play with the others" replied Kiro, pushing him toward a Spoink. The shy Ralts slowly walked over, and when he sensed the kindness in the Spoink using the red horn on his head, Kindle happily walked over to it.

{{Hello, my name is Kindle, what is yours?}} The Ralts smiled, hoping he wouldn't give off a bad first impression to the other Pokemon.

February 12th, 2006, 7:38 AM
OOC: Hey, I'm posting! XD Sorry for the absence. ^^;; By the way, Yikari's comment on what Ernis' eyes were focused on cracked me up! Heh heh.


{Oh yes, my pearl is quite shiny, isn't it? Cynthia helped me find a really nice, shiny blue one. I love it,} the Spoink said to he hyper pokemon. The Houndour's nose was about to touch the precious pearl, and Wilbur didn't really mind. He minded when people tried to steal it, so he would of course watch the pokemon closely, but he didn't see the harm in letting the dog touch it.

A Ralts soon came up to the springy pig, and he looked over to it. {Oh hello, my name's Wilbur. It's nice to meet some more psychic pokemon. Your psychic abilities are probably more honed than mine though, Cynthia has always been... er... afraid to train with me in that area.}

Cynthia had tried to train Wilbur in the way of his psychic abilities, but that time had ended abruptly. Despite what she seemed, Cynthia actually had a very high aptitude for becoming a psychic. She had scored a very high number on an ESP test, and she had seemed a bit happy to try and get good at something. However, not more than a week after they had begun training their minds, Cynthia backed out. She had never made it clear why she stopped, not even to Wilbur, but the pokemon had sensed that it had something to do with a day she had gone off alone to do some psychic training. That day she had come back really upset and scared, but would never talk about what happened.

The little Spoink stopped thinking about this. He didn't care if he didn't reach his full potential as a psychic, he would rather have Cynthia happy.

The smoky-eyed girl had been watching the conversations around her, thinking perhaps this would be a good time to slip away and be alone again. She did enjoy being around people, she just didn't know what to say to them. What could she talk about with these people? The invitation? She didn't know anything about the man who had sent them, and so to just avoid any embarrassment, she attempted to slink away.

She took a few scooting steps away from the group of chatting trainers, and paused for a moment, not wanting them to notice that she was slowly disappearing.

February 12th, 2006, 8:36 AM
The Ralts smiled at the comment the Houndour said to Wilbur. He inched a few feet back, scared of the Houndour, as he had never seen one. He then decided that even though it was hyper, the Houndour was harmless.

{{Hi there, my name is Kindle!}} he said, hoping that the Dog Pokemon wouldnt attack.

Then, he turned to Wilbur and asked,

{{Why has your trainer been afraid of training you in your area of Psychic power? She shouldnt because, well, arent you a psychic Pokemon?? My trainer has been training hard with me since day one!}} He smiled, proud of his accomplishments.....

Alter Ego
February 12th, 2006, 8:48 AM
OOC: Ho-hum. Jack, your edited post has a new case of sloth with 'Kiro quickly apologized'...-.- Still, the length has improved and this new one looks just fine. ^_^


"But of course!" Yikari exclaimed at Oliver's statement, "My dear Oliver-sama, there are separated siblings in this world who only know each other through letter correspondence and are still siblings in every possible sense of the word. We on the other hand have already known each other for several minutes, that's more than some siblings ever get." he gave the boy a hearty smile, quite purposefully ignoring Kiro for the moment, just to see how long it would take to tick the boy off and make him demand acknowledgement.

Speaking of ackonwledgements, it seemed like Cynthie-chan wasn't getting very much of those at the moment. The boy quickly spun around, only to spot that the girl in question had taken up slowly backing away. Ahh...such stealth would have made Hiro proud, but it wouldn't do for such anti-social tendencies to be bred in the dearest of all his new friends now, was it? No, of course not. Especially since Yikari had yet to determine why the blue-haired girl looked so familiar.

With that in mind, Yikari chose not to comment on Oliver's words on the invitation, although on a normal day the mischievous boy would immediately have rushed over to peek over Oliver's shoulder and probably have swiped the letter too, should a suitable occasion have arisen. This time however, he quite purposefully walked over to Cynthia.

"Cynthie-chan..." he began in a fairly quiet voice which still sounded rather hurt and dissapointed "You aren't going to just walk away on your newly found family, are you?" he gave her his most convincing poor-little-orphan expression, "Couldn't you stay a bit longer? Pleeease?"

Hiro scoffed, now thoroughly annoyed by the abundance of small and irritating pokémon in his presence as Kiro's Ralts joined in as well, {Why should she?} the Houndoom remarked bitterly, {There would be more oxygen for the rest of us if she left, wouldn't there?}

"Oh, you don't really mean that, Hiro." Yikari said, shaking his head at the fire type, "And how could Cynthie-chan be like the little sister I never had if she's somewhere else? You're spouting silly talk now."

{Silly talk?} Hiro echoed, {Who's the one talking about sisters he's never had five minutes after meeting the girl, eh?}

"Time is a relative concept." Yikari remarked, turning his attention back to Cynthia to make sure that she wouldn't make a getaway.

Random Plushie
February 12th, 2006, 10:33 AM

Has anybody been watching the Winter Olympics?

Alter, tell the Finnish judge he's being harsh. XD The Japanese judge is being harsh, too.


Oliver hadn't noticed Kiro's laughter while he had been rereading his invitation, so of course, as he turned to face Kiro as the boy was apologizing, Oliver narrowed his eyes, trying to hide his confusion.

"What are you apologizing about? Never mind, I don't want to know." As usual, he was being rude on the first impression. Folding up his invitation, he placed it back where it had been in his pocket before turning around to hear Yikari's latest response. Whoa, it seemed the guy was going to stop at nothing to convince them all that they were a 'family'.

Piro was listening as well, not moving save the constant swishing of his tail. Every so often the jewel on his forehead would glow, but only for a split second, not glowing again until several long moments had passed.

{Actually, the less people, the better.} Piro piped up, agreeing with what Hiro was saying. His expression was void of emotion, as usual. {If there were less people around, it would be easier to spot danger coming from afar.}

"Something's wrong with you. Really." Oliver said, in Yikari's direction, quickly folding his arms again. No, he definitely wasn't the brother Yikari ever had. He was going to die believing that.

Meanwhile, Akeru had barely paid attention to Wilbur's response, completely occupied in repeatedly poking the Spoink's pearl with his nose. His tail was still wagging.

{Shiny things are so fun to poke!} Akeru yipped in happiness, eyes seeming to glow brightly. {But I think it's getting kinda boring! Don't you?} With that, the Houndour quickly turned and bounded away from Wilbur, making his way back to Oliver through the surrounding people, skidding to a halt when he finally reached the boy. Apparently he shouldn't bound so fast in the future. The Houndour barked up at his Trainer to get his attention, eventually tugging on Oliver's pant leg, if a bit hard.

{Ollieee~! Let me out when something fun happens!} Akeru howled, smiling in spite of the irritated look he got from Oliver. The Trainer said nothing, though, merely unclipping the Houndour's Pokeball and returning him within the next few moments.

February 13th, 2006, 4:47 AM
Ernis snorted at Yikari's previous statement, about where his eyes were positioned. The boy knew he had better things to ponder about, the color of Amber's eyes for example.

"Well, yes. Pools of fire I mean-"the Coordinator bit his tougue while sweatdropping.

Great, excellent. What a nice thing to say to a girl, eh? He quickly resumed talking once more, hoping to cover up his previous mistake. "Anyway, I just noticed they're color. You're so beautiful that I was blinded, hence the fact that I couldn't see their magnificent color."

The boy proceeded to gesture to Buu, asking her to get his invitation out of his bag while turning to see a new boy approaching them. He was older, and had a Ralts.

{Rightness, Ernis!}the Sudowoodo saluted her trainer obediantely, proceeding to unzip his knapsack, rummaging through it until she pulled out a piece of paper folded neatly.

"Right. All of you are talking about this thing right?"Ernis held it out, opening it to briefly glance at the letter, followed by its folding and placement into the boy's pocket.

{Helloness, tiny Ralts!}Buu waved to Kindle, laughing at the small size of the Ralts compared to her. Infact, she was almost always surronded by smaller Pokemon. Like, Wilbur for example, either way, they were all too fun to be with. Her expression did let down a bit as Akeru was returned to his pokeball.

{Friend. There's no danger. And even if there was, the more people the better. Cause' they're more eyes and everyone could contribute to beatin' the danger! Of course..the plan could backfire and we could all get seriously hurt or captured, our trainers too. And then, all we can do is sit powerless in the metal cage's they've imprisoned us in and howl until the bad guys get pissed off an-}Chue was stopped abruptly by a brown arm covering his mouth.

{Peopleness, don't mind him. He's like that.}Buu grinned nervously, letting the Feebas get back onto his original place on her shoulder.

"I am definately not your brother. Seriously, I can't comprehend the fact that we could actually be related. Good try though."Ernis had actually put something good(Feebas, if we're talking about Ernis, him saying 'Good try' would've been considered way good already.XD) into his sentence, though the rest of it seemed to be as rude and negative as the ones before. Still, this Arikawa guy was creeping him out, bah, he just probably needed some getting used to.

February 13th, 2006, 8:16 AM
OOC: I'm so nervous... I have a speech to give today in my Public Speaking class. I'm talking about my experience in having a pet rabbit so I definitely know what I'm talking about, but I can't help but be nervous. ^^;;


"Uh... uh... I- I suppose I could stay," Cynthia stuttered, looking up at Yikari's pleading face. Darn! She had gotten caught, and now she felt even more embarrassed that someone had caught her. She would have been better off not moving at all and just keeping quiet.

With the slightest of sighs, she began to walk back over to the group, stealing glances at them all and wondering why this boy was so determined to keep everyone together. After all, quite a few of them seemed to dislike his use of the term 'family' when addressing the group, so why did he push it so much? Cynthia gulped a little and figured that she would look extremely rude if she didn't speak up considering she had just been dragged back over to the others, so she quickly thought of something to say.

"Do you think we're almost to the island? We have been out here for quite some time now," she asked no one in particular, her soft voice sounding its usual quiet self.

Wilbur was glad when the Houndour left his presence, his pearl was getting all slimy from the dog's wet nose, and Wilbur liked to keep his pearl clean.

{Indeed,} the Spoink squeaked when the Houndour had been returned, {As for your question,} he said turning to the Ralts once again, {I can't say. I just know that one day she was very afraid. Something bad happened but she would never tell me. I dunno, I just guess it wasn't meant to be.}

Alter Ego
February 13th, 2006, 9:44 AM
OOC: Winter Olympics? Ehh...can't say that I have. Although if the finnish judge is being harsh then good on him. Finnish judges are usually so bloody soft that they're giving us a bad name. xP

And good luck on your speech Melissa. ^-^ I used to freak out completely about them a few years back, but nowadays I take it all out on the audience by going into detail about everything instead. Helps to keep my mind of the audience itself. xD


{Finally someone with a little sense.} Hiro remarked at Piro's comment, {A commodity which most people seem to lack, I'm afraid...} he cast a meaningfull glance at Chue, {I'd rather be on my own than have a weird little fish or an over-energetic pup for a sentry.}

"Aww...come on Ernie-san." Yikari said at the coordinator's comment, shaking his head, "Don't be a grouch just because you're the little brother in this equation." he turned his attention back to Cynthia, his face lighting up visibly at the girl's reply, although he still noted that she had not given up the altogether unfitting habit of sighing and looking depressed.

"Well...our esteemed captain said that we had good weather, so we might make it ahead of schedule." Yikari remarked at Cynthia's question, "Let me go take a look." he flashed a quick grin at the girl before dashing off a bit forward and leaning as far over the railing as he could go, his feet seeming precariously close to loosing contact with the deck as only his toes could still touch it, the rest of the boy's body being aimed at seeing as far out to sea as possible. After a moment or two the boy dashed back over to the group with a continuously cheerfull expression on his face.

"We're not quite there yet, Cynthie-chan." he announced, performing a mock salute for the girl, "But I'm pretty sure that I spotted land in the distance, it could be Ryko. Any other orders, m'am?" he maintained a purposefully over-dramatized show of discipline, seemingly oblivious to the fact that no-one had really ordered him to do anything.

February 13th, 2006, 10:09 AM
OOC: Eh... okay, I just talked about rabbits for about 16 minutes to my class. ^^;; The presentation was only supposed to be 5-7 minutes. It's official... I know too much about rabbits. O_O Luckily I was the second person to go and he gave me some slack. I did a good job though and no one looked bored! I think this is good for my future students though. It means that when I'm a teacher, my students can get me to easily talk through a half an hour, thereby delaying their tests by a day. I always loved it when that happened to my teachers. ^__^



Cynthia stared as Yikari raced over to the edge of the boat to peer out and make a call as to whether or not they had reached Ryko yet. She certainly had to hand it to the boy, he was very energetic. Quite the opposite of her usual demeanor, which consisted of being calm and quiet.

As he asked her if she had any other orders, the girl looked up at him with a slight frown. "O-orders?" she said in an uncertain tone, "I'm afraid I don't know what you mean? Am I to order you around?"

Wilbur heard this comment, and his little black eyes gave an exasperated look. {Oh Cynthia... he's obviously joking you again,} the little Spoink said, but he wasn't close enough for Cynthia to hear him.

As Cynthia stared at Yikari though, she suddenly felt as though he was somehow familiar. She couldn't imagine where she had seen him before, nor could she imagine ever forgetting someone like him, but there it was. She waited for his reply though, not wanting to ask him about what she was thinking-- it would have sounded a little strange.

OOC: I think I'm getting my brother's cold. My throat feels all warm and funny; like it does in the beginnings of a cold.

February 13th, 2006, 10:49 AM
{ooc| Nyaaah, you wanna be a teacher then, Melissa? I have no idea what I want to do... And....I'm such a lazy poster. I just got my brace fitted and it hurt. This morning I also had to get my travel jabs so I can go to the caribbean in April....so my arm hurts and my teeth hurt...}

Festival mewed, and peered out to sea. {I can't wait until we hit land!} she squeaked, and continued to found around the others, {then I can go swimming!} After all, Festival liked nothing more than the water, but here where she was surrounded by so much she couldn't enjoy it. She shot the tumbling waves another wistfull look, and bounced over to Akeru. {Hello, can I play too?} she began, but she didn't bother waiting for an answer and slumped over his back so she could see Wilbur's pearl as well. {I can see my reflection!} she exclaimed.

Amber rolled her eyes at Festival's behaviour. The little vaporeon meant well, bless her, but she was almost always annoying - especially to others. Amber didn't have the heart to chide her, so she turned back to Enris.
"I think that was a compliment, so thanks." she told him, and watched Yikari charge off towards the edge of the boat. Ah, how she wished the boat would hurry up. This method of travelling was ever so mediocre - so slow, too! Still, if it went any faster Amber guessed poor Miss Cynthia would have a complete nervous breakdown.

Random Plushie
February 13th, 2006, 10:02 PM

Melissa, you are going to be everybody's favorite teacher. XD Plushie does hope you don't get too sick, though. Sickness bad. >.<

Ah, and Charon, braces do suck very much at first. The pain eventually goes away after a few days, though, so.. Yesh, it will be over soon. :3

Nyah, I love watching the Olympics, Winter and Summer. ^-^ Yesterday one of the guys in Men's Halfpipe (I forget which country he was from) made a shaka to the camera. :3

The shaka ish like so famous now. Remember; it's all in the wrist. ^-^


Oliver couldn't help but crane his neck a little as Yikari went to the railing to check how much farther they had to go. Of course, due to the awkward height angle, this meant he had to crane his neck a lot in order to actually see anything. Squinting his eyes, he was able to make out the distant shape of land spread wide on the horizon, just as Yikari had mentioned.

It wasn't much to look at now, though, so Oliver decided to turn back to the conversation, hoping that the ride wouldn't be too much longer. Though.. Judging by how happy the captain had sounded earlier, it probably wasn't all that much longer.

"If you want to take orders," Oliver said, turning to Yikari, unable to resist the temptation. "Then feel free to fetch me a cola. Great weather for one, don't you think?" He concluded, unable to restrain a grin.

Meanwhile, Piro's only physical reaction to Hiro's comment was the twitch of an ear. {Yet those with common sense must take it upon themselves to protect those who don't. The world works in strange ways..} Piro trailed off, the jewel on his forehead glowing once more.


I hope BB joins in before he misses the boat.. .___.

February 14th, 2006, 4:34 AM

Melissi as a teacher?
She'd definately be loved by her students then.^^

Gah..and all these talk about braces ish scarin' me. I'm getting braces soon.o.O;;


"I am not little! If you want me to be a part of this imaginary family, atleast try be decent will you?"Ernis frowned at Yikari's statement. True, that boy was a tad taller than him, but that give him the chance to be called smaller. Well..maybe that went for Oliver as well, the poor kid. It did seem that the redhead was much more stronger than he looked, was he underestimating him? Nah.

"Really? You deserve all the compliments you need!"the boy turned to smile at Amber as she thanked him for complimenting her. Looking at Yikari as he dashed to the side of the ship, trying to spot Ryko for that quiet blue-girl.

"If you're getting Oliver's drink, get me some herbal tea while you're at it, will you?"he waved one hand to Yikari, sounding quite serious indeed.

{Weird? Weird? I'm not weird! I'm more of the..unique type!}Chue concluded from his spot on Buu's shoulder, it was a wonder how the Feebas managed to maintain that grin he always had on his face. It must've been a mask of some sort.

{Heheeness! Common sense isn't so common anymore! And yes, the world works in strangeness! That's why I love it!}the Sudowoodo stated, covering her mouth with arm as she giggled.

Alter Ego
February 14th, 2006, 8:38 AM
OOC: I concur, everyone loves the verbose teachers. Well, at least I and most of the people from my old class do. ^-^ Ahh...this reminds me of the time when we debated away a whole double lesson of Swedish...xD

Anyway, my symphaties for your pain, Charon. I forget that not anyone has it as easy with the dentistry as I do (One cavity which was long since filled constitutes my whole record). Still, think about it this way; at least you don't end up with a nightbrace. Now those things are scary. @.@


"Why Oliver-sama...Ernie-kun..." Yikari noted at the two boys' comments, giving the a look of mock-surprise "I didn't know you two responded to 'ma'm'. I'll just keep that in mind for future reference then, shall I?" he chuckled slightly before turning back to answering Cynthia's question.

"You needn't give any orders if you don't want to, Cynthie-chan." he replied, giving the girl a friendly smile "I can be magnanimous enough to live with that." the boy relaxed his manner again, shrugging of the previous discipline alltogether. There was something in the look that she was giving him that hadn't been there before, though, a kind of intentness in the stare, as if she was trying to connect the boy's appearance to something in her mind.

"Cynthie-chan?" he asked after a while, unable to restrain his curiosity, "Is there something on your mind?"

{Eh...quite so...} Hiro concured with Piro's statement, slightly puzzled by the fact that he couldn't find anything to dislike about the Espeon. The Houndoom wasn't used to dealing with people who didn't annoy him in some way, and despite his claims to the contrary, it was precisely among that sort of people that he found himself a bit at loss about what to say. Still though, he felt that he should comment on something, and luckily, the annoying little fish and that wiggly tree had provided a suitable target to talk at.

{Weird...unique...whatever you need to tell yourself, strange little fish.} Hiro remarked at Chue's comment, scoffing {It's all semantic nonsense really...and what, might I ask, is so funny?} he now turned his attention to Buu, noting that the Sudowoodo was having trouble with containing her own inner mirth, {You know what? On second thought I don't even want to know.} the Houndoom continued, ignoring both Chue and Buu and wishing that the darnable ship would just reach its destination so that he could take some well-needed distance from this crowd.

Random Plushie
February 15th, 2006, 10:17 PM

Hmm, I guess it's about time to speed things up a bit.


Oliver's usual scowl deepened considerably at Yikari's words, and he was just as quick to reply as soon as that had happened.

"That's not what I meant! I assumed you would be glad to take orders from anyone, considering how quickly you got to requesting more. I.." Oliver forced himself to trail off, deciding it was best to refrain from giving Yikari ideas. Yes, just be quiet.. and hope he goes away..

While Oliver fell into a state of surpressed anger, Piro turned away from Hiro, looking towards the distant wedge of land on the horizon, his forehead jewel glowing softly again, although not to the point where it would plainly attract attention. He didn't have to squint his eyes from behind his shades in order to see the approaching region.

By now the land had drawn up considerably closer--apparently the good weather had prevailed, and the ship was plowing through the waters at a steady pace, even though from a passenger's point of view it seemed to be going painfully slow.

The details of the coastline itself were almost visible now. The distant white foam of waves rolling into the beach could be seen, as well as tiny little dots for the far-away buildings and the docks of the harbor. The coastline and beaches spread out for as far as the eye could see across the horizon. Apparently this region was pretty big, at least for a first glance.

Piro flicked his tail to and fro as he observed what he could see of the coastline. He didn't know what to make of it, really.. Danger could await them all on Ryko's shores. Unmerciful danger. He couldn't deny the possibility. Oh, how he wished that Yoku would be let out of his Pokeball soon.. Working alongside a trusted partner was the best way to go.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 16th, 2006, 4:47 AM
Name: Jason Saint
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jason is a well gruimed man, he is very hansome with long blonde hair which clahses greatly with his smart black suit. Shiny polished up shoes and a red tie, his blazer is usually always done up, no matter how hot, and he only undoes it when angered. He still wears the wedding ring of his late wife. and silver cufflinks.

Personality: A very charming man and offeres his kind'ness to anyone, he isn't quick to judge, but although he would rather keep it to himself he is a sort of ''children should be seen and not heard'' person, but he keeps it to himself as he knows that times have evolved. He loves art and fine wines, and often makes soothing quotes which are known to calm people quite quickly. He however isn;t the most intelligent of men in other areas, such as logical thinking. He has never been very patient with naughty pokemon, as such all of his own are well diciplines to follow orders without hesitation, some may call this a bad way to raise pokemon as their natrual instincts can be most helpful, but jason does not listen to this theory.

Dewgong - Dewgong is the chilled out pokemon of the group, (in more ways then one) when he isn;t battleing he prefers to just swim around lazily, or perhaps chat up the ladies :).
Jason caught Dewgong as a lonely seel that he found while traveling in the S.S anne.

Arcanine - Proberly Jason's most loyal pokemon, he loves to be babied and get attention from his master, but in battle he is a raging mahcine and will sput itself through anything to help it's master, even sacrifice it's own life
Jason was given his first pokemon, a growlithe when he was 10.

Cacturne - Cacturne is the sort of pokemon that prefers to keep itself to itself, it rarely talks to anyone, and changes very little in battle, it's almost as if he is always waiting for something to happen, liike he is expecting battle to break out at any time. He enjoys watching and listening from afar, as his master makes rememorable quotes, and is somewhat a little jealous of Arcanine. Jason caught Cacnea a long time ago, with very little effort, it was merely sitting on the road waiting for him, almost as he knew he was destined to be caught by him.

History (Optional): Having once been a very temporary gym leader of an unknown region, he left the job for reasons unknown. Some say it was due to his wife's death which occured due to a long disease which he has never gotten over, and feels somewhat guilty for his beloved ones death. He was never much interested in pokemon battles anyway so used his time in the research of new pokemon.....

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 16th, 2006, 7:27 AM
The ship suddenly made a sharp shake...nothing to worry about, but down in the dephs of the ship, a man began to stur from his distant slumber, he turns over in his large bed and slowly opens his eyes. Everything seems blurry, but he can make out parts of his room, a desk and wardrobe are directly in front of him on the other side of the room. the man pulls himself up into a sitting position and rubs his tires eyes with clenches fists. Uttering a deep yawn and stretching his arms out, his eyes begin to focus more. He sigh's deeply and looks to the small table next to his bed, he reaches over and picks up a glass of water which he quickly drains and swings his legs over onto the carpeted floor.

What time is it?...are we there yet? the man wonders to himself as he stands up and walks on his bare foot across the room to the small kitchs area, he places the glass into a washing up bowel and turns on the tap, cupping his hands, his slooshes his still tires face twice before turning the tap back off and grabbing a nearby towel. As he dries his face he turns around and notices a small sphere object on the floor, it is one of his pokeballs. Must have feel off with that lurch he though with a glance to his remaining pokeballs on a table. He drops the towel on the kitches table and bends down to pick up the ball, instantly he smiles, recognising which ball it is, and walks over to place it neatly on the table next to his others.
''There there now, we can't have you wandering off now can we''
The man says kindly with a smile. Looking at a clock on the wall, he reads the time ''ahhh right on schedule, perhaps it's time i prepared myself and headed up to the deck.

The man walks over to a wardrobe and opens it, revealing 2 three piece suits, he yawns again and reaches for one, about to get dressed.

February 16th, 2006, 10:59 AM
OOC: BB's playing someone older than me! XD Sometimes it's fun to play older people though, they have issues and thoughts different from teens. Yes indeedy.

Thanks for the nice comments about teaching! Hopefully I can get through the student teaching alive... o.o Kids are evil to substitutes and student teachers.

And braces must hurt lots Charon! I have a friend that got braces in the beginning of high school and had them for three years. She was the kind of person that would come to school even if she was sporting a severed limb... so she would come to school the day after having her braces tightened, and moaning and groaning in pain. Poor dears! As for shots... they are evil. My brother's diabetic, so he has to have insulin shots all the time. It's kinda funny though, he's perfectly okay with the insulin shots, but when it comes to a flu shot, he has to lay down or he'll faint. ^^;;

Hey!! I'm gonna post! XD I feel like I've said that a lot lately. >.>


"Something on my mind?" Cynthia repeated as Yikari had asked her about it. Yes, she had been thinking of why the boy looked so familiar, but she felt a bit silly asking about it. However... it was a bad thing to lie to someone... she had agreed to that a long time ago. Torn again between duty and embarrassment, Cynthia bowed to morality.

"Oh well, you s-see Mr. Arikawa, I just thought that you looked a bit... familiar?" she said, ending in an uncertain tone that made the comment sound more like a question. She then proceeded to stare down at the floor, feeling even more silly that she had said that in such a silly way.

Wilbur bounced a little, watching Cynthia nearby. He was glad that she was interacting with people, as she usually became more comfortable around people she knew. Would she ever feel comfortable enough to talk normally around them? He didn't know, but he hoped she would someday. Life is no fun unless you have people to enjoy it with.

Alter Ego
February 16th, 2006, 11:14 AM
OOC: Yeah, yay for older people! ^0^ Heh, that dude is going to make for some interesting situations methinks. xD Anyways, I was just wondering...how come you're posting in present tense BB? Is there any particular reason or did you just happen to do it?


A mischievous grin spread across Yikari's face at Oliver's protest, but before the boy had managed to make anything more out of it, Cynthia had finally answered his question, and the answer was certainly enough to catch Yikari's attention for a while.

"Familiar?" the boy echoed, his mind immediately setting to work, "Eh...not in a 'that-guy-owes-me-a-lot-of-money' way, I hope?" he added jokingly, although in truth, it was quite probable that the girl was one of the countless customers for his 'wares', in which case looking for a refund would be alltogether logical, but somehow, the boy found himself doubting that particular scenario, if only because he simply couldn't picture Cynthia ever buying anything but the perfectly legitimate stuff, "Well, I am a rather travelling species..." he continued thoughtfully, "And if it makes you feel any better, Cynthie-chan, you do look familiar to me as well." he frowned slightly, a rather uncharacteristic action for someone like him, but then his expression turned back to the usual cheerful one, "I'm afraid I can't place you, though." Yikari concluded, shaking his head "Which is a shame for me, as I do pride myself on never forgetting a pretty face." he took a brief pause, "And most people do claim that I'm hard to forget...do you have any idea of how or where you would have seen me?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 16th, 2006, 11:30 AM
OOC - yay for old croneys!!! and i'm not sure why i done it titan lol, truth be told i just done it that way without thinking lol

IC - The man reached for his blazer and swung it around himself, placinh him arms through the holes and pulling it into a smart, neat manner. He closed the wardrobe door where there is a mirror on the outside and observes himself while doing up his blazer buttons, he has long blonde hair and sparkling teeth, still.....he was clearly getting older, not quite the young man he used to be, oh how he missed those days. He closed put his closed hand to his mouth and coughed before turning away from the reflection staring equally depressed back at him, and looked towards the desk with his pokeballs on it, he smiled slightly as thoughts of good times gone past ran through his mind. He walked over to them and picked one up
''and to imagine.....only you have bee through it all with my my friends.....''
The man placed all three pokeballs in his inside blazer pocket and also picked up his wallet, pokenav and pokedex, he placed these in seperate pockets and turns his attention to the oval window straight ahead, he could see the wide beautiful sea, but not far ahead...their destination......a place he heard much about and was trying to look forward to arriving at.
Business as usual i suppose... he thought with a final sigh before walking across the room and opening his door, he stepped out and switched off the light before closing it, making the room fill with the darkness that so many fear....

February 16th, 2006, 11:33 AM
OOC: Bah... you made me post again Alter when I wanted to eat.

... What do you mean it was my choice?! XD


"I-I d-don't know... um, I just remember seeing you. I'm not very good at remembering people," Cynthia stated, her gray eyes staring off into space, trying to remember but not connecting with anything. She had blushed a little at the boy's comment about not forgetting a pretty face-- Cynthia always took compliments with a blush and stuttering, it was her way.

"P-Perhaps something will remind one of us later on of the incident?" she said, feeling a bit confused as to why she had chosen the word 'incident' to describe a meeting. Incident was something that was usually accompanied by an unwanted event or strange happening. She usually remembered those... oh well, she couldn't dwell on it too long, especially since land was in view now.

Cynthia looked over to the land approaching them, and felt a chill of anxiousness and wonder. She was a little afraid, but she knew that Wilbur and Tic-Tac would be with her, along for the ride in whatever awaited them.

OOC: Must... eat... lunch!

February 16th, 2006, 2:38 PM
{ooc| Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
I went to the theatre, because a drama youth group that my friend is in was putting on a show, it was GREAT. There was singing, and dancing, and all my favoruite songs... like The Monster Mash, She's Not There, and Gotta Get Out Of This Place. There were others.. still, we stood up in the isle, and screamed, and danced, and various stupid things. It was a pretty...plotless escapade, but the singing and cool 50's costumes made it fun.
LMAO, BB, you're palying an old pervert I bet! ;)}

Festival's big brown eyes had fallen on the approaching land mass; almost immediately, they were bright and full of excitement. Her bounding and leaping grew more and more frantic, as she darted in a tight figure eight around the trainers, practically nose to tail.
{Nearly there!} she sang cheerfully, completely oblivious of those around her.

Amber watched her Vaporeon for a minute, before turning back to the others. "Hey, Yukari, if you're taking orders from girls alone can you get me a sandwich?" she teased, and opened her mouth to continue - but froze mid-sentence. She had just spotted a man dressed in a black blazer out of the corner of her eye. Amber paused, and watched him for a second.

Random Plushie
February 16th, 2006, 10:17 PM

Whee~! Hi BB! *full-body tackle* ^-^

I do agree with everyone else.. This is bound to be quite interesting indeed. XD

Eh, Charon, that theatre thing sounds like it was fuuuuuunnn.. Especially the part about doing various yet pointless stuff in the aisles. Stupid cheering all the way, baby. XD


Oliver couldn't help grinning slightly. Yikari had seemed to placed all of his attention on Cynthia for the moment, giving him a chance to escape at last. If he was lucky, Yikari wouldn't even bother chasing after him and trying to convince him that he shouldn't abandon the 'family.'

With utmost silence, Oliver made several sidesteps towards the nearest railing, his sunglasses-wearing Espeon noticing this and immediately following. Oliver was about to turn and run the rest of the way away when he noticed that Amber had frozen in mid-comment. She just cut herself off, and was now staring at something for some reason.

Oliver was immediately filled with natural human curiousity, turning his head in order to get a look at what Amber was staring at. It turned out to be a man clad in a black blazer, currently stepping out of his cabin. Oliver narrowed his eyes at the sight, immediately and mentally placing a 'bad news' label on the man before him. The red-head began backing up, in the direction he had just fled from, while Piro had swiftly and discreetly placed himself between his Trainer and the blazer-wearing man, ears perked up.

Oliver decided that it wouldn't be very smart to just stare at the guy through narrowed eyes. That would only cause trouble. So, doing the only thing he could think of at the moment, he began leaning on the railing and pretended to be fully absorbed in the approaching land mass that was Ryko.

In fact, now that he was looking at it again, he noticed that within the span of a several minutes, the land had gotten considerably closer, now in full detail. Buildings could be distinguished from one another, rather than meshed together in a series of dots. You could actually make out boats that were docked in the harbor, as well as make out the faded silhouettes of inland mountains.

"Wow, these must be really quick currents." Oliver pondered aloud, almost forgetting about the man in the blazer.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 17th, 2006, 2:20 AM
''Oh indeed they are, in fact we could have arrived at this island in the space of about 5 minutes should we have wished it, wel...if we didn't mind coming to a stop at the end, so sharp that the entire ship would have cracked from within.....''

The man has entered the open area of the boat and has come into the prsesence of some children and their pokemon, he saw that they were all looking at him now in different manners, some confused, perhaps even a little scared, he offered a toothy smile.

''My apologies, allow me to introduce myself, my name Is Mr. Saint. I am sorry if my sudden presence alarms you, only it has been a rough couple of weeks for me and i decided to take this oppurtinity to get some much needed sleep for the journey ahead....''
He smiled on but noticed that they were still looking at him curiously
''If you wish to see some identifacation, then I will not be insulted, after all you seem to not be able to trust anybody these days, would you like to? but either way, would you then be so kind as to tell me what exactly you are all doing headed out to this island?'' he finished with a raised eyebrow, but continuing to smile sweetly.

Alter Ego
February 17th, 2006, 3:06 AM
Whee~! Hi BB! *full-body tackle* ^-^

*Is so jealous of BB now* xD Seriously though, good timing, BB. A bit more delay and Mr.Saint would have overslept. ^-^

And don't blame me, Melissa. It's all Yikari's fault for always having something to say. xP

Incidentally, to any and all good Jap students in the building, does anyone know the japanese term for grandfather/older male? It would serve well right about now, methinks. ^-^


Yikari nodded, "Allright then." he said, a sudden grin appearing on his face for no apparent reason, "We are now on an official quest together, Cynthie-chan, that's even better than being partners in cluelessness." he let out a small chuckle at the world in general again, still musing over Cynthia's reaction to his words. Now of course, Yikari might not have been the authority on all things attractive about the opposite gender, but he was still a bit surprised by how very bashfully she reacted to a simple compliment, usually the ladyfolk enjoyed hearing praise about themselves, deserved or no, and certainly many more would have told Cynthia something similar in the past? He shrugged the matter off though, it was probably all just a side effect of brooding too much, yes, she'd have to be taught out of that bad habit as soon as possible.

"A sandwich, you say?" the boy echoed at Amber's words, maintaining his grin, "But Ambry-chan, are you sure that you would not rather have me fetch the gentleman over yonder?" he nodded towards the older blonde who had just stepped out onto the deck and who had managed to catch the attention of both Amber and Oliver already. Well, he certainly looked...wealthy, Yikari had to give him that, but somehow he seemed even older than gramps, although that could be due to the simple fact that Yikari had yet to see the eccentric old man wearing anything more official than his old ninja outfit, and that was only during training.

"Ahh...I see that my offer is unnecessary, then." Yikari added as the man approached them and introduced himself as Mr.Saint, "And there is no need to apologize, Saint-sama..." the boy continued, giving the older man a grin, "You're not half as scary as Ojiisan on a bad morning. I am Yikari Arikawa, pleased to meet you." he bowed dramatically, "As for what our little family here is up to..." he performed a large sweeping motion with his hand to encompass the whole group, "We've been invited attend Chrysso-sama's conference. What about you, Saint-sama?" he finished, peering curiously at the well-dressed man.

February 17th, 2006, 3:20 AM
{ooc| I do! Ojiisan! That's probably spelt wrong... ah well....
I can't really make a decent IC right now....I'm too excited!
I'm gonna see my favourite band in concert in July! They're hardly ever in England, I am so happy!

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 17th, 2006, 3:29 AM
OOC - Teehee, I got tackls and you didn't!!!! very Bulbasaur'ish XD

IC - Mr. Saint observed a strange young man, walks over and introduce himself with a low, and rather sloppy bow
''Charmed i'm sure'' he said simply at the boy's comment on how he looked in the morning. Still, this person had already shown him respect and digni....well perhaps not dignity, but respect was something that the blonde man could appreciate in a person as young as he, so he smiled and held out a hand to shake
''Very pleased to meet you'' he said, throwing his hair back with the other hand, so that it began to swim in the breeze like a lost kite....

OOC - ouch, the shortness :(

Random Plushie
February 17th, 2006, 9:54 PM

*Is so jealous of BB now* xD

Whee~! Hi Titan! *full-body tackle*

Anybody else want one while I'm at it? xD

Oh, and just a minor correction; Ryko isn't an island, to those who have called it one. ^-^;;


Oliver snapped his head back towards Mr. Saint as he spoke, unable to restrain himself from narrowing his eyes again. Something about this guy seemed suspicious.. However, should he comment on it and be proved wrong, that would be way too embarassing. And so, he simply remained silent, folding his arms as Yikari responded first, informing Mr. Saint that they were all to attend Prof. Chrysso's presentation.

"And just so you know, we aren't related in any way. He's just convinced that we're all long lost siblings or something." Oliver said, stepping into the conversation as he usually did. If he were several years younger, he probably would've made a face to compliment that statement. "And since you weren't here to catch it earlier, my name's Oliver."

Piro remained silent as a stone, deciding that Mr. Saint wasn't making himself out to be a threat just yet. The Espeon stepped away from the man and back towards Oliver, looking down at the ground as if thinking to himself.

Before anything more could be said, the captain's voice suddenly boomed out across the deck, the large speakers once again taking action.

"Is this thing on? Oh yes, it is. Terribly sorry for the wasted words, yes I am." The captain began. "Anyway, prepare to disembark everyone! We're arriving shortly based on several accurate calculations. Six minutes to be precise. Apparently we were even more ahead of schedule than I had previously assumed. Isn't that just peachy? It is, and you can't deny it! Anyway, I repeat, prepare to disembark! That is all!"

And with that, the captain was finished, and a more peaceful sound level was regained.

February 17th, 2006, 10:18 PM


Anyways, helloies, Bulba!^0^


"I'd love to fetch you a sandwich, Amber.."Ernie replaced the polite smile on his face with a frown as the girl he had been addressing turned to stare at an old guy in a blazer. He narrowed his eyes, not really knowing what to consider the dude as. He was either one of them old travellers, or the old men who dressed nicely to attract young and pretty girls.

"I'm..Ernis Reanalds. Pleased to meet you, Saint."the boy managed to force himself down to a short bow. His grandfather always taught him to bow to his elders. He hadn't even noticed that the ship was already near Ryoko. It was only until the Captain of the ship spoke up, that the boy looked towards the railing of the ship. They were indeed, near the port already.
Giving his sleeve an impatient tug so that all the wrinkles on it had been smoothed out, the boy tightened his grip on his bag, gesturing for his two pokemon to keep close to him.

{Okay, Ernieness! Talk to you people later!}Buu nodded to her trainer, giving a wave to Festival, Hiro, the funny, shiny Spoink...

"When did I agree to trav-"Ernis stopped, remembering the request he had brought up at the begining of the trip, when all of them had just gotten to know each other.

"Nevermind."he said, giving Buu a pat on the head, allowing Chue to get onto his favourite spot on his shoulder.

Alter Ego
February 18th, 2006, 12:31 AM
Whee~! Hi Titan! *full-body tackle*

*No longer feeling left out* Pwhee! ^0^

And concerning that term, maybe I'll still wait for a second verdict from Melissa while I'm at it. Yikari is the type to switch the names he calls people for no apparent reason anyway. ^-^


"Likewise, Saint-sama." Yikari replied, vigorously shaking the offered hand before Oliver made his comment, at which point he felt simply obliged to speak his mind;

"Don't mind Oliver-sama." the boy said, smiling in his usual good-natured way, "He's a bit sour on this fine morning but I shall turn that frown upside down, it's the only brotherly thing to do. Wouldn't you say we look like twins?" he rushed over to Oliver's side, all the time maintining a wide grin, much in contrast to the short red-head's expression before bursting out into a fit of laughter at the world in general and turning his attention to the rapidly approaching harbor of Meridian Town. Hiro, who had taken up sleeping on the deck with one eye half-open, now rising up as well and trotting over to his trainer to peer at the town as well.

"Almost there, Hiro." the boy announced, patting the Houndoom's horned head with all the affection one might show for a cute little puppy, "And then..." the boy continued, a mischievous glint appearing in his eyes, "...the real fun begins."

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 18th, 2006, 5:58 AM
''Very pleased to meet you all'' Jason said proudly with a slight tilt of his own head 'And it's, Mr. saint, if you don't mind'' he said this with a smile, not angrily, for they had all been very respectful and he said it more remindingly, matter of factly''

He watched as the boy that called himself Oliver ducked down and began to pat his Houndoom with an evil grin, what the grin was for he didn't quite know, but he observed the pokemon with interest
''That;s a fine looking Houndoom you have there young man....'' he said in an impressed voice ''Im somewhat an authority when it comes to fire pokemon, hahahaha, oh yes they interest me greatly, I love the way it stands with pride, that can only come from well grooming, you must be very proud, of you're pokemon, and of yourself'' he smiled before turning to face the sa again, he took a step forward and began to lean on the side of the ship. ''The ocean is very beautiful, very very beautiful, somehow looking at it always makes me fel a little better, yet sadder all the same...'' he began to say in a quiet but blatant voice, talking to no one more inparticular then himself
''You loves the sea didn't you.......you loved it very much. I don't think i've ever met such a person with more a connection to the sea then you....''

He stopped his talking and remained mometarily still for a moment, lost in thought, suddenly he turned back round again to look at his young companions

''ahh so you're off to this, lecture shall we say, aswell? what a coinsedence, me too, but, you say you were invited, well thats strange, no disrespect intended, but i do wonder what the professor would want with people as young as you're good selves, once again don't take that the wrong way, jus these sort of things do tend to pick at the mind''

He ran a hand through his long shiny hair, still blowing in the soft breeze. He then grabbed his blazer with both hands and began to neaten it up a bit ''well 6 minutes hey, that will pass before we know it......''

OOC - hewwo everyone :) and no, i am NOT an old perve, honestly, children of today XDXD

February 18th, 2006, 6:31 AM
OOC: Ah yes, Charon is correct, the term for grandfather is Ojiisan. And her spelling was top-notch! ^^


"Ah... a quest? Together?" Cynthia said, blinking a little, "Oh, you mean a quest to remember where we saw each other before? Yes... I suppose we are." She didn't comment on the clueless part, for it was pretty obvious that she had not really known what was happening at all for the past few hours. Being around Yikari seemed to make her very confused. He had an odd way of talking that the girl just wasn't used to yet.

Wilbur waved good-bye to Buu and went up to his trainer as well. {Cynthia, you sure I should still be out? What if this Professor guy has a problem with loose pokemon?} Wilbur asked, not wanting to look rude.

Cynthia gave him a look that clearly said that she did not want the Spoink leaving. Wilbur ended that discussion.

"Oh dear... how rude of me," Cynthia said, noticing the older man before them, "My name is Cynthia Tharnst." She nodded to him and then fell quiet again, turning her attention to Yikari and Oliver. She was trying to figure out why Yikari had suggested that they could be twins. Hm... perhaps he meant the kind that don't look alike?

EDIT: Phweee! A piccy of Cradily and Lileep from the latest pokemon movie. Clickies (http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/4786/cradilylileep2tg.jpg)!

Alter Ego
February 18th, 2006, 7:00 AM
OOC: Whatever you need to tell yourself, BB, whatever you need to tell yourself...xD

And yay for Ojiisan! ^0^ Yeees...Yikari is going to have use for that term at a certain point. Yes, I think he will. >D

Oh, and BB...Hiro is Yikari's pokémon. Not Oliver's. You might want to fix that. ^-^

EDITNESS: I just noticed...

*Dramatic pause*

CRADILY AND LILEEP! ^_____________^ *Tackleglomps the little sweeties* Ahh...if only there was a real central manga character who had either of those on his/her team...maybe then they would get the respect they really deserve. Although having them on the big screen is a good start. Thanks for the piccie. ^^


{Well, someone has to maintain the dignity of this group.} Hiro commented at Mr.Saint's praise, pretending as if he wasn't affected by the words per say but still straightening his pose a bit more.

"Maintaining dignity?" Yikari echoed the fire type's words with some amusement, "Now Hiro, isn't that what we have Marco for?"

The Houndoom scoffed, {Marco...} he began indignantly, {Still believes that moral fiber is something that you get from eating breakfast cereal, and if you show him a noodle he'll jump at it like he hadn't eaten for a week. That crazy crocodile has no dignity outside the battlefield.}

"And you have no fun, in the battlefield or otherwise, you old spoilsport." Yikari retorted in a clearly affectionate voice, giving the fire type a playfull poke.

{Why should everything be fun?} the Houndoom asked, {No, don't answer that...} he continued, {It was a rhetorical question.}

The boy shook his head, turning to answer to Mr.Saint's comment, "Yeah, he's the pride of this team." he replied, smiling as he patted the three pokéballs which were suspended from his shorts by means of what looked like later-addition hatches, "And the rest of us deal with the joy, it's one of those group dynamic type things." he chuckled slightly, wondering wether the older man was listening anymore, seeing as how he was looking out to the sea and seeming to talk to himself more than anyone else. Finally, the male turned to face them again however, commenting on the lecture.

"Well, maybe Chrysso-sama is looking to add some life into the presentation?" Yikari suggested, grinning mischievously again.

{Or a cheap wrecking crew...} Hiro remarked in a cynical tone, {That's your speciality, isn't it?}

The boy folded his arms in a distinctly dramatical way, "Sheez..." he replied, rolling his eyes, "Break one little quiz machine and you never hear the end of it. But yes, time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?" he commented on the last remark, grinning again, "Which is of course precisely what our little family here is having, isn't it?"

February 18th, 2006, 9:20 AM
Amber watched Mr. Saint with a look of dislike on her face. Why was a forty-year-old talking to kids like he was one of them? The others didn't seem to mind, but this slick blonde man in his flouncy blazer really was rubbing Amber the wrong. way. She stiffened up completely, and when Festival went darting past Amber grabbed the little vaporeon around her middle and pulled the unwilling animal onto her lap. Amber was used to tormenting and torturing adults - maybe not physically, but through taunts and empty threats. He was complimenting Yukari, and nicities between seniors and minors always threw her.

"time flies when you're having fun." Yukari said, and Amber found herself smiling. soon she'd be on that island, and once Chrysso had given his presentation she and her pokemon could clear off and do whatever they wanted - battle, scale waterfalls, river run...it would be a far moe adventurous camping trip.
"Can't wait 'til we arrive." she exclaimed. "I mean...all this danger, all this excitement!"
Festival mewed. {Oh yes, won't it be an adventure to explore a region completely untouched?} she giggled.
"Uh..." Amber petted her pokemon. "Yeah, 'course."
Amber hadn't actually understood a word; sometimes Festival spoke far too fast for her to catch on to. smile and nod, girl, she thought to herself.

Random Plushie
February 18th, 2006, 10:25 AM

Whee~! Hi Yibber! *full-body tackle*

Okay yeah, that's getting way too repetitive.


Oliver resisted the urge to make a sharp comment when Yikari suggested that the two of them could be twins, especially when the boy started laughing like that. God, that kid was like all the little brothers in the world trapped in one body. Oliver continued to remain silent, obviously becoming more irritated by the second as he kept his arms folded.

"A cheap wreaking crew? That sounds like Yikari all the way." Oliver muttered, having picked up on what Hiro had said for some reason. Well, it wasn't like he gave it a second thought.

Piro said nothing, his expression remaining.. expressionless. The Espeon wandered over to the railing, sitting down and peering through the spaces between the bars so he could see the harbor. There were two ships currently docked, and not much people saved the ones who worked here were wandering around at the moment, from what Piro could see.

Just beyond the harbor, the town itself started. It seemed to be a bright seaside town, buildings and houses painted light pastel colors that matched the scenery of the beaches and ocean. Buildings were never more than three stories high, something that Piro was grateful for. Shorter buildings meant space for less people, and less people meant less danger.


Yar, Alter, perhaps since Oliver is familiar with Akeru's speech, he could've easily picked up on Hiro's by now.

February 19th, 2006, 4:39 AM

Hello, Plushie!!!!^0^

*ish now happy that she has been tackled by the Great Plushie*

Maybe, if I wish hard enough, some of her greatness will rub off on me...*Ludicolo charge towards her*

Nice picceh, Melissi.^^


Ernis had taken to folding his arms, listening in to the conversation taking place. He didn't feel all too good now, since the appearance of Mr. Saint. Was the old dude going to join them? Bleh, this was going to be a drag. Still, he needed all the protection he could get, and if he had learnt how to endure Arikawa's comments, what was stopping him from being aquaintances with Saint?..The 'talking to himself thing' was another turn off, but the boy was determined to get over it.

"Wreaking crew and Yikari? They sound so compatible."the Coordinator grinned at Oliver's statement, not really caring where the redhead had gotten that from.

{Lookness! The port! The port! The port! The port! The port!!}Buu jumped up and down beside her trainer, reisisting the urge to jump off the edge of the ship at that very moment.

{Rew would love this! I know he would!}the Sudowoodo cried out in excitement, grabbing the only Great Ball which wasn't empty off Ernis' waist.

"...If Rew gets cranky again, remember to withdraw him."the boy gave Buu a short glance, turning back to the group.

{Rightness, Ernieness! We know!}the tree saluted her trainer as a small fish Pokemoon appeared on her other shoulder. As the red light died down, it was a small, groggy-looking Remoraid.

{Whaz' za? Anythin' the matt'er' here?}Rew yawned, blinking his eyes a few times, trying to get a good picture of his surrondings. His eyes resumed their normal position, half-opened but still alert.

Alter Ego
February 19th, 2006, 7:57 AM
OOC: Ehh...yeah, I suppose that makes sense. Hiro's speech would probably be easier to follow anyway since he speaks a lot slower than Akeru. xD

God, that kid was like all the little brothers in the world trapped in one body.

Like woah, Oliver's starting to think of Yikari as a brother already. Better watch it, Oliver-sama, he's getting to your head! xD

Oh, and Charon...your misspelling of Yikari's name is giving me a major case of deja vu (Stupid new coding preventing me from seeing apostrophed 'e's. <.<), bringing back old memories it is. Although the resemblance between the old and new Yikari amounts to name and gender only. ^-^


"Why Oliver-sama...Ernie-san..." Yikari commented at Oliver's remark and Ernis' eager chime-in, feigning a look of pleasant surprise which was so obviously dramatic that it would take quite the guillable person to take it for an honest one, "I see that we're starting to bond already. What with sparking up sibling rivalry and everything." he smiled warmly at the two of them, giving both a quick pat on the shoulder, "We are one step closer to being one, big, happy family." he let out another good-natured chuckle at the end of his sentence, although his voice faultered from its carefully over-cheerfull tone for one brief moment when he spoke the last sentence, although judging by the swift way in which it returned, it could very well just have been the strain of all the talking the boy had done or another one of his mind games, and the boy certainly didn't give any indication of it being anything else as he turned to watch the newly appeared Remoraid with great interest.

"Why Ernie-san, what a cute chibi-Remoraid you've got there." the boy commented, grinning at the sight of the fish pokémon who did happen to be a bit on the smallish side, "Hiro, come and say 'hi'."

The Houndoom snorted, reluctantly trotting over to Rew and eyeing the water type for a moment before speaking up.

{Good morning.} he said in his usual tired voice, {Assuming that you can find anything good in it, which is more than I have managed. My trainer seems to want me to socialize or somesuch nonsense so Hiro is my name, and that's about as social as I'm going to get...} the Houndoom turned around again, ignoring the Remoraid and trotting over to observe the approaching scenery of Meridian Town instead.

February 19th, 2006, 10:58 AM
OOC: Yep, the Lileep and Cradily are cute in that piccie. The movie also has some weird globby red glowing fossil pokemon that aren't really pokemon. They're like for defending against intruders in Mew's tree. They suck up Ash and co. ^^ I think a big Cradily one sucks up Jessie and James. I should try to find a picture of that part.

As for now though... post!


"Oh my... looks like we're almost to shore. I hope this goes well for everyone. It should be... fun," Cynthia said to no one in particular. It sounded a bit odd coming from her, as by judging from her appearance, it looked as if she had hardly ever had fun before in her life.

This wasn't true though, Cynthia had fun many times; she just didn't show it the same way. If one asked her when the last time she laughed was; she probably wouldn't be able to remember. It wasn't as though she was sad, she just never really had much to laugh at. Things were funny, but Cynthia would just politely smile or chuckle the tiniest bit. She used to laugh when she was little, but even that was far less laughter than the usual child. It was just her.

"Ready Wilbur?" she asked her little Spoink. The pokemon looked up at her with a smile.

"You bet! I don't think Tic-Tac will be though. Oh well! They'll just have to learn to get along,} the pig said smartly, nodding his head a bit.

Random Plushie
February 19th, 2006, 1:17 PM

Yes, Alter, I added in the thought about little brothers to signify that. XD

*hugs Yibber for saying nice things*


It was obvious that when Oliver opened his mouth, he was going to say something along the lines of 'in your dreams' or 'that's what you think', but unfortunately the red-head was cut-off by the booming of the ship's horn. The deep, loud sound blared throughout the ocean around the ship, resonating out to the harbor. It sounded like any other ship's horn, save for the fact that the captain must've been playing with it because it kept going on and off in a weird rhythm.

The ocean liner had slowed its pace dramaticly, which was to be expected, as it had approached the harbor. It was in the harbor itself by now, which was a good enough excuse for the captain to be blaring out the ship's horn, one could assume.

In several moments' time, the ship had docked with a very anti-climatic halt, parking in some spot in the harbor that had not been taken up yet. Sailors down below were paying no attention to the ocean liners, having already gotten used to the scene long ago. Perhaps someone was looking at the ship through a third-story window, but that was the most attention anyone on the S.S. Kingdra would recieve at the moment.

"Okay now," came the captain's voice, blaring out from the speakers as usual. "Everybody get off. We're here, if it isn't obvious enough. Do enjoy yourselves during your stays, lads and lassies. I've always wanted to say that." The sound of the microphone being turned off was what signified that the captain was done speaking.

Oliver, having forgotten about making a sharp retort, now gazed down at the harbor. Random ship cargo was just laying around in piles down there, while many a worker was moving it box by box into one of several warehouses nearby. Other than that, there wasn't much scenery except a few old fishing nets laying around. The harbor faded out into the town itself. Bored with that sight, Oliver turned his head to spot the catwalk, which had been set in place when nobody had been looking.

"Well, there's the catwalk.. come on, all you.. people.." Oliver muttered, turning towards the said catwalk, trudging towards it with his hands placed firmly in his pockets. Piro followed shortly after, sticking so close to the boy's feet that it almost seemed as if he would trip over the Espeon.

February 20th, 2006, 1:56 AM
{ooc| yey C:
I like your new piccy, Plush <3}

As the boat began to pull in, Festival's leaping became more and more feverish. {There soon, there soon~!} she sang, in her most irritating manner. Amber, who didn't have the heart to shush her, simply smiled and gazed out to sea.

{Come oooon!} Festival squeaked, as the S.S.Kingdra came to a stop. {Let's go already!}
"Right!" Amber replied, and the pair charged over in Oliver's direction. Amber pushed past the short red-headed boy, and sprinted down the catwalk at top speed, despite the fact that there was quite a dizzying height each side. Festival followed meekly, trotting just behind. She couldn't help glancing back at Piro, though, who was still looking very dashing in his sunglasses. Still, they were on land now!
Amber and Festival skidded to a halt one the harbour, and peered around.
{Now what?} Festival asked.
"Uhhh... dunno..."

February 20th, 2006, 3:10 AM


*ish hugged by Plushie*

Aye', I feel stronger already, dudes.XDDD


{Wha-? D'oh..Hello. I-I'm Rew.}the Remoraid paused to let out a yawn before continuing, not really minding that now, the Houndoom had positioned himself to look at the scenary of Meridian Town. It was always like that, since the fish pokemon was versed in talking slowly.

{Aaa...a-cordding' to these two, every dayz' a happy one. Don't see why tho', probably cause' I sleep.}he closed his eyes before letting out yet another yawn.

{Yeah! Rewness sleeps too much! You should learn how to get out more!}Buu nodded, giving the Remoraid a soft poke, though that was enough to push him off balance and land onto her green hand.

{Gah..is this what you people called me out fer'? If I don' get anythin' else to do, I might as well go back to sleep.}he mumbled, resting in the Sudowoodo's arms.

"Yeah, well, my Rew WAS trained by me."Ernis grinned, happy at Yikari's comment, even if it was short of directed to Rew as well. The boy stopped fidgeting with his hands as the Captain announced that they had reached the port. Following after Oliver without another word[Not really to his liking], who had been pushed aside, by that pretty Amber girl.

Alter Ego
February 20th, 2006, 3:37 AM
Yikari looked up with newfound excitement at the end of the captain's announcement, hurrying off towards the catwalk like everyone else with Hiro on his heels, but stopping just before and performing an overly dramatic flourishing bow as Amber chose to rush past, soon followed by Ernis.

"Ladies first." the boy remarked with a chuckle, gesturing for Ernis and Cynthia to go before him.

Hiro rolled his eyes, having heard this particular line many times before already, but stayed put by his trainer's side, just in case the boy came up with a foolish last-minute-on-the-ship plan during his absence.

February 20th, 2006, 3:50 AM
"Was that directed to me or blue-girl or here?"Ernis immediately replaced the blank look on his face with a frown. Folding his arms and stepping to one side so that he wouldn't block the others from getting off. Amber was already off, but yeah, the boy decided that he had to be more charitable and whatnot, to win these people over and make them like him. Still, it was a bit funny, Arikawa's joke. The Coordinator let out a small chuckle before waving one hand at the other boy.

"Bah, whatever, Arikawa. Seems like your continous persuasion tactics have poisoned my brain."that in Ernis' words, and his tone of voice, meant that he decided to drop the matter on a whole, let it pass.

{Buu..all these loud noises'll keep me from sleeping.}Rew covered the sides of his head, possibly where the non-visible ears were placed.

{That's the pointness, Rew!!}the Sudowoodo let out a loud laugh, winking to the Feebas on her shoulder.

Random Plushie
February 20th, 2006, 3:44 PM

I like my new piccy too, Charon. XD

*huggles No-Face*

'Cause he's CUTE.


"Hey! Watch it!" Oliver shouted as Amber pushed past him, a blood vessel appearing on his forehead as before. He didn't bother pursuing the matter any further though, considering that the girl was already bounding down the catwalk. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, intentionally going against Yikari's 'ladies first' concept as he walked down the catwalk.

Piro sweat-dropped, following his Trainer silently, every so often following a sailor with his gaze. No one was safe..

As he reached the bottom, Oliver sweat-dropped himself, standing there hopelessly. It didn't look like a tour guide was anywhere nearby.. apparently they'd have to find the professor's lab by themselves. Great. Wait a minute! Directory!

There, near the entrance into town, stood the directory--a giant display showing the town map, which meant that they'd easily be able to find the lab. Oliver instantly began dashing towards it, intent on putting some distance between himself and the others while he could. Piro, slightly unprepared, followed Oliver without a word, eventually catching up to the boy.

In moments the pair had reached the directory, the boy attempting to gaze up at the map and its labled locations. However, there was a slight problem..

Oliver was too short to read the locations on the directory properly.

"God! Not again! This is the second time!" Oliver complained, clenching his fists in annoyance. Without another word, the boy was forced to reach for a Pokeball hidden underneath the cover of his mustard-colored sweater, muttering something underneath his breath. In moments, the Pokeball's occupant had been released onto the concrete.

It was an Ursaring, towering over his Trainer like a skyscraper. This particular Ursaring was also sporting sunglasses like Piro's, his arms folded as he came out of his Pokeball. And just like the Espeon, he wasn't wearing any real expression on his face.

"Yoku. Please find Professor Chrysso's lab on the directory." Oliver said, reluctantly, sighing after he had done so.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 21st, 2006, 11:55 AM
Mr Saint who had been lost in thought was suddenly brough to attention by the captains announcement that they had arrived at there destination
''ahhh finally'' he said to no one inparticular as he watched the young men and ladies walk by, making there way off the ship.
The blonde male, getting tired of the wind blowing his long silk hair into his face, reached into his blazer and pulled out a hairpin, using one hand to hold back his hair, he clipped it on in a ponytail fashion and shook his head to let it fall into place.

Well, i guess this is it, finally many questions I can have answered
he thought to himself before straightening his suit, pulling up his tie and setting off behind his young companions.

OOC - sowwy this is a late IC post, had the most hecktic couple of days back to schl lol.
and sorry it's so short, im getting really tired of that, only my creative thinking at this moment in time is worse then that of a wet spoon.....great time for that tp happen....i have 2 songs, and 7 short scetch scripts to write by the weekend *groan*

February 22nd, 2006, 10:34 AM
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"Ah," Cynthia squeaked, replying to Yikari's joke concealed in his polite comment, though she didn't catch the joke, just the politeness, "Thank you." Her smoky eyes continued to look their usual somber.

Wilbur rolled his piggy eyes at this and figured it silly to point out the joke in Yikari's speech as Cynthia probably wouldn't get it without an explanation anyway. He simply remained quiet, sitting in the girl's arms and enjoying the fact that he wasn't required to bounce at the moment.

Oliver pushed past Cynthia and Ernis though and stormed down the catwalk, leaving Cynthia to blink in slight confusion as she stared after him. "He's very... grumpy isn't he?" she said, frowning a little. She then began her decent down the catwalk, suddenly remembering that she was terrified of both heights and drowning, and turned around abruptly before she had gotten a few feet onto it.

"Ah! I... I just need a m-moment!" she said aloud, her heart racing. She turned back to the catwalk again and took a deep breath, then began to walk out onto it again, thinking happy thoughts. Of course, even though she was thinking happy thoughts, she did not feel very happy. Once she got across, she stopped to wait for the others. She had no idea where she was going, and Oliver had raced off so quickly she had failed to see him go up to the directory a short distance away.

Alter Ego
February 22nd, 2006, 11:15 AM
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"You are quite welcome, Cynthie-chan." Yikari replied, performing another dramatic bow to Cynthia as she walked past. For a moment, he watched in confusion as the girl began bracing herself as if she was just about to perform a truly perilous feat even though she was only going to cross the catwalk. He was about to offer her help in getting down, but before that, the girl had already gathered up her courage without assistance and made it down. Yikari shrugged - after all, it was all for the better if she didn't need help, wasn't it? - and lunged forward towards the catwalk, tumbling down in a surprisingly smooth way, somewhat dangerous though it looked, and getting back up on his feet at the end of the catwalk, grinning at the world in general as he brushed off the worst of the dirt on his clothes.

{I swear it's chronical!} Hiro growled irritably as he trotted down the catwalk in a slower but far more dignified manner with his diamond-tipped tail held high, {Can't you ever cross a catwalk like a normal person?}

"Aren't you always telling me that I should keep honing my technique?" Yikari retorted cheekily, chuckling a bit at the Houndoom's indignant expression before turning around, soon spotting a familiar flash of red hair amongst the crowd, right next to the towering figure of an Ursaring.

"I do believe that our new friends are over there." Yikari said, adressing Cynthia as he nodded in the direction of his discovery, "We shouldn't keep them waiting, should we?"

February 22nd, 2006, 11:27 AM
{ooc| Yay! I got a male torchic! His name's Curry, and he's soooo cute... *snuggles* I did a picture of him too, I plan to colour it on PS7 at school...}

Festival stared wistfully at the water, her ears twitching eagerly. Amber knew she would have liked nothing better than to throw herself in head first; she incredibly surprised Festival hadn't abandonned all grace and leapt straight in. The girl grinned slightly - apparantly the lure of her fellow eevee-kin retained her dignity. She knew her pokemon well enough, and Amber could hardly miss the sly glances Festival kept shooted Oliver's espeon. Every few minutes, she would glance sneakily in his direction, before snapping her gaze away. Amber smiled to herself, and turned her attention to the directory.

She wandered over to Oliver, casting a wary glance at his huge Ursaring. Festival clung peculilarily close to her leg, apparently embarressed by Prio's clsoe proximity.
"Where're we headed again?" she asked no one inpaticular. Her own leter had been smudged by her Tauros's drool, and she had no clue which direction she was going to.

February 22nd, 2006, 2:48 PM
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Oh and yay for male Torchics! I like the nickname too. Curry is quite creative in my book. ^^ Looking forward to seeing the picture!!


"Oh my," Cynthia said lightly, putting her hand to her mouth as Yikari made a very strange tumble-like walk down the catwalk and onto dry land, "That... that was what you had planned?" She frowned a little, unsure of what to think of that. Yikari was a very strange person, so a very strange way of walking down a catwalk suited him, she supposed.

As he indicated where the others had gone, Cynthia nodded, "Oh... that's where the others went. I didn't see them. Oliver hurried off too fast and I was still staring at the water." She began to walk over to the others who were all busy trying to figure out where to go based on a rather tall directory. Well, it was tall in Oliver's case.

Cynthia merely waited for the others to figure out how to get there; she was no good with maps and such. The only way she had known how to travel about Kanto was because she had done many of the routes she took before with her own family.

Wilbur yawned, {Are we there yet? I want the exciting part to come.}

"Just wait Wilbur... and excitement is sometimes scary," Cynthia warned the pig, thinking to herself about what was coming.

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February 22nd, 2006, 9:27 PM

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Alter, your birthday is on the same day as the birthday of one of my good IRL friends! ^-^

omg coincidence lolz 11!!!!!eleven


{Affirmative. Find base of operations for a professor named Chrysso.} Yoku said, leaning forward towards the directory map while holding a paw up to his chin, another case of monkey see, monkey do. Piro watched him do this for a second before flicking his gaze elsewhere, staring off towards the S.S. Kingdra, then at the approaching Amber and Festival, and then towards the town.

Meanwhile, Oliver was busy rolling his eyes at Amber's question.

"We're going to that Chrysso guy's lab. We kinda talked about it on the boat." Oliver remarked, narrowing his eyes slightly in annoyance, taking care not to move because, as usual, Piro was patrolling near his feet much too closely. Hey, where were the other guys, anyways? Probably back near the boat..

{Aha!} Yoku suddenly shouted, the paw on his chin flying to the directory, one large claw tapping a purple rectangle on the map enthusiastically. {I have located the lab! It is the northernmost building in the area! In other words, directly inland!} Yoku concluded, a huge grin spreading across his face in self-pride.

February 23rd, 2006, 12:37 AM

Cake? Let it be cheesecake. Cause seriously, cheesecake ish good.^^

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Ernis raised an eyebrow at Yikari's..unique way of getting off the ship, deciding to play it simple by trotting down, head held high. Behind him, Buu followed, although in a much bouncer manner. The Sudowoodo had a jump in her step, both fish on her shoulders holding on tightly so that they wouldn't fly off.

The boy followed after Yikari and Cynthia, noting that Oliver had a large Usaring with him. Like that Espeon he had, it also wore...sunglasses?

"Yeah, that's good, to the lab. Can we get going now?"he asked in an impatient tone, as Yoro started calling out and pointing to a purple rectangle on the directory.

{Oh, yayness! Hello, big Usaring with the cute fluffly tailness!!}Buu clapped her hands at the sight of Yoru, the Feebas on her shoulder giving a small wave. Rew didn't give off any kind of reaction to the bear, letting out an audible grumble was enough for him.

Alter Ego
February 23rd, 2006, 1:46 AM
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Oh, and since the Ancient Dynasty members which this concerns are all in this RP, I just wanted to make sure...you did notice that I wrote Lori's latest reaction quite a while back, right? I'd appreciate some activity. [/Nag]

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"No." Yikari replied to Cynthia's question, shrugging and giving the girl a friendly smile, "That one was completely spontaneous."

The boy kept in pace with Cynthia without much effort, maintaining his grin and taking in all the sights of the city around him while Hiro followed in a far more disciplined manner, muttering something about a 'hopeless case' under his breath, his diamond-tiped tail occasionally lashing a bit quicker to the side as he kept brooding over his thoughts. At Cynthia's comment to Wilbur however - well, at least the part that he understood - Yikari couldn't help speaking up;

"Aww...nonsense, Cynthie-chan!" he commented out loud, shaking his head slightly even as he continued grinning at the girl, "Ojiisan on a morning training session is scary, compared to that, any kind of excitement is just fun." he chuckled for himself, "And besides..." the boy added, "There's nothing to be afraid of if you're with friends as good as our little family."

"So Chrysso-sama's lab is to the north?" Yikari asked in confirmation as he cast a glance at the point which Yoku was indicating "Let's get going then. It wouldn't do to let the esteemed professor wait." with that, he set off further into town, Hiro following him in his usual grouchy and silent way.

Random Plushie
February 23rd, 2006, 10:14 PM
Oliver had turned back towards his Ursaring when the Normal-type had shouted out, and was now wearing a--gasp--grin, apparently glad that they had established an idea of where to go. Piro had barely reacted, nodding slightly to acknowledge the newfound information, but then returning to the state of a silent sentry.

"Awesome! Finally, we're actually getting this show on the road. Come on." Oliver commented, turning to follow in Yikari's footsteps as the jokester took the lead with Hiro, while Piro took up sticking close to Oliver's left.

{Take the other side, man!} Piro shouted, turning back towards Yoku, who had remained near the directory. The giant Ursaring had been very confused at Buu's comment about.. his cute and fluffy tail..

{Uh.. right..} The Ursaring muttered, adjusting his sunglasses with one of his large claws before jogging up to the other side of the short red-head. This created quite the secret service image as Oliver walked down the street, escorted by the two Pokemon.

It wasn't like anyone would notice. Aside from Oliver, Yikari, and the other people that had arrived on the S.S. Kingdra, there were hardly any people currently walking around. There were several people walking their Delcatty and whatnot, but other than that, the seaside, pastel-colored town was currently inactive, giving the group a clear path to the north.

February 26th, 2006, 2:09 AM
"Hey! Hey!..Wait for me! I wanted to lead!"Ernis whined as Oliver followed after that Arikawa person. The two girls and Mr Saint weren't reacting much. Now, it was up to him, Ernis Reanald, to break the silence once again!

"Eh, come on, the rest of you!"he shouted to the other three behind him, having only two to protect him on this journey was certainly not enough for the boy.

{Yeah! You should be proud of it, because of its cuteness and fluffiness!}Buu nodded, running to make sure that Yoru was within ear shot. {Maybe, enter a Cute Contest, even!}she added with a smile on her face, stopping from her jog to make sure that her trainer wasn't too far behind.

"A Cute Contest? Isn't that your forte, Buu dear?"Ernis turned to his Sudowoodo, giving up on the people behind. They'd catch up sooner or later.

{Yeah! But that big Usaring could join too!}

The Coordinator gave the Mimickry Pokemon a believable smile.

"Right Buu...right.."

Alter Ego
February 27th, 2006, 8:29 AM
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"Ýeah!" Yikari concured with Ernis' statement, noting that part of the group members were still lagging behind, "And let's ditch the funeral mood!" he added, grinning widely at the others, "Who wants to sing?"

{Most certainly not me!} Hiro growled indignantly, {Who ever thought of such a childish and absurd-}

"Ernie-san!" Yikari called out, giving the coordinator an energetic pat on the back and ignoring the Houndoom's remark, "You shall have the honor of starting out the song and the rest of us shall join in."

February 27th, 2006, 8:36 AM
{ooc| 'cause I've got bad writer's block xD}

Festival perked up at this comment. {I'll sing!} she exclaimed, in her sing-song voice, and she inhaled deeply. The next moment she had broken out into song, in a suprisingly deep, baritone voice.
{Ye can't go wrong,
With me cucumber song.
Cucumbers, Cucumbers,
They make me strong!
They're the best, ripe an' cold,
Long before, they gets old
They're so good, no one good
Lets them grow mold!}

Her tail wagged asd she trotted beside her trainer, a self-satisfied expression on her face.

{ooc| If anyone knows which game this song is from I'll give you a cucumber. Alsoo... I attach a picture of my Torchic.}

February 27th, 2006, 10:05 AM
OOC: Uh... *doesn't know* yeah, um, I have no clue Charon. ^^; But that Curry piccie is awesome! Very cute! I like the rock he's sitting on too. Very nice.

And I did forget about this! Silly me. XD


"Singing...?" Cynthia said timidly, thinking of one of the many of her father's wishes that she become a singer, "No thank you." Her father always came up with these ideas for Cynthia, things to accomplish or become. A cook, a pokemon researcher, a doctor, a singer; it was different every day it seemed. It was one of the good things about being away from home. She loved her father, but he was a little too hyper about what he wanted his children to do in life.

She turned her gaze away from the others for a moment, hoping that someone else would speak up about singing. Maybe Ernie-san would take Yikari's offer. 'Wait a minute...,' Cynthia suddenly thought to herself, 'Did I just think of Ernis' name as Ernie-san?! Oh my goodness... Mr. Arikawa is getting to me. I must watch myself.'

Luckily Festival took up singing a strange song, and Wilbur began to laugh at it, chuckling happily in Cynthia's arms. {That's a great song! I'll have to learn it sometime!} the little pig said.

Alter Ego
February 27th, 2006, 12:55 PM
OOC: Forgotten? *Blinks* Why Lightie-chan, you're making Yikari very sad...xD Anyways, I can symphatize with writer's block problems. *Nods* Oh, and since I forgot to comment on your piccie in Ancient Dynasty I'll do it here...

*Dramatic pause*

Curry is so cute! ^0^ *Squeals* I love that...well, lonely look he's got too. That Torchic needs a hug, I say! Oh, and you did a good job with the background and shading too. Great job. Incidentally, Lonely (+Attack, -Defense) is hands down one of the best natures that you can get for the Torchic evolution line, only rivaled by Naughty (+Attack, -Sp.Defense) although what weakness you deem worse is really a matter of taste. Anyways, any chance of seeing a moveset? *Hopefull look* There are quite many approaches you can take with a Blaziken.

As for that song...eh...I'll just have to echo Melissa and say that I don't know. ^^


{Oh for crying out loud.} Hiro growled, scoffing as Festival ended her song, {Woman, your singing is almost as insufferable as Marco's, and that is a feat in itself. I swear, if you take up the noodle song too-} he cut himself of in mid-sentence, realizing that Festival wasn't exactly the type you would want to encourage into something like that...heck, she might even do it.

"Aww...you're always such a critic." Yikari commented, shaking his head at the Houndoom, "I for one think it's great that someone else took up the responsibility of group morale in our little family." he gave Festival an approving grin, "Oh, and as for your idea, Hiro..." he added, taking on a mock-thoughtful look, "Since you're obviously so keen on it, how about we have Marco and Festival sing in duet?"

{Don't even joke about that!} Hiro interjected, an expression of shock flashing across his face, {I swear boy...} he added darkly as he noticed that his trainer had taken up chuckling, {Your pranks are going to dig me into an early grave.}

With that, the Houndoom took up an expression containing all the self-worth of a proud canine ridiculed and hastened his pace, walking forward with his head and tail held high and purposefully ignoring Yikari.

February 27th, 2006, 1:13 PM
{ooc| bulk up, quick attack, double kick and ember, currently. Working well for me so far. xD He's level 32 currently. What a cuuuuutie! Oh, and he's holding an Oran Berry. When do combuskens learn flamethrower?
I know you're gonna take that move set and...rip it apart. xD Ah well.
I'm glad y'all like the picture. You lot ignored it at AD, I was very hurt so I psoted it again ;; My friends at school were all... 'awwww, cute chick! Why is it in a volcano? Why is it yellow? Why does it have ears?' ¬¬;}

Festival gave a little squeak of mirth, as Yukari gave his approval, and she darted over to the boy's side and rubbed her sleek body against his cat the way a cat might do before feeding time.

Amber scoffed loudly. "Festival, you're a shameless flirt if I ever knew one." she joked, and put her hand son her hips. The little vaporeon cocked her head to one side, unsure whether Amber was pelased or disappointed with her behavior. Preferring to be safe rather than sorry, she padded back to her trainer's said, mewing.
{Amber, can we go swimming yet?} she asked, gambolling beside the cowgirl. Amber laughed.

"Soon, my darl'." Amber answered, and contented she was still in her trainer's good books, Festival skipped off towards Wilbur. He had praised her too, after all!
{One day I'll teach you some other songs, if you want!} Festival told the pig, {why don't you come down here?} she asked, squinting up from Cynthia's feet.

Random Plushie
February 27th, 2006, 8:47 PM

Yar, 'cause I was waitin' for more people to post. :3

Curry is, like, as cute as a Cradily. :O


Oliver's eyes widened slightly at Yikari's suggestion. No. Anything but singing. If that kid started singing he swore he'd pull his hair out.. or something dramatic like that. No, wait, pulling out his hair was dramatic enough. Actually, Piro or Yoku would probably restrain him before he could get one strand out..

While Oliver succeeded in tangling himself within strange thoughts, Piro's ears flattened against his head in order to block out as much of Festival's singing as possible. Foolish girl.. didn't she realize that he needed to listen for danger? The Espeon grimaced to himself, while Yoku actually did, because he was getting rather uncomfortable getting complimented for his.. tail..

"No! No singing!" Oliver finally shouted out. "You can sing all you want after the stupid presentation is over with! When I'm not around!" Gawd, why weren't they there yet? They should've gotten to the lab by now! ACK!


Yes, I do believe that they will arrive soon. :O

February 28th, 2006, 12:55 AM

Curry looks real cute, Charon!^^
Feebas, I love the fire in the background.^^

You know, if anyone were to suggest what Yikari told Ernis, I'd start singing 'Mary had a little lamb' straight away, but because Ernis ish more decent that I could ever be..XD


"Well, I guess I could think up of a song.."Ernis held a thoughtful look on his face at Yikari's suggestion, glad that at least one person seemed to notice him. Amber's Vaporean was a natural, starting to sing, and even though the boy couldn't understand what she was singing about, just the picture of the water pokemon was enough to make him smile.

{Cucumbers! Yeah, Festival! You sing greatness!}Buu nodded in agreement with Wilbur, looking away from Yoru's tail. This was her first time hearing a Vaporeon sing. It certainly seemed nice to her, the song being about cucumbers made it better as well. The Feebas on her shoulder clapped his fins, to applaud the water type, while the Remoraid gave a tired yawn.

"Oliver, you needn't raise your voice you know. I'll get my ears damaged with your continuous shouting sooner or later."Ernis covered his eyes as the short boy started complaining, telling them that he didn't want to hear a song. Giving the Coordinator all the more reason to sing one at that very moment.

"The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round. Round and round!"he started singing in a teasing voice, wondering what Oliver's reaction would be. Ooh! If he could get the kid to sing along..

Alter Ego
February 28th, 2006, 10:31 AM
OOC: Actually Charon, that moveset is as good as a Combusken of that level can have without TM/Breeding assistance. ^-^ Oh, but Combusken doesn't learn Flamethrower by level up. Only Torchic does (At level 43). But don't worry, you can get a TM for that from the Mauvile game corner, and failing that, Blaziken's signature move Blaze Kick is a quite decent substitute. ^^ Anyways, the possible movesets that I can come up with at the moment are;

Set 1:

Item: Leftovers/White Herb/Liechi Berry/Salac Berry
Brick Break/Sky Uppercut
Rock Slide/Earthquake
Swords Dance/Substitute

Pretty much a standard set, Flamethrower and Overheat to take advantage of STAB and Blaze, and Brick Break or Sky Uppercut for STABed physical damage. Swords Dance is there for fast Attack boosting, because Blaziken simply doesn't have the defenses for taking proper advantage of Bulk Up, while Substitute is there for blocking status moves from slower attackers as well as taking advantage of your opponent switching or using stat boosting moves to put up a protection while the last move is basically just your average hard-hitting physical move. Earthquake for getting the best base damage while still enjoying some type advantage, while Rock Slide serves to counter Blaziken's weakness against flying types. On the item front, Leftovers are always a reliable choice. However, if you go with Overheat for the fire move then White Herb will grant you an additional full-power hit without switching. Also, if you go with Substitute then a Salac or Liechi Berry can grant you an additional stat bonus for sweeping. However, berries and whatnot are a real pain to get ingame so Leftovers are probably the best way to go.

Set 2:

Item: Choice Band
Brick Break/Sky Uppercut
Flamethrower/Fire Blast
Earthquake/Rock Slide/Focus Punch
Earthquake Rock Slide/Focus Punch

Meh, standard CB sweeper set. Blaziken might not be the best pokémon for this but it should still do quite nicely. Basically the only idea with this set is to be able to deal as much damage as possible to as wide a selection of opponents as possible. Focus Punch is there as a prediction move as it, combined with STAB and the Choice Band Attack bonus, can deal some devastating damage to practically anything except for Ghost types. However, since it requires your opponent not to damage you and always strikes last it might be best used against other human players.

Set 3:

Item: Scope Lens
Blaze Kick
Double Kick/Sky Uppercut
Focus Energy

Yay for critical hits. As you can probably see this set is basically just bent towards dealing as many critical hits as possible to rip through opponents' defenses. However, because it relies so heavily on luck, success with this set is always up to chance. I wouldn't go for this one myself, but I figured I should offer as much choice as possible. Double Kick is added as an option for Sky Uppercut because it strikes twice and hence, you have twice the chance of scoring a critical hit.

Set 4 (May require breeding):

Item: Leftovers/Salac Berry/White Herb
Rock Slide/Earthquake
Flamethrower/Overheat/Thunderpunch/Swords Dance
Reversal/Focus Punch
Substitute/Endure/Swords Dance

Standard subrever with some additional thoughts. Focus Punch is an option for Reversal in case you go for Substitute (Obvious reasons) just in case you manage to keep one up. Revers can be tough too, and to that end, Endure and Substitute let you drop your HP in a controlled manner while Swords Dance lets you get an additional boost to the damage, although you won't be able to get Reversal to reach the very best of its attack power. For the physical move in the first slot, I'd reccomend Rock Slide unless you go for Thunderpunch or one of the fire moves for the second slot, because Earthquake would leave you unable to deal damage to pokémon from the Ghastly evolution line. Concerning Thunderpunch, I basically just added that in case you're Gyarados paranoid. For items, Salac Berry lets you maximize sweeping potential while White Herb provides the usual aid for Overheat and Leftovers make for a generally useful choice, although you should never put those on a rever as they'd cut down Reversal's power over time. :\



Hiro continued trotting ahead of the group, sulking and forcing his attention to stay on their environment. The fools...didn't they realize how many dangers could be lurking about? Granted, the fire type didn't see anything suspicious amongst the bright, pastel coloured houses, but that in itself was suspicious, no? And besides, who knew what could-

The Houndoom stiffened in the middle of his thoughts, freezing onto the spot and staring intently towards one of the houses in the distance, and sure enough, just barely visible in the distance, there was someone there...the dog pokémon's eyes narrowed as he peered at the small glimpse of a slightly shabby tan-coloured overcoat and the unkept, faded brown hair which hung about the person's head in unruly tassles. As his suspicions just seemed to become more confirmed by the minute, Hiro's back arched defensively and his expression turned grim, a low growl escaping his mouth.

Yikari, who had happily joined into singing 'The wheels of the buss go round and round...' suddenly paused, giving his long-time companion a wary look as he knew this particular expression all too well.

"Hiro?" he asked, walking up to the Houndoom and crouching down beside him while carefully placing a hand on the dog pokémon's head, "What's the matter?"

{It's him...} Hiro replied in a voice so low that few others could probably hear him, staring intently at the quickly departing figure until he dissapeared out of view completely, {I didn't catch his scent but I'm positive it's him.}

Yikari frowned, quite an uncharacteristic expression for him, "No..." he said in an equally quiet voice, "It can't...he wouldn't have gotten past...not with all these restrictions...maybe you made a mistake, Hiro?"

{Maybe...} the Houndoom admitted, giving off a slight sigh, {But I'm usually not that lucky. Let's just get this presentation-thing over with and get away from here as soon as possible...}

The boy took a thoughtful pause, sighing in forfeit at last, "For once...I agree with you Hiro." he replied, "Let's go." yikari rose back up to his feet again, reuniting with the group. But his cheerful mood seemed completely gone now as he walked forward in complete silence with a thoughtful, almost somber expression on his face.

OOC: Pwhee for foreshadowing. The dude whom Hiro spotted shall make his actual appearance later. This just struck me as a handy spot to introduce him...well...sort of.

February 28th, 2006, 11:24 AM
OOC: Popped in for a quick IC! Oh and Alter, you'll have to wait another day for your belated B-Day present. My Dad returned from his trip last night and we kinda celebrated at home. ^^; Though I did get the drawing done; I just need to color it! It's looking good so far! Very cute! Though... I think most anything is cute. Aside from Rayquaza. *shudder*


Cynthia continued walking, thinking quietly to herself, and noticed that the singing had spread to others now. She was thankful that no one had bugged her about singing, and by no one she meant Yikari. In fact... where was he anyway? He had been singing that silly song a moment ago, but now....

She turned her head a little, and noticed that the boy had been discussing something with his Houndoom. She turned back, thinking it impolite to look on during someone else's conversation. Besides, nothing was wrong anyway so she should simply continue.

{Worried about him Cynthia? He's fine, that boy never looks like anything's... wrong...,} Wilbur trailed off, noticing the quiet look the boy had now sported as he fell back into the ranks of the group, {Uh... guess I was wrong.}

This seemed very out of character to Cynthia. Oh wait. It must have been another trick! That was surely it, he was poking fun at her again probably. She didn't know him well, but Cynthia couldn't imagine anything that would make Yikari quiet. She moved herself closer to him, "Are you making another joke? Is that why your face looks like mine usually does, Mr. Arikawa?"

Alter Ego
March 2nd, 2006, 8:39 AM
OOC: Gah, my creativity is still struggling for survival under the pressure of homework. ~_~ But, I shall not allow it to hinder me from posting here and today.


Yikari looked up from his thoughts for a moment as Cynthia adressed him, asking if he was making another joke at her expense. At first, the boy was surprised and slightly offended by the question. A joke? Didn't his expression alone make it perfectly obvious that this was a serious matter and note some kind of prank? He quickly calmed himself though, and didn't show these emotions outwardly. No, it probably wasn't obvious, he concluded. After all, even his friends kept telling Yikari that it was impossible to know whether he was being serious or not, and he had some pretty perceptive friends...he could feel the dull sting of melancholy as his thoughts drifted to those friends...well, that friend, but the boy shrugged it off, turning to answer the question instead.

"I'm afraid not, Cynthie-chan." he replied at last, sighing a bit, "I never repeat an act." he managed a slightly melancholy smile, "I just...saw something...something which reminded me of other times." he took a small pause, "But I shouldn't brood." the boy continued, a determined expression replacing the saddened one, "Frowning over things has never made them any better, and...I did make a promise." he nodded, "Let's go, I'm sure that Chrysso-sama's presentation will give me something else to think about."

March 2nd, 2006, 9:41 AM
OOC: Aww, creativity does seem to come in spurts (at least for me -.-), but I'm sure that your creativity will shine once again when the homework lightens up. Anyway!


Upon hearing Yikari's answer, Cynthia began to feel quite stupid again. She was never very good at this sort of thing, another reason she didn't like talking to people, and so she figured it would be best to admit her mistake.

"Oh... I see," she said, looking for a moment down at Wilbur in her arms, "I feel I must apologize then, Mr. Arikawa, I'm not very good at guessing others' feelings." She thought to herself for a moment. Yikari had been trying so hard to get everyone to interact and talk; he seemed to want to cheer people up a bit. However, when you're the one to cheer everyone up, who's the one to cheer you up when you're sad? Cynthia wasn't quite sure what she could do in this situation, so she merely went along with Yikari's final comment.

"Yes I hope we get to this place soon," she said, trying to sound cheerful, which coming from her was just a change in the pitch of her voice, "I hope it's... fun." The last word sounded a bit unsure, for Cynthia was still quite anxious about this place, and so she couldn't truly force her voice into sounding all that sure.

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Oliver's frown had deepened when Ernis had started singing that song of his, the boy stuffing his hands in his pants pockets as he continued trudging along the street. He wasn't even going to make an attempt at getting that irritant to stop. No, he would settle for completely ignoring Ernis for now. And so he remained silent, glancing up at the others every once in a while, wondering why Yikari wasn't being as irritating as usual. Or at least, what usual meant after knowing Yikari for the span of a boat ride.

Of course, because of these glances, he eventually spotted a rather conspicuous building in the distance, to say the least. Now, this particular building seemed to be at the very edge of Meridian Town's borders (hey, where was that weird 'Welcome' sign, anyway?), and seemed to be painted the same color as the purple square that Yoku had pointed out on the directory. Aside from that, it wasn't too special. Just another two-story building. The only thing that set it apart from everything else in the surroundings was its dark purple color.

"That must be the lab, eh? Thank God." Oliver remarked, although not to anyone in particular. Piro perked up at the comment, having noticed nothing else due to all the singing going on around him. Yoku didn't seem as excited, more concerned over why the mood seemed to have dropped.

{Does this mean more, eh, optimistic chatter?} Yoku piped up. {Silence makes me uncomfortable. Um, that is, most of the time. It's not a weakness or anything, nope.}

Behind his sunglasses, Piro rolled his eyes.

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March 3rd, 2006, 12:21 PM
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Yikari couldn't help grinning at Cynthia's apology, "Oh, don't fret, Cynthie-chan." he replied, "I've been told that I'm not a very easy person to read either." he took a short pause, "You know..." the boy added thoughtfully, "...you kind of remind me of a certain friend of mine..." for a moment, he peered very intently at the girl, apparently trying to, in his mind's eye, fit the face of the person he was thinking of on top of Cynthia's but then giving the effort up, grinning and shaking his head at the image which had formed in his mind, "But maybe I won't get into that at the moment." he concluded, "I've had enough angst for one day."

He fell silent again, listening with quite conisderable interest as Cynthia mentioned a word he had thought to be quite far from her vocabulary, "Now that's the spirit, Cynthie-chan!" he exclaimed, his face lighting up to its usual half-manic level of cheerfulness, "Let's go see what the future has in store for us, eh?" he took up his usual energetic stride again, his previous somberness now completely erased. However, he did take a short pause in his walk, quickly turning to adress Cynthia one last time;

"Oh, and Cynthie-chan?" he added, "Thank you." the boy didn't bother elaborating on what precisely he was thanking for, resuming to look in his direction of travel and beginning to hum the tune of 'The wheels on the buss go round and round' as he followed after Oliver and the others towards Chrysso's lab.

Hiro rolled his eyes at the ease with which the boy had shrugged the matter off.

{You're a complete lunatic.} he stated in a gruff voice, falling in stride with his trainer, {You do realize that, don't you?}

Yikari merely responded by turning his face towards the Houndoom and giving him his most cheerful grin.

"Takes one to know one, Hiro." he replied, giving the dog pokémon a playful pat on the back "Takes one to know one." he chuckled a bit at the world in general before resuming his humming and cheerful gait.

March 4th, 2006, 2:37 AM

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Ernis stopped his singing for a moment, noticing that he was the only one singing. That wasn't bothering the boy one bit. No, the Coordinator just seemed a tad puzzled, he thought that Yikari would have been the type to sing along as well. The boy was talking to blue-hair, while..the short one, Oliver was it? He did seem irritated.

Though, on upon hearing the redhead's statement, on the purple building they could see being the lab.

"Oh, superb!" Ernis stopped wondering any further, starting to sing once more. Glad that he heard Yikari's humming behind his back. The boy had thanked Cynthia for something, he hadn't heard what it was about though. Bah! As long as Yikari was singing once more. Atleast he wouldn't feel so lonely singing now.

{Noness, Usaring. Its already very optimistic! When we go in, there will be so much optimisim that the building'll explode! Yeah!}Buu gave Yoru a slap on the back, or whatever part of it she could reach.

{That's the spirit, Buu! What till the building explodes! Wonder if any of us'll get trapped under any debris though..}Chue gave his chin a thoughtful rub with his fin.

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March 5th, 2006, 1:12 AM

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As Ernis cheerfully began singing once more, Oliver paused in his advance towards the lab to turn and shoot the other boy one of his patented death stares.

"If you're going to sing like that, at least choose something better than 'Wheels On The Bus'. Honestly, you're giving me a headache." Oliver said nothing more, swiftly turning away to continue onward towards the lab, his spiky hair shifting considerably with his movement.

Piro dipped his head, almost in silent agreement.

{It would be better if there were no singing at all, actually.} He said, to no one in particular. {I'm in dire need of silence at the moment. Unfamiliar territory.} The Espeon bounded off to catch up with the now fast-paced Oliver, ignoring his Normal-type Ursaring companion, who had taken the oppurtunity to run away from Buu. Far away.

{Please refrain from touching me! Thank you!} The Ursaring shouted, quickly moving towards Yikari and Hiro. Maybe if he conversed with someone else, the Sudowoodo would think he was busy or something and leave him alone.

{I cannot take much more of this,} Yoku remarked, shooting glances back at Buu while he addressed Hiro. {The Sudowoodo must vacate the vicinity soon or I may have to abandon my post.}

March 6th, 2006, 1:02 PM
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Amber grinned sideways at Enris. He was such a cheerful, gormless fellow, she couldn't help but like him.
"Are we going to arrive at Chrysso's any time soon?" she asked no one in paticular, tweaking her cowboy hat ever so slightly so she could see everyone better.

Festival, meanwhile, had slowed down to a stop so she could stare at the Ursaring in amazement. She cocked her head to one side in confusion.

{I love Yoku. I really do.}

March 7th, 2006, 9:37 AM
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Cynthia didn't know who she could possibly remind Yikari of; she had never really known anyone like her, but perhaps it was only one side of her that reminded him of someone. Whatever the case, she was glad that she could be of some help to the boy, it seemed she was better at cheering people up than she had previously thought!

It really wasn't so bad, making others happy, in fact, it had a sort of cheering effect on her as well. She almost felt like smiling, which was something to say.

Wilbur looked up at her and mumbled in a low voice, {What do you suppose that was all about anyway? Do you think he's in trouble or something?} The little pig was very suspicious.

Cynthia looked down at her partner and shrugged, "Ah... uh, I don't know... maybe? Does it really matter?"

{Of course it does! You don't know him that well! What if... what if he's hurt or killed someone, or broken the law, or something?!} the pig said, trying to think of the worst case scenario.

At this comment Cynthia suddenly looked much paler than usual, her heart rate going up considerably, "I... I don't th-think s-so. L-let's just keep going... I-I want to see what this Professor Chrysso has in store for us." Wilbur gave her a concerned look, and didn't like the shaky sound in her voice. She sometimes acted like this for no reason, but she never used to act this way before that day when she went out alone to train. What had happened then?! It was driving the little pig pokemon crazy. Cynthia never wanted to talk about it, and had vowed never to train she or Wilbur's psychic powers again.

He shook his head, he wasn't quite sure he truly wanted to know now. His trainer was scaring him a bit.

Cynthia tried to keep it together though, and thought instead about what things might happen once they all get to the lab.

March 8th, 2006, 2:13 AM

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Ernis ignored the death stare he received, sure that Oliver was merely humoring himself when he said that he wanted the song to be changed. The boy was sure that whatever song he was about to sing, it was still going to piss the redhead off very much.

"If you can't see, the lab's just right infront of us."the boy gave Amber a polite smile, gesturing to the building Oliver was headed to. The Coordinator then quickened his pace so that he was just behind the trainer and his Espeon.

"Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream..."he started singing a different song, taking note to make sure that the boy could hear him clearly.

{Hey, I love Yoru too! Is his name Yoruness? That's a good name.}Buu clapped her hands and grinned at Festival, proceeding to run after the Usaring, this time, to congratulate him for having such a grand name.

{Yoru! Yoru! Yoru! Such a nice name you have! And fluffly tail!}the Sudowoodo jumped up and down with enthusiasm. The Feebas and Remoraid were lucky that they had gripped tightly onto her shoulder beforehand.

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March 9th, 2006, 10:45 AM
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Hiro briefly turned his gaze away from the road as Yoku adressed him, but before the Houndoom could think of anything to say in reply, Festival had already proceeded to trot over and spontaneously declered that she loved the Ursaring, soon followed by Buu who excitedly began to praise the bear pokémon's name - which she had said wrong, to top it all - and his tail.

{Looks like you've got hostiles coming in from both sides.} the Houndoom remarked, smirking slightly, {Roar if they bother you so, otherwise, I suppose you'll just have to grin and bear it, eh?} he returned his attention to their surroundings, purposefully taking some distance from Yoku and his newfound fanclub.

As Ernis switched songs, Yikari took up singing once more, although there was once again a lapse in his grin, even though this one lasted for only a split-second, the boy determinedly pushing whatever memory was associated with the stream back into the depths of his mind and taking on the song with newfound enthusiaism as the laboratory drew ever closer.

March 10th, 2006, 8:35 AM
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{You feeling better yet Cynthia?} Wilbur asked timidly, feeling a bit sorry for her.

Cynthia nodded, though she didn't smile or look happy. Then again, Cynthia rarely did, so that wasn't really much to go off of. "Y-yes, I'm okay. It's nothing... really," she replied to the her little pokemon, avoiding his stare.

{Well okay. I guess I believe you. Anyway, I feel like singing too! Come on Cynthia, join in!} Wilbur said happily, beginning one of his favorite songs, a song about a male wild boar and how a female farm pig falls in love with him. Cynthia didn't join in, she wouldn't sing unless maybe perhaps if her life depended on it. Even then though... it would be a hard decision. Instead she continued to look her somber self, her hair blowing slightly in the breeze.

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Yoku, in all his glory, twitched.


Had he done something wrong? What, had he failed to uphold his vow? Had he been a burden to Skipper-Oliver? Had he pissed off Piro, resulting in the Psychic influencing these Pokemon to annoy him? Why was this happening!?

The Ursaring completely absorbed Hiro's advice, clutching his head with both hands.

{My name is not Yoru!} He bellowed, turning to face Buu completely. However, he didn't linger on the Sudowoodo for very long, soon turning to face Festival as well. {And I don't know you in the slightest! I humbly accept the intended compliment, if there was one. However, please do not speak of such things a second time. I will now return to my original position. Please refrain from following me or I will be forced to take action.}

And with that, the Ursaring nodded firmly, turning around and swiftly heading back to Oliver and Piro.

Speaking of Oliver, he was not reacting to Ernis or Yikari's singing, oh no. He was far too busy concentrating on the approaching building. He was much too close to lose it now.. Soon they would be in the laboratory itself, and maybe, just maybe, the two hooligans would be forced to tune down their singing. So close..

However, before Oliver could further those thoughts, the door to Professor Chrysso's laboratory suddenly swung open with a great force, and within moments a man clad in a long white lab coat was sent flying out of the aforementioned door. With a rather loud thud, the wild-haired man landed on the ground in front of the approaching group, coughing because of the dirt he had kicked up.

Oliver immediately halted, sweatdropping at the scene that had just taken place, while Piro tensed up in preparation for a battle, just in case the man.. posed a threat..

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March 12th, 2006, 2:32 AM
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There are very few people who can avoid noticing a bellowing Ursaring...

A singing Yikari seemed to be one of those few people however, as the boy continued singing and striding after Oliver, glad to note that even Wilbur had decided to join in, even though the little pig seemed to be singing to a different tune. The boy wasn't bothered by this, though, merely continuing on his merry way until they arrived at the laboratory, Oliver stopping just in time to avoid a collision with the flying proffessor.

For a moment, both Yikari and Hiro froze on the spot, exchanging looks before the boy took up his usual smile again, bowing to the stranger who was busy trying to rid himself and his lungs of the smoke and dirt of his recent flight.

"Chrysso-sama, I presume?" the boy asked in a polite voice.

March 12th, 2006, 7:15 AM
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"Eek!" Cynthia squeaked as they approached the front of the lab. Apparently this Professor Chrysso person was a little eccentric? Was that the word that was used for people who were crazy yet smart? Something like that.... At any rate, Cynthia had been thoroughly startled by his appearance, and had squeezed Wilbur so tightly that his pearl almost popped off the top of his head.

{Ouch!} the pig squealed, making a pig grunt of pain, {Cynthia!}

"S-sorry," she stuttered, her grip loosening a little, "H-he surprised me...."

{Yes, were finally here!} Wilbur said aloud, looking excited, {Now the fun begins!}

Cynthia looked a good deal more afraid now, it was one thing to think about getting to the lab, but quite another to actually be at it. She told herself that everything would be okay, and that these other people here would not let anything bad happen, for they were good people.

Random Plushie
March 12th, 2006, 1:33 PM

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Now it be overcast. Clouds are cool. :3


The man on the ground weakly got to his feet after Cynthia screamed, still coughing a bit inbetween breaths. He then proceeded to dust off whatever dirt had gotten onto his lab coat, calmly returning to a normal stance.

"Erhem, no. I am most certainly not Chrysso." He finally spoke up, adjusting the glasses he was wearing. "Augh, and I don't wish I was, either. The guy's so touchy today.. but I don't have to worry, because I'm free. Haha, I'm free. I'm FREEEE~~~~!!!"

The man finally broke into maniacal laughter, his expression one of sheer insanity. For some reason his white lab coat just complimented that. Flinging his arms into the air, he abruptly broke into a sprint, flying past the group in front of him and heading for town as if his life depended on it.

Oliver stared at the fleeing man in horror, as well as a confused Piro and Yoku (although Piro didn't show it in his expression), the Ursaring having rushed to Oliver's side at the strange man's appearance. The red-head said nothing for a few moments, merely watching as the scientist disappeared into the distance. After the said scientist had faded from view, however, Oliver turned back towards the others.

"Okay," He spoke up, calmly, "Who votes we high-tail it outta here before we lose our sense of good judgement?"

March 13th, 2006, 8:19 AM
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This man was... crazy. What could possibly have happened to someone to make them think that way? Cynthia shrank a bit, glad that this guy was not Professor Chrysso, but sad that this guy was not him too. When Oliver spoke up about leaving so that they could remain sane, Cynthia raised her hand halfway.

"I--," she began, but was cut off by Wilbur.

{Put your hand down! We're here to stay Cynthia!} the little pig pokemon said with a grunt.

Cynthia didn't like the looks of this. She just wanted to get away now. Perhaps she could try and escape them all like she did on the boat? No... Yikari or someone would catch her. There was nothing she could do now.

OOC: OH! I just remembered! Yesterday I went to Target to look around for some jeans, and I saw a cute little Spoink plushie! I had to have it!! So I bought it, and named him Wilbur. Teehee. ^_____^

March 13th, 2006, 8:29 AM
Amber grinned eagerly. "I vote for...'let's-go-inside-and-meet-that-mad-ol'-coot'." she called, slightly louder than she needed to. Amber loved crazy people almost as much as she loved throwing herself off waterfalls, and battling, and swimming, and doing all those other stupid things that Amber indulged in on a regular basis. She patted Cynthia on the back reassuringly.
"Don't worry! What harm can a mad scientist do? I mean, the worst he could do is cover us all in acid and watch us slowly melt to death..." Amber teased fondly.
{That's s'mean, Amber!} Festival squeaked. The vaporeon was now cowering behind her trainer, watching the scientist run away with interest.

{ooc| Missed ya lots'n'lots, Plushie! *snuggles*}

March 13th, 2006, 8:43 AM
OOC: Omg. Amber's going to kill Cynthia with her teasing! XD


As Amber patted her on the back, Cynthia's face paled and a look of sheer horror flashed across it. "A-a-a-acid?! M-m-melt?!" she half whispered, looking terrified. She hadn't thought of that! Mad scientists always boiled things and tested things on poor pokemon, and what if they were all his new test subjects?!

"Oh no no no," she stammered, backing away slowly, "I-I can't do it! I-I d-don't want to g-get m-melted by a-acid!"

Wilbur raised an eyebrow, {What? Cynthia no one's gonna do that! The girl was just joking! I thought it was funny!}

Cynthia didn't hear him however, as she was still staring in horror at the front of the lab, imagining what it was like to have acid all over you.

Alter Ego
March 13th, 2006, 9:04 AM
"Now what kind of question is that?" Yikari asked, tilting his head as Oliver asked wether they should go in or make a run for it, "Onward to the lair of the madman, mind the bump!" he let out a cheerful cackle of laughter for no apparent reason, causing Hiro to roll his eyes, "And besides..." the boy continued, "Backing out of a venture as promising as this one would be a stain on my honor that I could never erase...why even uncle Popo would look down on me, and I mean that without his walking device." Yikari shook his head firmly, an enthusiastic grin on his face, "I wouldn't miss this for anything."

"Oh, and don't you worry about the acid one bit, Cynthie-chan." he added, giving the girl a reassuring smile, "I'm sure the good proffessor would cut us up first so that he could study the individual reaction of each limb so I'm sure we won't feel a thing."

{Boy...} Hiro began scolding Yikari but then thought the better of it, noting that his master was once again in one of his loony moods.

March 13th, 2006, 9:49 AM
OOC: XD That was funny.


"C-CUT?!" Cynthia squeaked loudly, her whisper gone, and her eyes somehow stretching even wider than they had been. This made no sense! What kind of a person would do something like that to unsuspecting children! Actually... Cynthia had a question that was now puzzling her mind.

She forwned a little, but this still looked quite fearful considering she was so very terrified. "W-what is wrong with you people? Why would you want to go in there when he will do such terrible things to us?!" she asked, a perplexed sound to her voice. She suddenly felt very woozy as she had been picturing a madman scientist, which seemed to take the shape of an old man with crazy white hair coming out in all directions, a mad glint in his eyes, and a butcher knife in hand proceeding to chop up her leg.

Wilbur sighed with a snort, {Cynthia... they're joking. The guy's not going to chop you up into bits, why'd you think that Yikari and Amber were telling the truth? Who would say all that with a smile on if they were serious?!}

March 13th, 2006, 10:57 AM
Amber's forehead creased in concern at the sight of the blue-haired girl, who was now so frightened by her and Yikari's jesting.
"Cynthia? I was only joking!" Amber began, "And so was Yikari. Nothing bad's gonna happen, I swear. Even if there was a mad scientist, he woudn't stand a chance against us lot." she gestured to the others. "We wouldn't let you get hurt, would we?" she added sharply; it was more of a demand than a question.

Amber petted the other girl on the shoulder, and sighed inwardly. She hadn't realised how delicate some people could be. Not that it mattered; Amber would work on this girl, and build her confidence! After all, that was all fear was.

Alter Ego
March 13th, 2006, 11:14 AM
"She speaks the truth, Cynthie-chan." Yikari chimed in, giving the girl a slightly apologetic smile, "Come now...surely you didn't think that I would allow my questing partner to perish dramatically before my very eyes when our journey has yet to begin?" he shook his head, "Nor even uncle Popo would accept such an epic into our family history, and he has been known to believe as many as three impossible things before breakfast." he took a brief pause, patting the girl lightly on the shoulder, "Don't you worry none, Cynthie-chan..." he said in a more serious voice, "If anything happens I'll be there to protect you, I promise." the boy nodded, "Now then...might I suggest that we don't keep Chrysso-sama waiting further?" he performed an elegant sweeping motion towards the door with his hand, indicating that the girls should go before him while at the same time bowing just a bit, his usual cheerful and carefree manner once again evident and his eyes practically sparkling with enthusiaism over what prospects lay ahead of them.

March 13th, 2006, 11:29 AM

Cynthia felt a little better after Amber revealed that is was indeed another naive blunder on the blue-haired girl's part and that there was no need to be afraid. She looked at Amber.

"Oh... really?" she said, blinking. At least she could breathe again.

Wilbur rolled his little piggy eyes, {Yeah! That's what I've been trying to tell you!}

Cynthia then turned to Yikari when he too admitted to just having some fun. The girl nodded, feeling a bit sheepish, "Ah... that's right, I guess that was pretty silly of me. As you know, I'm not one to pick up on such things. Uh... thank you, for, er, your offer of protection Mr. Arikawa. It is much appreciated."

She nodded with a gulp as Yikari brought back to light the thing they were actually supposed to be doing.

{Better now?} Wilbur asked his trainer, wondering if the slight shaking was just Cynthia being excited about what was happening, or terrified about what was happening.

"Y-yes. Thanks to Ms. Amber, and Mr. Arikawa, I think I'll be okay," she said to him, nodding.

Wilbur looked a bit confused. The people that had made her afraid were the ones to make her feel better? She shouldn't be thanking them, she should be forgiving them.... Oh well, Cynthia always was too nice for her own good. She was very easy to take advantage of.

Random Plushie
March 13th, 2006, 8:42 PM
"Yeah, of course we'll protect you, Cynthie-person.. God, I can't believe the things I get myself into." Oliver muttered, his hands still shoved in his pockets.

{Yes, you've got the right idea, Skipper.} Yoku chimed in, taking a step forward towards his Trainer. {Note how Piro and I have in no way gotten you into your current situation. You said it yourself, and I've got it on tape, so there's no denying it later.} The Ursaring concluded, producing a tape recorder from.. thin air..

"Please return to your ball now, Yoku." Oliver responded, not in the mood for dealing with Yoku's sheer abnormality. The Ursaring made a 'hmph' sound, crossing his arms before he was struck by his Pokeball's red capture beam, sending him back into the contraption. Meanwhile, Piro sighed (with no facial expression, as usual), for now he no longer had a partner to help him through his awkward mission.

And with that, Oliver clipped Yoku's Pokeball back onto his belt, while he stepped forward and into the open door of the Professor's laboratory, totally disregarding Yikari's hint towards 'ladies first'. Piro hesitated a bit before following him.

The first thing that Oliver established once he had walked through the door was that he was in a hallway. A rather boring, pale blue hallway that ran in two directions; left and right. The only apparent source of light in this hall were the flourescent lights on the ceiling, which, for some reason, seemed to cast a light that gave the place on ominous feel to it. The only decorative item in sight was a single, leafy potted plant to the left of the entrance.

Oliver was silenced completely, taking in the overall emptiness. Okay.. now I'm getting a bad vibe..

March 14th, 2006, 10:55 PM

Whoa my Feebas, I finally managed to start posting here, yey!!^0^


Ernis jumped to one side, careful not to let the man who laughed like a maniac touch him as he started running away. This was just scary, if he were to lose his life here...

{No wait! You can't go! I've yet to find out your real name!!}Buu called out in fustration, waving her arms as Oliver withdrawed Yoku into his pokeball. The Sudowoodo didn't even blink when the Usaring started yelling at her for calling him Yoru and now that he was gone....

{Wahh!!! I justed wanted to know his nameness!}the Rock type sat herself on the pavement, rubbing her eyes. The Feebas on her shoulder giving her a encouraging pat on whatever shoulder he had yet to occupy.

"Settle down Buu. Don't tell me you've started crying for no apparent reason again."Ernis slapped his forehead and let out a sigh as he noticed his Sudowoodo seated beside him. The others were picking on Cynthia and despite how gullible she seemed, atleast she wasn't crying.
"When you're done with your tears, you follow in after the rest of us."the boy told the Mimickry Pokemon in a simple tone, giving her a white hankie he dug out from his pocket.Withthat done, he followed Oliver into the lab.
All he wanted was a normal, decent pokemon team. What he had, they were special and he didn't have anything against them, no.
Who wouldn't die to have a crying Sudowoodo on their team?

Alter Ego
March 17th, 2006, 10:29 AM
"Why Oliver-sama..." Yikari said in a cheerful voice at the boy's grouchy promise of aid, "We must indeed be long-lost brothers! Why when even our thoughtlines are so similar how could anyone doubt that? Oh, and you're quite welcome, Cynthie-chan." he added to the girl, "Don't worry about not being able to tell these things, I'm sure you'll learn it soon enough with me and Ambry-chan around." the boy continued smiling cheerfully as he followed the others into proffessor Chrysso's laboratory, taking note of the quite...spartan interior.

"Looks like our esteemed Chrysso-sama hasn't had the time to decorate." the boy remarked, tilting his head before he raised both hands to his mouth as a sort of makeshift megaphone "Chrysso-sama!" he called out down the hall, "Your guests have arrived!"

{Keep your voice down, fool.} Hiro snapped, glaring suspiciously at his surroundings, {We need to be on our guard. I smell something fishy...and my nose never lies.}

March 17th, 2006, 11:29 AM
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Cynthia looked concerned. She was already emotionally shot from the whole experience of coming here, and now she was facing another personal fear of hers--long and strangely lit hallways.

"Ah...! I don't think I like this," she muttered, peering around the others into the hallway. As Yikari strode in and began to call out for Professor Chrysso, Cynthia's eyes widened.

"I don't think you should-- oh well...," she said in defeat as the boy had already finished calling out. Cynthia didn't think it a good idea to attract attention, but since it had already been done, there was no going back.

Wilbur frowned. {Huh... this guy must be weird. Let's be careful, right Cynthia?} he said to the girl. She nodded and stepped forward a little, noticing that the hallway went in two directions.

"Ah! Which way do we go?" she asked, wondering if this was some sort of test or something. Professors did like to entertain trainers with tests sometimes. At least, that's what Cynthia was telling herself.

Random Plushie
March 18th, 2006, 12:21 AM
"..Why are you doing that?" Oliver asked in annoyance, as Yikari finished calling out to Professor Chrysso. "You really want this guy's attention? You--Ah, never mind. Let's just go, already. Better than sitting here. Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.." he continued, trailing off at the end as he used highly advanced deductive reasoning to pick which way to go.

Piro wasn't paying much attention to the human's conversation. He was currently focusing all of his attention on the single plant by the entrance. He poked one large leaf with his nose, quickly drawing back as if expecting the plant to strike him. {Hmm.. something in this building is not safe.} The Espeon commented, sniffing at the air. {The Houndoom speaks the truth.}

"Alright, I'm going this way." Oliver spoke up again, pointing to the left and the empty hallway that ran in that direction. "If it leads to a dead end, we'll just come back."

March 18th, 2006, 12:39 AM
Amber tutted disapprovingly. "it would better if we called out, Oliver. Otherwise Mr.Insane-Psyco-Scare-People-Away-Chrysso might think we're sneaking up on him..." she glanced around briefly, taking in the dull decor. That potted plant looked very lonely, all on it's own in this horrid grey room. Still, she didn't have long to dwell on it; Oliver was already heading off, and Amber was more than happy to follow him.

Festival padded over to the plant as well, those big brown eyes of hers watching as Piro lifted up an occasional leaf. She was about to mimic him, but before she could Amber strolled off. Festival gave a little squeak and galloped after her trainer.

March 18th, 2006, 6:36 AM

"Ah! W-what if it's the wrong way and there's something bad at the end of it?" Cynthia squeaked, looking nevous. She was actually just afraid of going down what seemed like an incredibly creepy endless hallway. What if the hallway never ended? What if they were stuck in here forever and ended up having to eat each other?! What if... worse of all... what if they actually picked the right one and ended up with Professor Chrysso and he really did want to boil them in acid?!!

Wilbur once again felt Cynthia intensify her squeezing on him, no doubt she was building up some horrible scenario in her mind again. He almost chuckled to himself, that girl needed to learn how to laugh. It seemed near impossible though, as he had tried personally to get her to laugh. He had only ever seen her laugh once, and it was so long ago, he couldn't even remember what it was that made her laugh.

Regardless of her fears, Cynthia felt compelled to follow Oliver. The best idea would be to split up, and that way both routes were covered, but Cynthia wasn't about to go on her own down the other hallway.

Alter Ego
March 18th, 2006, 11:13 AM
Yikari shook his head at the various shushings and nervous glances from the others, excluding Amber who had actually agreed with him. What was wrong with these people? They had just entered a weird, high-tech laboratory which was run by a proffessor who sounded a bit off his noodle and had invited them all to witness one of his crazy inventions and they couldn't see anything exciting about it? Boy, this sure was a strange crowd he had landed himself in, luckily Amber at the very least seemed to be having the right idea about it, and if she wasn't going to do anything to contribute to the feeling of safety and cheer in this group then it seemed like Yikari had to, not that he really minded that, he reassured himself as he reached for one of his still occupied pokéballs, nope, he didn't mind it at all...

This should give our little family something else to think about... he mused for himself, unleashing the object onto the floor of the lab.

"Hagure! Come on out!"

Accompanied the usual flash of white light, the unmistakable figure of a Haunter formed in the air at about the same height as Yikari's head, the ghost pokémon performing an excited twirl in the air as he noticed that he was out and about again while Hiro muttered something nasty under his breath and forced his attention back to scanning their surroundings, his tail held high.

{Say hey-hey! Is' 'bout time, Boss-man! D'ya know how stuffy it is in dat thing?} the Haunter asked, turning to face his trainer again, {Ah...bu' never mind dat now, wassup?}

"A mission, Hagure-sama." Yikari replied, giving the ghost pokémon one of his mischievous smiles, "It seems like the esteemed proffessor is playing some kind of game with us, so I'd like you to float about a bit and see what you can see."

{Mission, eh?} the Haunter echoed in a slightly dissapointed voice, although it quickly vanished when he came to note that their surroundings were rather...peculiar {Am' on it, boss-man!} he concluded, nodding, {Where'd ya' wan' me ta begin?}

"Just somewhere so we can see you." the boy said, "You know how Hiro is."

{Yah, 'e's an ol' spoilsport, ain't 'e?} Hagure replied in a slightly hushed voice, pulling a face, {I still dun' know why ya' wanna' drag 'im around wid' us, boss-man, but dat's why y'er da boss-man and I ain't, eh? Say...you there!} the Haunter ended his sentence with a sudden exclamation aimed straight at Wilbur, briefly vanishing only to appear right in front of the Spoink, smiling at him in the way that only a Haunter could, {Do you go by any other names than Eucine?} the ghost pokémon demanded, taking on a stern expression and tone of voice as he stared at the pig pokémon.

March 18th, 2006, 8:12 PM

Cynthia watched curiously as Yikari tossed out another pokemon, something she had seen often floating over Fuschia in the night and early morning-- a Haunter. Haunter were not so scary... if they kept their distance. Unfortunately for Cynthia, this Haunter decided to throw a question at Wilbur, who was still nestled in her arms.

Wilbur didn't find the pokemon scary at all, just a bit odd really. He didn't expect the thing to talk to him personally though, so when he was adressed, he looked quite surprised.

{Huh?! Um... my friends call me Wilbur,} the pig responded with a little snort.

Cynthia was frozen with fear, staring at the great, ghostly creature in front of her. She didn't want to make a noise, afraid that the thing would do something to her.

Random Plushie
March 18th, 2006, 11:04 PM

Hmm.. I just noticed that this chocolate shake tastes like chocolate sauce more than a shake. o.O Ooh, but I guess that's a good thing. Chocolate sauce > most.

[/random tidbit of the moment]


Piro's ears perked up as Yikari released his Haunter, and eventually the Espeon paused to observe the Ghost-type's movements. Well, you could never be too careful around Ghosts, unless of course they proved otherwise. As if Piro were never too careful. After watching Hagure shoot over towards Wilbur, though, Piro merely decided that as long as the Haunter kept his distance, he wouldn't get involved. Then again, from what he could sense, that Haunter probably left few people alone..

Piro swiftly dropped his thoughts before they became too complicated, swishing his tail once before turning back towards Oliver, who had decided to keep walking even as the Haunter was summoned. The Espeon was quick to catch up, now peering around the hallway as they went along, looking for anything suspicious.

However, at the moment nothing of interest had come into view. The hallway still seemed to run on endlessly, but that in itself seemed suspicious somehow..

"Come on, people, it looks like we have.. a very long walk ahead of us." Oliver spoke up, sensing that a few people had yet to move along, although never once did he turn his head. "A long, uneventful walk." He muttered to himself, wondering what could possibly be of interest in this boring old hallway.

March 18th, 2006, 11:05 PM
Ernis had nothing much to comment on what was happening, even if he felt like talking, he didn't know what to say. Arikawa was calling out to the Professor while Oliver had decided to find the professor himself. The Coordinator let out a sigh, there wasn't much to do around here was there? Cynthia and her Spoink were being harassed by Yikari's Haunter. Ghost types were good for Smart Contests, if they knew the right moves. Infact, the boy was sure he had seen a Haunter participate in a Cute Contest before, yes. They were decent Pokemon.

{W-What is this place? Its so...blehness!}Buu rubbed her nose as she walked through the door, examining the potted plant. It looked ever so lonely sitting by itself in a corner. She wanted to give it a hug for moral support.

"There's nothing we can do standing around here, I'm following Amber."Ernis declared loudly, taking note of his Pokemon, he took to his signature stride and followed after the cowgirl and her Vaporeon.

Alter Ego
March 20th, 2006, 10:42 AM
{Wilbur, eh?} Hagure repeated in an inquistive voice, hovering back and forth in front of the Spoink while all the time maintaining a look of suspicion, {Dat's w'at ye'd like me ta think, innit...Christopher?} he placed considerable emphasis on the name, as if he had just revealed a great and horrible personal secret of Wilbur's, {We know you dunit.} he proclaimed sternly, {We haf a lot of people who all say you dunit, so owe up!} he pointed an accusing finger at the spoink, {Owe up 'bout w'at we all know you dun!}

Noting Cynthia's tenseness, Yikari soon walked over, giving the girl an encouraging smile, "Don't you worry about a thing, Cynthie-chan." he said quietly, "Hagure-sama likes to joke around but he won't hurt you. Hagure-sama..." he added, adressing the last bit to the Haunter who was in the middle of pressing his prosecution on, "Cynthie-chan here is a special case, so don't prank her, okay?"

{'Kay boss-man, wadever ya' say.} the ghost pokémon replied in a slightly disgruntled voice {'Er loss. Now owe up!} he concluded, once again turning his attention to Wilbur.

"You see, Cynthie-chan?" Yikari continued, smiling at Cynthia, "He's harmless. But I think that our dear Oliver-sama wishes to reach the end of this hallway as soon as possible, so let's not dissapoint him, allright?" he gave the girl a gentle nudge in the right direction, proceeding to walk onwards, although he took care to keep quite close to Hagure, seeing as how Cynthia still didn't seem very comfortable in the Haunter's company and he really did want to help her get over that problem.

March 20th, 2006, 10:56 AM

Oliver was right, they did have a long ways to walk. How long was the question, as now Cynthia had to be aware of a rather intimidating Haunter. She listened to Yikari's words, and nodded as she began to walk in the direction that he had nudged her, trying to force herself not to be afraid.

Wilbur snorted loudly, {Eh? I don't owe anyone anything! And my name's WILBUR!} The little pig was worried about Cynthia and this great oaf was concerned with an imaginary debt?! His emotions were getting the better of him, as usually Wilbur would realize it was all in fun and laugh along with the Haunter. Luckily for Hagure, this would probably only add to his amusement.

"I... I'm not afraid," Cynthia said to herself, "I'm not a-afraid."

She wished this Chrysso person would come out soon.

Random Plushie
March 20th, 2006, 2:53 PM
Oliver, trying to ignore the commotion behind him, took his hands out of his pockets so he could fold his arms across his chest. He looked ahead again, noting how the hallway continued to taunt him with its seemingly endless length. And there wasn't even a door or anything in sight. Oh, how he wished he could just--

"Oof!" Oliver cried out suddenly, completely smashing into some kind of barrier in front of him. The red-head recoiled in pain, leaping back a few steps as Piro tensed up into a more alert position. Once Oliver had regained his composure, he held one hand up to his throbbing nose as he observed what was in front of him.

It was a wall, which had been painted to look like the hallway went further down than it really did, and Oliver had learned of this fact the hard way.

"Ooh, that is not funny." Oliver hissed, his voise taking on a slightly nasal sound. As he began to turn away, infuriated, he realized that the hallway continued on for a short time to the right. At the end of this new corridor was natural sunlight, or so it seemed.

Oliver said nothing, but quickly began stomping down the newfound corridor in pure anger, while Piro could only follow and hope that Oliver was holding his temper in check.

March 21st, 2006, 8:31 AM
OOC: Heh, poor Oliver! ^-^


Still willing herself to not be afraid, Cynthia continued walking with the others down the forever corridor. Things were looking quite spooky, and the hall showed no way of letting up. How long were they going to go at this?

Quite suddenly, Oliver ran into a wall, and as Cynthia was already at a heightened sense of alarm, when he was taken by surprise, she let out a sharp and squeaky scream. It wasn't that long, but it was very high-pitched. She looked at the others sheepishly, "Er... sorry. I didn't mean to scream."

Oliver then proceeded down the real hallway, and Cynthia was somewhat glad to see that this one looked as if it had a definite ending to it. However... as with all endings there is a new beginning... and such was the same with this hallway, for at the end of it was Professor Chrysso most likely. Cynthia's fear of the hallway would soon be replaced by a lovely fear of Chrysso. Oh well... at least she was with good people.

Random Plushie
March 23rd, 2006, 10:11 PM

..it reminds me of the time I walked right into a screen door. xD Incidently, I would've waited for more people to post, but..


It only took Oliver several moments to make his way down the hall, meaning that his anger was still very much fueled by the time he arrived at the room at the end. Turning to the right, he quickly proceeded to stomp into the room. Piro's expression twisted into one that suggested rather pessimistic thoughts, but nonetheless he trudged into the room after his Trainer.

"Alright, who painted that.." Oliver began, still clutching his nose as he walked in. However, he was forced to trail off when he realized just how strange this room was. It was rectangular in shape, the entrance to the previous hallway being one of the shorter sides of the rectangle.

Along the longer walls were metallic machines of various shapes and sizes, all of them being the same color as the pale blue wall, although most of them were adorned with flashing lights of different colors. They certainly didn't look like they were used for Pokemon research, and they didn't seem to be making any noise either. The space inbetween the two rows of machines was taken up by two long wooden tables, which were both cluttered with stacks of books, papers, broken Pokeballs, and pens of various colors.

On the far side of the room was one gigantic glass window, which gave everyone inside a view of the forest beyond the lab. On its sill was a lonely potted plant, which looked almost exactly like the one that had been seen near the entrance to the building. And much like its counterpart, it seemed to be the only decorative object in the room.

In the middle of the cluttered yet scarcely decorated room was a tall man dressed in long white lab coat, who seemed to be busy with something in his hand. He had strange, wild brown hair that spiked out at odd angles, suggesting he hadn't come in contact with a comb for a very long time. And even from a back view, one could see the overly large glasses that he was wearing.

The man had shown no reaction to Oliver's words, apparently absorbed with whatever he was doing. However, Oliver did not repeat himself, nor did he move closer to the strange man. Instead, he glanced back at the others, waiting for them to see this strange sight for themselves before he made a move. Piro remained intensely quiet as well, narrowing his eyes at the stranger before him.

Alter Ego
March 24th, 2006, 4:04 AM
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"Oh, I don't know about that, Oliver-sama." Yikari commented, struggling hard not to laugh as he walked closer to study the pain-on corridor, "And at any rate, our dear Chrysso-sama certainly did a fine job." he added with a slight hint of reverence in his voice, experimentally tapping the wall, "The paint job was very well done."

The boy didn't continue though, seeing as how the others were apparently quite preoccupied with moving along, and merely shrugged as he followed them.

Hagure hadn't paid much heed to the incident, still focusing on Wilbur as he continued, {Game's up, Eustace!} he proclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at the Spoink, {An' I didn't say nuthin' about you owin' me anythin', I said you should owe up 'bout wat' you dun'! So owe up!}

Hiro, who had been extremely focused on ignoring the Haunter this far, let out a quiet groan at the statement, proceeding to walk ahead of Yikari so as to get even further from the annoying ghost pokémon. As they finally reached what looked like an actually inhabited room, Yikari's expression brightened further.

"Second time's the charm, right?" he asked no-one in particular as he stepped forward.

{Actually it's the thir-} Hiro began, but before he could continue, his trainer had already adressed the peculiar lab-coat man who was presumably proffessor Chrysso. The Houndoom cast a distasteful glance at the room, to his mind, the first criterion to measure another person's worth by was how he treated his den, and needless to say, this...Chrysso, certainly hadn't made a favourable impression on him.

"Chrysso-sama, I presume?" Yikari asked, bowing dramatically to the figure who was still standing with his back turned, seemingly completely absorbed in whatever he was doing.

March 24th, 2006, 7:08 AM

Feebas yeah..sorry for not posting as much Plushie. School work's getting more and more.^^;;
My teacher just dropped a huge Home Ec project on me which is like, due on Monday.;_;


Ernis couldn't help but let out a slight laugh as Oliver banged into the painted wall, and one twitch as Cynthia's scream followed. He covered his mouth with one sleeve to soften the sound of the laugh and just to make sure he seemed polite. The blue-haired girl did seemed to be quite the jumpy type. He realised, that still, he had nothing to comment on, except for the empty hallway, metal machinese weren't counted. It all seemed so plain. His Pokemon seemed to think otherwise, Buu was tapping the realisticly painted wall out of interest.

However, things seemed to be looking up as the Coordinator noticed Oliver standing at one door, staring inside, like he was hesitating or something.

"Who's that? Professor Chrysso?"he asked loudly as he saw Yikari perform another one of those bows he did. The room he was occupying did seem to give the feeling of one, it was all untidy with notes and reference books of different sorts. There was this identical potted plant in the room, just like what he had seen when he entered the lab, which looked like it was the only form of decoration.

"Um...Excuse me?"Ernis coughed as he realised that the man had his back turned to them. Certainly dedicated to his work was one thing...being unhospitable to guests was an entirely different matter.

March 24th, 2006, 8:30 AM
OOC: So that's how you spell the name Eustace! I've only ever heard that name, never read it. ^^


As the group finally got to the room with the mysterious, well in Cynthia's opinion, Professor Chrysso, Cynthia shuddered. The things around the room were strange looking, and the girl couldn't help but feel as if she had walked into a mad scientist's laboratory as she peered around with her smoky eyes.

Wilbur was only getting angrier with Hagure, {I don't have anything to owe up to, you sack of gas! And my name is not Eucine, Christopher, OR Eustace! It's WILBUR!} The little pig's gray skin was flushed an angry red. Cynthia figured it was time to intervene.

"Ah! Wilbur... please stop shouting. We should be polite in Chrysso-sam-- ah, I mean Professor Chrysso's-- home," she said, blinking and wondering why she had almost used Yikari's name for the man. Luckily she had corrected herself, though it was still a bit embarrassing.

Wilbur became silent and figured that trying to explain his frustration would be useless. He told himself not to get so worked up over this Haunter, and that he would concentrate on what was in front of Cynthia, namely the odd Professor that still hadn't noticed them all standing in his room. What a weird guy.

March 24th, 2006, 2:35 PM
I sit to late join I can catch I'm a fast reader if I can here is my form

Name: Dylan Peroko
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Dylan wears a thick raggy darkish green hat that has a black pokeball on it. Dylan has black hair when you can see it from not wearing his hat. Dylan has white skin with dark blue that shine when the sun is very bright. Dylan wears a white t-shirt with a thick green color over jacket that is like a t-shirt. His over jacket is also very worn and little old and has dis-clolred dpots on it a little. He also wear light blue shorts with deep pockets to hold his pokeballs in. His jeans lack a quality but they hold very good and have a nice color to it. Dylan wear thick black shoes that are flat and some green on it. His shoe laces are almost out but they are still holding. Dylan also wears thick green color gloves that are mint condition for they are very rare to Dylan.

Persinality: Dylan can be nice but he never likes stragers. He fight anyone that makes fun of him. Dylan favorite type of pokemon is grass. When Dylan meets people he is usally quiet to them for a while then he will start to talk to them and then get to know then better. He is self natural to all pokemon because he thinks they can be kinder than humans. Dylan loves to learn about pokemon he will stay up for hours reading about one pokemon learing about it then want s to catch one. He is on of those guys who whould rather learn about pokemon than hang with freinds at the mall. But Dylan is very atletic he loves to play baseball and run. Dylan has a great upper body for baseball his favorite postion is first base.


Breloom " Spore" Male:
This pokemon was Dylans first pokemon. He cought Spore from a Shroomish. His first meet with this pokemon was when he encountered it in a forest Spore had been beging attacked by group of Pigey. He had chased the Pigey away with his book he had in hands. That Shroomish could never thank him so he had followed him where ever Dylan went. Dylan finally dicided to catch and begin his quest as a pokemon trainer. Shiroomish had evoled when battling a ferce Sandslash. The Sandslash had hurt Dylan in the leg. This had Angered Spore so he got enraged and evoloed in Breloom and deafeated the Sandslash.

Absol "Gear" Female:
Dylan encouter Absol as his second pokemon. This Absol had a thorne in his paw and was enraged and was attacking and destroying everything in came across. Unfortently Dylan and Spore came across it. The Absol tricky was smarter than a normal Absol but lacked power. It keep pounding Spore with attacks until Spore had used a sleep power and got it. Dylan had found out the probelm and stoped it. Then Absol had join Dylan's party Dylan had named her Gear like computer gear because she was very smart and witty.

Grovely "Vine" Male:
Dylan came across Grovely while it was battleing a group leader of its tribe. Sadly he was losing and bad he was all scared up not to mention his big long and wide scar down his face that would stay there for the rest of his life. After the battle they kicked him out of the tribe. Dylan wanted to help he felt bad for this pokemon. He had train the pokemon until it ready. Whiel train he notice that this pokemon was different than the other palyful ones. He was quite and ignore most people and pokemon and could get very angry. His baldes were longer than most Grovely and was taller than a normal. When he finally confronted him agian he won. But he decided if he needed help to win he should not keep his titile and wnet along with Dylan.

RPG Sample:

"Spore use dynamicpunch on that Absol now" I yelled with entese foucs. Spore rushed towreds the enraged Absol. Spores hand started to glow. But this Absol knew how to counter that. The female Absol use Razor Wind on the rock rock flew up blocking Spores way and his attack. "Darn I thought that would" I whisperd to myself. But as the rocks fell the Absol had disappered. "Becareful Spore it might still be here" I shouted". Then at the couner of my I eye I cough what looked like a white bush leaping towards Spore. "Look out Spore". To late Spore had been taking deadly hits from the Absol's slash attack. Spore had a slahed back and it had turned red. "Spore use stun spore now" Spore responded by letting out letting yellow powder from it spore on it soft head. But the Absol used Razor wind to counter it back to Spore. Spore was hit hard on the ground. The abosl was going for spore again. "Spore Mach punch" I yelled. Spore's hand glowed green and let out a hard punch witch hit the Absol. The Absol flew to the ground. "Now Spore sleep powered". Spore let out blue powered from it spore on its head. The Absol was now asleep. Dylan went up to Absol looked at his foot and smiled.

Is this ok if I not I can add more.

March 25th, 2006, 12:19 AM
{ooc| I knew how to spell it becuase there's a boy in a Narnia book called Eustace xo I mean, I think I spent my entire childhood reading those books. My ones have no spine left, and as a result most of the pages are falling out. GODDARN. I'm gonna buy some new ones, though, so I can read them to my children, and my children's children... and so on.}

Amber smiled wryly at Yikari's words. "He's not Dr. Livingstone, y'know." she teased him. After all, Dr. Livingstone had got lost in the jungle, and then was found by an explorer to those famous words. They had hardly trekked through a jungle, nor were they world-reveered explorers. Still, you never knew. Someday.
She brushed herself down, straightened her tank top so it was coveing slightly more of her 'cleavage' (she can dream, right?) and put on her brightest smile.
"Hello, Dr Chrysso!" She added in reply.
Festival had been staring at Hagure anxiously. Even now, she was glaring fiercely at the ghost type from behind Amber's leg.
{Bleeergh....} she muttered bitterly, and pulled her tail around herself.

Cosmo: "You know, you can remove your false moustache now."
Wanda: "I'm not wearing a false moustache!"
Cosmo: "Riiiiiiiight."}

Alter Ego
March 25th, 2006, 12:19 AM
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"Dr. Who?" Yikari asked at Amber's remark with an expression of purest innocence on his face, "Never heard of the man." he turned his attention back to the proffessor, suddenly starting to grin for no apparent reason as he wondered how long it would take for him to notice them, if indeed this strange man had not noticed them already and simply chosen to ignore for now, one could never know after all.

{Now wat's wit' da temper, Wilhelm?} Hagure asked triumphantly, circling around the Spoink, {Hiding something, are ya? Owe up!}

Hiro merely continued to glare at the Haunter's actions in an irritated manner, the Houndoom's tail lashing back and forth in annoyance.

{You...are an idiot.} he finally remarked to ghost pokémon, offering no elaboration as he proceeded to observe proffessor Chrysso once more. He trusted that lab coat-wearing nutter about as far as he could throw him.

OOC: Well, it's edited and a bit longer. Pwhee...

Random Plushie
March 25th, 2006, 3:41 PM

Yeah.. superd188, the sign-ups have been closed for a long while now. o.o


And I, too, have absolutely no idea who Dr. Livingstone is. I am un-informed. =O


Suddenly, a click resonated from whatever the professor held in his hand, and instantly the man turned around to face his guests, a triumphant smile on his face. It was then that one would realize just how big his glasses were, taking up about three-fourths of the man's face. That aside, he held out his hand to the nearest person, namely Yikari, revealing the fact that he held a remote control in his hand, like the kind for a television set, except this particular remote only had one little yellow button. He then waved it in front of the boy for a second to show it to him for some reason, but after a second or two he quickly withdrew his hand.

"Hah. I fixed it. Not very easy, you know." He said, his voice very raspy, as if he hadn't used it in a long while. Oliver, who hadn't seen fit to speak yet, suddenly became aware of the fact that the professor was completely towering over them all despite the fact that he was hunched over slightly.

"Ah, yes, and my name is in fact Chrysso. It's a silly name, isn't it? But I wouldn't trade it for any other." He continued, turning his back to his guests once more. He then proceeded to push one of the wooden tables towards the window, apparently to make room for something, although exactly what he was making room for, he did not verify. Once he had finished moving the table, he turned to face his audience once again.

"Now, you lot can just stay right where you are. I don't have any chairs around here if you're wondering about that. All that matters is that you all get to see what you came here to see, and I assure you all that you'll get to use it as well. It's a very wondrous thing, and I'd hate to keep it all to myself." Professor Chrysso said, all the while keeping his voice disturbingly soft and calm, although it was still quite raspy.

March 26th, 2006, 2:17 AM
{ooc| Uneducated children!
Learn here (http://www.wayfarersbookshop.com/Biographies/Stanley_Biography/Stanley_-_Dr__Livingstone_I_Pr/stanley_-_dr__livingstone_i_pr.html)
I guess british history doesn't really apply to you guys, but I think it's quite amusing.
Anyway.... I must admit, Howl's Moving Castle is a brilliant film. I think I enjoyed it even more than Spiritied Away!}

Amber blinked at this strange man. She found him rather hard to concentrate on, having a very quiet voice and all that, so she just smiled sweetly and sat herself down on the floor with her legs crossed.
The second she was down Festival flounced over and settled on her lap; the little vaporeon snatched every situation she could get to get close to her trainer. Amber petted her automatically, and Festival began to purr.

He sort of reminded Amber of a preying mantis - he was huge, and hunched, and those huge glasses made him look incredibly bug-eyed. Without realising what she was doing, Amber pulled Festival just a little bit closer; she didn't trust adults, especially not ones armed with crazy buttons.
"Wazzat for, sir?" she asked bluntly, not becuase she was trying to be rude, but because she was curious. Festival knew well enough that Amber didn't like to be kept in the dark; she liked to know every little detail right as it happened.

Alter Ego
March 26th, 2006, 3:04 AM
OOC: Hey! I knew who Livingstone was! Well, didn't remember that he was scottish, but still...*Grumbles* Are you trying to undermine my reputation of being a crude know-it-all? xD *Pokes new title* I just figured that Yikari wouldn't look at it as anything more than a funny phrase to use.

As for Moving Castle...it took you that long to figure it out? Uneducated child. xD Yeah, that one pwns, even though the original plot wasn't Miyazaki's. ^^


"Nah, I've heard sillier names than that." Yikari replied to the proffessor's comment about his own name, "I'm afraid that's barely a three on the old silliness scale. But it's a good try nonetheless." the boy continued to grin in a friendly manner as proffesor Chrysso went on by explaining that there weren't any chairs available for them before he continued to elaborate on the little device in his hand. It was a surprisingly simple one, only one button though...and even though the button was a nice yellow colour, it was still dissapointingly small and there were certainly far more intriguing designs available in the weird contraption market, like the big red ones that said self-destruct on them. Yikari absent-mindedly stuck his hands into the pockets of his shorts, poor Chrysso-sama...he must have been really short on funds to settle for such a nondescript button.

"Yes, Chrysso-sama, what does your wondorous invention do?" he inquired in unison with Amber, continuing to watch the little remote control with curiosity, "Is it any good for curing grouchy tempers?" he gave a would-be discreet poke to Hiro as he said this, "That would surely be helpful."

{Don't even joke about such!} Hiro growled indignantly, {Why the mere suggestion that I would be used in some kind of experiment-}

"Oh relax, Hiro, I was only joking..." Yikari replied, letting out a good-natured chuckle.

{'Ey, proffesor-man!} Hagure called out, {Could tha' remote be used ta' make Wilhem 'ere owe up 'bout wat' e's dun'?! He won't owe up even though we all know he dunit'!}

Random Plushie
March 26th, 2006, 2:30 PM

Aha! Now I am very well informed. Thank you, Charon. I neeeeed more information about the world. >D

By the way, love your new avvie, Alter. xD


Oliver, finally getting over his throbbing nose, brought his hand down so he could fold his arms across his chest once more. His expression suggested he was still fuming over the painted wall incident, but nonetheless he remained silent, scowling at the remote control in Chrysso's hands as if it were irritating him beyond imagination.

As for the professor himself, he seemed to be grinning about something to himself, once Amber had asked him what the remote was for, and once Yikari had followed up with his own question.

"It isn't anything special, this remote. What it controls is an entirely different matter altogether." He replied, instantly pressing the single yellow button on the remote.

Before one could even blink, the floor began shaking slightly, which in turn caused many of the papers scattered across the tables to come tumbling to the floor, along with some of the broken Pokeballs and pens. Even the lone potted plant on the window sill was shaking slightly, threatening to fall to the floor and scatter dirt across the fallen paperwork. In moments, four floor tiles in the space where the table had been actually fell into some sort of secret compartment, although one could not see exactly where they fell, because this compartment happened to be pitch black, as if it were the lab's basement.

However, one did not have to stare into blackness for long, because within the span of a few more moments, a large, metallic white ray gun of some sort began to rise from the hole in the floor, slowly yet surely. The gun was very tall, as tall as the professor, although it wasn't much wider than the hole in the floor for obvious reasons. Like the other machines in the room, it was adorned with flashing lights of various colors, and it wasn't making much noise. It didn't seem to be supported by anything on the floor.. the base of the ray gun just kept going into the hole from which it had come. The gigantic thing didn't seem to be making any threatening movements towards anyone, but that did not take away from the fact that it was a tall, intimidating, metallic ray gun. A ray gun that was loaded, no doubt, with God knows what.

"Why does it have to be pointed at me..?" Oliver squeaked, staring in awe at the invention that had sprouted from the floor in front of him. And indeed, the thing was pointed directly at him, although the Espeon near his feet would probably die before that ray gun got anywhere near his Trainer.

"Isn't it breath-taking?" Professor Chrysso exclaimed, his eyes glazed over with pride. He clasped his hands together to keep them from shaking with anxiety. "It is my life's work! It is awe-inspiring! And it is ready for use!" The Professor concluded, a maniacal grin spreading across his features.

March 26th, 2006, 8:31 PM
OOC: *raises hand* Ooh! I knew who Dr. Livingstone was! I may not be a crude, know-it-all person, but I do know that! They made a joke about Dr. Livingstone on Darkwing once. *smile* And other movies/cartoons/shows that I've seen have mentioned it too.

Teehee, I like Chrysso, he's fun to read. ^-^


"Uh...," Cynthia mumbled, as Professor Chrysso began to speak. She was nervous, and she wasn't sure what the man was planning or about to do. The first part of the place was so creepy, and the machines in this room spooked her out, her eyes wide as she peered around at them.

As Yikari and Amber both made their presences known, Cynthia felt like it was her turn, but she couldn't get her mouth to form any audible words. She was like a faucet that had yet to be hooked up to the pipes. She settled for another squeak, and continued to remain silent.

Wilbur was trying his hardest to ignore Hagure, but the ghost type was really bugging him. Wilbur was a kind pokemon, but he was short on patience, and really short on patience when it came to this particular pokemon. He just sat there snorting and grunting into Cynthia's arms, which were once again holding him quite tightly.

When the professor activated his remote-like object, and the room began to shake, Cynthia let out another squeal, a much louder one that was very close to a scream. She wasn't any calmer as she saw the large ray-gun that appeared from below. What was THAT for? Was he going to melt them? Was it a giant water gun that was to spray them with spurts of water? Soak them? Kill them?! Why didn't anyone else seem upset?! She glanced at Oliver, who had made a good point, it was pointed at him. Cynthia didn't know what she would have done had it been pointed at her... something out of fear and probably really embarrassing.

She moved herself behind the others, hoping no one had noticed her scream.

March 27th, 2006, 3:34 AM

Yey! Thankies for extra history, Charon!^^


Ernis intinctivly straightened his posture as the Professor turned to face them, he was rather tall. Those pair of glasses he wore were unusually large, they creeped the boy out for a moment or so. He just needed to get used to them, that was all. Chrysso proceeded to talk in this unpleasant sounding voice, sounded as if he rarely used it.

The Coordinator wanted to speak up, to complain about the clutter on the Professor's desk and his poor decoration skills. Though, it seemd like he would have to save it for later. "What...?!"Ernis immediately let out a surprised cry, looking to the floor as it started vibrating. Well... atleast he hadn't screamed, like Cynthia. He didn't blame her however, this was all happening too fast, and in such odd ways. If the youth knew any better, he would have run off long ago, like say...when that man ran out of the lab proclaiming his freedom.

It was the appearance of this gigantic ray gun that made the boy consider that opinion even more. Oliver seemed more shooken than the rest, since that 'thing' was pointed directly at him.

"Yo-You aren't going t-to start that thing up, are you??"his lip quivered a bit, quickly falling to the back of the group along with Cynthia.

{Ooh!!!!! Shiny!!!!!}Buu's eyes didn't have enough time to widen, she was too busy squealing like a loon, resisting the urge to run over and hug the ray gun. Ernis' training hadn't been for nil anyway. Instead, she maintained her position next to her trainer, taking deep breaths a few times before proceeding to enjoy the gun from afar, bright colors and all.

Alter Ego
March 29th, 2006, 8:22 AM
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Unlike the others, Yikari watched the ascending ray gun in fascination rather than concern and Hagure taking a brief pause from tormenting Wilbur to stare at it with him, the two of them wearing disturbingly similar mischievous grins on their faces as they both began picturing what glorious kind of fun they could have with such a device.

{Get a grip, boy!} Hiro growled, glaring suspiciously at the ray gun, the Houndoom's back arched and his teeth barred, {I knew this was a trap!}

The boy was too preoccupied with the ray gun to pay attention to his pokémon's words however;

"Indeed it is, Chrysso-sama." he replied, "But what does it do?"

Random Plushie
March 31st, 2006, 11:10 PM

Tee hee, the internet ish fixed! ^-^ This is a very good thing, indeed.


Professor Chrysso was apparently able to ignore both Cynthia's scream and Buu's squeals completely, still smiling as he turned to Ernis, the first to muster up an actual question. The professor didn't say anything at first, he just made his grin ever wider, claping his hands together once more.

"Why, indeed I am, good sir. What would be the point of showing it to you if I didn't start it up, I ask?" He said. He looked so happy, it was as if he were going to break out in joyful dance at any second. The man didn't do that, however, instead turning to Yikari as he posed another question. At this point the professor's happy expression dimmed down a bit, becoming a bit more serious as he readied himself for an answer.

"I have yet to call this invention by any name.. and this is because I have yet to come up with a name that is original, yet special enough to be the name of this spectacular machine. And this is because of its function, which you would particularly like to know. And so I tell you this, dear boy; this ray gun, when fired at certain objects, will.." The Professor trailed off for a moment, as if he couldn't find the right words to explain his reasoning. "Well, let's use a Pokemon as an example. If you were to fire this ray gun at a Pokemon, that individual Pokemon would be buffed up and ultimately enhanced to its absolute maximum level of power and ability! Yes, that Pokemon would never have to go through any training ever again, for it will have reached its peak in power!"

The Professor's eyes seemed to be shining at this point, and his grin had returned. "Now how'd like to try it out first?" He paused for a moment, but he did not let anyone give an answer.

"You there!" Chrysso paused to point a finger at a still stunned Oliver. "The ray gun is already pointed at your Espeon. Would you like to--"

"No!" The redhead did not let him finish. In moments he had scooped Piro up into his arms, holding the startled Psychic-type in both arms, as if protecting him. "You're not doing anything to Piro! Not until I see for my own eyes that it does no harm!" He hissed, his eyes burning with distrust, mixed with earlier hatred from banging into that wall.

March 31st, 2006, 11:42 PM
Ernis raised an eyebrow as the Professor explained that his machine was able to... make a pokemon ultimately strong? The boy's eyes widdened, a smile forming on his lips at the prospect of this new power, which was just the click of a button away.

"Still..."the Coordinator glanced at the three Pokemon beside him, wondering if he would actually let this Chrysso guy fire a ray gun at one of them. They were the only 'friends' he had, after all.

Scratching his chin, the boy began to have second thoughts on this...

"Professor, are you absolutely certain that this...unnamed invention is safe?"Ernis asked the man while lifting the sleeping Remoraid off Buu's shoulder.

Was he really going to do this? To his first pokemon? To his first friend? The one he named Rew? To the one who always slept? To the one who always seemed to have his mind only on when his next nap was going to be?

"I don't think Rew'll mind."the boy held out the stirring fish to the tall Professor. "-But... only if you're sure that this isn't going to hurt him in anyway!"the boy added, pulling the Remoraid close to himself. Despite the sureness present in his voice the statement before, the Coordinator was still feeling doubtful. How was Rew going to participate in Smart Contests if the audience could see muscle instead of appeal? Perhaps he could try out for the Strength segment... No! No! That had nothing to do with the current situation. He had already agreed, right? Was he willing to go through with this. Ernis frowned and hesitated, this was one of the times when the fact that he could feel something called 'guilt' was really irritating.

The water type in his hands, who knew nil of what was happening could only blink his eyes and yawn.


*gasps* Is Ernis really going to do it?? o.o

April 1st, 2006, 6:37 AM
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A ray gun that made pokemon powerful? That... didn't sound right. No no, not right at all. Cynthia's brow furrowed in a very uncharacteristic way. She didn't like anything that seemed evil and dishonest; and while this ray gun wasn't 'evil' persay, it sure did sound like something an evil person would use. Why not just pump them full of hormones? It would have the same effect; a quick fix. The power gained but not the right to use it. She tightened her grip on Wilbur, thinking that there was no way she was going to let him or Tic-Tac get zapped by that thing.

She frowned at Ernis as he volunteered his pokemon first, and she looked over to Yikari, wondering if he would want to try it too. He had seemed rather interested in the gun, but zapping your pokemon to make it stronger? She spoke up, "Are you going to try it too, Mr. Arikawa?" For once her voice didn't faulter when speaking, which was usually the case when evil was concerned.

Alter Ego
April 1st, 2006, 8:56 AM
Yikari blinked at Cynthia's question, briefly managing to tear his attention away from the ray gun and all of the other happenings around him.

"Do you mean to ask..." he began slowly, his voice conveying no emotion whatsoever, "If I would like my pokémon to attain power nearly unparallelled by anything else in the known world and use them to conquer and enslave the entire world?" his expression and voice grew more and more manical and, to put it bluntly, evil as he continued to speak, until at last he bore a very uncharacteristically fierce and dangerous expression on his face.

"Nope, not really my thing." the boy concluded cheerfuly, putting on one of his most innocent smiles, "The real fun in being a trainer is in the journey and the growth of the pokémon themselves..." he added in a more serious tone of voice, "Someone whom I respect very much always told me that. And besides..." he added, "Could you imagine how bossy Hiro-kun here would become if he had that kind of power?" Yikari gave the Houndoom a playful pat on the head, chuckling good-naturedly, "No worries Cynthie-chan, that machine would make a nice backyard ornament but I'm not going to use it."

April 1st, 2006, 9:09 AM
{ooc| Hacker/April's Fools? Do tell!}

Amber pulled Festival tighter again. In her eyes, the little vaporeon was already perfect in every way. If she grew, well, her whole anture might change. She might become indepent, or argumentitive, or... Amber didn't really want to think about it. She rather liked having Festival around; the vaporeon was completely dependent on her, she actually needed Amber. It was a strangely nice feeling, to be wanted so badly by someone - even if it was a pokemon.

Amber glared back at Doctor Crysso. "I believe we were promised adventure, right? Danger? Excitement? Exploration of an unchartered region? I don't think there were any creepy rays invovled in the trip's description." Finally, she turned to Enris, almsot scornfully.
"And don't you even think about it, Enris. Things like that are just terrible." she climbed to her feet, brushing her knees down and adjusting her cowboy hat. "Really now." she tutted.

April 1st, 2006, 9:47 AM
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So everyone was like freaking out and posting about it in the Feedback and Questions forum (including me!). Then this user named Todoroki comes on and says he hacked PC and he's gonna ban everyone who flames him blah blah blah. So he 'banned' Kylie and Lily, and some others too I think.

As this was going on, there was a "March Mod Forum" open for all to see (including me again!), and it was full of some semi-scary powertrippy threads about things like banning newbies, taking away signature capabilities for non-staff, and other stuff.

None of us could figure out if it was planned, or real. I still don't think I know. XD

Then the layout changed and the banner at the top said "Todoroki's Community". It was lame. =P That's around the time I got tired and skipped off to go to bed. I think it was fixed around midnight (in US) or something.

Some of the staff says it was all a joke, and others say the hack was real. Eh, it was funny to watch though. ^^


As Yikari answered her question, Cynthia thought for a moment that the boy was serious about his clarification of taking over the world. She then realized that he had been joking again, as he reassured her that he had no desire to use the gun. She sighed. Well, at least someone had the right idea.

"Ah, uh, good. For a moment I thought that... no, I didn't think you would want to use it," she said, her usual timid demeanor coming back. She was glad to see that Amber felt the same way, and gave the girl an approving nod when she spoke to Ernis.

Wilbur squirmed a little, {Aww, come on Cynthia! I'm not gonna jump into the gun's path, just loosen your grip a little.}

"Oh... sorry Wilbur, you know how I get," she said the little pig, loosening her hold on him.

Random Plushie
April 1st, 2006, 10:28 AM

Ah, I came on when the banner said 'Todoroki's Community'. I just thought it was some new default layout and ignored it completely, then posted over here. xD

Yes, I am that oblivious.


Professor Chrysso folded his arms, taking in everyone's comments. The man was frowning slightly, but he seemed more frustrated than truly angry. He waited for a pause in the conversation to continue speaking.

"Ah, I see you all fear for your Pokemon's safety, or otherwise do not wish for the benefits of this invention." The Professor commented, flicking his gaze between all of his guests. "Well, I'll just have to give you a visual of sorts. Prove to you all that it is perfectly safe, and fully functional. You will be amazed!" He exclaimed, his wild hair shifting as he nodded firmly.

The Professor unfolded his arms, then took a few moments to walk over to his ray gun. He pointed his single-buttoned remote control at the invention, then pushed the one yellow button. The ray gun immediately began to turn away from Oliver, slowly but surely turning to face the room's only window within the span of several long moments. However, the whole thing didn't make a sound the whole time, a fact which Oliver found a bit strange.

The redhead didn't want to ask, though, the professor seemed crazy enough as it was. He would probably just give him some nonsensical answer. And so he waited, watching the ray gun turn towards the window suspiciously, still holding Piro in his arms. The Espeon said nothing as well, but God knows what he was thinking.

"I will now fire this ray gun at my own potted plant which you all see on that window sill over there." Professor Chrysso exclaimed, pausing to point a finger at the lonely, leafy potted plant that was indeed still on the window sill. "It will have mostly the same effects on the plant as it does on Pokemon, and so when I am finished, that little plant will be taller than the ceiling and wider than the window! It will have been buffed up, you see! It doesn't make Pokemon grow that much when they are buffed, just plants. But still, I shall prove to you all that this works!"

And with that last, confident exclamation, Professor Chrysso pressed the yellow button on his remote control once more. Instantly, the ray gun began to shake, and make noise for the first time since its appearance. Yes, the thing began to beep every few moments. And to make matters more annoying, the little 'beep' sound got louder and louder every time.

Professor Chrysso, instead of clapping in anxiety, was now blinking in confusion. "Odd. This has never happened before!" The Professor exclaimed, scratching his head in frustration. However, as soon as he had finished saying that, the ray gun began to shake more violently, and the annoying beeping was growing ever louder.

Before anyone could say anything, the Professor's eyes widened, and he made another exclamation. "Everybody RUN! It's gonna blow!" The Professor yelled, dropping his remote control and turning away from the ray gun to run towards the hallway.

"What the--!? It's gonna blow up!? You get back here!" Oliver shouted, a vein appearing on his forehead. Without dropping his Espeon, Oliver quickly gave chase, disappearing into the hallway with Professor Chrysso.

April 1st, 2006, 11:13 AM
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W00t! PAGE 50!!!



... April Fool's!!! It's actually only page nine. ^^ Did I trick you?! XD


"B-Blow?!!" Cynthia squeaked like a mouse that had been stepped on. Her smoky eyes grew wider, and she felt like screaming again. When the Professor began to run off, Oliver following at his heels, Cynthia looked to the others. She was more than ready to run, but she didn't want to leave anyone behind.

She made sure to make eye contact with each of the others to make sure they knew what was going on, and then dashed after Oliver. How big would the ensuing explosion be? What if something like that went out of control? Did it effect humans too? She tried to imagine herself all buff-- it was laughable and scary at the same time. She sincerely hoped it didn't work for humans.

Alter Ego
April 1st, 2006, 11:22 AM
OOC: Nyah, I missed the whole thing. xD So I was either oblivious or just plain late.


{Ohh! Explosions!} Hagure exclaimed in a thrilled voice, his eyes glowing with excitement as he watched the trembling ray gun. After all, it wasn't like the blast could kill him or anything, seeing as how he was already dead. But it looked like it could provide a firework show like few others.

Hiro on the other hand failed to see anything amusing or exciting about the prospect of such a blast, immediately giving Yikari a firm poke to make sure that he got his attention.

{For once in your life boy, don't say anything!} he growled gruffly, {Just run!}

The boy nodded in response, setting off after the others as fast as he could, which was pretty fast considering his long experience of getaways and his well-developed legs.

"Hagure-sama!" he called behind him, "Come back and rematerialize to me when you're done!"

{Sure thin' boss-man!} the Haunter called back, giving his trainer a thumbs up before turning to watch the rapidly developing beginning of what would surely be a most impressive explosion.

April 1st, 2006, 11:16 PM
{ooc| Goddarn, Melissa! I thought I was in Showgan and pressed the back button.... *grumbles*}

Amber rolled her eyes as the button didn't work. Should've known, he's just some sort of ma wannabe scientisit who can't even-
Festival, however, was mewing fearfully. She had caught on, even if her trainer hadn't.
"Shush, Festi-" Amber began, but Oliver had already charged past her, along with Crysso and Yikari. "God darn!" she yelled and scooped up Festival, throwing the vaporeon over one shoulder.

Amber turned to run, but Cynthia seemed to be dithering. Amber glanced around for Enris; she couldn't actually see him. Maybe he had already gotton out? Amber doubted it, but she didn't know how much time she had left. She grabbed Cynthia's arm as she passed the girl and wrenched her in the direction of the door.
"C'mon, Cindy, we gotta get out." Amber told the girl cheerfully, as if this was all good clean fun.

April 3rd, 2006, 3:11 AM

I came on a few minutes before PC was back to normal. Flissi told me about the hacker before[I stared at the Todori's Community banner for like, a minute and a half.XD], so I just went to the RP section and stuff. It took me another half hour to realise that my skin was back to the Pichu Bros. So yeah. Obliviousness.


The only thing Ernis could do at that point of time, when the rest started running out of the room was produce a high-pitched scream. He wanted to move, but his legs were glued to the floor from pure shock and panic. His Sudowoodo and Feebas didn't seem to know what the word 'explosion' meant clapping their paws[and fins] out of excitement and wonder.

Rew was half asleep, he didn't really have time to process what was happening. But, at least the word 'explode' symbolised something in his vocabulary.

{G'ah!!! R'un! R'r'un!}the Remoraid's eyes opened to their half point, the most they would usually go. The fish slapped Buu's head with his tail, before biting hard on Ernis' arm with those sharp jaws of his. "Ouch! You'll damage the silk!!"the boy complained, tumbling on the floor.

{G'ah have to do ever'nthin' aroun' here...}Rew mumbled, closing his eyes as he managed to force his trainer out of the room, his two friends following after him. Rew whacking them with his tail was rare. Seriously was how it was taken.

Ernis was on the floor, still trembling from shock, he was the last to get out. But atleast he wasn't inside that... that deathtrap! He slowly stood up, his legs were all wobbly, hugging his Remoraid tightly.

{G-ah... breath..}

Random Plushie
April 15th, 2006, 10:43 AM

Yay for it not having been a month.. It is high time we forge on, yes?


The Pokemon-buffing ray gun was now spinning as well as shaking uncontrollably, the annoying beeping noises it had been making now totally worthy of utter hate. Faster and faster it spun, the blackest of smoke spewing out from within the machine, until finally..

The ray gun stopped. No more shaking, or spinning. No more beeping. And in one last declaration of failure, the whole thing collapsed in on itself within the span of one moment, the once proud and intimidating ray gun having become one big, smoking pile of metal painted white.

Noticing the abrupt end of the annoying beeping sounds that had been coming from the ray gun, Professor Chrysso was the first to step back into the room after peeking out of the hallway once to make sure the coast was clear. But he said nothing as he viewed what had become of his invention afterwards, merely taking a few steps forward towards what remained of his precious ray gun. His expression was blank, and so his emotions were difficult to decipher.

Oliver slowly poked his head into the room as well, just as the professor had done, Piro still clutched in his hands. Apparently the Espeon was not going to put up a protest just yet. The redhead observed what had happened in disgust, shaking his head.

"I knew that thing was defective! Hah! And besides, we could've gotten a better 'explosion', if you could actually call it that." Oliver exclaimed, walking into the room to get a better view of the ray gun's utter destruction.


That sucked but oh well.

Alter Ego
April 16th, 2006, 10:07 AM
OOC: Yeah, it's about time. xD *Pulls Yikari out from between the mothballs* Let's get cracking! ^^


"Well..." Yikari commented, slowing down to a halt as the ray gun sputtered and died, "That was terribly ant-climatic." despite having been spared a potentially lethal incident, the boy actually sounded rather dissapointed by this turn of events, although that was nothing compared to how his Haunter reacted.

{'Ey, whazz' dis' now, eh?} Hagure asked, floating over to the ruined contraption and giving it a hard thwack with one of his spectral hands, {Where's da boom?! 'Ey boss-man!} he called out to Yikari, the ghost type's face now bearing a sulking expression, {'Dis thin' is deffective! I wan' my money back! Ya' hear tha', proffessor-man?!} he added, now addressing proffessor Chrysso and pointing an accusing finger at him, {Owe up!}

"Ahh...I guess the game's over, then." Yikari commented, shrugging, "Too bad, eh Cynthie-chan?" he gave the girl a mischievous grin, gently nudging her with his elbow, "Guess I'll just have to go perform that armed robbery I planned to get some action around here, then."

Hiro rolled his eyes at his companions but chose not to comment. Only Yikari... he thought for himself, Only Yikari can be that crazy...

April 16th, 2006, 11:19 AM
OOC: Yay! I missed playing naive and guilible Cynthia. :3


Sitting there with her eyes tightly shut, Cynthia could only imagine how this blast would end up; maybe even with the death of them all! Oh what would her father think... her being killed so easily by an idiot professor like this? She shuddered to think on it too much. Wilbur frowned at the ray gun as it faltered in its suspected explosion. It seemed to just... die. Wilbur shook Cynthia's arm.

{Look Cynthia! It's okay!} he said to her, pointing to the room. Cynthia opened one eye first, then the other, not daring to believe what her pokemon was telling her. Surely something that had been malfunctioning that much was not capable of going out any other way than by a dangerous explosion? She looked over to the room, and as Professor Chrysso stepped back into the room, Cynthia almost told him not to go, but couldn't find her voice.

Oliver's comments were surprising. He knew that it would not explode? Then why didn't he tell them? Why did he run with them all? She puzzled over this until Yikari nudged her, revealing a robbery scheme.

"Y-you would commit a crime to see... action?" she said curiously. She would never figure out this boy, he was far too strange.

Wilbur practically delfated, {Guh... he's just... oh well. At least that bumbling ghost isn't bugging me anymore.}

Random Plushie
April 16th, 2006, 6:40 PM

Did you know that the word gullible is in the dictionary? :3


"Oh, this is terrible! Awful! Do you know how much precious time and money I spent on that gun!?" The Professor exclaimed in that raspy voice of his, shoulders drooping. However, moments later a look of realization dawned on his expression, and the professor was immediately perked up again.

"Aha! I've got it! All I need is better parts! Then my ray gun will once again be in working order!" Chrysso shouted, immediately rushing away from the steaming pile of metal and towards the table closest table to him, grabbing one of the pens scattered there as well as a random piece of blank paper. Predictably, he started scribbling something onto that paper. At this point, Oliver allowed Piro to return to the floor, if only to regain the ability to cross his arms and look so sure of himself.

The Espeon snorted then, narrowing his eyes as he viewed the very dead ray gun. {We should get as far away from this thing as possible as soon as this 'professor' is done with his antics. Oh yeah. That's a given.}

"Done!" Professor Chrysso said loudly, raising up an envelope, which had probably been stuffed with that paper he had been writing on. Of course, one could only imagine how he had managed to write and seal the letter in that amount of time. He then marched over to the nearest person, who happened to be Cynthia. In one swift motion, he offered the envelope to the blue-haired girl, a huge grin on his face.

"If you don't mind, I'd like you kiddies to deliver this letter to my supplier. His name is Eric Vanlicton, and his base of operations is located in Tephora City! Remember that now! Eric Vanlicton! Tephora City!" The Professor exclaimed, once again very loudly.

Oliver, his temper rising once again now that the professor had referred to them as 'kiddies', immediately protested.

"What? We don't owe you nothing!" The redhead exclaimed, balling his hands into fists. "And we don't even know where that city is!"

"Well, just ask someone for a map, then." The Professor responded haughtily, never removing the letter from within Cynthia's reach. "And you do owe me something, young ones. You lot broke my cherished invention, and as such you are required to assist in its repair."

Oliver was about to give the professor a piece of his mind after that remark, but of course the professor continued speaking before he could do that. "And besides, most of you rejected my offer, turning down the ray gun before I could blink. And why? Because, dear fellows, you all wanted to experience a Trainer's journey for yourselves. Well, now's your chance. Help me, and you'll all be helping yourselves." It was then that the Professor paused, waiting for everyone's reactions.

Alter Ego
April 17th, 2006, 3:36 AM
OOC: A rather random thing; some details of Hiro's past will need to be changed in order for a certain subplot to make more sense, I hope that's okay with y'all.


"Me?" Yikari asked in a would-be shocked voice at Cynthia's question, "My dear Cynthie-chan, I am deeply hurt by such insinuations." he folded his arms defensively, "You know I would never break the law for mere action..." he grinned mischievously, suddenly unfolding his arms again, "There would at least have to be some fun involved." the boy once again let out a good-natured chuckle at the world in general, wondering what the girl would make of these recent words. Ah, she really was too easy to rick, he would have to be careful not to exploit it too much. After all, Cynthia was a nice girl, despite being so guillible, and pranking a good person into insanity was a big no-no in the prankster bussiness.

"Oh, I do share your sorrow, Chrysso-sama." Yikari remarked in a grave tone, shaking his head slowly, "All that effort and still not even a proper explosion..." the proffessor didn't seem to acknowledge his comment however as he proceeded to write up a letter and demand that they would deliver it.

{'Ey!} Hagure interrupted, floating back up in front of proffessor Chrysso, {Tha' short-stuff is right! We dun' owe ya' nuthin'! Ya' owe us, cos' yer' machine's deficient! It dun' make Wilfred} he pointed an accusign finger at Wilbur, {Owe up and it dun' even explode! So owe up!}

"Ahh...so you are sending us on a glorious quest then, Chrysso-sama?" Yikari inquired as the proffessor finally paused in his speech, "But if you wish us to get parts for you then wouldn't we need to have some money for them?" a mischievous glint briefly flashed in his eyes at the word 'money' and Hiro rolled his eyes. So much for a quick departure... the Houndoom thought bitterly, knowing all too well that his trainer was no doubt going to take the chance to drag him across every last stretch in Ryko now, and with this rag-tag bunch of misfits in tow, no doubt.

April 17th, 2006, 6:38 AM
OOC: Aww... that was kinda mean. ;-; Melissa doesn't point out everyone else's spelling mistakes when they're happy and excited to be posting in an RP that hasn't been going on in a while.


She blinked with confusion and surprise at Yikari's comment. Breaking the law... fun? Well, she couldn't imagine how that would be fun, but perhaps he knew something about it that she didn't. After all, she had never gone against the rules set by society, so what did she know?

"Um, if you say so... wait," she said, about to ask if this was a joke of his, but then her thoughts were interrupted by the professor. He had suddenly stuck out an envelope for her to grab, and she was a bit frightened by his sudden acknowledgement of her.

"Eep!" she squeaked, sounding much like a mouse that had been trodden on. She stared at the envelope, wondering if she should take it considering the fact that they had all almost been blown up by this man. Luckily he gave her time to gather her courage as Oliver spoke to him about not owing anything to the professor. Hagure had added his response too. Wilbur groaned audibly.

{Arrgh! I'm Wilbur!! And leave me outta this, ghost!} the little pig said angrily, his tiny paws curling into what closely resembled fists.

The professor said his piece, making a valid point. They were supposed to journey, so why not help someone out along the way? Cynthia did like helping people.

Turning her smoky eyes up to the professor, she then took the letter. "Ah... Professor Chrysso, I w-would be glad to help," she said timidly to the man, hoping that the person they were delivering it to wouldn't be as scary.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot! No, Alter, I don't mind if you change some things. Hiro's your character after all! ^-^

And Plushie, teh fishie on your avvie ish cute. Even if it is a cannibal. XD

Alter Ego
April 17th, 2006, 10:45 AM
OOC: I know your pain, Melissa, you should see how she went on about that one time I misspelled 'loser'. -.-

And the cannibal fishy has done bad things...even though it is kind of cute. And yet...let's just say that I understand its motives...;.;

Oh, and I'm glad to hear that I have at least one supporter in the case of Hiro's history. It should be working better. ^^


Hmm...Cynthie-chan seems more perceptive than I thought. Yikari remarked for himself as the girl was about to comment, his eyes glinting slightly with enthusiaism Excellent.

{Oh quit dem' mind-games, Wilfred!} Hagure remarked, twirling around in mid-air and once again focusing his attention on the Spoink, {We all know ya' dunit!}

"Ahh...so it seems like Cynthie-chan has accepted your quest then, Chrysso-sama." Yikari remarked at the girl's decision, "Very well then, I shall follow my questing partner's example and lend my assistance to this noble cause." he bowed in an overly dramatic manner, "But still..." the boy added, the previous mischievous glint briefly reappearing, "A bit of funding would surely aid our quest."

Random Plushie
April 17th, 2006, 8:39 PM

Eh? Das' not what I was tryin' to do. I wasn't trying to point out the error.. (in fact, I actually didn't notice it at all xD)

I just wanted to see if anyone would actually look in the dictionary for it and be gullible. Tee hee. Someone did that to my friend in school once, while he had a dictionary in his hand. It was one of those mean-yet-somehow-funny things. Hmm. So.. sorry it came out the wrong way. ^^;;

And on the subject of goldfish, yes, he is quite cute for a cannibal, isn't he? xD He was about to open his mouth as far as it could go or something in that picture. I don't know why fish do that sometimes. xD

Anyways, Alter can change Hiro's past because Alter can. :3


Professor Chrysso was apparently trying to restrain himself from squealing with delight at Cynthia's acceptance, and so it was easy to see why he replied to Yikari's statements about money in such a distustingly happy and cheerful voice.

"Why, my dear boy!" Chrysso exclaimed, clasping his hands together. "There will be no need for the transfer of money on this quest! For you see, I pay Eric yearly for everything he supplies me with, and so there is no need for me to bother you with such things at this time. It is quite simple, is it not? Yes it is. It is! Very simple."

Meanwhile, Oliver was staring at Cynthia and Yikari in disbelief, wondering why in the world they felt the need to help the guy out. He said nothing, though, merely sighing to himself. Great. Now I'm probably stuck in this no matter what I say. Perfect.. This is exactly what I needed. The redhead thought to himself, his usual scowl coming back from a short break.

"In any case, however," the Professor continued, "I am most pleased that you have all decided to accept this task. I wish you a safe journey, young ones. That is all I have to say. You will be departing momentarily, correct? Yes, you are, because the sooner that letter is delivered, the better. Oh, but feel free to enjoy the whole 'journey' aspect, of course. Gyms, other.. things.. that young ones like yourselves enjoy." He said, practically ushering them to leave at the moment.

April 18th, 2006, 8:42 AM
OOC: Oh! Well, no harm done Plushie. ^-^ I guess I was so gullible I was making things up. XD

Now let's see... "gullible" in the dictionary (well, the one on dictionary.com) says:

1. Easily deceived or duped.

2. Naive and easily deceived or tricked; "at that early age she had been gullible and in love"

3. Easily tricked because of being too trusting; "gullible tourists taken in by the shell game"



{Shut up you bag of gas! I have nothing to owe up about! And my name is Wilbur!} the little Spoink said dangerously, his pearl beginning to glow an odd blue color. Cynthia quickly noticed this and gasped a little at the anger her pokemon was exhibiting. He didn't look like he was about to forget about the Haunter, and Cynthia knew that his pearl glowing meant he was about to use some psychic power. That couldn't be good... especially not right this minute... but... that meant that he would have to be put away.

"W-Wilbur... please...," she said to the pig, looking worried. Wilbur wasn't listening though, and continued to glare menacingly at Hagure. Cynthia sighed, and then pulled out her pokeball.

The Spoink noticed this move, and the glowing ceased from within the pearl. {Ah! Cynthia I'm sorry, I won't get mad anymore,} he said quickly, turning his body in her arms to look at her. She nodded and put the ball back, turning her attention back to the Professor and Yikari's conversation.

{He's just so darned annoying...,} Wilbur mumbled, chancing a glance at the Haunter.

"Y-yes! We should press on," Cynthia said timidly, agreeing with Chrysso's statement. She would have liked some funding too, but it was not polite to press an authority figure about anything, let alone money. She placed the letter that the Professor had given her into a small backpack and hoped that Wilbur could conitnue behaving himself.

April 18th, 2006, 10:17 AM
Amber reappeared out of nowhere. She had a leaf on her cowboy hat, but other than that, she looked no different to how she had looked before she had disappeared a few moments ago. She held a soaking wet Festival in her arms; the little Vaporeon's tail wagged contentedly.
The girl grinned. "Sorry about that, Festival here..." she tugged on her pokemon's ear, and she mewed defiantly, "decided to go in search of water."

She glanced at everyone else. "So what's going on?"

Alter Ego
April 24th, 2006, 6:48 AM
As Wilbur began gathering psychic power for some psychic technique or the other, the change in Hiro was instantaneous, the Houndoom's back arching in preparation and his eyes narrowing, the mouth opening slightly to reveal two sets of sharp, white fangs which gleamed treatheningly even in the hopelessly undramatic electrical lighting of the room.

{You'd better stay away from such thoughts...} Hiro growled in an uncharacteristically menacing voice, {I promised to look after this group, annoying members or no, and I'm a Houndoom of my word...}

The fire type's pose relaxed slightly as Cynthia managed to calm her pokémon down, but that didn't mean that the dog pokémon was about to stop keeping Wilbur under watch...oh no, the Spoink had proven himself to be a liability now, and Hiro was not one to forget such things easily. Not again... he thought sternly, I'll never repeat my mistake...

{Tha's righ', Wilfred!} Hagure taunted from behind the Houndoom's back, poking his tongue out at the Spoink in a defiant manner, {If ya' mess wid' one o' us ya' mess wid' us all! An' ya' dun' wanna' mess wid' Hiro an' Marco, dey are baaad, like, real gangsta', ya' dig?}

{Oh shut up!} Hiro growled, {And behave, or I'll have to make the boy recall you again.}

{Fine 'den, spoilsport.} Hagure scoffed, folding his spectral arms and proceeding to float by the upper end of the ceiling, {But wen' da' evil Exeggutors of da' apocalypse come knockin' on yer doors, dun' come cryin' ta' me!}

Yikari suppressed a small sigh at the argument, wondering where he could find and opening to lighten up the mood again as the group began heading backwards, only to run into Amber.

"Oh, nothing in particular, Ambry-chan." he replied cheerfuly, giving the girl a friendly smile, "We were only on the verge of being blown to smithereens by Chrysso-sama's invention until it decided to dissapoint us by not blowing up after all, and so the esteemed proffessor decided to make it up to us by giving us a new chance at getting killed in an extremely painful way by sending us to deliver a letter to Vanlicton-san in Tephora city, but alas, he didn't provide us with funding so now Cynthie-chan and I were just planning a bank heist to make ends meat, as my great aunt in the sausage-industry is so fond of saying, which brings us to the current situation." he took a brief pause, giving the girl his most innocent expression, "Any questions?"

May 6th, 2006, 5:30 AM
OOC: *peers into thread* *pokes other RPers*


"Ah...," Cynthia squeaked, feeling alarmed that she was now implicated in a bank heist. She almost opened her mouth in protest, but then it occured to her that he was joking again, and surely Amber wouldn't think that she had been involved in something like that? Would she?

Wilbur was looking at Hiro. Hiro was, after all, a rather powerful-looking dark pokemon, and there was no way that the little pig could hope to survive in a battle with him. He felt a bit afraid of the pokemon all of a sudden, but also felt a need to address what had just happened.

{Hiro... I apologize. Sometimes when I get angry or scared, my psychic powers get a bit out of control. If it ever happens to me again with Hagure, I won't blame you for attacking me. Just...,} he shuddered a little, {Don't kill me. Being knocked out will do me just fine.}

May 9th, 2006, 1:00 PM
{ooc| So busy xP I wonder when Plushie will be back?
*stares at Mel's userpicture* OMG, there's a Lion King level in KH2?? Curse my country and it's release date of the 25th of May...}

Amber burst out laughing as Yikari began weaving yet another tall tale - something about a bank heist. She patted Cynthia on the back, and winked.
"Don't look so worried, I know you're squeaky-clean."

Festival, however, was watching Wilbur and Hiro in silence. At the pig's words, Festival stuck out her tongue. {I'll fight 'im off for you, Wilbur!} she added, her big brown eyes still looking as big and as innocent as ever.

Amber, who had been watching, chuckled to herself. She glanced to Yikari. "Where did you get such a tough pokemon, then?" she asked him.

May 10th, 2006, 10:26 AM
OOC: Oh yes! There most certainly is a Lion King world. :3 That was one of the things I was looking forward to the most! Sora's so cyuute as a lion cub! *huggles lion Sora*

*ahem* Anyway...


"Whew...," Cynthia breathed out, but for some reason she didn't really feel better. She figured that Amber would know that she wasn't really planning a bank job. That just wasn't like her in the least.

Yes, she was pretty squeaky clean. It was something to be proud of... right? You were supposed to obey the rules and be polite and kind to others in order to be good. Why was it then that when Amber had said those words to Cynthia that she almost felt... sad? She couldn't understand this; and it occasionally happened to her when she got to know people. Instead of devoting more thought to it though, she looked back over to Yikari and Amber with a curious expression wondering how the boy had acquired the rather intimidating pokemon.

May 13th, 2006, 12:38 PM
(Not really a first time roleplayer, but I'm new here.

Name: Rachel Bolt
Age: 16, but there are rumors her real age reaches 6000.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long brown hair with a small tint of blue in her bangs, usualy wears a white trench coat, a black tank top, and blue jeans, she also has a small birthmark on her shoulder of a dragon.

Personality: Very unpredictable, Rachel can be sweet, or she can be ruthless, it all depends on the situation.

Pokemon: (Your character is allowed to have a maximum of four Pokemon, with SOME evolved forms allowed. Yes, your character does have experience, but I will hardly accept one to four-time Champions/Master Contest winners. And remember, your character’s Pokemon are not just things that come when they’re called and obey your Trainer’s every whim. They have personalities and attitudes of their own, so please don’t butcher that and sign-up with brainless robotic drones.)

Type: Salamence
Nick: Ruby
Personality: Strong-willed, and as unpredictable as her trainer
History: Ruby was Rachel's first pokemon, and the two have been close friends ever since Rachel began her journey. While Rachel perfers to change her team whenever she can, Ruby will always remain.

Rachel perfers to make her team as she goes, but has several pokemon stored in the PC.

History (Optional): Not much is known about Rachel, other than that she showed up in Littleroot Town one day with a Bagon riding on her shoulder, with a mind to become the champion, and prove that girls make better trainers.

So far, she has succesfully won the Hoenn League, and is wanting to test her skills elsewhere.

Other (Optional): She has the unique ability to understand what Pokemon are saying, theories of how she can do this range from scientific experiments to a gift from one of the Legendary Pokemon.

RP Sample:

Rachel is sitting on a hill overlooking a town, Ruby lies next to her.

"Mence, Salamence," Ruby says to her trainer, asking what the plan was now.

"The plan is what it always has been, my old friend, we go where the wind takes us," Rachel says, patting the dragon on the head. "Now come on, we should get going, we have a long journey ahead of us."

Rachel climbs on the back of her Dragon Pokemon, and they fly off.

Within a few hours of leaving, a great storm blows up.

"Ruby, we need to find land!" Rachel says to her Pokemon, holding it tightly around the neck, but apparently not tightly enough, because she goes flying off, screaming.

Ruby pulls into a steep dive, but at the same time, another Pokemon dives after the falling trainer, and catches her.

Ruby finaly lands, and finds Rachel lying on a beach, she nudges her trainer awake.

"What happened? Where are we?" Rachel wonders out loud.

Ruby shakes her head, and tells Rachel what happened.

"Curious, now where are we?" Rachel says, Ruby shrugs. Rachel looks through her bag, taking out a Pokenav, she takes a look at the map. "Well, we're in a region called Ryko apparently, we better go see if we can find civilization."

Rachel gets up, but falls again, apparently she had hurt her leg.

Ruby kneels down, and Rachel stedies herself on the dragon Pokemon. "Thanks Ruby."

The dragon growls in response, and the two friends walk off into the unknown.

May 13th, 2006, 1:02 PM
{ooc| Rachel, this roleplay is already in progress - I'm afraid it's too late to join. Maybe try another, newer roleplay? Ones undere a page are your best bet. Or, alternatively, start a new one.}

May 13th, 2006, 1:22 PM
(My appologies, I've been spending too much time on Gaiaonline.)

May 22nd, 2006, 6:18 AM
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Alter Ego
May 23rd, 2006, 8:18 AM
OOC: Yeah, I know...I've just been having terrible trouble getting posts together lately, and I've been having some trouble phrasing up this particular IC, sorry...-.-


{And get your little cat-neck wringed in the process, no doubt.} Hiro scoffed at Festival's comment, {Stay out of this, this is between me and Wilbur here.} he turned to the pig, {As for your...request, I can live with that, certainly.} he nodded towards the psychic type, managing something that almost looked like a smile, {It does you credit to request such, though.} he added, {Most would just retort with some lame treath. I'm certain that this arrangement will work just fine.}

Yikari's smile widened a bit as Amber let out a laugh at his tale, finally someone was contributing to lightening the mood around here! This turn for the better did not last long, though, as the girl soon proceeded to ask him about...Hiro? The boy briefly faultered from his usual instant answer routine. The way he had acquired Hiro, if that was the right term to use, was a bit of a sore spot for the boy, and even moreso for the Houndoom. He tried to catch the Houndoom's gaze, to, for once, ask for his advice, but it seemed to remain quite firmly on anything except for the boy's eyes, and Yikari, much like on previous times when the issue had come up, faced the nasty suspicion that there was something about the incident that the dark type didn't want to share but was clearly pondering. 'Still...' Yikari thought with an unusually bitter expression, briefly turning his attentino elsewhere to gather his thoughts, 'After all this time, he still wants him for a trainer instead of me?!' a usually very foreign feeling for the boy flared up inside him, jealousy, 'He'd rather have stayed, and-and...' he forced the last thought back, 'Stayed there to the end rather than come with me...I can understand why he would have thought that then, but I'm not like that anymore...am I? After all this time you'd think that he'd-'

Yikari cut himself off, suddenly becoming painfully aware of the fact that both Cynthia and Amber were still waiting for an explanation, and now probably weirded out as well.

"It's...a special story, Ambry-chan." he replied at last, switching his expression to an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry, but...there's some history there that I'm not quite ready to share yet. Maybe another time. And besides, we can't stand about here talking all day, can we?" he continued, "We have a bank to robb and a letter to deliver, don't we? Let's go." with that, he set off in a careful imitation of his usual cheerful stride, but couldn't seem to find anything to say and so remained quite uncharacteristically quiet.

May 27th, 2006, 3:17 PM
OOC: Where's Plushie at? Did school eat her too...? XD


The blue-haired girl remained quiet and listened carefully as Yikari began to look, well, not prepared for that particular question. It was certainly suspicious, but that didn't mean it was something bad. Perhaps it was something sad and hard for him to talk about among such new people.

It was obvious that the boy didn't want to discuss it further, so Cynthia made a mental note not to mention it again if she could help it. She glanced curiously at Amber, wondering what she thought of Yikari's reaction. It was too rude to discuss with her though, so Cynthia just shrugged and turned to follow Yikari.

Wilbur frowned a little. He was suspicious of anyone who kept secrets, especially new people who talk with Cynthia.

"At least the weather seems pleasant today," Cynthia remarked to no one in particular, her mouth looking less melancholy and a little more like a smile.

June 2nd, 2006, 4:37 AM
Amber's eyes narrowed, scrutinising Yikari fiercely. "Well, if you say so." she said, in a bright airy voice that did not match her suspecting expression.
She glanced down at her vaporeon, who had given up on Hiro as a lost cause and was now padding around her feet, purring amiably. Amber felt a sudden rush of love for the feline, and bent down to pick her up. Festival mewed cheerfully, glad of this invitation for a cuddle. She clambered on to Amber's shoulder, her long finned tail curling around her trainer's shoulder comfortably.

Amber shrugged. "Deliver the letter.... Right. I don't know about you guys," she paused, shielding her eyes from the sun with one hand, "but I've never been to Ryko before, and I haven't even got a map. I've got no clue what this place is like..." she trailed off absently, and a smile curled her lips.
"Imagine!" she said suddenly, making a box with her thubms and forefingers and framing the horizon, "Thousands of miles of rapids, waterfalls, lagoons and lakes, just waiting to be explored!" Fesital raised her head, her eys glittering in excitement. No doubt, she too was seeing this great image Amber had conjured. "And mountains to climb, and caves to explore, and pokemon!" she clapped her hands together, and turned to Cynthia and Yikari excitedly.

Alter Ego
June 6th, 2006, 2:03 AM
"Lagoons and lakes, huh?" Yikari replied to Amber's comment, his cheerfulness and trademark smile soon returning now that the topic wasn't so awkward for him, "Heh, Marco would enjoy it, that's for sure. But myself..." his gaze grew slightly distant, "I'm more into meeting the people...just think of those millions of poor trainers, co-ordinators, officials, and ordinary people who have yet to experience the joys of the Arikawa line of quality products."

{Yea', dat's da' spirit, boss-man!} Hagure chimed in, {An' don' forget tha' pranks! Can't have a journey widout pranks!}

Hiro groaned as he heard this, and Yikari got the distinct impression that the Houndoom was rolling his eyes but didn't bother to check it.

"And just think of all the friends we'll make." Yikari added "Yes, I see grand things ahead of us..."

{And I foresee a lot of running.} Hiro remarked cynically, {Mostly caused by these 'new friends', no doubt.}

The boy didn't take any notice of this comment, however, turning to Cynthia instead.

"What do you hope to find, Cynthie-chan?" he added, although this was by no means only out of polite curiosity. The girl had certainly proven herself to be quite the...unusual person, and truthfully Yikari had no idea of what her idea of a good journey was, although by the looks of it it probably didn't involve precarious heights or anything of the sort.

June 6th, 2006, 8:15 AM
OOC: Erm, sorry xoxkris, but Alter's right. I would consider any RP that is past page 3 to be one that is probably not accepting sign-ups. There are, of course, exceptions, but these are few and far between. ^-^


While she was glad to see that Yikari was back to his cheery self, Cynthia was a little nervous at all of the talk of adventure. She shifted Wilbur around a bit as she thought of what kind of things she would like to gain or see on this trip. It was a good question, no doubt one that most would have rather normal answers to.

Well, then again, Amber and Yikari's answers weren't exactly... normal either. Not many people act as excited about absolutely everything such as Amber was talking like, nor do many enjoy the way Yikari makes friends. Cynthia settled on something.

"I, um, I guess I would really like to be able to, well, get over being afraid of things," she paused, "Like my f-fear of water. Or my my fear of heights... Or my fear of crowds. Or perhaps my fear of ghosts...." She trailed off, looking at Hagure nearby, a shiver going down her spine. She had left out her newest and worse fear though; her fear of electric pokemon.

"I think I have a lot of work to do," she said, still staring at the ghost pokemon, "There are more things I am afraid of, but to say them all would take an hour or so."

Wilbur chuckled, {I think you tried to make a joke Cynthia!}

"Huh? I was serious...," Cynthia said with a blank look, "Oh! I would also like to meet people, I suppose. My father always said that meeting new people would help me to, um, loosen up. At least that is what he says. That is why I journey about. You see I used to be afraid of bug pokemon, but I overcame it when I forced myself to train a Caterpie."

She thought of the little guy for a moment, a bit of pride swelling inside her.

Alter Ego
June 8th, 2006, 6:31 AM
Yikari chuckled at Cynthia's remark as well, although he cut it down at the point where she herself stated that she had been serious about it.

"Fears, huh?" the boy echoed as the girl finished her explanation, "Well don't you worry one bit, Cynthie-chan." he gave her a cheerful pat on the back, "Just stick around and we'll have those fears of yours conqured in no time."

{Yeah.} Hagure added to the girl in a low whisper, grinning in an almost demonic manner behind Yikari's back, {Exposure's tha' best remedy an' all...}

"What was that, Hagure-sama?" the boy asked politely.

{Oh, nuthin', boss-man.} the Haunter replied innocently, {Nuthin' at all...}

"That's what I thought." Yikari replied cheerfully, immediately turning back to Cynthia again, "Umm...Cynthie-chan..." he added after a while, his brow furrowing slightly as a flash of memory suddenly came to him, "...this fear of bugs you mentioned...does that include cute little Ariados too?" the tone of his voice was innocent, but there was a slightly guilty look in his eyes for those who knew to look for it, "You know...spiders not really being bugs and all?"

June 9th, 2006, 8:23 AM
Amber's voice was horrified. "Afraid of water?" she glanced to her Vaporeon, who, on cue, gasped and put a paw to her mouth. "We'll get you over that, Cynthie-chan, just you wait!" She clapped her hands together, as if that finished it.

{ooc| that'll have to do.... we're kinda lost without Plushie, and I reeeeallly gotta get back to my homework.}

June 16th, 2006, 11:21 PM
Strangely enough, Ernis had decided that it was best for him to keep silent. Following the group without much thought or care on where they were headed, continuing to hug the sleeping Remoraid in his arms. He didn't even know why he felt so... heavy all of a sudden. Behind him, his two pokemon gave each other worried looks, covering their mouths with either a fin or a branch. They knew better than to try and brighten up the situation. At least, not now.

Ernis had no use in commenting in on the conversation the others were having. Frankly, he had no idea on what they were discussing, too deep in his thoughts. It wasn't like they were keen on letting him join them anyway. It was always the same thing. No matter where he went, he'd meet the same type of people who'd shun him either way, it never mattered. It never would.

It always had to end this way. Just when he thought he was getting somewhere with making friends again, he should have known by now that there was little possibility of this happening. Especially to someone like him. Time and time again, people would tell him to get an attitude adjustment and change his view of life. The boy paid on heed to this rubbish. He didn't want to change the way he was, he was going to stay the same, even if it meant that he was going to end up hating himself. So, eventually... what was to happen to him?

Hope would've been helpful at a time like this.

".... Got no hope."

July 12th, 2006, 8:19 AM
OOC: Bumpy bump bump. XD I like this RP... hopefully Plushie can return... sometime. >.>


"Really? Do you think so? I am a little better than I used to be. There was a time when I couldn't get on a boat without crying and such," Cynthia said calmly to Amber, she turned to Yikari though to answer his question, "Ah, yes, I am afraid of spiders too. Actually, arachnids in general. I'm not one to stick around when seeing any of them." She shivered. "It's funny you should mention Ariados...," she said to the boy, even though she looked like someone who had never thought anything was really very funny, "There was this one time when I, um, had a bad, erm, incident with Ariados. I don't really remember all of it though." She suddenly realized that they were both talking about her personal problems, and began feeling self-conscious. After all, what was more embarrassing than everyone knowing your faults?

Before she could think of that answer, she heard Ernis mumble something to himself. The sky blue-haired girl peered over to Ernis curiously. She didn't say anything though, for she didn't know the boy much at all, and it was already scary enough to keep herself talking to two people. Three people was just too much.

Alter Ego
July 17th, 2006, 3:07 AM
OOC: Yay! Ryko still lives! (Sort of, anyway. xD) Yish, it's a funneh RP and I don't want it to die either...please be back soon, Plushie. ;__;


"Ehh...yes, a funny coincidence indeed, Cynthie-chan." Yikari replied, putting on his most innocent smile, "Well don't you worry, before our adventure is over I'm sure that you'll be hugging and patting spiders with the best of them." he grinned, "They're really adorable little creatures when you get to know them."

'Incident with an Ariados...' the boy thought for himself, 'Surely it couldn't have been that time...'


"But graaaaaaamps!"

"Sorry little dude, no can do." Hibiki Arikawa replied as he shook his head, the rapidly graying mane of what had once been black hair swaying back and forth as he did so until the old man caught it with a simple hand-motion and tied it up into a ponytail with absent-minded ease before proceeding with his morning warm-up routine. The room in which both he and his grandson were located in was obviously a dojo of some kind, with the simple but sturdy-looking wooden walls and furniture and the large training mat, teal in colour, dominating three quarters of the floor space, which only left a narrow strip of ordinary floor for the table of miscellaneous supplies and the sizeable cabinet of training weapons in the corner, "That little fella' might be docile in here where it's, huff, calm..." he performed a slow-motion kick to the side as he did this, "...and only people he knows are around." Hibiki proceeded doing the same motion in the opposite direction, his dark blue eyes not leaving the young Yikari for a second, "But if we take it out into the bright streets and all those crowds-huff-" he vigorously tightened the black belt holding his gi a good bit, "...he might get shocked and run for it. And that wouldn't be too cool for our homies on the streets. Ya' dig what I'm saying?"

The boy was still crouched in a corner of the room, affectionately patting a sizeable Ariados despite the fact that the arachnid was not only lethally poisonous but could probably have ripped a limb of by strength alone had it desired to, "But it has to be so boring to sit in here all day, gramps..." he persisted, brushing aside a strand of his dark brown hair which was getting over his eyes - he would really have to cut it at some point - "...couldn't I at least give it a little walk?"

"Not before nighttime, Yikz." his grandfather replied, starting out a complex series of moves and counter-moves, "And if you want to come along then, you'd best get your rear into gear, stop yammering and do some training with your old man, get what I'm saying?"

"Why grandpa...I didn't know you were old." Yikari replied with mock-innocence as he reluctantly got up and put the upper part of his gi over the white shirt he was wearing, attaching the white belt in a somewhat less fluent and elegant manner than Hibiki had, "Weren't you saying that you aren't a day over twenty?"

"Don't sass me, little grasshopper dude." his grandfather replied somewhat testily, "You're never a day older than you feel. I've just been twenty and holding for the last forty-seven years now." he let out a chuckle, "Now have you learned the fiteen first moves of the lock combo I taught ya' or what? Show me what you've got, Yikz."


{...and we need to make Wilfred owe up 'bout what 'e's dun'.}

Yikari snapped back into the present at Hagure's conspiratory whispers, shaking his head slightly. 'Nonsense...there's no way even Cynthie-chan could have been afraid of cute little Ito...'

Somewhere in the more easily gullible part of his mind, he almost believed it, but the boy's attention was soon drawn elsewhere as he heard Ernis mumble something which didn't sound the least bit cheerful or even amusing. In fact, it seemed to be the polar opposite of cheerfulness, and Yikari was certainly not one to put up with such.

"Why Ernie-san..." he said, briefly walking over and placing a hand on the co-ordinator's shoulder, "...why the long face?"

July 17th, 2006, 6:48 AM
Amber paused as Enris spoke. He had fallen so silent she hadn't even noticed him, and now he spoke, it was in a quiet, hopeless sort of way. She fell back a step, and threw a casual arm over his other shoulder. She winked at Yikari, as if to say, I'll handle this one. She had always been good at cheering people up - or so her mother had said. 'Oh Amby,' she used to exclaim, 'You do do bring a smile to everyone's faces in these troubled times!'
"Enris? You okay?" she asked the boy, her voice softening slightly.
Festival glanced up at her, and she and her trainer exchanged significant glances. Festival too slowed down, so she was walking behind Enris's pokemon.
{What's wrong with him?} she whispered to them, despite the fact the boy would not be able to understand.

Cynthia, too, was looking suddenly self-concious. She had lost the thread of conversation when Enris had spoken, so she didn't inquire. Probably scared again... she thought brusquely. Of course, I haven't always been brave...

For moment, she slipped back into the past. She was seven, standing in her father's office, her long hair tumbling down her back in beautiful, doll-like ringlets. It was silent, dark, and a thin layer of dust covered the furnishings. Her father was a kindly man, but ever so practical; his office was barred to his children. She used to stand in the doorway, watching him work. Hear it; the scratch of the pencil on the page. Smell it; soft shavings, graphite, soap eraser. It was a comfort, and always had been, to see him at his desk, brow furrowed in concentration. He was working. That's what Daddies do.
He had been gone three days then, but his office had not been used far longer, Amber remembered thinking. Dust in this quantity didn't settle in a week. Without her father, the room was haunting, menacing. The filing cabinet loomed, the walls were horribly close and it smelt... it smelt of death.
Daddy was gone, and Amber knew, in her little infantile mind she knew, he would not be coming back.

She shuddered, and brought her thoughts back to reality.

Random Plushie
July 17th, 2006, 2:01 PM

Waaah, I'm so sorry for making y'all wait.. I shall whip up an IC in no time! It's like.. the least I can do to make it up for you guys keeping this alive.

*must get to work*

And now..


Oliver's eyes narrowed (for the upteenth time that day) as he watched the others talk, distracted from them only for a second as Piro's constant struggles to get down on the ground finally got to him, and he was forced to let the Espeon drop to the ground, where Piro immediately bathed in glorious freedom and perked up his ears so as to drop back into the current conversation. Apparently he hadn't missed much while he had been stuck in Oliver's arms.. now they all seemed to be wondering if something was wrong with that Sudowoodo's Trainer.

Oliver was less than curious, however, especially concerning Ernis' mood. What did he care if someone else was having a bad day? He had them all the time. Ernis would get over it eventually, and if his mood didn't let up, then they'd just buy him something so he'd cheer up and leave everyone alone for a while.

Ho-ho-ho, unusually cold-blooded today, aren't we, Olive-kun?

Oliver attempted to tune out his conscience mentally as he crossed his arms in irritation, proceeding to further block out his inner self by speaking out loud.

"So.. are we going to start making progress some time today? You know, maybe we could actually start looking for a map or something?" Oliver said with a sneer. It was really too bad that he couldn't just run away from them all.. no, then he would be all alone in unfamiliar territory. Travelling with these loons was unbelievably the safer option.

{Well, of course we could look for a map today, Skipper.} Piro commented, pausing in his eavesdropping. {It's just that no one knows where one obtains these, ahem, maps.} He finished with a flick of his tail.

"Well, okay then.. Maybe we should check the Pokemon Center and see if they have free maps. Is anyone who's listening up for that?" Oliver asked aloud, raising his eyebrows. He highly doubted that anyone had been listening to him at all..

July 18th, 2006, 1:21 AM
Ernis jumped back, snapping out of the trance he had been in earlier as he felt something rest itself on his shoulder, another slinging it's weight over him a moment later.

"W-What? !- Oh..."he screeched in an agitated tone, choosing to draw his voice to a softer volume as he realised it was just Yikari and Amber. The boy looked at his feet for a moment, erasing the thoughts from before as he gave the taller male and the girl a frown.

"Nothing's the matter. I just don't smile all the time, is all,"the boy said, the hand not on his Remoraid on his hip, trying his best to keep a level head. At least, not raise his voice. He didn't like the prospect of damaging his fragile vocal chords.
Yet, this made him start to think, the Coordinator was one who rarely thought. The little gears in his head which had gathered dust began to move, as he realised what they had asked him. Were they actually... caring for him?

{Ernie-ness is just in one of those bad moods he's always in, we all've gotten used to it.}Buu smiled at the Vaporeon, the 'all' in her statement referring to only herself, Chue and Rew.

{He always gets over them fastness though. No frettin'.}the Sudowoodo added, hugging the Feebas in her arms as she did so.

Meanwhile the boy was still pondering over the new question, anger and depress slowly fading away on its own.

"You're all being mean. Not letting the Grand Ernis Reanalds join your petty conversation."Ernis found himself talking in his signature, 'high and mighty' manner once more, crossing his arms lightly. Careful not to strangle the Remoraid in his arms.

“Ah, forgiven, forgiven.”the boy added a few seconds later, waving one hand in the air in a 'I'll-let-you-off-this-time' tone of voice, mostly due to the fact that he was glad that he was returning to his normal, lovable self.

Behind him, the Sudowoodo and Feebas let out a sigh of relief.

July 18th, 2006, 6:42 AM

"P-patting? And-and hugging?! I, um, I... can't really say 'I hope so' with all of my heart without it being a lie," she said, her eyes widening, "Oh... ahm, if they're really as adorable as you say then... maybe I will," Cynthia said in a rather high-pitched voice. She was picturing herself patting a ten-foot Ariados, with its huge fangs and spindly legs... not a welcoming picture at all. Those eyes did remind her of her old Butterfree's eyes, shiny and strange, but always kind and considerate.

She watched timidly as Ernis expressed his feelings, and she frowned a little at Oliver's comments. That boy didn't really seem very nice to her. Her ears perked up as Ernis had talked about not smiling. Cynthia shook her head and waited for him to end his words.

"Yes," she said to him in a quiet voice, "Y-you should continue to smile. Not smiling is something that people like me do. That's certainly n-not you at all Mr. Reanalds."

Wilbur, who had been enjoying the peace, suddenly glared at Hagure, {Now not that nonsense again! I'm not listening! I'm not listening!} He place his stumpy paws over the sides of his head, covering his teeny ears from all sound.

Alter Ego
July 20th, 2006, 10:52 AM
Yikari winked back to Amber as Ernis spoke up - the co-ordinator's words clearly proving that he was back to normal, "All yours..." he quickly mouthed with a mischievous grin, moving back from the scene.

"Ahh...most magnanimous of you, Ernie-san." he remarked in a mock-polite voice, bowing dramatically, "We are truly not worthy to stand by your glorious side. And Cynthie-chan is right. A good laugh lengthens your life, and we wouldn't want you to die young, would we?" he chuckled, turning around as Oliver finally spoke up.

"Huh?" he said, feigning ignorance even though he had clearly heard the boy's words, "Did you say something, Oliver-kun? I was too busy being an inattentive brat to hear you, but I believe that we should go ask around the pokémon center if anyone there would have a map. Wouldn't you agree?"

{Yes you are!} Hagure chanted gleefully at Wilbur's exclamation, beginning to spin around the Spoink in a disorientingly fast manner and retorting to every exclamation on que, {Yes you are! Yes you are! Yes you are!}

July 25th, 2006, 12:28 AM
Amber looked at Enris curiously. She had expected him to mumble 'homesick', or 'frightened', or even 'hungry', and then she could have spouted some sort of kind and inspiring gibber-gabber and be done with it! It'd be a job well done, old chap, and that would be her good deed for the day completed.

She took her arm off Enris's shoulder and glanced to Oliver, who returned from...wherever he had been. "Yeah, we should find a pokemon center. Find out about the gyms in this region, and what not."

Festival peered at Hagure sceptically. {What does magmaminous mean?} she asked curiously, before adding, {why does your trainer speak so funky, Mr Ghosty?}

Alter Ego
July 25th, 2006, 7:25 AM
{Eh?} Hagure took a brief pause from tormenting Wilbur at Festival's question, scratching his spectral chin thoughtfully, {Dat's boss-talk wat' da' boss-man is talkin'. Das' wat' da' boss-man always does-} he paused abruptly, suddenly giving the Vapreon a suspicious stare, {Wat's wid' ya' askin'?!} he suddenly exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at the water type, {Ya' spyin' on da' boss-man, huh? HUH?! Are ya' in league wid' Wilfred?! Yah'! Dat's it, innit'?! Yer' in league wid' Wilfred! Owe up! We all know ya' dunnit!}

"Looks like Hagure-sama is reaching a grand conclusion." Yikari remarked, casting a sideward glance at the ranting Haunter "Might I suggest that we move on before the plot gets over-complicated?"

July 25th, 2006, 7:52 AM
OOC: Poor Festival... now she gets to endure Hagure's 'paranoia' as well. XD


{No I'm not! No I'm not!!} Wilbur squealed, continuing to cover his ears with his tiny, pudgy hands. Apparently he was not willing to give in yet. He stopped when he heard Hagure talk to someone else though, and looked down to see Amber's Vaporeon. For a moment he thought that Hagure would answer the question, but as the spook opened its mouth, any hope for that was erased. Suddenly it seemed silly that the pig had even considered that. {She is not in league with me you-- WAIT! I'm not listening!} he said, covering his ears once again.

"W-Wilbur! Calm yourself... they're only words... I think," Cynthia said timidly, wondering what in the world Hagure could be saying to make Wilbur so upset. She wasn't mad at the ghost, no, being mad at it opened the possibility of making Hagure mad, and Cynthia was afraid of angry people and pokemon. She especially shuddered to think of what a ghost could be like when angered.

She nodded to Amber and Yikari's words. "Um, yes, I agree," she said quietly, speaking but not really speaking to get noticed by anyone.

Random Plushie
July 25th, 2006, 9:06 PM

Eww, looks like some sort of degraded hurricane is headed straight for us down here in the Pacific. o.o Don't be surprised if I start going MIA some time after Wednesday.

Plushie dun like hurricanes.


"Right.." Oliver said, his frown deepening slightly at Yikari's.. clever response to his 'go find the Pokemon Center' idea. He wasn't in the mood to come up with an.. equally as clever response, though, so he figured he'd just let it go and find revenge in some form sooner or later. For now, finding the elusive red-roofed building (in a town of brightly colored buildings, no less) was the priority. Oliver opened his mouth to make an attempt at commanding authority, but of course, he was immediately cut off by a sudden shriek.

"Out of the way! Out of the way!!!"

The owner of these shrieks, a purple-haired boy wearing equally purple clothes, rushed past with a badly injured Poliwag in his arms, knocking Oliver down on the sidewalk in the process. Of course, the boy didn't stop to apologize--apparently he was in too much of a hurry.

Oliver let out an 'oof!' as he hit the ground, shooting a look of pure death at the purple-haired kid as he continued past everyone else and down the street, turning a corner before disappearing from view.

"Oh, sure. I'm just supposed to take that." Oliver hissed, pausing as he began to glow with a purple aura--Piro's Psychic. The Espeon lifted the boy to his feet using the mental technique, and immediately Oliver began ranting again.

"C'mon everybody, we're chasing that guy down and mobbing him Olivine style!" Oliver shouted, eyes blazing with rage as he pointed towards the corner where the boy had disappeared.

{Perhaps that would work out..} Piro added, not really talking to anyone in particular. {The rude one was accompanied by an ally who appeared to have been wounded in combat.. perhaps he was headed for the Pokemon Center, eh?}

"Whatever. Either way he'll be struck down." And with that, Oliver broke out into a run, eyes fixed on that one street corner not too far away. Piro sweat-dropped a little, but didn't hesitate in immediately following in the hopes of preventing an all-out war.

July 26th, 2006, 1:59 PM
Name: Chris



Tall but not that tall just a little above normal for a boy his age.
His Hair is brown and kind of in a mess
He wears a pair of goggles for effect and he travels a lot so he uses them for his adventures
He wears a raggy brown coat
Also he has a Black Scarf that he uses to cover his mouth
He also has a athletic build

He is very nice but when it comes to pokemon he acts as if he knows everything and usually he is right about Pokemon. He seems to be very mysterious at times and likes to hide what he is doing.

At the age of 8 he was a pokemon prodigy.
He grew up in a upper class neighborhood.
He left home at 10 after given his first pokemon which was a squirtle and he stills fights with the once squirtle which is now a blastoise.
At the age of 13 he opened up a Gym after being asked to by the pokemon league his gym gave out the genesis badge and he used all different types of Pokemon.
At 16 he left the gym for adventure and to see the outside world and grow stronger to his gym is closed as of this moment.

He has captured over 80 Pokemon but has only 3 in his party as of the moment.
Something seems to bother him which his pokemon notice as they are always in the same mood he is.

Chris saw someone running down the street and he continued to look around. His area was so unfamiliar to him. It looked like the perfect place for adventure. He figured he'd ask that person that was running down the street if he could tell him where the perfect place to find adventure was and if there were any rare pokemon in this area...

July 26th, 2006, 3:05 PM
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As for my IC, I'm gonna wait for at least one other person to react to Plushie's post... Cynthia's not usually the first to react. ^^; Plus, it's freakin' hot and my brain can't think of what to say. >.>

July 27th, 2006, 12:47 AM


Ehh! Stay safe from the mean hurricane, Plushie. ^^;;


"A- Are you trying to imply anything?"Ernis asked, his voice a tad jerky, jumping to extremely harsh accusations in his mind as Yikari stated that 'we wouldn't want to die young,'. There he went again, sounding like a paronoid.

He quickly forgot about that matter, however, as he realised that Amber was beside him along with her arm. The boy couldn't help but let a wide smile cross his features, though it quickly vanished as her attention turned to the short red head. Oliver was talking about getting a map from the Pokemon Center, Ernis couldn't care less. As long as he stuck to this band of trainers, he'd be fine. Following them around would be a piece of cheesecake.

At least, until that purple haired teen came running into Oliver.

'Mobbing' didn't seem to appeal to Ernis that well, but, he certainly didn't want to miss out on any sort of action. If he started chasing after the boy now, he'd get to see how the people of Olivine 'mobbed' first hand. It didn't seem like something to pass up...

"Oi! Wait up short stuff!"the boy had briefly forgotten Oliver's name in all his haste, quickly breaking into a slow jog after him. He didn't want to tire himself out, as long as he could see that fluff of red, it was more than enough. Behind him, the Sudowoodo paced herself as well to keep up with her trainer, the Feebas in her arms.

Alter Ego
July 27th, 2006, 1:09 AM
OOC: I agree with Melissa, but I'm not sorry if I sound rude. whonext360, that was one of the most obnoxious and low-quality posts I've seen around this section, and I've seen quite a lot. << Out, shoo. Sign-ups have been closed for ages and even if they weren't, one that weak would never be accepted. Just delete it, it's very off-putting and spammy. <<


{Ah-hah! Too late for 'dat, Wilfred!} Hagure boomed triumphantly, once again circling in on the Spoink, {The gig is up an' we all know ya' dunnit, so owe up and-!}

"Oliver-sama! Ernie-san! Wait for me!" Yikari called out, immediately sprinting after the two other boys, "I find myself deeply hurt that you would leave me behind like that!" he added in mock-sadness, "Brothers should really act better!"

{'Ey! W'at about me, boss-man?} Hagure protested, quickly floating off after Yikari, {I wanna' do the lynchin' an' stuff, too!}

{Here we go again...} Hiro muttered sourly, reluctantly taking up a run as well, {I'd better come along so nothing goes out of hand.}

July 27th, 2006, 6:24 AM
OOC: Ah, well, I guess the guy pretty much deserves rudeness since he was rude enough to interupt our little RP without reading the rules. >=D

And yes Plushie, stay safe from the ebil hurricane-thingy. I'm sure that must be what's making the humidity here go up to 58%. =.=

Oh and love the new avvie/banner Yibber!! It's feebas cute!! =3


Upon seeing Ernis' large and obvious smile about Amber's arm contact with him, Cynthia felt her face blush a little. When it came to anything to do with love or attraction or something like that, Cynthia was always quite flustered and embarrassed. Such things were quite the mystery to her; love was something that was in movies and books and so when she would see others flirting, kissing, or anything that would involve contact, it would usually make her nervous and unsure. She was aware, however, of how innocent and naive she was about this subject, so she usually tried her best to pretend she was somewhat normal about it in front of others. The blushing and flustered attitude was a bit hard to control though.

Suddenly an odd, purple haired boy cried for them to get out of the way and came tearing past them all, angering Oliver in his wake. Cynthia noticed the urgency in his voice, and the injured Poliwag in his arms.

"Ah! That- that poor Poliwag. I hope it's-- huh?!" she turned her head to notice the boys leaving. Oliver seemed quite angry, which wasn't unusual, and Ernis had left next, followed by Yikari. Cynthia looked down at Wilbur in her arms, who was still chanting "Not listening!" and then back up. The boys all ran so fast... it would be tough for her to catch up.

"Oh... Tic-Tac, I need some help," she said quietly, bringing out a pokeball and tossing it lightly to the ground. With a flash of bright light, a Doduo was produced. Its light brown feathers were ruffled a bit, and Cynthia suspected it had fought with itself again. The bird itself was quite large for a Doduo, meaning it was probably ready to evolve but had just put it off for some reason. Cynthia gave a small wave.

"Tic-Tac I need you to, um, take me to those boys that just ran off," she said politely, "They went that way."

The left head nodded happily, {Of course ma'am! Just hop on and I'd be glad to take you anywhere. After all, there's no finer bird than I!}

"Yes, um, thank you Tac," Cynthia said to the left head.

{Well I'd be sick to take her anywhere!} said the other head, her expression in a scowl, {I hate humans riding us like we're mere Ponyta!}

"Oh... Tic please, I must catch up," Cynthia asked nicely.

{Can it Tic! Cynthia's your trainer, you have to listen to her!} Wilbur said, snorting angrily.

{Fine! But I won't like it!} the right head finally agreed, shaking a little as if Cynthia had already hopped on.

"Um, s-see you at the Pokemon Center, Amber," Cynthia said to the girl and her Vaporeon.

Gingerly, with care, Cynthia placed herself up onto the round, fuzzy body of the Doduo. Even though most trainers couldn't ride their Doduo, Cynthia was one of the exceptions. She was small and skinny, light as a feather, so Tic-Tac had no problem carrying her weight. The bird adjuted itself a little, and then began to use its long feet and legs to power its way across the ground in the direction Cynthia indicated.

Cynthia held onto the fluffy feathers of the bird, and Wilbur nestled himself in them too. Tic-Tac knew not to run too fast, or it would probably frighten the blue-haired girl.

Within a minute or so, Cynthia had caught up with the others, and she had Tic-Tac place them to the side of the running group. Tac was looking at the road before them with her usual happy expression on, while Tic was glaring menacingly at the others, her beady eyes narrowed.

{I don't see why you wanted to catch up with these idiots,} Tic said, still eyeing them.

Random Plushie
July 27th, 2006, 8:57 PM

Awesome, apparently the mean hurricane died down to a tropical depression, so now.. it'll just cause lots of bad weather. o.o Either way, I feel your pain, Melissa, high humidity sucks.

Oh, and the hurricane/tropical depression thing is named Daniel, in case anyone cared. xD


Oliver turned his head to look back briefly as he ran, not being able to resist a smirk when he saw that most of the others had decided to aid him in his quest for revenge. Well, maybe they were just going to watch him achieve his revenge, either way he didn't really care. He shifted his gaze forward once more, and in a few seconds his run had taken him to the street corner, which wasn't surprising considering he was at the head of the pack.

The Pokemon Center was almost instantly visible upon reaching the corner--it was the only building that happened to be painted in a red-and-white scheme, and was a straight line from said corner in a diagonal direction. Oliver didn't waste any time in crossing the street, finally coming to a halt at the Pokemon Center's glass window.

"There he is!" Oliver shouted out loud, easily spotting the villian's purple hair through the window, just as Piro caught up with him. "He just gave his Poliwag to that nurse at the counter!" His eyes narrowed, and the red-head quickly turned around to face the direction he had just come from, shooting an annoyed look at the fast-approaching 'mobsters'.

"Hurry up!" he shouted, not wanting to miss his oppurtunity.

{Uh, you know, Skipper, it's not too late to call off this attack formation,} Piro suddenly spoke up, his tail twitching nervously. {I mean, the whole idea seems a bit unsafe..}

"What are you worried about safety for? We're going to be in a Pokemon Center." Oliver replied, without bothering to look at the Espeon.

Piro paused.

{Point taken.}

July 28th, 2006, 2:08 AM

Really Melissi? Thankies! ^^ *likes your avatar too*

I'm extra Feebas tired today -.-
We just had to run 2.4km [ebil physical fitness test], which was like, 2 rounds around the outside of school, followed by a short run around the lake[ehh, the lake isn't a pond mind you]. Still I PASSED! YEY! XD
Meh.. 14 minutes, mind you, I'm not what you call athletic still, *8% girly*. Yey! ^^
I can't believe I managed a 'B'. Limit being 18 minutes. ^^;; Of course, the rest of my class were much faster *piffle* all them tall peoples. >_>

My legs are sore. >3
AND we still have 5 other stations [standing broad jump, sit and reach, sit ups, inclined pull ups, shuttle run]

Looks like I'm going to have to train hard next week. Oh, joy.


Ernis kept at a timed pace, he was never one of those fast runner types. When they used to play tag in Mossdeep, he'd always win though. He'd run and hide behind a barrel or two when the game started, while the other children were dashing around screaming and shouting like... children. He'd always be the last one to get caught.

Still, it seemed that he was jogging at an exceptable pace, Yikari was behind and Cynthia had to catch up with her Doduo. The boy couldn't help but wonder where Amber was though..

"Hurry up!"

Oliver's angry voice snapped Ernis out of his thoughts, as he came to a halt outside the red and white building. Buu and Chue followed right behind, the Sudowoodo fresh and chipy from the short run she had just gone through, the total opposite of her trainer. He leaned against the window, fogging it up with his panting and wheezing, the Remoraid in his arms grumbled sullenly.

{G'eh.. Thin' I could'a go back to the pokeball now..?}Rew pleaded more than questioned the boy looking as if he was the one who had run a distance in his winded state. The Coordinator nodded absent mindely, allowing the Water type to disappear from his arms and back into his pokeball in a flash of red. As Ernis finally caught his breath, he spotted the same purple haired trainer from before, now he was passing his Poliwag to the Nurse Joy of the center. Not that he would have cared, but still, even he had to admit that Oliver was making a big deal out of nothing. Of course, he failed to realise that he was prone to this as well.

Just that he decided to take in verbal format rather than physical.

Alter Ego
July 29th, 2006, 11:06 AM
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{Boss-man, always hafta' go so fast...} Hagure muttered, trying his best to keep up with the boy, which wasn't a very simple feat since there was only so much acceleration you could gain with a gas-body when there was a strong draft, such as the one caused by a bunch of running people, working against you, {Dat's it for me...} he panted as the boy finally came to a halt by the pokémon center, the Haunter floating over, {...I'll be puttin' Wilfred under...discreetious observation...tell me when it's time for da' pranks, 'kay boss-man?} with that, the ghost type floated forward and tapped his empty pokéball, dissapearing inside it.

"Well, that was a refreshing run, wasn't it, Ernie-san?" Yikari remarked cheerfully, patting the exhausted co-ordinator hard on the back in a would-be brotherly fashion, "Bet you wish we could do that all day." he grinned cheerfully, "Now Oliver-kun, I believe you had bussiness to attend to with the purple-haired gentleman inside?"

{Oh yes, of course there can be no trouble to be had for picking a fight in a pokémon center...} Hiro remarked sarcastically at Oliver's comment, {This is just as stupid as reckless as any of Yikari's pranks.} he scoffed, {And just as the case is with him, I doubt that anyone will listen to common sense and give it up.}

July 29th, 2006, 12:42 PM
OOC: Aw... poor Alter and the ebil Math! It never fails, when Mathematics are involved, life just seems to get slower, longer, and more painful. XD

Anywhoo, been meaning to post in this again. ^^;


"Because, Tic-Tac, they are my, um, f-friends," the blue-haired girl spoke quietly, almost afraid to utter such a thing. She didn't have any real friends, though once in a while someone would be nice to her and help her out temporarily. Both Tic and Tac looked at Cynthia with equally odd expressions for Doduo, and they all came to a complete stop at the Pokemon Center doors. Cynthia got off of the Doduo and held out her pokeball.

"Sorry Tic-Tac, you'll need to be placed back in your ball... you don't take crowds well," Cynthia said apologetically. Tic looked ready to protest, but soon the two heads and one body were engulfed in red light and shot back into the red and white ball. Wilbur was hopping on the ground.

{Come on, let's go in already! We might miss the fight!} the pig pokemon said excitedly.

Cynthia gave him a surprised look. "F-fight?! Wilbur... you shouldn't be happy about something like that...," she said, shaking her head. Wilbur was about to answer to her comment when Oliver yelled for them to hurry up and get into the center already.

"Oh my... must he always be so angry?" Cynthia said to no one in particular. She walked up to Ernis, Oliver and Yikari with Wilbur bouncing along behind her. Cynthia heard Yikari ask Oliver about the purple-haired boy. "Ah! But.. he-he was so w-worried about his pokemon... perhaps he d-didn't see you Mr. Oliver." She couldn't use Oliver's last name, as she didn't recall him ever giving it.

Wilbur couldn't understand why Cynthia would never just let boys be boys. The pig then noticed Hiro's comment and realized the Houndoom had a good point; fighting in Pokemon Centers was against the rules. He had totally forgotten about that.

{Nope, I don't think they will listen to you. They don't seem like the kind to listen to reason,} he snorted, chuckling a little.