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June 15th, 2007, 8:45 AM

I’ve been stuck here for a while now; Sangloupmon has stuck with me this whole time and without my crest I can’t even travel to the outlands to try and get home. The opponents are two strong for even me and Sangloupmon and I’m beginning to think that I will soon be a permanent addition to the Digital world. That damned Piedmon stole my crest from me about a month ago and I haven’t got the strength in me anymore to have Sangloupmon digivolve to take on those swine’s.

I found out that they are trying to resurrect ancient Digimon from the past in order to take over the Digital world. No surprise there, Tai, Davies, Takato…they were all faced with the same problem and they succeeded in restoring peace for a great deal of time. My turn came, but I failed. I was unable to protect my crest…my only true power from them and now I can go no further. They are building temples all over the place, dedicating them to one of the ancient digimon and I don’t know how, but it’s driving the digimon mad with anger. There’s something within them that’s driving the local digimon to go insane and attack anyone and anything.

I’ve tried my best to find out more about them, but I can always guarantee that a stronger Digimon than mine is guarding the temple doors and as much as I hate to admit it…Sangloupmon is not strong enough to take them on. It won’t be long before they succeed in restoring these Digimon and I can only hope that you get this message as soon as possible. The digidestined that accompanied me into this world have all been captured…or worse destroyed at the hands of these miscreants, I’m the only one left.

A man who calls himself Waka has been aiming to stop my progress, always battling me, always standing in my way, his damned digimon has the power to reach a high level thanks to his damned crest and I can’t get anywhere near the temples.

I need your help.

My companions....they deserved to be here with me, they worked just as hard as me to try and restore peace to this world. Please, when you receive this message do not be afraid. When you finish this message, do not fear the light that will shine before you. You are my only hope, and the only hope of this land. Do not fail as I did.

I will find you when you arrive, I will aid you, but without my crest, I can assure you that I will be of little use to you. But Sangloupmon and I will try our god damned hardest to help you in completing the journey that I did not. The dark lords never rest, they never sleep, and all they are focused on is the building of these shrines, the awakening of the ancient digimon and the ruling of the digital world.

Please help

yours forever grateful

Aisha Lorenzo and Sangloupmon

You have just received this strange email from a persona called Aisha from the digital world. She claims to need your help in defeating the dark lords and halting the resurrection of the ancient digimon in the digital world. There are shrines being built all over the land that seem to be driving the local digimon crazy and it seems this Aisha person can’t handle it alone with the loss of her companions and her crest. She needs your help and as soon as you read this e-mail, you will be transported to the digital world where you will meet your digimon partner and receive your digivice. You’re the next hope of the Digital world.

Important Characters

Aisha Lorenzo and Sangloupmon: The duo left behind in the digital world, unable to return home. After the loss of their companions and the crest, they have not been able to do anything to prevent the return of the ancient digimon and the ruling of the dark lords. They need your help to do so after they failed due to unfair trickery by Piedmon.

‘Waka’: A mysterious man who wears a white fox mask to hide his face. He’s always trying to stop Aisha from achieving her goals.

Sarah, Kira, Lee, Tyler, Tino, Jake, Tahama and Anthony: Aisha’s former companions who all supposedly lost they’re lives to the dark lords.

The Dark Lords: These seven Digimon are trying their hardest to resurrect the powerful ancient Digimon in order to rule the digital world. They consist of the following:

Lilithmon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilithmon): This Digimon is perhaps the most violent of the seven. She’s wicked, cheating, conniving and sly and is the top assassin when dirty work needs doing.

Piedmon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piedmon): The second in command of the dark lords. He takes it upon himself to arrange the plans and ideas for wiping out the digidestined and setting up the shrines around the digital world. So far his plans have succeeded.

Lucemon Chaos Mode (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Bo1096.jpg): Though of an Ultimate level, this Digimon is extremely powerful. Controlling the elements of both light and darkness he us said to know the past between Aisha and Waka and holds the key to what once was. Not much is known of this Digimon or of his purpose in the ranks of the lords.

Beelzemon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Beelzemon_TCG.JPG): More of a messenger than anything else, they say that this digimon was so hungry for power that he more than willingly joined as a messenger boy to the dark lords in order to join their ranks, but he is not free of sin when it comes to dirty tasks either.

Gulphmon: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Gulfmon.jpg)A beast who patrols the skies. This beast is the eyes and ears of the dark lords, patrolling the scene from above, Gulphmon, even though not hard to miss, he can sneakily go without being seen by creating a thick mist to cover his appearance and report back to his master.

Anubismon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Anubismon.jpg): This grand digimon aids Barbamon in her research into the resurrection of the ancient digimon. He is the wisest and the most understanding of the seven. Many say he was talked into this possession and did not choose it for himself.

Barbamon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Barbamon.jpg): Mad scientist is the best way to describe him. He is intelligent, perhaps overly so, but is certainly not all there in the brain. He likes nothing more than to cause pain and misery to anyone who opposes him.

Daemon (http://wiki.dats.us/index.php/Image:Demon_beast.gif): A raging beast who is mainly around to guard they're hideout. This beast is unleashed when things for the dark lords do not go as planned. This Digimon is normally what keeps others in order just by its untamed nature.

???: An unknown digimon, leader of the dark lords and the reason as to why this operation went ahead. Dominating and power hungry, not much is known of this figure other than the fact that he seeks complete control over the digital world.

The Ancient Digimon: In the past, these Digimon caused havoc to the digital world, each of which were put to rest by a group of digidestined before they could succeed. The dark lords seek to return them to the living so as they can storm the digital world full force as one dominating army. Though they failed in the past, together with the dark lords, they cannot be stopped.

They consist of:

AncientSphinxmon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AncientSphinxmon): Hailing from the Egyptian times of the Digital world. This Digimon was obsessed with power and like its human counterpart, was content on having the whole of the digital world as slaves. Fortunately, he was stopped along with his followers, by a pack of Digidestined.

AncientTroiamon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AncientTroiamon): This Digimon was sneaky and relied on trickery as well as good sources to get what he wanted. Some time ago the Digital world was split into many continents and Troiamon along with his sorces, declared war on each of them until he would rule them all. Again he was destroyed by the Digidestined.

AncientMermaimon: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:AncientMermaimon.jpg) Controlling the seas had its advantages. This Digimon had actually gone further than most in achieving the controlling of the world along with AncientVolcamon. She planed on drowning the Digital world so as it could be ruled by her and her sea dwelling followers.

AncientVolcamon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:AncientVolcamon.jpg): Both he and Mermaimon battled against one another. She wished to drown the world, he wished to expand it so as he could rule with the power of volcanoes. Both were eventually destroyed by the digidestined.

AncientWisemon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:AncientWisemon.jpg): With his supreme intelligence, he planned to rewrite the past in order to make sure that he ruled the digital world from the very beginning. His plans were dashed when he travelled back in time and met with the very first digidestined. Instead of re writing time to his pleasure he only managed his defeat.

Crests: You are entitled to one crest each and no more. These are what trigger your Digimon’s digivolution. You will not have it at the beginning as you will have to earn them through performing the quality which best befits you. (Example, if you choose courage, you must do something courageous.) The available crests to choose from are: Courage, friendship, sincerity, love, reliability, knowledge, hope and kindness.

Digivice: Hand held devices which allow you to track each other, aid your digimon’s digivolution, check the status of other digimon and send messages to one another.

Sign ups:


Age: (13-18)
Description: (Minimum 5 lines)
Personality: (Minimum 5 lines)
History: (Optional)
Crest: (Ones listed above. When one is taken, you cannot claim it.)
Digivice color:


Nickname: (Optional)

Description: (Image accepted)
Attacks: (Name and description if possible)


Personality: (Minumum 5 lines)




RPG sample:

1) Crest of Courage: Axle steel and Commandramon (OmniReaper)
2) Crest of Friendship: Leon Klaudswelth and Lopmon (Asch)
3) Crest of Love: Iris/Alandros Candy and Ditmon (JBCBlank)
4) Crest of Hope: Ace Marokii and Falcomon (Killer-Swift)
5) Crest of Reliability: Alex Topper and Fanbeemon (Lex Rextron)
6) Crest of Sincerity: Don Kay Ignis and Terriermon (Shaydeh)
7) Crest of Knowledge: OPEN
8) Crest of Kindness: Kite Oroshi and Leormon (Clow)
9) Crest of Honor: Tabitha Touken and Ryudamon (Mikuru-chan)
9) Former Crest of Courage: Aisha Lorenzo and Sangloupmon (Shadowfaith)
10) Crest of ???: 'Waka' and Kudamon (Shadowfaith)

Name: Aisha Lorenzo

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Description: Aisha has mid length brown hair which spikes out in all directions, a pair of goggles restrain the overly large bangs from falling into her emerald eyes. She has a well built body with a lightly tanned complexion and a warm and trusting look about her. Her wardrobe consists of an Orange crop top, worn atop a brown crop top and a pair of three-quarter length jeans. Upon her feet she wears a pair of brown vans and a three-quarter length hoodie that’s shows off the hem of her crop top, this sometimes is thrown around her waste. An long, orange thred of material wraps itself snuggly around her neck and this matches the coloring of her tongue, eyebrow, and ear and bellybutton piercings. Her forearms are adorned by multiple brown bracelets and joining the bandana around her neck is a shark tooth on a string, given to her by a family member. She wears a small orange and brown backpack for her supplies and a few chains hang from her brown belt in order to keep her digivice chained close as well as her d-terminal.

Personality: Outgoing and determined, Aisha is full to the brim with bravery and a joyful outlook on life. She refuses to give up, even when it seems hopeless to carry on. She comes across as loyal, friendly and perhaps a little cocky, but not overly so. She is more than willing to give her life for others and perhaps can be considered a little too trusting for her own good as well as a little gullible. She would rebel to the very end to stand up for what she believes is right and would stick by her friends and companions no matter what the outcome may be, she does not take well to mock loyalty and trickery and wouldn’t spare a thought to anyone who fools her.

History: Aisha along with four other team members was the previously chosen digidestined. It has been around a year since the five of them entered the digital world and Aisha has struggled to survive ever since. She took up residence in a digimon hideout for those wise enough to hide from the force of the dark lords. She aids these digimon in their struggle to defeat the seven dark lords and takes great pride and pleasure in the fact that the Digimon has accepted her as one of their own. Her crest was stolen from her when Piedmon appeared and challenged her in order to rid her from the digital world the same as her companions. Piedmon weakened her, but took an unusual bought of pity on her and stole her crest only.

Former Crest: Courage

Digivice color: Orange and Black

Other: N/A


Nickname: N/A
Name: Sangloupmon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sangloupmon
Personality: This Digimon lives for one reason only, and that is to protect and aid Aisha. He will not let the young digidestined out of his sight and would follow her to the ends of the digital world if that was where she wished to go. He is forever loyal to her as she is to him and in this form, they are the most understanding of each other. He takes great pride in the fact that Aisha is his trainer and thinks the world of her. Anyone who opposes Aisha opposes him.
Attacks: Sticker Blade: Hurls thousands of tiny blades.
Black Mind: Disassembles his own data to melts into his opponent's shadow.


Name: ‘Waka’

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: Not much is known of Waka’s facial appearance only the fact that he has tanned skin, the rest of his face is hidden behind a white Fox’s mask. He has a well built body and wears a simple attire consisting of a brown t-shirt and a dark blue pair of jeans, a thick brown hoodie is thrown over the t-shirt and a lighter colored belt holds up his jeans, upon his feet are a pair of scraggy brown vans. His crest is worn around his neck and his d-terminal and digivice held at his waste. A few bracelets on his wrists and a cluster of necklaces at his throat finish his appearance.

Personality: By Aisha’s description, Waka is determined to stop her every move and a bit of a cocky opponent and needs to be brought down a few levels.

History: ???

Crest: ???

Digivice color: White and Violet

Other: N/A


Nickname: ???

Name: Puffmon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:puffmon.jpg
Attacks: Puff Balloon: Puffmon can sucks in air and inflate to three times his normal size. This air can be expeled to allow him escape.

Name: Kyaromon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Kyaromon.jpg
Attacks: Shippo Swing - The tail begins to glow, before it it swung at the enemy

Name: Kudamon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Kudamon.jpg
Personality: ???
Attacks: Bullet Wirlwind: Strikes hard with his ammunition cartridge while rotating his body
Exceeding Light Dash: Dazzles the eye with the great radiance emitted from his earring.
Holy Shot: Releases holy beam when the pattern on his back glows.

Name: Reppamon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Reppamon.jpg
Attacks: Random Beast Fang Attack: wildly tearing opponents with his sharp claws.
Whirling Blade: Assaults enemies while doing a forward roll.
Vacuum Razor Wind (Shinkuu Kamaitachi): Shakes his tail and attacks with invisible wind blades.

Name: Qilinmon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Qilinmon.jpg
Attacks: Blade that Soars Through Hurricanes: Pierces enemies with the horn on his head.
Knowledge of the Swift: Creates an afterimage to distract opponents.
Wave of Reform (Kaishin no Hadou): Releases aura, flaps his wings and leads the opponent into holiness.

Name: Sleipmon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Sleipmon.jpg
Attacks: Bifrost - Fires a burning arrow from his crossbow.
Odin's Breath - Creates a high power blizzard from the sheild in his right hand.
Tactic Smear - Fires multiple glowing arrows to confuse the enemy
and is very competive

Below are Aisha’s former companions:


Name: Sarah Watkeys
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: Sarah has long flowing red hair and crystal blue eyes. She has pale skin and bunches of freckles adorn her complexion. She’s shorter than the average sixteen year old and a little chubby, but very active.
Personality: A know it all, but a friendly one at that. Sarah was the type of person you could tell something too and trust her to keep it a secret. She was knowledgeable in almost anything and took a great liking to the digital world as soon as she set foot on the unfamiliar turf.
Former Crest: Knowledge

Name: YukimiBotamon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Yukimibotamon

Name: Nyaromon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Nyaromon

Name: Salamon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Plotmon
Personality: Friendly, gullible and a little too trusting in others. Salamon only wants what’s best for Sarah but at the same time can come across as a little cowardly, but she needs to overcome this when the gang is in dangers and eventually does, thus triggering her digivolution most of the time.

Name: Gatomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Tailmon

Name: Angewomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Angewomon

Name: Magnadramon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Holydramon


Name: Anthony Hufford
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Description: Short brown hair and hazel eyes. He stands at around 5’9 and has a skinny build, but far from sickly. His hair is spiked and he wears a pair of designer glasses along with a bracelet and necklace that Aisha gave him as a Christmas present.
Personality: Friendly and protective. Anthony would not let anything happen to his comrades and would certainly never accept dishonesty within the group. He was the most concerned when it came to fighting and always worried for the well being of his friends.
Former Crest: Friendship

Name: Punimon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Punimon

Name: Tsunomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Tsunomon

Name: Elecmon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Elecmon
Personality: Fierce, bad tempered and stubborn. Elecomon is everything Anthony isn’t. He means well in what he does, but he goes about it the wrong way. He is often told to watch what he says, but takes no heed to those warnings and often gets in trouble for his slippery words.

Name: Tyrannomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Tyrannomon

Name: MasterTyrannomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Master_Tyranomon

Name: Goldramon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Goddramon

No 3

Name: Jake Beynon
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Description: A rather tall teen with long violet hair, spiked in all manners of directions, amber eyes and an olive complexion. He’s never seen without his one silver bracelet on his left wrist, the one in which Aisha gave him as a sign of friendship, they met when they were only five and had been friends ever since. Jake also wears a pair of designer glasses and has the top of his left ear pierced as well as his tongue and nose with a violet piercing.
Personality: Reliable, caring and always at Aisha’s side. He had been friends with her since they were young and it was destined that they be thrown into this predicament together. He would put the need of other before his own and would never turn his back on them no matter what.
Former Crest: Reliability

Name: Puwamon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Puwamon

Name: Pinamon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Pinamon

Name: Falcomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Falcomon
Personality: Like his master, Falcomon was reliable and loyal to his companions, would never stray off the path that he was destined for and no matter what, would keep to his word no matter what the consequences were.

Name: Peckmon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Peckmon

Name: Yatagaramon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Yatagaramon

Name: Ravemon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Ravemon

No 4

Name: Tyler Woodman
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Description: A small kid with ruffled mousey colored hair and amber eyes. His skin is sun kissed and freckled and he stands at around the same height as Lee even though she is one year younger than him and female.
Personality: Innocent, helpful, honest and over all a little angel. He has his moments of troublemaking business and accidents but what does one expect from a child?
Former Crest: Hope

Name: Poyomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Poyomon

Name: Tokomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Tokomon

Name: Patamon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Patamon
Personality: Much like Tyler himself, but a little more realistic and ready for trouble. Tyler doesn’t see the danger so Patamon has to be alert at all times in order to keep danger away from his young master.

Name: Angemon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Angemon

Name: MagnaAngemon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Holy_Angemon

MegaName: Seraphimon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Seraphimon

No 5

Name: Tino Robinson
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Tino has short jet black hair and blue eyes which stood out a mile compared to his hair. Tino likes his band shirts and baggy clothes, a proper teenager in the making.
Personality: Tino always tried to live up Aisha and her trusty Gazimon, he pouted, whined and cursed every time she defeated an enemy he could not; a typical teenaged brat.
Former Crest: Sincerity

Name: Yuramon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Yuramon

Name: Tanemon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Tanemon

Name: Koemon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Koemon
Personality: Very much like Tino, mischievous, ill tempered and always ready to prove himself over and over again, hoping to be the best of the bunch but a lot of the time, failing miserably.

Name: Hanumon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Hanumon

Name: Mammothmon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Mammon

Name: Skull Mammothmon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Skull_Mammon

No 6

Name: Lee Thomas
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Description: Lee has platinum blonde hair and angelic blue eyes. She is young, pure and this reflects through her pale and smooth skin which is yet to be harmed by any spots, cuts or wrinkles. She always wears a white feather bracelet and a matching necklace.
Personality: As her description clearly states, she is childish, pure and angelic. Her personality holds no sense of evil or badness. She is without a doubt the baby of the group and she simply loves it that way. She may come across as being sweet and innocent (which she is!), but she just loves to be pampered.
Former Crest: Kindness

Name: Paomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Paomon

Name: Shaomon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Shaomon

Name: Labramon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Labramon
Personality: Tough, courageous and a proper mother figure. Labramon needs to be ready for anything with an angel like Lee around, there’s no telling what danger could lay around the corner for someone so young as her and so he’s always there when Lee needs him most…he refuses to leave her alone.

Name: Gaogamon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Gaogamon

Name: MachGaogamon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Mach_Gaogamon

Name: MirageGaogamon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Mirage_Gaogamon

No 7

Name: Kira Cole
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Description: Long flowing Light Pink hair with dark pink highlights and emerald eyes. Kira looks younger than what she really is and can be best describes as a punk kid. She always seems to have a look of mischief on her face. She's skinny, almost runty and has not one ounce of muscle or fat to call her own.
Personality: This youngster is full of trouble and just can stay out of it. She’s overconfident in her skills and is more often than not the reason for why the gang gets into as much trouble as they do. But, she is the most caring of the group and even though she gets herself into trouble, wouldn’t advise it for anyone else.
Former Crest: Love

Name: MetalKoromon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Metal_Koromon

Name: Kapurimon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Kapurimon

Name: Kotemon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Kotemon
Personality: This digimon is exactly like his owner. Always ready for a joke and a giggle and not really sensing the danger that can come of it, though always ready to fight them off for his young master’s sake. All in all he’s your class A trickster and prankster.

Name: Dinohymon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Dinohumon

Name: Kyukimon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Kyukimon

Name: GuardiAngemon
Description: http://wiki.dats.us/index.php?title=Slash_Angemon

No 8

Name: Tahama Thomas
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Description: Pale skin and dirty blonde hair, unlike her sister Lee who has platinum blonde hair, glazed over blue eyes and a thin frame. She wears a pair of designer glasses and is in fact quite tall for a teen of her age, not to mention a little too thin to appear healthy. All in all, Tahama has kind features.
Personality: Tahama was the mother figure to all of the digidestined, always telling them to be careful and watch out for one another, especially her little sister Lee and the youngest male, Tyler. Tahama was all about honor and sticking up for what she believed was right and not what was classed as being right, so she was prepared to turn her back on something she did not believe in.
Former Crest: Honor

Name: Gummymon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Gummymon.jpg

Name: Terriermon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Terriermon.jpg
Personality: Terriermon was very much like Tahama only he was always there to tell Tahama to think before she made a decision, without him Tahama would have been separated from the team ages ago with her high sense of honor, but Terriermon was there to set her straight and tell her that separating from the group was not the right thing to do, a sort of guardian angel.

Name: Gargomon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Gargomon.jpg

Name: Rapidmon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Rapidmon.jpg

Name: MegaGargomon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Megagargomon.jpg

With reservations I want an RPG sample.

June 15th, 2007, 1:23 PM
Hm... would you mind reserving me a spot? I haven't done a Digimon RP in a long while! If possible, could I reserve the Crest of Reliability?

June 15th, 2007, 1:24 PM
Yup yup, no worries Dai ^_^ I'll just save that for you.

June 15th, 2007, 3:33 PM
Okay I want to signup. I like digimon roleplays

Name: Axle steel

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: Axle is a slim teenager at 5"9 and weighing in at 130 LBS. Axle has black hair shaped into a mullet.
Axle has a slim face with no apparent facial blemishes and has blue eyes. Axle doesn't care very much for clothes but he wears a dark green zippered hoody. He wears dark blue jeans with a belt and a silver buckle. His shoes consist of white sneakers. Underneath his hoody Axle wears a white t-shirt which reads "Temple roxx" which he made in a graphing shop once. Underneath the t-shirt he wears a white tanktop which is lined. Axle also has a surfer styled shark-tooth necklace which he places over everything. Axle doesn't like to watch his weight knowing that he can just work it all off later but doesn't like to bing eat either. Knowing that he could get a stomach ache

Personality: Axle is one person who has a mixed personality. Axle likes to help people in any way he can. Axle is one person who tries to make friends any way he can. But with minimal results. But he does do many things to win people over. Axle likes when people pay attention to him but doesnt treat it lightly. He of course is noticed by people as bold by trying large stunts in order to make friends. He is quite joyfull to the small amount of friends he has. He always goes through with a bet or any gamble no matter what the consequence. Other then that he becomes quite joyfull. But whenever he loses a bet he knows that he needs to get better before he offer expires.

Axle is someone who likes to care for animals. He has a pet cat who he takes care of every day. But he wishes he could have a dog to play with.

History: Axle grew up in a middle class home. When he was 10 years old he was introduced into skateboarding and started liking it. But when he learned it was his only shot at making friends he started praticing it regularly. Axle was almost expelled from school when he climbed to the top of his school's building just to prove he wasn't scared. However since he wasn't hurt and he didnt climb very high. Plus he record was noticibly clean he only got detention.

Crest: Bravery

Digivice color: Orange

Other: Axle likes to skateboard as a hobby


Nickname: Temple

Name: Bombmon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/95/Bombmon.jpg
Attacks: Crack-Crack-Crackle: The spark on the fuse produces an intense sound that startles any Digimon nearby

Name: Missimon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/29/Missimon.jpg
Attacks: Missile Crash

Name: Commandramon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a0/Commandramon.jpg
Personality: Commandramon is a tough digimon. It gets angry all the time and usualy wants to start a fight with someone that makes it angry. However underneath this tough exterior lies a digimon that just wants to be loved. Commandramon show's mercy in the toughest outcomes however still attacks digimon that betray him or try to back stab him. However Commandramon does like to exhibit pain in other digimon just as much as they want to do to him. Commandramon usually "Thinks with his M16" and shoots first, shoots some more and when everyone is dead try to ask some questions. However due to this he isn't very liked. But like Axle he tries to make friends as much as he can however with minimum result mainly due to the fact that he would shoot his supposed "Friends" because he would be to paranoid to have them.
Attacks: M16 Assassin: Fires from his hand-held assault rifle.
DCD Bomb: Throws a bomb at his foes.
Strike Claw: Attacks his enemy with a beam on his claw.

Name: Sealsdramon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f5/Sealsdramon.jpg
Attacks: Death Behind: A jab from his knife.
Scouter Monoeye: Measures the weak point of his opponent in an instant.

Name: Tankdramon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/5d/Tankdramon.jpg
Attacks: Striper Cannon: Fires a tiny loaded nuclear warhead and everything in a 30km radius becomes scorched earth.
Gatling Blast: Fires 3600 bullets in one second. An attack used in close combat.

Name: Darkdramon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f2/Darkdramon.jpg
Attacks: Dark Roar: Fires an energy orb made of pure Dark Matter from his mouth.
Giga Stick Lance: Attacks with the weapon mounted on his right arm. This lance is strong as Gallantmon's Gram Lance.

Second Line

Name: Dark Tyrannomon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/53/DarkTyrannomon.jpg
Fire Blast: Fires a stream of blazing hot fire from his mouth.
Iron Tail: Strikes his enemies with his iron-hard tail.

Commandramon digivolves into Dark Tyrannomon if Axle reacts in a cowardly way. If he continues to do so he will digivolve further in this form. However since he is not used to this form it is immensely weak compared to Sealsdramon.

Name: Metal Tyrannomon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e6/MetalTyrannomon.gif
Giga Destroyer II: He fires a large missile from his right hand.
Nuclear Laser: He fires a beam from his left hand.

If Axle continues to focus on a negative trait Darktyrannomon will digivolve into Metal Tyrannomon. However since he is ultimate he will become out of control and attack anything in its way until it runs out of energy

RPG sample:
Cain noticed the Betamon which was Ray's partner.

Betamon's megaform was Metal Seadramon.

Cain remembered having a Metal Seadramon in his digimon deck. Of course he had Commandramon also in there.

But soon Cain fell back down to earth and motioned to Ray

"Don't mind Triambermon. Normaly she doesnt like anyone but her Tamer."

Cain motioned to Mira who was in the bed.

"Anyway you can stay... But Mira here ... fainted"

Cain was still unsure if he should tell Ray about how Mira fainted. Maybe Mira would want to disclose information.

Cain noticed that there was rain starting to pelt the windows.

"Damn its starting to rain. Well Mira how do you feel? We ought to leave soon. The longer we stay the longer another assasin comes."

Cain felt a need to see Commandramon again. However Commandramon was a dinosaur holding a rifle. He needed something inconspicuous.

"Okay guys. I will be back."

Cain walked out of the room. He quickly walked through a few halls when he noticed something.

He passed a room. Inside the room was no one however there was a raggy old peice of cloth. Then Cain got an idea.

Cain took the raggy peice of cloth that was grey in color. He quickly took his D-arc. Then turned on his Comm system.

"Commandramon. Your at my house right? Well I need you to bring me some of the leather on my desk I got from my Home Ec class. Plus bring any string you can find and meet me at the hospital."

Commandramon had a very acute sense of smell. Cain had no doubt that Commandramon could find him.

June 15th, 2007, 3:49 PM
OOC: Obviously not done. I made a few tweaks to the Digimon form cause I copied it from an older RP. XD


Name: Leon Klaudswelth
Leon is a seventeen year old, male, individual taking up residence in Canada. He has black hair that is in a seemingly "emo" style, that meaning that it has long bangs pushed to the left side, covering his left, blue eye. Leon stands at the height of 5'11", and is actually quite lean. He is usually dressed in a pair of navy blue pants, accompanied by a white dress shirt with a jean vest with torn up edges overtop. When Leon received the email from Aisha, he was getting dressed for his school's play. Therefore, he also has a navy blue cape tied around his neck with gold string. Also due to this reason, he has his wooden katana in a brown scabbard tied to the right side of his body. Upon his feet are ordinary, black running shoes with white socks extending just beyond the shoe's edge.
Having been born into a rich family, this fact tends to leave those Leon meets with a snobby air about him. Only those who get to know him learn about his real nature. Overall, he is a very kind boy with an interest in the preservation of the world. This includes global warming, pollution, and the like. While he doesn't take his concern to the extent of rallying and going against the government, he takes a less direct approach by doing small things like turning off lights and sorting through his garbage. Of course, he lives in a mansion, so that is quite difficult sometimes. He is a big activist in regards to volunteer work around the community and in his school, and all of his fellow students tend to admire him. Because of this, Leon tends to hold a "better-than-you" attitude with people until he gets to know them, at which point he drops his veil and reveals his kinder self. This, however, may take some time, because he has issues with trust, memories of the past being the reasoning for this.
Leon, being born into a wealthy family, was never really raised properly by his parents. Essentially, they were the stereotypical rich parents, always away from their children so that they could tend to work. As a result, Leon and his deaf sister, Annabelle, were raised by a nanny. It was a lonely life for the two of them, especially since Anna had no hearing ability whatsoever. The two spent their early years learning sign language so that they could communicate, but soon after that their parents divorced, Leon's father taking his sister with him. It was shortly after this that Leon began taking an interest in swordsmanship. His mother, being the rich woman she was, paid for a trainer to come and visit him for a whole day once a month, and he was left to practice on his own when the trainer wasn't there. He eventually became decent, and stopped training due to his quickly declining interest, although he usually still carried a wooden katana around. When he started high school, he found school and community activities as an efficient way of sidetracking his mind from his problems. The students originally thought he was a cold, quiet person, but quickly learned you can't judge a book by it's cover.
Crest: Friendship
Digivice color: Navy Blue and Black


Personality: Despite the stereotype that Lopmon are shy and quiet Digimon, this one is not. Lopmon is more oftenly than not commenting on everything sarcastically, similarly to the stereotype of her canine counterpart, Terriermon. While she can be naive at times, she is very friendly and loyal, willing to risk everything for her friends. Another one of her less pleasable attributes, at least to Leon, is the fact that she tends to get jealous easily when he talks to females; both human and Digimon. The same can be said about Turueimon and Antylamon's personality, only she has more of a violent flare during combat, and she tends to become more serious and cuts back on the sarcasm. There are times while fighting where she says almost nothing at all.

Name: Conomon
Appearance (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/79/Conomon.jpg)
Attacks: Bubble Blow: An attack which involves firing bubbles from the mouth.

Name: Kokomon
Appearance (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/88/Kokomon.jpg)
Attacks: Koko Crusher: An attack that invovles firing a stream of bubbles.

Name: Lopmon
Appearance (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/af/Lopmon.jpg)
Blazing Ice: Lopmon leaps into the air and quickly shoots small icy crystallline bolts from her mouth that can harm her enemies as well as freeze them.
Petit Twister: Spins to form a tornado that she can impact with or throw.

Line 1

Name: Turuiemon
Appearance (http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/Turuiemon.jpg)
Gauntlet Claw: Slices her enemies with the silver blades that are on both of her hands.
Bunny Bomb: Throws explosive energy balls at her opponents
Crescent moon kick: Does a somersault on the foe forming some kind of a half-moon within the legs.
Shryuken: Does an upward kick making herself an image of a dragon.

Name: Antylamon
Appearance (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d8/Antylamon.gif)
Bunny Blades (Treasure Axe): Her paws glow with pink light before becoming large crescent moon shaped blades. When her paws are in this state she is able to throw blades of pink light energy as well as slice and dice her enemies in close physical combat.
Mantra Chant (Arm Bomber): A psychic shockwave attack from both sides.

Name: Phoenixmon
Appearance (http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Phoenixmon.jpg)
Crimson Flame: An attack in which flames are emitted from the mouth by the power of her wings.
Starlight Explosion: An attack in which a golden purification powder pours from her wings.
Life Force: An attack in which Phoenixmon generates a wonderful energy that sucks up an enemy's physical strength

Line 2

Name: Coelamon
Appearance (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e4/Coelamon.gif)
Fossil Bite: Expels needle-like projectiles from her fins.
Ancient Bite: Jumps near opponents with water-like energy and then she slashes them with all her claws and fins.

Name: LadyDevimon
Appearance (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6b/LadyDevimon.jpg)
Evil Wing (Darkness Wave): Creates a wave of energy bats that fly towards the enemy. In Adventure 02, this attack is a wave of flaming bats. In 03 when Leomon uses this attack after Jeri uses a LadyDevimon card this is for some reason just a blast of dark energy.
Black Wing (Darkness Spear): Her left hand transforms into a long sharp spike.

Name: Lilithmon
Appearance (http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Lilithmon.gif)
Phantom Pain: Spews a bewitching mist of darkness that curses her opponents.
Nazar Nail: The demonic claws on her decayed right arm is used to slash her enemies, releasing a deadly acidic poison that can corrode everything she touches.
Darkness Love: Sends a dark ray at her opponent that is said to damage her opponents very soul.

June 15th, 2007, 5:37 PM
I love Digimon Roleplays!

Sign ups:

Human: A twist! can I do this? if not then just the first sign up, here's the thing, my char has a double personality. If this isn't allowed, then just the first sheet ok?

Name: Iris Candy "Peace"
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: She's eye candy! just imagine if you will, large chest, black sweater, miniskirt. Long black hair accents her deep green eyes, a smile has been permanently tattooed on her face so she is always wearing one even when she's wearing nothing at all. Her four inch heals give her a boost up to 5' 10" she likes being tall and will never take them off. Perfect teeth are over looked due to her perfect hourglass shape, long fingers grip an old ratty book tightly, this book is her treasure and she is never seen without it.
Personality: Bouncy and bubbly, she loves attention and will do anything to get it... ANYTHING! she is known to laugh at everything as though she is always high but watch out, when she gets scared, mad or sad her brother is known to show his ugly face and make sure that you know where you should stand.
History: (Optional)
Crest: Love
Digivice color: Black
Other: She has a second personality named Alan, when he takes over, she gets mean yet looks the same... or does she.?


Nickname: N/A

Name:Coomon "the fluff ball"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57679442/)
Attacks: Psyclaws; Giant purple claws appear from behind his big ears and slash at an enemy, doesn't do a lot of damage, scares more then anything.

Name:Caramon "The Fluffy bunny"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/46111623/?qo=65&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps) ((I hate using this old picture of him... He's pink with maroon spots and a yellow chest, I'll try to get a color pic up for you guys.))
Attacks: Charging force; He is surrounded by fire and he charges at the enemy, much like a Vi-head butt except with fire.

Name: Ditmon "The baby dragon"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/56639331/?qo=8&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps) ((I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to Ditmon. the girl is from anouther Rp so pay her no mind.))
Personality: Loving and jumpy, he loves love and loves to love and loves to love love! he's just a lover. He has the pride of a Dragon mainly because that's his type and he knows it, as much as he loves love, he will fight with all his dragon might!
Attacks: Red Dragon; A red beam that comes out from Ditmon's wings, it has the appearance of a large red dragon, it will scare more then hurt.

Name: Caromon "The super hound"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48821179/?qo=43&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps) ((Yellow paws and face, silver metal plates all over, I'll get a color version up soon.))
Attacks: Needle torpedo; small torpedo's shoot out of his back and split in to hundreds of steel needles.

Hound's Howl; A sonic boom with an unbearable screech, drives the enemy mad.

Name: Uliamon "the elegant Dragon"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48821411/?qo=42&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps) ((I have a much better picture, I really hate this one!))
Attacks: Power gazer; A giant upsidedown waterfall comes out right in front of him and moves slowly towards the enemy.

Dragon claws; his claws grow, glow and he will slash at his enemy causing major damage.

Name: Matrixmon "The Rage"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48821604/?qo=41&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps)((ew.. ugly pic.))
Attacks: Dragon rage; Imagin the dragon rage that gairados uses in the pokemon Anime.

Dragon's eyes; eyes glow and green beams shoot out causing blindness and damage.

*here is a pic (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57680582/) of the twins, uncolored but it's all I have.*

Name:Alandros Candy "War"
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: In his eyes he has a black leather overcoat, black hair that is always wet and dripping with blood, blood runs from his eyes constantly. His mouth is permanently frowned therefor he always looks mad. Dark skin accents brown bloodshot eyes. Even with all that he sees, what the rest of the planet sees is simply his sister with evil eyes.
Personality: When he's in a good mood, he's a Cowboy wrapped in a genius wrapped in a dream wrapped in another cowboy. But since he normally isn't, He's so angry that he insults everyone and anyone. he fights for no reason and blows up when someone touches his sister. So don't touch his sister!
History: (Optional)
Crest: Love ((they share))
Digivice color: Black
Other: is never seen not really.

((The boss man said only one so there will be only one digimon.))

Nickname: N/A

Name: Sacromon "The icy baby"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57678147/)
Attacks: Million bubbles; tons of bubbles that sting like the dickens when they touch you.

Name: Frizmon "the baby seal"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57678536/?qo=4&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps)
Attacks:Freezing cold; the digimon touched by the freezing mist will be frozen solid, not much good for doing damage but it works to help run away.

Name: Sacramon "The snow bunny"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57678484/?qo=5&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps)
Personality: As mean as Alan, he will frequently insult a person, normally with a smart remark. He hates other Digimon and bites at them if they get to close, he is so mean that he is known to trip baby digimon with his long purple tail. He uses his attack to scare anyone around and laugh as they run away, he is known as the rudest digimon in the whole digital world.
Attacks: bunny stair; His eyes glow red, he creates illusions to scare away the attacking digimon.

Ice beam; does just as it sounds, just imagine what Articuno did in Pokemon 2000.

Name: Consmon "the devil's horse."
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57678789/?qo=3&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps)
Attacks: Devil bite: he bites his attacker and causes slow and painful deletion.

Demon screech; nails on a chalkboard man!

Name:Sencemon "The decaying dinosaur"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57678858/?qo=2&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps) (the skin that's left is green with patches of brown. his bones are yellowish brown.))
Attacks: Cremation; Super hot fire comes from under the attacker and they are cremated.

Name:Amemon "the Dead warrior"
Description (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57679035/?qo=1&q=by%3Ajbcblank&qh=sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps)
Attacks:Ice bullets; millions of freezing bullets shoot out of the gun attached to his arm.
Fire bullets; Like the former only with fire.

Rp sample: (from another Digimon Rp.))
Blank stared up at the Mountain, she wasn't sure what to do, she wanted with all her heart to go up and see the gods for herself, and yet she wanted to stay in the egg village where she could help out and still see it. She sighs as Renemon walks closer to the mountain as though she wanted to jump over the thing entirely. "We must go... I feel something is wrong." she says turning back to Blank, "As Lonely used to say, 'If we wanna know what's there we have to risk getting our noses dirty.'" she teared up as she said this.

"Who was Lonely?" Blank asks catching on fast that Renemon was talking about him in past tense.

"My Digidestand..." she smiles and looks at the sky, "He was... the..." she turns her eyes to Blank, "That doesn't matter now.. when the time is right I'll tell you about him, but right now it's not important."

Blank smiles and nods, she understood, it must have been a very delicate subject, Digitamamon turns to Blank, "you know I really have to get back to the restaurant, Tapirmon (http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/st/Tapirmon.gif) is going to have a fit if I don't' get back." he walks over to her and bows, "It was an honer to be in your presence." he heads off without another word.

Blank runs her hand over her arm, it had gotten cold all of a sudden and she didn't know why, "It's cold..." she says sitting on the floor. "Why would it be cold in the egg village, I always believed that it was always warm here."

Elecmon walks over pushing an egg along, "It's been getting cold recently, it's as though something has happened at the temple, that's why the egg village is here, because of the temple, the Gods used to choose the Digidestand's Digimon from here, they would come down from the Temple and take a single egg, that egg was never seen again until it hatched and returned with a human. I remember seeing it only once... the God's are magnificent, they can't even be described they are so beautiful." Elecmon had a far away look in her eyes, "But that was a long time ago, it's as tough the God's aren't even there anymore."

Ditmon walks over and Blank suddenly felt warmer, "We must go to the Temple..." he says in a calm voice, "It calls to us... we must go see it."

Blank nods and stands up, she elects to check up on Cain, he was asleep so anything she did would filter into his subconsciouses. She fallows Ditmon as he goes over eggs to get to the exit, it wasn't much of an exit, more of a small fence that they all had to step over, Agumon had some trouble because his legs were so short. Renemon and Blank helped him over by grabbing onto his arms and almost picking him up. Renemon giggled when she put him down for he had tickled her by rubbing against her belly, "That brings back memories..." Agumon says referring to her laugh, "My Digidestand laughed like that..." He walks past Blank and looks up at the mountain, the first steps rose out of the ground as though they had been there forever, "I haven't been here in so long..." he places a claw on the first step.

Instantly Kimeramon (http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/kl/Kimeramon.gif) swoops out of the sky and lands in front of them, pieces of the stairs fly up causing Agumon to fall over, in his old state this wasn't the safest thing that could happen to him and Blank immediately dropped down and pulled him toward her, "State your purpose!" Kimeramon growls snapping his jaws so close to Blank's face that she felt the Teeth scrape her nose.

Blank raises her hand slowly and gasps as she sees the blood on her finger tips he had bitter her nose, Ditmon growls and steps toward the giant digimon, Blank grabs one of his wings, "Don't Ditmon, he's an Ultimate, you can't beat him even if you tried." Ditmon looks back at her and nods, he backs up sitting next to her.

Renemon steps up and looks the big digimon in the eyes "We are here to have an audience with the Gods." she says with a strength in her voice that Blank was sure she couldn't duplicate.

"The Gods are gone!" Kimeramon barks saliva landing all over the place, "Been gone for years."

Renemon gasps and actually takes a step back, "They can't be gone! They've been there since the beginning of-"

"Time!" Kimeramon finishes for her, "Don't you think I know that.. I was here when they first made this world, they made me first to protect this place, I know them better then anyone, and when I say they're gone... They are gone!"

Renemon legs her arms hang at her sides, "If you says so..." she says turning from him.

Blank stands up and places her hand on Renemon's shoulder, "Can we still see the Temple? Maybe they left some clue as to why they have gone."

Kimeramon looks at her with Evil eyes, "Only those with the God's permission can get passed me, and the God's have siad nothing about, an old lizard, a baby dragon a human and A Vixen entering the sacred temple."

Renemon growls, "How can they have said anything when they haven't been here.?!"

"The last thing they said was to only allow the worthy ones in.. and you..." he puts his face close to them, "Aren't worthy."

"What do we have to do to be worthy?" Blank asks before Renemon can retaliate.

Kimeramon thinks for a moment, "Bring the very first Digidestand's digimon to me..." He flaps his wings and takes to the air, "Then I might think about it..." he laughs as he returns to flying around the temple.

"I hate him..." Renemon says turning and sitting in the grass. "How are we supposed to find the first Digidestand's digimon? He's been dead for years."

Agumon sits next to her, "Not really, the first Digidestand's comanded the gods... they didn't even have Digivices, they controlled the gods with there hearts... at least that's what I heard."

Renemon sighs, "Even so, how do we find the gods if they are gone?"

Blank sits and decides to look in on Cain, he was awake and looking in the mirror, there was something different about him but she couldn't put here finger on it. "Maybe it's not as hard as all that... maybe... Maybe we just have to get on Kimeramon's good side then he'll let us in..." She stands up and looks up at the Giant Dragon, "I'm gonna try something... wait here till I call you ok.?"

Renemon and Agumon nod but Ditmon just stares at her, "That goes double for you..." she says poking his nose. Ditmon licks her finger and she runs up to the stairs she gets up three steps and shouts, "HEY KIMERAMON I WANNA TALK TO YOU!"

Kimeramon lands gently this time, "What about?"

"First... can I have a ride?" she asks pointing to his large back...

Kimeramon looks her over then nods bringing one of his Devimon arms over he picks her up and puts her on his back, taking flight he goes into a slow circle so that the wind won't drown out her voice, "What did you want to talk to me about?" Kimeramon asks putting an emphasis on Me as though no one had asked to talk to him before.

"I just wanted to get to know you, as a digidestand I must know all the digimon around... and i wanna get to know you.. since you're old you must know alot."

Kimeramon smiles and turns an eye to her, "That I do..."

"So... you knew the gods?"

"yep... they rased me from egg to Utimate, they taught me to fight and gave me this job... that was many a melenia ago."

"and yet you don't talk like your that old."

"How should I be talking?"

"Proper and stuff."

Kimeramon laughs, "you can thank humans for that, over the years i had to adapted my way of thinking to keep up with the new digidestand, so every time new ones came along I learned there way of thinking by absorbing a bit of the data they bring with them.. that's how I know so much."

Blank was impressed, "so.. you absorbed data from me?"

"naw... you aren't much different from the last batch.. besides.. you didn't bring any with you."

Blank remembers the fact that she was dead maybe that had something to do with it, she and kimeramon talked some more about his past and about her past, in this they became friends, Blank knew that this friend was one she intended to keep.

June 16th, 2007, 1:26 AM
OmniReaper: Accepted ^_^

Dai: So far so good, keep it coming though I'm not afraid to say you will be accepted XP

JBC: I'll make a deal with you, you can have the split personality only in the digi world, everything seems fine and I'm willing to let you have your own digimon because you seem to have everything sorted in that department, but you can only have the one digimon evolution line. Deal? If so, accepted!

June 16th, 2007, 7:19 AM
Is it okay if I reserve knowledge? I can't make my sign-up quite yet, as today and tomorrow I need to finish my science ISU and work a lot on my Civics ISU as well as study for my Oral Exam in French. Then on Monday/Tuesday I'll be finishing up my Civics ISU. On Thursday/Friday exams start, thankfully I don't have exams on those days, but I do on the next Monday/Tuesday. Just so you know. I'll be quite busy within this week or so. And also... would I be able to take Armadillomon along with his armor digivolutions... or would it just have to be his normal digivolutions? ;;

June 16th, 2007, 11:57 AM
Name: Don Kay Ignis

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Kay stands 160 cm tall, baring a slightly tanned complexion. Vibrant, orange locks fall to either side of his face, their spiky tips resting about the shoulders. For the most part, his hair is not an obstacle, save two unruly bangs that occasionally hover above his deep, auburn eyes. Kay’s laid-back personality is reflected in his expressionless features, yet is sometimes mistaken for boredom. He does not pay special attention to his attire and usually settles for loose slacks and sleeveless shirts. There are certain articles of clothing he is accustomed to, however. He is almost always wearing his navy, fingerless gloves and a pair of sunglass he rests on his brow. The white armband wrapped around his right arm is a symbol of dedication to who was once a great friend of his. This final gift once belonged to him.


Kay is an easygoing and conservative individual. Hardly does he ever take anything seriously, and remains indifferent on controversial topics. He is all for small talk and casual conversations however. Decision-making is not a valuable skill of his, especially when others are involved. He would much rather leave it to someone else, effectively escaping the risks involved with making such choices. If pushed too far beyond his comfort zone, he will not hesitate to raise concerns, and always attempt to be as truthful as he can. Some may even go as far as describing him as being brutally honest. An ongoing conflict within him is when to speak his mind and when to reserve his thoughts in respect of human emotions. In most cases, he decides with his heart and aligns himself with honesty, as he truly believes it is the best policy.

History: Ask him.

Crest: Crest Of Sincerity

Digivice Colour: Green and White

Other: He loves donuts; uses his middle name more than his first; can dance.


Nicknames: Kay / Donkay / Donkey / The Don

Digimon Partner:

Zerimon (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d178/MacToxic/Zerimon.jpg)
Bubble Blow

Gummymon (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d178/MacToxic/Gummymon.jpg)
Bubble Blow

Terriermon (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d178/MacToxic/Terriermon.jpg)
Personality: Terriormon is naturally an optimist, always trying to look on the bright side of even the most miserable situations. Depression rarely grasps him, and even when it does, his natural bubbly persona ensures that it is short-lived. He is an enforcer of peace and hope, sort to say, opting to lift the spirits of his closest friends when need be. His big mouth runs loose at times, and his sarcastic comments are not always appreciated, but those who know him well enough cannot doubt his good intentions.

Bunny Blast (Blazing Fire): He can fire energy blasts out of his mouth, either as rapid tiny shots, or a concentrated blast.
Terrier Tornado (Petit Twister) : Spins himself around and slams into his enemies.
Double Typhoon: Team attack with Lopmon, combining their whirlwind attacks.

Gargomon (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d178/MacToxic/Gargomon.jpg)
Gargo Pellets/Laser (Gatling Arm): Fires bullets or laser beams from the Gattling Guns on his arms.
Bunny Pummel (Dum Dum Upper): Uses his Gattling Guns as smashing weapons.

Rapidmon (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d178/MacToxic/Rapidmon.jpg)
Rapid Fire: Can fire powerful missiles from his arm cannons.
Miracle Missile/Atomic Blast: Fires missiles from his back rocket launchers.
Tri-Beam (Golden Triangle): Forms an energy triangle in a formation and fires a green laser from it.
Trinity Burst

Megagargomon (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d178/MacToxic/Megagargomon.jpg)
Mega Barrage (Burst Shot): Fires multiple weapons from everywhere on his body.
Gargo Missiles (Giant Bazooka): Fires two large missiles from the missile launchers on his shoulders.
Power Pummel (Saint Upper): A pulverising shockwave from his fist.
Mega Twister: He knocksout his enemy, then grabs hold of them and swings them around and, then flings them off into the sky.
Knuckle Knockdown
Bum Rush

* RP Sample *

Tension hung still in the stifling afternoon air, shrouding the two battlers across the field in heated suspense. At one end, a dark-skinned Omu stood confidently, crackling his impatient knuckles as he stared down his opponent. The metallic figure, standing at least half a foot taller than him, boasted its impressive form with an arrogant calmness. It remained unmoving, apparently unimpressed with the opposition’s stature. All the more reason for Omu to take it down, and at the same time, expose its poise as nothing but inflated ignorance.

The word ‘begin’ struck the silent air with a loud bang.

Omu held his place and observed his enemy carefully. In a single flash, blood red beamed alive in the horizontal slit running across the robot’s face that undoubtedly served as an optical tool for the cyclops. The platinum coated robot lifted its arms mechanically, pointing its metallic fists straight at Omu. But its impassive movements failed to intimidate the hooded figure.

The android’s torso slouched forward, arms stretched out in a superman-like pose. Bent over, two twin rockets emerged from an opening on its back, their red coned-tips threatening the prey. Omu reached for the sickle on his back hastily. He anticipated a projectile attack and planned to be ready.

Rumbling and thin strips of black smog streamed from the rockets’ exhausts before the due blue blazes finally erupted. Propelled by its built-in jetpack, the robot flew forward with hostile intent. Winds gathered and fluttered Omu’s white hood and matching kimono progressively stronger as the airborne enemy closed the distance. The hooded demon could do nothing but wait … and grin.

Once in reach, Omu athletically flipped above the enemy, sure to swing his sickle’s sharp axe through the metal and fuels of his opponent’s back. Wounded, the robot dithered hopelessly in the air like refuse of a popped balloon before finally giving out and crashing to the ground hard. Omu slipped his weapon back into place and approached the heap of scrap metal that was his opponent. Green eyes shone down on the twitching robot, unblinking even as the yellow sparks jumped from its damaged body.

A sadistic snarl emitted from the darkness beneath the hood as he lifted his sickle for a final attack, but the voice wouldn’t let it be. Humming, chanting almost, intruded his mind. He dropped his rod and held his head instead, weakened knees dropping to the ground. White gauntlets desperately squeezed his ears together, hoping to dispel the girlish melody thrashing his brain. But not even his purposely loud grunts could filter out the noise…
Hinamizawa … Hinamizawa … Hinamizawa … Hinamizawa …

With a final groan, his eyes shot open … and there she was. Her pale ghostly face clear of emotion as her figure swam away like a reflection in a river. The red pigtails dancing away … dancing away … dancing away …


Sagi woke up to the gasps and shocked eyes of the crowd, his face scrambled with droplets of sweat. There, resting on the floor motionless was Omu, right next to his enemy that was still twitching. But that meant … he looked across the field and saw the silver-haired boy’s head still hung in concentration of controlling his Angel.

“Custom rules, man.” Jake walked up to him with a face full of sadness. “You broke the link with your Angel before the end of the battle. You’re disqualified.”

Still breathing heavily from his little episode, Sagi could hardly make out a word Jake was saying. His jade-lit eyes absorbed nothing of his surroundings. He realised he lost but that was the least of worries.

“It was her … again…?”


EDIT: Done, added Digimon personality.

June 16th, 2007, 12:42 PM
Ive got one question before we start. What type of digivice will we be using? Also if we are using first generation will we have tags and crests like in the first season?

(IE: First generation, D3, D-arc....)

June 16th, 2007, 3:19 PM
Deal.. *sticks out hand to shake and falls over*

Ditmon: She's fine...

June 16th, 2007, 5:50 PM
Woudl it be possible if I reserve the Crest of knowledge?

June 16th, 2007, 7:35 PM
Mkay.. this is my character. And Akio... you're lucky I'm kind.. you can have the Crest of Knowledge.. (I don't know if you had noticed or not, but I did reserve it before you.. or at least asked to, but I switched to Hope..) Also.. this is my first time trying a character like this... as it is different from what I normally do. And one last thing.. I prefer RPing in 1st person.. if you allow that and that my RP Sample is only in 3rd person because the RP Master told me to.


Name: Ace Marokii

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: Ace is slightly lower than average height for his age and gender standing at exactly 5'7". He only weighs approximately 123 lbs. Ace has slightly tanned skin which seems to match his black-as-night hair. However, Ace wears a cowboy hat and always appears to be chewing on a piece of wheat. His face is fairly average; normal-sized nose, pitch blacks eyes that match his hair and he has plenty of scars that line his face. He wears a white T-Shirt that appears to be be teared at the collar at the base of his neck. He wears the shirt on top of a black, long-sleeved T-Shirt. He wears a large Texan Belt (http://www.lalagniappe.com/images/buckle-texan.jpg) on top of his denim, blue jeans which stop around his ankles. Unlike the rest of his clothing, his shoes are running shoes and are white with vibrant, light blue markings around them. Also, he has a deck of cards in his pocket and the Ace of Spades is tied onto the right side of his hat where the Ace of Diamonds is tied onto the left side of his hat. Ace may be skinny and light-weight for his age, but he is fairly strong as well; but nothing like his father or other people that worked in the same fashion as him.

Personality: Ace is the stereotypical southerner seen in a lot of shows. The only difference is, he isn't fat and he isn't extremely strong. Also, Ace isn't full of himself and he doesn't have a big ego; however, he still is a very optimistic person. Ace has a good sense of humor and laughs at almost any joke. Ace is also very kind and open towards others. He can have his stubborn moments of when he thinks his ideas are right and will start to argue with the person who thinks Ace is wrong. Also, Ace doesn't like being the leader in a group but loves to contribute ideas and his help. Ace has several morals in his life that he feels are necessary to follow in life, or else he couldn't ever forgive himself. Ace has always loved to play cards, mainly Poker, and he has always managed to have good luck in it.

History: Ace has had lived a normal life... well... for a southerner. He's spent his whole life working on the large 233 Acher field and only a few years of schooling. Ace has been pretty isolated from society with only limited TV watching time, and that the TV only has one channel. Whenever Ace had free time (away from work and school), he would watch this one channel and always at one specific time; 8:00PM to 9:00PM was when the Poker Tournament Show came on. Only six things mattered in his life; Eating, Sleeping, Working, Education, Poker and his morals. Every other weekend Ace would go into town, which was around 5Km away from his father's farm. While waiting there for his Father to pick up the needed supplies and food, Ace would walk around the small southern town meeting and talking to his classmates. They were quite friendly back to him, he always regretted that he didn't see them very often since school hours were short and there was nothing in the form of recesses where he lived. Ace also had a computer and a weak Internet connection and he only went on it a few times a week. Oddly enough, this time when he went on, he received an awkward email from a complete stranger.

Crest: Hope

Digivice color: Yellow and Brown



Name: Puwamon

Description: Click Here! (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/38/Puwamon.jpg)

-Fuwa Feather: An electrified blast is sent out from the tail feather.


Name: Pinamon

Description: Click Here! (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/39/Pinamon.jpg)

-Piripiri Spark: Emits a small electric charge from its tail.


Name: Falcomon

Description: Click Here! (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8d/Falcomon.jpg)

Personality: Falcomon is quiet and has low self-esteem. He always seems to be zoned out in thought unless he is in a fight. When in a fight, he gets motivated easily, and he becomes extremely violent. Compared to when he isn't in a battle, he seems to be in some form of an inraged mind-set; however, even when raged, Falcomon can still manage to understand and make smart moves within a fight. Falcomon hates to give in on a fight or discussion and (like his partner), starts to dislike the person when in an arguement. When the arguement is over though, he will ignore it ever happened and start to act like his old, quiet self. Also, Falcomon is fairly intelligent and, with his Falcon-like eyes, he can extremely far distances and can also see things happen a bit more slowly then what they actually do; giving Falcomon more time to plan out what to do. With this, Falcomon also has the speed to keep up with his peculiar eyesight.

-Falco Rush: Uses his strong leg strength to rush forward.
-Scratch Smash: Uses his sharp feather claws.


Name: Diatrymon

Description: Click Here! (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c0/Diatrymon.jpg)
-Destruction Roar: A sound-wave attack that causes extensive damage.
-Mega Dash Impact: A raging tackle.


Name: Yatagaramon

Description: Click Here! (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/05/Yatagaramon.jpg)

-Feather Black: He can convert his surroundings to the dark of night for 3 kilometers with the black light that is emitted from his jet black wings.
-Dark Wing Blade: Channels the energy produced in the Dokkosho on his wings to his third leg and fires. The Digimon who experience this technique are completely broken down into pixels.


Name: Varodurumon

Description: Click Here! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varodurumon#Varodurumon)

-Purge Shine: Emits a holy light from his feathers which covers his body as a barrier that is 100% impenetrable by attacks that carry the thought of evil.
-Aurora Undulation: The purification light is amplified to the maximum and fired. This skill is said to hold the destructive power of a star, and since it is fired at light speed, avoiding it is almost impossible.

RPG sample: Jason looked over at Erik hesitantly. "I-I don't want to fight you guys.. I'm just one of the trainers who also received a Megamon from Prof. Spruce. He also told me that I was to go on a mission and help other trainers.. but he was busy, so he never told me what it was or what I should do; so I decided to go down here and figure it out for myself. Then I might you guys and noticed that you to, had the starter Megamon." he stated calmly. He then continued; "But if you want to fight me oh-so much, I wouldn't mind challenging you.. but then if we do, we might get off on the wrong foot, and I don't want that to happen, okay?"

Jay-Will looked down at the black and pink pig/bear thing. He flinched a small bit when the Losko had stepped in between Jason and Losko's trainer. Strange, he thought, why is he traveling with them? He doesn't have a starter... he has a different one. What could this mean? And... do they want to fight as well? Man, this is a group of viscous people. I think I'll get along with them just fine! He took a step back to make sure he was outside Losko's distance of attack. He lowered his hand towards his Megaball, incase a fight was inevitable.

June 16th, 2007, 11:38 PM
((Well, I thought, now that the craziness that’s been my life seems to be cooling down, I should jump back into an RP. (Let’s see, two deaths, mom cracked her head open, and I had a family trip in three weeks, and I’m still doing school… Bloody home schooling….) and this one seems to have a good cast going, plus it’s been far to long sense I Rped with Strider/ShadowFaith, and Akio X3, shy guys!, any how >_>))

Name: Kite Oroshi

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Description: Kite is around the average heights for a kid his age, maybe a little short, not to much over the five foot line, and has always been considered pretty lean, a but scrawny honestly. His hair, is a darker shade of white, almost silver is, and almost reaches down bellow his neck, giving a not short, but not to long look. His eyes are a dark shade of teal. His skin tone is only a step up from pale, and it’s hard for him not to look friendly. As for cloths, Kite wears a Green, with Yellow around the collar, shoulders, and cuffs, long sleeved jacket. The jacket itself is loss, and comfortable, with a small, nearly unnoticeable zipper. Under the jacket is a pretty normal white Tee-shirt, mostly seen when the jacket is open. He also wears tan cargo shorts, a somewhat new style, and it has what you would expect, two pockets, with two much large pockets, with buttons (To keep you items safe) bellow the first two.

Personality: Kite is a pretty easy guy to like, though there are some types that would get annoyed by his quirks. He’s usual in an upbeat mood, he’s really hard to anger, or annoy, and usually sporting various forms of smiles, or somewhat humors blank looks. Kite easily louses track of things, starting to stare into space, almost always in the clouds, that’s Kite’s M.O. Kite is almost always friendly, a great person to own the crest of kindness, though he’s not exactly gullible, he is pretty clue less a good most of the time. Kite is also known to pull/tell a joke or two, sometimes out of absolutely no where, he has a very good sense of humor, and can take it, and just as easily dish it out.

History: Kite has had a normal enough life, being both American and Japanese, he’s been able to embarrass both cultures, learning all kind of interesting things (His mother’s American, but his dads Japanese) he spent most of his life traveling in between the two countries, recently, he’s settled fro a good while in America, it was nothing new, but he felt when he got there, he should really chill out, and relax while he could, just a feeling he had.

Crest: Crest of Kindness

Digivice color: a Goldish Yellow, and bright white.


Kite will usually have a book with him, of almost any kind, from comics/manga, too classic novels.

Though it’s hard to tell at first glance, Kite is very intelligent, he’s just usually somewhere else.


Name: Popomon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/43/Popomon-Digimon.jpg
Attacks: Hair Mist: Popomon scatters hair around, mostly as a distraction to run, but some have been known to be allergic, and start rapidly sneezing, not an ideal method, but effective

Name: Frimon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b8/Frimon.jpg
Attacks: Shippo Binta: A tail slap attack, powerful enough to knock out many Rookie Digimon, of course, this isn’t a sure thing, still, he’s pretty much the one to beat at In-training level.

Name: Leormon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f5/Leormon.jpg
Personality: Leormon is a bit of an over confident, cocky smart mothered digimon. Though sarcasm isn’t his M.O, he will use it from time to time. He doesn’t like to except his limitations, but will if he’s forced to. He loves to joke around, and pull the occasional prank. He’s also pretty loyal, and has a bit of a short temper.
Leo Claw: A simple, but effective claw attack.
Critical Bite: A very powerful bite attack, having the ability to take down a digimon of the Champion level, though this is pretty rare

Main/Humanoid Chain

Name: Leomon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/68/Leomon.jpg
Fist of the Beast King: A fire based attack that shoots a loin-shaped blast from Leomon’s fist.

Beast Sword: This attack can be used in a variety of ways, Leomon pulls out the sword at his waste, and can either slash, or block with it, either way it provides great force.

Hasai Keri: A powerful, almost devastating kick, powerful enough to crush stone with ease.

Name: GrapLeomon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b6/Grapleomon.jpg
Lion Beast-wave Chop: GrapLeomon hits the enemy hard with it’s spinning wrist.

Cyclonic Turbine Kick: An epic Kick, with great momentum and kinetic energy, sending the enemy far into the other direction

Lion Cyclone Leg: an almost lighting fast barrage of kicks, all done in mid-air

Name: BantyoLeomon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/1d/BantyoLeomon.jpg
Flash Bantyo Punch: A quick, boost strength punch which leaves most enemies (The ones that aren’t deleted from this attack) in great pain, and confusion.

Lion King Advance: His sword becomes ablaze, as BantyoLeomon brings down a mighty slash.

Secondary/Beast Chain:

Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/71/Liamon.jpg
Critical Strike: A precious bite that aims right for the enemies weak spot.

Thunder of the Kings: Liomon’s main glows as electricity plus through it, able to be used as a beam, or charge attack.

Name: LoaderLeomon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b7/LoaderLeomon.jpg
Boring Storm:A high speed drilling attack done by rotating LoaderLeomon’s main

Loader Morning Star: The mace like ball on his tail glows yellow, and is brought down on anything with great power.

Name: SaberLeomon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2a/SaberLeomon2.gif
Howling Crusher:Gathers energy in his paws/claws for a powerful strike.

Twin Fang:SaberLeomon sends a barrage of needles from the fur on it’s main.

RPG sample:

Kite gazed out the window, as he usually did, such a weird day, it was especially cloudy today, the sun being almost unnoticeable, Kite couldn’t help but let out a sigh, he almost wished he could just take a nap, but knew far better then that, then, Kite was alerted by a loud smacking sound. It was a ruler that the teacher had slammed down, she didn’t look partially happy, but then again, she rarely ever did. “Mister Oroshi, maybe you could take your eyes off the window, and come up here and answer this question on the board!” the middle aged teacher said, as Kite stared, a bit dumb founded, blinking every few seconds.

“Um…. Sure,..” Kite said, getting up from his desk, he could just slightly hear snickering from some of the class mates around him hearing things like “It’s about time space boy got it.” And such, but Kite just shrugged it off. After approaching the board, Kite looked at he problem for about ten seconds, after words quickly grabbing some chalk, and working it out flawlessly, causing the teacher the cringe a bit. “That’ correct, you can sit back down now.” She said, as Kite turned his back, most of the students were a bit shock, few of them even understood that problem, and Kite finished it in 30 seconds flat. As Kite walked by, he couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, it was pretty entertaining to freak out people ata new school, and it was easy to. Yes, this looked to be a good year.

((Man I'm crap at profiles, hope this will do.)

June 17th, 2007, 2:58 AM
Shaydeh: Accepted =D

Dai: Accepted

Akio: Reserved

Killer-Swift: Accepted, nice sign up ^_^

Clow: Hello!!! =D Accepted!

Cool, were on our way to starting fast ^_^

Omni: Were going to be using d-terminals from season two, because they were pretty well advanced to have trackers and such things programmed into them, BUT instead of showing the digi-eggs as they did in season two, they will be showing your digimon's status, such as levles it has reached in digivolution and such.

Also, you may have a second digivolution line if you like. I have decided XP

June 17th, 2007, 8:39 AM
OOC: Doh! In all the rush of getting this done before the crest of kindness was snatched (Though I would have been fine with the crest of friendship) I forgot to add Leormon’s personality XD, edited, I also added a second chain ^_^, at first I just mixed and matched Leomon’s various evolutions, but know I have a Beast/Secondary/Branch chain. And a Humanoid/Main chain ^_^. Looks like were almost done, I want to see someone think out side the box, I hope someone picks someone like DemiDevimon, or Keramon, I’m going with a virus type come next Digimon RP. Anyways, can’t wait till this picks up

June 17th, 2007, 9:06 AM
Okay, my sign-up is finished, and I added a second line.

June 17th, 2007, 9:38 AM
lol Clow.. I was thinking of making some character that used BlackGatomon (Champion), LadyDevimon and Lilithmon... but I couldn't because Lilithmon is one of the big evils. D= But oh well, I can stick with this line.. as I recently discovered it and the forms look pretty bad azz. ;D

June 17th, 2007, 9:42 AM
OOC: Doh! In all the rush of getting this done before the crest of kindness was snatched (Though I would have been fine with the crest of friendship) I forgot to add Leormon’s personality XD, edited, I also added a second chain ^_^, at first I just mixed and matched Leomon’s various evolutions, but know I have a Beast/Secondary/Branch chain. And a Humanoid/Main chain ^_^. Looks like were almost done, I want to see someone think out side the box, I hope someone picks someone like DemiDevimon, or Keramon, I’m going with a virus type come next Digimon RP. Anyways, can’t wait till this picks up

Hey Clow. This is perfect, Darkdramon DNA digivolves with Bantyoleomon into Chaosmon. That would be a cool digivolve mainly because we get d-terminals. This works with killer swift as well because if we want ultimate chaosmon we just need to add Varodurumon and Sleipmon

June 17th, 2007, 9:59 AM
Guys, discussion over PM please. This isn't a thread for chatting about the RP that hasn't started yet.

June 17th, 2007, 3:15 PM

Name: Alex Topper
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Alex is a slim boy who stands just above the six foot line. His black hair hangs down just at the collor of his shirt. Usually a pair of black shades cover his coffee brown colored eyes or are rested just above his forehead. Alex's attire usually includes a long plain olive t-shirt with a smaller tan jacket over top of it. Most of the time he has on cargo pants that just cover his knees and on his feet are dark brown and white tennis shoes. On his pack he wears a normal tan backpack.


Alex is a relaxed guy. Nothing seems to annoy or anger him to eaisly, though there have been occasions when he has completely lost his temper over a mistake made by someone. He's very friendly though. Alex tends to be the one at school who is usually crowded around a bunch of friends. Alex also likes to be the leader of a group and when he does finally become leader, Alex tends to be bossy and stubborn. Not listening to many people and doing things the way he likes, which is why friends don't enjoy giveing him the power to lead the group.


Alex was born in Japan and lived there for three years. He and his family moved back to America because his dad had only been sent to live in Japan because his job needed him to do buisness on the island. For about twelve more years, Alex enjoyed a normal life in Florida, but his life in the United States ended because his father's job had once again arranged for him to move back to Japan when Alex was 16. The first year was rough on Alex as he was having a hard time adjusting cultures since he didn't remember anything from those past three years he had lived in Japan. But so far Alex has been doing well and is currenly planning to work with the same company his father currently works with.

Crest: Crest of Reliability
Digivice Color: Brown and White


Name: Pupumon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/df/Pupumon.jpg
Attacks: Bubble Blow - Fires bubbles from it's mouth;
Toxic Bubbles - Spits poisonous bubbles from it's mouth;

Name: Puroromon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/44/Puroromon.jpg
Attacks: Chikkuritto - Puroromon stings the enemy and inject a small amount of poison;

Name: Fanbeemon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/29/Fanbeemon.jpg
Personality: Like most bees, Fanbeemon is a cheerful, hard working, and smart. He is also a very friendly bee, who tends to love to gather around with a bunch of other Digimon to talk with everyone about anything. Though he has a short temper that can be set off if you get into a big argument with him or upset him in any other way.
Attacks: Gear Stinger - Fires the small needle at an enemy;
88 Call - Buzzes to call other Fanbeemon for help (only works in forests/woods);

Name: Waspmon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f2/Waspmon.jpg
Attacks: Turbo Stinger - Fires a laser stored in his stinger;
Bear Buster - Fires charged up energey from shoulder pads;

Name: Cannonbeemon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a1/Cannonbeemon.jpg
Attacks: Nitro Stinger - Fires a laser that can penetrate even heavy armor at a super-large diameter;
Sky Rocket Infinity - Launches missiles from his back mounted battery;

Name: TigerVespamon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/5a/Tigervespamon1.jpg
Attacks: Mach Stinger Victory - Stabs the opponent with his "Royal Meister" in a twin-blade style;
Royal Meister - Tears apart the opponent with the his "Royal Meister";
Gear Stinger - Running fire of small needles;

RPG Sample: (Old RP Sample)

The heat was getting to Alex. He had been walking along a route along a mountainside for about and hour now and there was not sign of trees to shade the sun's powerful rays from him. It was times like this that Alex wished he had decided to capture water-types so that they could cool him down with a gently water gun attack.

"I should be used to the heat now. I have to fire-types who usually use the flames stored in their body to knock out their opponents," Alex said to himself, grabbing a cap from the large pocket on his backpack. "I guess I'll think about this before I go off to another region since I'm currently out of Pokéballs and I'm almost done with Johto." Alex put the cap on his head and pulled out a water bottle that only had a small amount of water in it.

When the trainer was done with his small drink, he heard a bush to his left shake. He quickly pulled a red and white orb off of his trainer's belt. Finally the bush stopped shaking and out popped a Pokémon that looked like a large yellow sheep. The Pokémon was blue on his face and the tip of its feet. "I guess Daret could use some training. Come on out!" Alex shouted. He threw the ball into the air and watched as a large steel Pokémon popped out. She raised her head and let out a growl before looking at the Mareep.

"I think you can start out with Take Down, then quickly follow up with a Metal Sound attack. Since you're close to the Mareep it should catch her a little off guard!" Alex shouted out to Daret. The Lairon nodded and ran at the sheep before hitting it with a powerful Take Down. Daret pulled back and shook her head before rubbing her feet on the ground and making a high-pitched noise, making Alex cover his ears. The Mareep shook its head and tackled Daret, but the attack didn't even phase the steel-type.

"Looks like the Mareep wasn't as strong as I predicted it was going to be. Well, go ahead and finish it with your Body Slam attack," Alex said, smiling at his Pokémon. Daret jumped up into the air and paused for a moment before gravity kicked in and made her land on the Mareep. Once Alex's faithful partner had stood up, he got a look at the fainted opponent that was Mareep. "Good job Daret. Go ahead and rest in your Pokéball." Alex tossed the same ball at Daret and watched as she glowed red and went into the orb.

Alex pushed the Pokémon onto a small patch of grass to let it rest. "Hopefully Daret didn't hurt you to bad," Alex whispered to the Pokémon before picking up his bag and continuing to walk along the path on the mountainside.

June 17th, 2007, 3:38 PM
Can I please reserve the Crest of Reliability :3? Sample ;;

Neko Katsume.

"Kuso, where is ever'one desu."

A very lost Neko Katsume was wondering around a town in her shinigami form. Her raven hair bounced as she kept going to where she was supposed to be. Along the way, she passed signs that said "Katoraru City Special Takoyaki!" and ones like "Katoraru City Subway Line." But all Neko failed to notice was the odd city name. Where was everyone! Neko couldn't hold it in any longer, so she puffed in her cheeks as she 'patiently' waited for an answer. Cute was a synonym of Neko.



"Eh, Katoraru City, then where's Karotaru City desu?"

Neko fawned over a map that was conveinantly in the middle of the road. It was a simple map that Neko checked before, and she was dang sure that this was Karotaru City. Yes, even in a swirly-thing desu kind of way. Though it didn't help that Neko had always had a bad time reading maps, and checking the clock. Neko inwardly blushed at her mistake, Karotaru City was only west of here, in the big blue area.

To avoid wasting her time, Neko quckly shunpo-ed to the welcome area of Karotaru City, where she show a whole league of a city, compared to all the tumbleweeds at Katoraru City. Where was Neko supposed to meet again at. Oh yeah, the really big sky-scraper, and Neko already saw some people in the distance with her marble eyes. And on the sky-scraper it said. "Super Teenage Pop Idol, Narururu!" Neko's eyes glistened with stars, her popularity had even been to Soul Society! But she shook it off, she was supposed to go to the sky-scraper. And so:

Neko jumped.

Her jumps were big and floppy, Neko could fall any second, but she held on, and now, you can play some rock music of Neko climbing up. When she reached the top, there were three people, an innoce..-wait, a pretty silly school girl. And then there were the two twins from her division.

"Yo! I'm Neko Katsume from the 11th Division desu!"

June 17th, 2007, 4:13 PM
You can bot have spaces, but you have to choose between the crest of Reliability or the crest of honor. I'll let you decide, but otherwise.


June 17th, 2007, 5:33 PM

Name: Tabitha "Tibby, Tabitha T, Tibby T, Tabby" Touken.
Age: 13.
Gender: Female.

Description: Tabitha is a bright, beautiful girl, she stands at a height of five inches and four centimeters, enough to be noticed in a large crowd. After five years of gymnastics, Tabitha's stamina has become noteworthy. She dons a fragile, frail hourglass figure, with a average chest size. Stark, gray eyes, they always seem to gleam with a hint of curiosity, and have a vivid sapphire tint in them as well. Tabitha's hair is graceful, and flowing down to her mid-elbows. It is a scarlett color and is ringletted into curls, pretty is just a synonym for Tabitha, but so is odd. A pink streak is carefully placed in Tabitha's bangs, which are gently swept off to the side, and obscure her skinny eyebrows. Tabitha's complexion is peachy-keen, and contrasts with her other very vivid genetic features. Tabitha's nose is very small, and blends in with the rest of her face. And a birthmark is dabbed right above her right eyebrow.

Tabitha's choices of attire are pretty normal, I guess. On special occasions, and when it is very dry in her town, Tabitha wears a beautiful summer dress that is an ivory color. The forest green vines are flowing down to the bottom of Tabitha's dress, while that reaches down to the bottom of Tabitha's knees. Tabitha's usual attire consists of a hot pink bandana, rested on her head, while a camisole of the same color smugly rests on her shoulders. Then, demin shorts that are lighter then usual hardly fit around her frail hips, with the same amount of pockets. Polka-dotted dots filled with pink rest around her feet, that are up to her knees and very baggy. And while white tennis shoes with an accent of pink sit on her feet, though they have odd cleats on them.

Personality: Austere. If you could non-physically describe Tabitha in one word, she, of course, would we described as this. If not from her emotions remaining to one, animosity, impassive, a blank face. Tabitha is generally lazy, and will usually fall into a small doze if she becomes apathetic. She shows hardly any interest in reassuring topics that can damage ones life and usually keeps her eyes into a position of no-alarm, with them half open as if she hasn’t received any sleep for the past days, but the authentic reason for this is that, she just doesn’t find anything interesting. Tabitha's favorite in-action activity is definately sleeping. Under a tree, in a bush, a small quirk of Tabitha's is that she can sleep anywhere. Even in Siberia. She almost never becomes serious, and there always will remain only a straight line on Tabitha's face, and the occasional smirk.

Tabitha hardly takes care of herself. She spends so little time pampering herself in the bathroom, she has recieved lots of tangles in her curly scarlett hair. Though personal hygeine is a bit important, she always wears a bra, and takes a shower every day. If ever waken from that old oak tree that's name is "lazy." Tabitha is a bubbly girl with an outgoing personality, but not the "going outside" personality. She contains a more optimistic view then and she is blind from all other things happening. She maintains pretty good grades in school, stepping aside her laziness to get things actually done. But Tabitha's frequent sarcastic remarks put down all that "bubbly" stuff, she looks a lot like a chocolatte eclair, sour on the outside, I mean, her frequent sarcastic remarks, and sweet on the inside, well, if you could ever push Tabitha to do something.

Crest: Honor.
Digivice Color: White and Pink.


Nickname: (Optional)

Name: Fufumon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fufumon#Fufumon
Attacks: Small Iron Spikes ;; Spits small spikes of iron from his mouth.

Name: Kyokomon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_In-Training_Digimon#Kyokyomon
Attacks: Metal Straw ;; Kyokyomon fires an iron needle from his mouth.

Name: Ryudamon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryudamon#Ryudamon
Personality: Ryuda is much like a silent samurai. As if he's hidden behind his armor. Ryudamon is fairly level headed and posseses a serious nature, making him one of the mature ones of the group and the most 'compos mentis' as he calls it. Ryudamon is quick thinking, a trait that could be a useful tendency at times, and he never hesitates and does what first comes to his mind. But this is both Ryudamon's strength and weakness. His thought out situations and calm and cool reactions, leaves her estimating her opponent, which not always may seem recherché or pleasing to others.

Though it may not look like it at first, Ryudamon has a fairly quick, fiery temper that often shows when under stress, or someone he cares about is being threatened. This, above all, is one of the things he cannot stand – having someone he loves threatened. When this happens, he becomes frivolous, and doesn't conceive. Thus, another one of her weaknesses is being muddled by personal things.
Attacks: Katana Attack ;; He jumps at the enemy, firing an iron blade projectile from his mouth.
Helmet Reversal ;; He deflects his enemy's attack with his armored helmet.

Name: GinRyumon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GinRyumon#GinRyumon
Attacks: Armor Piercing Blade ;; Fires a spear of iron from his mouth at the enemy.
Battle Rod Break ;; His tail lights up and he hits the enemy with a strong iron tail.

Name: HisyaRumon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HisyaRumon#HisyaRumon
Attacks: Grown Dragon Blade ;; Morphs himself into a giant blade and attacks.
Every Direction Wheel ;; Wraps himself around the enemy while shooting energy blasts.

Name: OwRyumon
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OwRyumon#OwRyumon
Attacks: Eternal Dragon King Blade ;; Morphs into a strong, glowing blade and sharply attacks.
Golden Armor ;; Creates armor capable of protecting any ally, including a human.

June 17th, 2007, 5:55 PM
Um, I decided to forfeit my reserving to the RP, sorry but I proably won't have the time.

June 18th, 2007, 2:25 PM
Double post, sorry to be a burden Mikuru, but do you mind taking Knowledge? Or are you content with Honor. I don't want to force you lol and so we start:

~*Two years ago*~

Two years ago, a group of eight digidestined entered the digital world to put a stop to the resurrection of five ancient digimon by an evil being. This Digimon took residence on Oni Island, situated to the far south of the digital world. A veil of dark magic hid the land from view during the day and would appear only when the full moon showed itself in all its glory. The reasoning behind this was unknown of by any residence of the digital world, but they found out…

Zhuqiaomon the guardian of the southern sector of the digital world scouted day and night when a wandering digimon first spotted the demon island, but even he could not penetrate the shield of darkness when the full moon revealed it. Worried by this revelation Zhuqiaomon met at the center of the digital world with the other four guardians: Baihumon, Azulongmon, Ebonwumon and they’re leader Fanglongmon.

The meeting took four days and four nights, the rest of the digital world waited patiently on the decision the five holy ones would decide on, some even put aside sleep in order to be the first to hear the news of what was to be of their land. Oni Island was indeed bad news if it was protected by a veil of evil.

Then on the fourth night, digimon from all over the world met at one meeting point on each sector, where their guardian sovereigns would inform them of what was to be. They explained that eight humans were to be called; each assigned their own digimon to take down whatever evil resigned within the islands depths. They asked for volunteers to be aids to these humans.

The sovereigns of the north, south, east and west agreed to choose two digimon each to be the guides to these children for they knew of who would be worthy enough to do so. The sovereign of the centre of the world would then choose eight children who were deemed worthy. Eight digimon were also chosen that day to guide the humans that would arrive the next.

And that they did, greeted by the Sovereigns themselves, the humans were introduced to both they’re digimon and they’re mission. But the only problem was that they did not know the secret to breaking the veil of darkness that protected the lair of whatever evil digimon lay hidden and plotting. The Sovereigns bowed their heads and told the chosen of eight locations spread out across the digital world that held crests of great power that would not only aid themselves and the chosen digimon, but would almost certainly break the veil of darkness that shrouded the island.

And so, the chosen set out on an adventure unlike no other, searching high and low for these so called crests of power that would aid them in their battle. They had been given locations, but not as thorough as they knew exactly where they were. The first was located in a vast desert within a raging volcano, guarded by a WarGreymon and a Flamedramon. They asked a battle of the one of courage, she stepped forward along with her digimon. Together she and the raging Z’d Garurumon fought the two, struggling and soon fell, but they did not stop. Both got to they’re feet and charged once more.

The battle was halted by an orange light that flew from the lava below and circled the two guardians, absorbing them before laying to rest of the young woman’s breast forming into a crest of orange.

The second was hidden in a snowy plain atop a dangerous mountain prone to blizzards. Here a MetalGarurumon and a Raidramon stood atop the peek and watched as the group struggled through the harsh weather and danger. One appealed to them the most, the teen with the spiked black hair and the Elecmon for a partner. Throughout it all he was the one who offered a hand as the young woman with the goggles led the way. Upon reaching the top, the two guardians didn’t even ask to fight, instead both glowed a light blue and came to rest around the young mans right wrist as the crest of friendship.

The third came unexpectedly. Concealed within the heart of the Digimon she had set out with. A Phoenixmon and a Halsemon were born from the love the tamer and the digimon shared between them. After explaining why this was triggered by the harsh battle the girl with pink hair and the Kotemon had just fought, the two disappeared in a pink light and reformed into the crest of love.

The fourth was concealed within a cave in the middle of the ocean. After a long drawn out journey atop a Whamon to the cave, the team found themselves deep underneath the ocean, following the cave to its bottom. The group had been torn apart 7 to 1. The reliable one, the one that always seemed to be the one with the answers, the one to pay attention had been separated from the group by a large rock. He chided “I’ll make it back, I promise’ and that was all that needed to be said to ensure his return. The bottom of the cave was home to a haven of sorts where a Plesiomon and a Digmon lay waiting, one concealed by water, the other digging aimlessly at a far wall. Both knew that this one was the one they had been waiting for because he had made it to the bottom without a scratch. They gave they’re souls to him and reformed as the crest of reliability.

The fifth was acquired within the lap top of the girl with red hair and determined eyes. To the groups surprise she along with her digimon partner Salamon was sucked within her own laptop and came face to face with a HerculesKabuterimon and a Marinemon. There was no doubting that this was the brains behind the outfit and so, both reformed into the crest of knowledge which came to rest upon the red heads breast.

The sixth one was found in the ruins of a forgotten city towards the north. Only one entered, that being the punk with ruffled black hair and a bossy attitude. He and his trusty Koemon entered and answered a trial of honesty questions. No one knew what questions were asked as they young boy did not say when he arrived back with the souls of a Lilymon and a Shurimon formed to create the crest of sincerity.

The seventh was discovered in the centre hemisphere of the digital world, the pure one, with the angelic blue eyes and a Labramon for a partner were separated from the group when she discovered a fallen Gatomon who had managed to sprain its ankle. She little girl tore at her dress and formed it into a bandage, firmly wrapping it around the cats foot. The cat smirked happily and called forth another digimon from the heavens. Nefertimon landed protectively behind the Gatomon and sniffed at the girl before coming to the conclusion that this was the one of kindness. Both Digimon nodded to each other and formed the crest of kindness.

The final one was discovered at the coast on the night of the full moon where Oni Island appeared on the horizon. All had given up any hope of being able to find the last crest, that was all but the young boy with the Patomon, he would not give up so easily and boosted the spirits of the group, it was then from the heavens decended a Seraphimon and a Pegususmon, both were proud of the young human and formed into the crest of hope.

Now with the eight crests and their owners present, the eight digidestined and their chosen digimon faced their final challenge and that was to defeat whatever evil lay within Oni Island. The sovereigns bid them farewell and good luck before creating a bridge of energy which connected their land with the outcast island. Together the chosen walked the sacred path towards the demon isle and came face to face with a grand door whose surface was carved with eight seals all resembling that of the eight crests the chosen wore.

Together they raised their crests and all at once eight lights flew from the crests and embedded themselves within the hard wood of the door. With a loud groan and a cluster of creeks, the door opened wide to reveal a courtyard with withered trees and a lake that ran red. Hundreds of steps caked in grime and muck led to an alter. The chosen and they’re digimon climbed the steps to the alter and cast they’re eyes upon a castle in the far off distance, it seemed after all this trouble, the real threat was out of reach.

But that red head always had the answer. The alter held a note: ‘The chosen must give a blood offering’.
The one of courage wasted no time, she grabbed a sword from her back and held it to her thumb, she was soon stopped by the red head. “Why would it say that if it wasn’t a trap?!” The one of courage glared and drew a line across her thumb and cropped it into the pale that was connected to the alter. She turned to her companions and bid them forward, all followed in turn and she drew a line across each of their thumbs. The red head took persuading, but after this long journey, she agreed to it.

A black light engulfed them all and they soon found themselves within the castle, clueless as to what direction to take. The girl with the Gazimon growled in frustration and took off up the nearest flight of stairs, kicking the door down and bidding the others to follow. They agreed and after a long night of searching, they found what they were looking for, a dark throne room, lit only by a few lanterns, the clatter of chains and a glowing white light from the throne. There sat a pure figure of an eight winged child and on both sides sat two struggling demons: Belphemon and Daemon.

The child introduced himself as Lucemon and as all evil figures do, launched into a story of how his plan had finally come true. He had planed for years on how he would take over the digital world, first planning in secret and then let his presence be known with the appearance of Oni Island under the full moon. He chanted about how he needed the bodies of the eight chosen ones to act as offerings to the five ancient digimon who had wrecked havoc upon the world all those years ago. Under the light of the full moon, he would make his offering and soon the digital world would belong to him.

The girl with the crest of courage stepped forward and declared a battle between the two. If Lucemon won out, she and her comrades would succumb to him and act as the offering to the Ancient Digimon, if she won, then of course Lucemon would die.

The child laughed and clapped his hands. One by one the chains binding the demons at his side to the wall came free and before long the girl and her digimon was standing face to face with the snarling digimon. It seemed Lucemon accepted the proposal and the chains that once bound the demons, countered and wove around the girl’s companions. She growled and together, her and Z’d Garurumon pounced into battle, swords and claws raised.

The battle went on for what seemed a life time, the girl and the wolf battling on and on, unable to give up. But it was an unfair battle. The girl and her digimon partner fell in a pool of blood, the two demon digimon looming above them. The chosen’s heads fell in shame and hoplessness.

Only two of the chosen managed to flee the scene.

~*Present time*~

There was a clatter and a loud bang. A young woman fled from the scene with her Wolf companion in tow, a man in a white Fox mask and a red centaur like creature stood with weapons draw as the due fled. The woman did not spare a glance back over her shoulder as she replaced the silver blades to her belt. The man in the mask shook his head in despair and bid his Digimon to return to its rookie level. The weasel slithered up his arm and around his neck, never leaving the capsule it carried go.

“It’s hard to believe”

“Believe what?”

“Never mind”

The man turned his back on the fleeing couple, but the weasel continued to watch their silhouettes before they disappeared into the mist of sand, the human riding upon the wolf’s back.


“The-They should have been here by now.”

“Be calm, Aisha. They will be here. The crests have been sent out; their curiosity will get the better of them. Not many teenagers can refuse an offer like that, you couldn’t.” The Digimon nudged the girl playfully in the side.

“I sure hope so. Don’t stand much of a chance without ‘em, do we?” Aisha stated, running a hand through the silken fur of her companion before hoping onto his back. “C’mon, chances are that they are gonna land in Primary village. That’s where I ended up and met a cute lil Digimon of m’own.” She grinned.

Sangloupmon snorted before raring up and dashing off towards the colourful village ruled by the small critters and an overprotective Elecmon. She had been living there for quite a while now and had come close to the residence of the Digital world, well became close to those who didn’t oppose her that was. They were quite well known in many small villages and even the towns had come to respect the duo.

“You don’t think they will notice, do you?” Aisha asked the tamed wolf. “I mean, if they do, then we won’t stand a chance!”

“Calm down, Aisha. I promise to you that everything will work out for the best, and if it does not…we still have each other. Just believe that you…no believe that we can do this, together.” They were wise words, coming from a wise digimon. He may only be in his champion form, but Sangloupmon had surpassed a normal champion level digimon in both intelligence and power.

The Primary village had changed a lot during the past years in the Digital world. It was still run by the same Elecmon, but its design had completely changed. It was a larger spit of land compared to what it first was, with schools and training facilities for the small digimon. When they came of a rookie age, the digimon would leave to fend for themselves, but until then, they were under the care of the fatherly Elecmon and his helpers.

“Hey there, young mistress! Come for another Digimon have ye?” The Elecmon greeted. “Yours is looking a little rusty at the moment, could I interest you in a sparkling new Punimon?”

“Watch your mouth, or you will find yourself decaying in mine…” Sangloupmon growled. “Nothing could ever replace me, Aisha would not allow it.” It was evident that this Digimon did not take kindly to being pried away from his tamer, even if it was classed as a joke.

“Hah hah, y’know I could never get rid of him, Elecmon.” Aisha chided. “I could never.” She ran hand over the Digimon’s head and nuzzled its jaw. “Anyways, have they arrived yet? Has there been any sign of them?”

“I’m afraid not, young mistress. There has been no sign of them yet, but the crests have been dispatched have they not?”

She nodded. “Yeah but…I would have thought they would have received them by now…that’s all.”

She collapsed to the floor. The wolf watched her just incase she had fainted and not just fell due to exhaustion.

“If they don’t hurry soon, this is never gonna work. Waka’s just gonna keep doing what he’s doing and this is never going to end!”

The Wolf said nothing, but looked to the heavens.

(OOC- First post: You receive an e-mail beckoning you to the digital world. You are sucked through a portal and suddenly find yourself in primary village where Aisha and Sangloupmon await you. Here you meet your digimon partners and hear your set mission.)

June 18th, 2007, 2:59 PM
OOC: Okay here is first post. Hope its up to par Iruka. Anyway here is Axle Steel ending up in Primary Village

Axle's skateboard screeched to a halt. He was in the middle of betting someone he wasn't brave enough to go through a busy road.

Axle only stopped because there was a rumbling in his pocket. But then he heard a voice behind him

"Ooh tough luck. Now cough up"

Axle grumbled. Then thrust a 5$ bill into the kids hand. It was a local school bully that he bet against. After everyone left and all the chaos died down Axle started to head home. But then he began to check his messages.

"Lets see.... Mom called at Four." He decided against calling his mom. But began to fiddle in his phone options when he saw something. He had a new Email sent to him.

Lets see who this is from Axle had a new phone. He didn't give his email to anyone yet. So he half expected it to be from his service provider or some stranger.

To his surprise he was right. It was from a stranger. He almost pressed the button marked delete but curiosity sparked. He began to read it.

~~~~~~~~~five minutes later~~~~~~~~

Axle finished reading the word "Sangloupmon". Then he quickly thought to himself

What is this?

Suddenly he turned off his cellphone. Thinking who would email him about this. Suddenly he heard a rumbling. He quickly thought Earthquake. But suddenly a large blue portal appeared out of nowhere. Axle grabbed his skateboard and started to run. But then the portal began to suck him into it. Soon he was sucked into the portal. It disappeared soon after.

~~~~~~~~~~through the looking glass~~~~~~~~~~

Axle began to remember Alice's adventures through the looking glass. To that mirror world where everything was weird. But as he was traveling through the portal he did not fear it. On the contrary he was wondering where he was going. Thinking he was in some dream of a sort. Suddenly a large flash of white light hit his eyes.

Axle felt solid ground beneath his feet once more. He was currently rubbing his eyes trying to make sense of all the vertigo. His skate board was in his right arm.

June 18th, 2007, 4:39 PM
Klaudswelth Estate; 6:00P.M. EST
"Leeeeon, you ready for tonight? Leeeeeeon~?" A high feminine voice rung through the black haired boy's head as he walked down the winding garden path towards his home, accompanied by a charming young lady with bright red hair, who was seemingly self-amused by bugging Leon. It was nearly blinding obvious that she had a thing for him, as she walked so close alongside him that her jean skirt was nearly brushing up against him, and she was all prettied up in a white blouse with her hair curled. She was a tad shorter than the black haired boy, maybe by two or so inches. After she was apparently ignored, the girl continued on to say something else. "You know, we've been working on this play for nearly three months now, Romeo, you could at least acknowledge your beautiful Juliet."

"Aha, sorry. I'm just completely exhausted today from working at the animal shelter. Besides, if a certain girl named Alicia didn't decide to let a dog out of it's cage so she could watch me chase it around, I probably wouldn't be this tired." Leon replied with a playful tone to his voice as he took a seat upon a garden bench, Alicia sitting next to him. "Hey, Alicia. You've known me for how long, five years now?"

"Well, that came out of nowhere." The girl replied as she glanced over at Leon, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes as her gaze shifted so that she was staring at the sky. "Yeah, five year. Give or take a few months. Why are you asking weird questions like that all of a sudden?" The response she received wasn't one made of words, but instead he stood up and began walking towards the house. "What a weird kid, sometimes I wonder what he'd do if I wasn't around." She sighed as she got up to follow.

"I'd certainly have less dogs to chase!" Leon called back to her, apparently having heard every word. "I'll explain after our show tonight. Lets just go get ready, since the show is at 7:30 after all!"

After reaching the mansion, one of the maids escorted Alicia to a separate room so that she could get changed, while Leon was taken to his room by his personal butler, Remel, to get changed. Leon's room certainly wasn't something to be scoffed at. A queen sized bed, a big screen television, movies and video games galore, it even had its own soda bar with all of the furniture made out of beautiful wood.

"Young master, I wish you luck on your play, as well as what you have in store for young Alicia afterwards. I'm aware that you two already have an arranged marriage, so it is a good thing that you've grown so close." Remel said to Leon from the opposite side of the polished oak door, the changing boy blushing as he heard it. Leon grabbed a wooden katana from an old cabinet beside his bed, and placed it in a brown belt around his waist. He then proceeded to tie the navy blue cape around his neck. This looks stupid... Leon thought to himself as he looked into an amazingly large mirror. As he went to change his clothing once again, he heard the sound of his laptop beeping on his desk, and walked over to investigate it. He was surprised to find an unusual message in the new email that read:

"I’ve been stuck here for a while now; Sangloupmon has stuck with me this whole time and without my crest I can’t even travel to the outlands to try and get home. The opponents are two strong for even me and Sangloupmon and I’m beginning to think that I will soon be a permanent addition to the Digital world. That damned Piedmon stole my crest from me about a month ago and I haven’t got the strength in me anymore to have Sangloupmon digivolve to take on those swine’s.

I found out that they are trying to resurrect ancient Digimon from the past in order to take over the Digital world. No surprise there, Tai, Davies, Takato…they were all faced with the same problem and they succeeded in restoring peace for a great deal of time. My turn came, but I failed. I was unable to protect my crest…my only true power from them and now I can go no further. They are building temples all over the place, dedicating them to one of the ancient digimon and I don’t know how, but it’s driving the digimon mad with anger. There’s something within them that’s driving the local digimon to go insane and attack anyone and anything.

I’ve tried my best to find out more about them, but I can always guarantee that a stronger Digimon than mine is guarding the temple doors and as much as I hate to admit it…Sangloupmon is not strong enough to take them on. It won’t be long before they succeed in restoring these Digimon and I can only hope that you get this message as soon as possible. The digidestined that accompanied me into this world have all been captured…or worse destroyed at the hands of these miscreants, I’m the only one left.

A man who calls himself Waka has been aiming to stop my progress, always battling me, always standing in my way, his damned digimon has the power to reach a high level thanks to his damned crest and I can’t get anywhere near the temples.

I need your help.

My companions....they deserved to be here with me, they worked just as hard as me to try and restore peace to this world. Please, when you receive this message do not be afraid. When you finish this message, do not fear the light that will shine before you. You are my only hope, and the only hope of this land. Do not fail as I did.

I will find you when you arrive, I will aid you, but without my crest, I can assure you that I will be of little use to you. But Sangloupmon and I will try our god damned hardest to help you in completing the journey that I did not. The dark lords never rest, they never sleep, and all they are focused on is the building of these shrines, the awakening of the ancient digimon and the ruling of the digital world.

Please help

yours forever grateful

Aisha Lorenzo and Sangloupmon"

"What the heck? I can't make heads or tails of this." Leon sighed as he glanced at the clock. "Six twenty, better get read- Wha?" The ground began to shake violently, his electricity flickering violently. Before the shaking subsided, his computer emitted a flash of blue light, before shutting off. As the computer shut off, Leon disappeared into nothingness.

Primary Village; Digital World
As quickly as he had disappeared, he had reappeared with a thud as he hit the ground hard. As he regained his senses, he stood up and began examining his surroundings. From what he could see, he felt like he was in a child's dreams. The place was rich with colour, and it had a very calm feeling to it. Nearby, he noticed a girl and a really BIG wolf... thing? "Uh... could you tell me what's going on? Or perhaps what that thing is?" Leon asked the girl nervously as he pointed a finger at Sangloupmon. He could already tell, he was about to be involved in something big.

June 18th, 2007, 5:12 PM
Finally Axle blinked twice. The spots from the light went away

Its about time

Axle began to stumble a few times. Then he proceded with walking. He was carrying his skateboard this time. It was the first time he began to look around.

The only other time he had been in a place like this was a few years back. He went vacationing in a forest. But this one looked more primative then that one did. As if there were dinosaurs living in it

Any minute now and I will wake up. Plain and simple

Suddenly he made it to a clearing. But he saw what made sure he was in a dream.

In the clearing he noticed a Girl who was not much older then himself. But what actualy scared him for the first time since he got there was a metal beast-like animal. With razors in places never thought possible.

Axle noticed someone else there. It was another boy who looked around the same age as him. However what set him apart was he was he was dressed in the wierdest clothing that he ever saw. Axle decided to go where his instincts lead him. So he began to walk towards the strangely clothed boy.

"Does anyone know whats going on?" Axle hoped that the answer would lead to him waking up. But just not yet, he was in an already good dream

June 18th, 2007, 5:39 PM

Computer Science class was undoubtedly Kay’s favourite class. Naturally, he was great at it, which ironically worked against him in some situations. The task the teacher handed to the students was a breeze for someone like him, but that meant while the instructor was circling the computer lab helping the kids having trouble, Kay would have nothing to do but stare into space, awaiting the rest of the class to catch up to where he was. Brown eyes blinked slowly, as boredom took a toll on the apathetic student.

Kay shook his head furiously, orange bangs whipping about. He refused to give in to the temptations of sleep. A distraction is what he needed, he decided. Turning his sights to the student sitting to his left side, Kay investigated what he was doing to keep himself busy. Unfortunately, Kay met rather provocative images on the young boy’s monitor, disturbing enough to spoil the innocence of a young child. Going against his better judgement however, he found himself glued to the boy’s screen in curiosity, until an unexpected jab prodded him on the shoulder. The boy gave him a threatening glare, and then turned his monitor away so that Kay would not be able to intrude on his mischievous deeds any further.

Kay only laughed nervously before quickly turning back to his own computer. The fact that they were sitting in the back row, where there was no one else behind them to supervise their doings, made it that much easier for the boy to get away with his antics. Kay seriously considered informing the teacher of the boy’s behaviour, but ultimately decided against it. He did not want to become the official class snitch. Perhaps he could discover some way to bring the teacher’s attention to the matter without directly implicating himself. As he pondered on how to do that, a hushed whisper attracted the attention of his right ear.

“Psst, psst, yo Kay, check this out!” The kid sitting to his right directed him to his monitor. He had a shimmer of amusement in his eyes, and something told Kay he would only find out why by looking at the kid’s screen. “It’s really funny!” He said, hushing his giggles with a palm over his mouth.

Kay moved closer to the screen and began to read. Kay sighed as he realised it was another stupid blonde joke, but read on nonetheless…

A blind guy on a bar stool shouts to the bartender, "Wanna hear a blonde joke?"

In a hushed voice, the guy next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, you should know something."

Our bartender IS blonde, the bouncer is blonde. I'm a 6' tall, 200 lb black belt. The guy sitting next to me is 6'2", weighs 225, and he's a rugby player. The fella to your right is 6'5" pushing 300 and he's a wrestler. Each one of US is blonde. Think about it, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?"

The blind guy says, "Nah, not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times."

Kay laughed half-heartedly. “Yeah, that’s a good one alright, Timmy,” he commented between false chuckles.

“Hey, I get sent one every day to my email! I can send you some if you like,” Timmy offered.

“Er,” Kay thought. Blond jokes were not really his cup of coffee but the kid seemed so excited and amused by them, he couldn’t find the heart to say no. Just at that moment however, a realisation hit Kay. “Huh? You can log on to your email during class?” He had always thought the school put some sort of restriction on internet usage during computer lessons.

“Duh!” Timmy Proton exclaimed, almost loud enough to earn the teacher’s attention. Realising this, he toned down his voice as he continued to speak. “Watch this! It is pretty easy to override the school’s password protection program. Once you do that, all you have to do is change the internet connection settings, configure the manual proxy server and --" He suddenly stopped when he realised he had long lost his audience. “Let me do it for you!”

Kay watched in astonishment as Timmy Proton tapped at his keyboard furiously. It seemed like an utterly random sequence, making Kay’s head ache the more he tried to focus on it.

“Done!” Timmy chimed.

“Thanks,” Kay said. Due to Timmy’s quick fingers and bright mind, internet was fully accessible on Kay’s computer. The least he could do was let Timmy share more jokes with him, he thought. Half regretting it, he gave Timmy his email address and soon logged on to read what his fellow classmate had sent him. However, it was a different type of email that won Kay’s attention. The sender claimed to be ‘Aisha’, with the title of the email being ‘help’. Usually, Kay would ignore emails when he did not know the sender but he felt a sense of urgency as he read the title over and over again.

After finally clicking on the email, Kay feasted his eyes on possibly the most bizarre and mind-boggling words in his life. He had no idea what to make of it. In fact, he questioned whether this was not some big…

“Timmy,” he said in a sarcastic tone. “I didn’t find this joke to be particularly funny.”

“Huh?” Timmy said, with a puzzled face. “But I haven’t sent you any jokes yet.”

“Then who -- " But before Kay could finish his question, all the lights that brightened the computer lab suddenly went dark. Startled, Kay did his best to remain calm and seated, which was becoming increasingly hard to do with the entire class in a panicking frenzy. “It’s just a little darkness, people! Nothing to be worried about!” Only then did he realise, it was not the darkness the kids were screaming about, but a twirling, blue portal that had somehow formed on the ceiling. Without any warning, Kay was hurled upwards before disappearing completely into the darkness. The shouts of his classmates and his own, quickly turned to silence.


“AHHHHH!” And with a loud thump, Kay came crashing down onto the some sort of soft surface. He could only guess what he had landed on, as his eyes were closed the entire trip. Slowly he opened them. His eyes widened at the possibilities. “Could this place be … real?” He thought aloud. He scouted the area curiously. It looked like Earth, and certainly felt like earth. Except… his eyes widened to size of golf balls as he saw some sort of strange wolf-like creature standing not too far away from him. That-th-th-that thing doesn't belong on Earth!

Quickly rushing to his feet, Kay looked at the ground on which he had landed on and was startled to find a boy laying flat on the grass. Heh, he had no doubt the kid broke his fall. He walked over to a nearby skateboard, he assumed belonged to him, and put it in the teen’s arms as he helped him up. “Sorry about that… it was kind of hard to steer when I was falling from who knows how high. My name is Don Kay Ignis, but most people call me Kay.” Kay could only hope that the boy understood English and that he was human.

Kay then considered three other presences close to them. Another boy, a girl, and what he could only describe as a wolf-like creature.

"Heh, how's everyone doing?" He smiled nervously, trying his best not to offend the scary looking beast.


June 18th, 2007, 6:55 PM
Kite opened the door to the large apartment he and his parents lived in, book in hand, this one, being an advanced strategy guide for a game called GO, pretty much the Japanese equivalent of chess, though Shogi would be closer, there was no better way to describe the game. “Mom, Dad, I’m home.” Kite yelled not taking his eyes off his book. “Oh, hello son, how did that history test go?” Kite’s father ask, without missing a beat, or turning away from his book, he quickly handed the paper to him. “Wow, a perfect score! I thought you might have some trouble readjusting to going to an American school.” Kite’s dad said still a bit shocked. “Nah, going from American to Japanese culture, and back again keeps them both fresh and interesting, plus, American school books are a little easier the grasp.” Kite said smirking a bit, heading to his room.

“Oh, Kite, I just made some of that Ramen you like so much, your father picked some up on his last business trip.” Kite’s mom said pencil in her mouth, while her husband was a business man, she was an author. “Thanks mom, oh, and tell me when you have a first draft on your latest mystery novel, that cliff hanger was pretty cruel.” Kite said, closing the door to his room, his mother smiling, his dad sighing a bit. “That boy has a mind like a sponge.” Kite’s dad said looking over his wife’s shoulder. “Yep, your brains, and my sprit.” She said chuckling a bit. “I would be a bit more annoyed about that, if that sprit wasn’t the reason I feel in love with you.” Kite’s father replied both parents staring at each other, Kite slurping his ramen, and turning on his computer, he wouldn’t want to be part of this moment, even if he had any knowledge of it.

Kite was about half way done with the cup of premium beef ramen, checking website, looking up this and that things that caught his interest, nothing to important, he was also playing a game of GO on his PDA, it was pretty interesting to be able to do such a thing, but even game from other countries were going on the electronics of America, then again, GO was pretty poplar world wide, there were plenty of professional tournaments in the old USA. Kite heard a knock on the door. “Kite, your father and I are going out tonight, we left some money for take out, whatever you like ok?” His mother called, not opening the door. “Yah, fine, you guys have fun, I think I feel like something spicy, maybe some Mexican tonight.” Kite said not taking his eyes of the PDA, as was his trademark. “That’s fine, oh, and don’t peak at my draft yet it’s not ready, and just so you know, we changed the combination on the safe.” Kite’s mother said, smirking through the door, hearing a snap, basically saying “Darn!” “Ok, see you guys later.” Kite said, already looking up safe cracking on the internet.

A few minutes later, Kite actually got to his E-mail, noticing an odd adders. “I haven’t made an American E-mail adders yet…” Kite said, looking very intrigued. After reading the somewhat lengthy E-mail, Kite hit the Reply button, and started to type. “Hey, what’s this about? Is this some kind of intro for a story? It sounds grade a I would like to hear mor-“ Kite’s typing was interrupted by his PDA, it was making a loud whining noise, and the room was starting to shake. “Oh crap, this can’t be good.” Kite said as stacks of books started to topple. A blue light seem to be coming for his computer, before Kite could react to this, he, along with a few books, were sucked in.

In the Digital World….

Kite started screaming his lungs out, falling to death had never been ideal to him, and falling after being sucked in to a computer made even less sense. He stopped, after realizing he had pretty much landed on a marshmallow. “Man that was-“ Kite said, being interpreted again, the stack of books that had gone with him landing on his head one, by one, then hitting the ground, to Kite’s dismay. “Gah, that’s a limited addition copy, and that ones signed, and Mom gave me that one for my birthday!” Kite said in panic quickly grabbing the fine literature, and comic books, and a large journal he had never gotten to filling in. Kite then noticed he was not alone; there was a very freaky wolf, a confident looking girl, and three guys that looked, for lack of a better word, clueless. But something else caught his eye, something that made him drop his books to the ground, the red and blue creature known as Elecmon, it was hard to even describe what animals he resembled. “Wow, your cool! Your like something right out of a fantasy Manga or something!” Kite said, looking the digimon over, a bit in awe, loosing focus with the others around him, as usual.

June 19th, 2007, 4:19 AM
Alex let out a long, gentle sigh as he approached the apartment where he and his parents lived. "Another tiring day at school," the young boy said to himself before finally reaching the front door to his home. Alex pulled out his house key and unlocked the apartment door and stepped into the cool breeze of the air conditioning. "Hello! I'm home everyone," Alex shouted into the house as soon as he crossed the doorway. No one shouted back which must have meant that no one was home.

"Let’s see what's on currently," Alex whispered to himself. He jumped up and landed on the living room sofa and quickly adjusted his body to a comfortable position facing the television screen. Grabbing the remote, Alex then began to flip through the channels. Like most afternoons, nothing good was on yet. It seemed like he was going to have to wait till a little later in the evenings before he was able to watch some real entertainment.

"Hmm... Need something to do so that I can keep busy." Alex sat up strait and rested his head in the palm of his hand while he thought of various activities. "Okay, no homework so that's out of the question. I could always call of Jake, Jess, Thompson, or one of my other friends, but then we would just be stuck again on what to do once we met at a specific sight. Video games, but I'm not really in the mood. I guess I can just mess around on the computer until my parents get home."

Alex reached over to his backpack that was laying one the floor and opened the first and largest pocket. Inside of the bag was a black laptop that Alex used to take notes in class. Alex had to slowly pull the portable computer out of his bag so that he would not damage it by banging it up against one of his huge textbooks and it also gave him a nice firm grip on it so he would drop and destroy the computer. He set it in his lap and quickly typed in his account ID and Password and before he knew it, Alex was hooked up through Wi-Fi.

"Email is always the best way to start," Alex said out loud, typing in the sites web address and signed in there. His Inbox told him that he only had five new messages. Three of them were just junk mail that was trying to sell or give away awards that he didn't want. The next was a note from his dad, telling his son that he wouldn't be home around 9:00PM. Then there was the last one. Alex had thought it was a joke or just a piece of junk mail since he didn't know the sender.

He was just about to hit the delete button when that help title beckoned him to open the email and see what this person named Aisha needed help with. He quickly opened the digital letter and began to read the whole thing. It was a weird email, as it spoke of a place called the digital world and this was a place Alex knew nothing about. How was he supposed to get to the digital world if he had never heard of it before, which meant that he knew nothing of the world’s location? And why did Aisha ask Alex to help her?

Before he could put everything together the ground began to shake, the apartments lights flickered on and off very quickly, and then his computer screen turned blue. Before Alex could to find a safe place a large blue portal popped out of his computer screen and started to grow. Before Alex knew it, the portal had sucked him in and was taking him to a place unknown...

The Digital World, Primary Village

THUD. Alex landed belly down onto the hard ground. "Ugh, I don't think I want to ride that ride again," Alex said as he slowly made his way to his feet. He looked up, expecting to see his living room, only to find out that he was in a village full of what seemed to be large mammals with orange fur, long pointy ears and cool looking tails. "Wha- Where am I," Alex asked himself. He looked around to see that four other people didn't seem to know where they were either. And just a few feet away from everyone else was a girl and what appeared to be some kind of large wolf. "I bet I fell asleep again on the couch," Alex once again said to himself.

June 19th, 2007, 10:03 AM
"Uggh get off me"

Axle brushed the kid who landed on him. He quickly got up and brushed some dirt off himself

"What is going on here? Why are people falling from the sky and landing on other people?"

Axle got a wakeup call from that landing. He no longer thought he was in a dream

Axle noticed everyone here was just as confused as he was.

"And another thing what is this place and why are we here?"

Axle was now incredibly confused. Since he knew he wasn't in a dream due to his face going 1 foot into dirt.

June 19th, 2007, 12:21 PM
"ACE! What on tarnation are ya doin' boi?!?" cried out Ace's father, a large man weighing nearly twice as much as Ace himself. "What're ya talkin' bout' pah?" the young boy asked in his strong southern accent. The larger of the two farmers bent down to look down at him and grinned, "Why're yah still workin? You shoulda been done half an hour ago! Now go clean up, then you got an hour of that computer thingy yah got in your room, then we're gunna have supper? Yah hear me sonneh boi?!" he nearly yelled out again.

Ace stood up and nodded towards Pah, "I was just tryin' to finish up, Pah. And thankies... I'll go now!" he said back cheerfully. Ace quickly jogged on his way back to his large three-story house. When he reached the top of the stairs, the front door was open, letting the air in the house move around more. Ace looked down at his boots and lowered his hands and took off both mud-covered boots. "My oh my, someone did a lot of work today, didn't he?" Ace chuckled to himself. After taking off his boots, Ace raised his pants so they would get as much dirt and mud on the floor and he quickly ran up all two flights of stairs and turned left. He walked down to the end of the hallway and opened up the door to his room. Ace took off his clothes and replaced them with his normal, non-working clothes. He left his room and walked down a few doors then turned and walked into the bathroom. He quickly washed off his face and dried it off. He headed back to his room and turned on his old-style computer. The computer itself ran extremely slow, and the Internet was even worse. After about 20 minutes of waiting for his computer to turn on and to access the slow Internet; he heard the annoying statement "You've got mail!" Ace jumped up and down shouting "YIPPIE!! That never happens round' these parts!"

Ace quickly bent down to stare at the glowing screen. It was sent from an "Aisha" and was labeled "Help". "What in tarnations? I may know quite a few people round' town, but they don't know my address... and if they did... I don't know an Aisha... do I? I know too many people!" Ace yelled in a quiet manor; making sure not to disturb his 8 brothers and 4 sisters. He double clicked on the e-mail and started to read the long message. When Ace finished, he gasped and spoke to himself again, "My god... how can I help this person... she seems to be in a LOT of trouble… but what in tarnations is this "Digimon World"? Just then, the screen started to glow even more, and in a blue color. "Oohh... prrettty" he said to himself. Suddenly the ground started to shake and he could hear all 4 of his sisters start to scream. He put his hands on the screen and yelled, "Stop it! Bad computer! BAD!" To his surprise... it seemed to work; the shaking stopped. However, the computer continued to glow. Suddenly in a split second his hands seemed to penetrate the screen of the computer and the rest of his body had fallen through; miraculously.


Ace had started to fall through the sky. He closed his eyes and hoped to not end up with an injury; he didn't want to stop working. After about one second of falling though, he felt impact; but it was soft and bouncy. Next thing he knew he was up in the air again, not feeling anything below him. He looked down and noticed he had hit a strangely tall tower of... rubber? When he came back down again, he grabbed the slippery yet soft building until all the dizziness escaped him. He looked around and he noticed how high up off the ground he was. He was just as confused as before... then it hit him. The e-mail he read... is it somehow related to this strange and such clean place? He looked around for a way down and then noticed that there was a slightly smaller building (Apparently made of the same materials) just off to his right. He jumped over to it. He found a pathway of buildings that continued this pattern until he reached the ground.

After nearly losing his stomach countless times, Ace looked around the flat region. He noticed 6 people off in the distance. He decided to walk over to them; possibly they could explain this whole weird thing. He noticed 4 boys, 1 girl and 1... wolf? "Man... this place seems strangah than that e-mail I received earlier." Ace said to himself. He walked closer, hoping that the dangerous looking wolf wouldn't notice him. Finally he approached them, staying on his guard so he could hopefully react in time if the wolf decided to attack him. "H-howdy... y'all..." He barely managed to get out; never taking his eyes off the metallic wolf-like thing.

June 19th, 2007, 3:31 PM
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IC: ((*Ditmon's tail shakes once*))

June 19th, 2007, 4:28 PM
OOC: I'm sure you'll find a way...


Kay offered another apology to the teen he had previously flattened upon his arrival to this new world. Like the others, confusion spread across the taller boy’s features, uncertainty clearly evident in the blue of his eyes. Kay was in no position to answer the questions piling up in his own mind, let alone attempt to provide rational explanations to the questions the teen asked. Their purpose for being summoned here, the specifics of their location, the nature of their transportation; none of these things were explainable from the lack of information Kay had. All he could say with absolute certainty was, “I don’t know.”

A gang of clueless travellers raining into existence one after the after was a rare occurrence indeed (by Kay’s standards anyway). He rubbed his forehead for a sudden loss of reasoning abilities. Perhaps if they could each bring together the little they did know, a bigger portrait of the situation could be painted. Thinking back on the comical arrival of the white-haired teen, having had a bunch of books pour atop his head, Kay recalled a comment he made about this place being similar to a fantasy Manga. Given the unidentified being standing amongst them, Kay was willing to consider the possibility of this being some sort of fantasy world, although his enthusiasm for being a part of it paled in comparison to that of the silver-haired teen. “I’m not so sure how cool this is,” Kay said, a bit of worry spilling into his voice. In response to the dark-haired boy, he added, “But I’m sure none of us are dreaming. At least, I don’t think we are...”

It was round about then another seemingly lost teen joined their group. By the looks of his attire, the noticeable accent, and his usage of the word ‘howdy’, Kay presumed the boy must have been from the southern part of the country. “Hi there! Welcome to… here,” he greeted. Kay noticed how the boy kept a cautious eye on the wolf-like creature. “I don’t know what it is either,” he admitted. “One second I was trying to figure out this really strange email I got and the next, I came crashing down onto some dude after freefalling without a bungee cord.” He shrugged. If someone could relate to his experience maybe they could get somewhere.

Kay looked at the two people amongst them he had yet to hear from, one of which was draped in a rather funny looking cape. He seemed odd enough to be a local. The other was a brunette girl, with spiky hair. Out of everybody there, she appeared to be the least uneasy about being close to the mysterious creature. There was something different about her. Kay could not quite place a finger on it, but he had a gut feeling she was going to play an important role in their time here. Only time would tell.


June 19th, 2007, 5:46 PM
I'll be gone from Thursday until July 2nd >.<


"Kusooooo~ I'm late for school again...."

Tabitha waved her hand against her ringletted scarlett hair with a sigh. If it wasn't for her odd hobby of sleeping, she would already up and ready. She glanced at her alarm clock again, which was ringing with a shrill voice, gosh darn it, she for once wished that she would not sleep through, though it was physically impossible too..zz..zz..and that's it! There she goes again, and she was sleeping, standing actually. It was an odd quirk of Tabitha's, and she once wished she could she it for good, like she did anything good anyways.

And so, Tabitha went to school, got scolded by Mr. Takarada, once again. And she stayed after school for detention once again. It was a daily routine, so she came home 40 minutes later then the average teenager. And so, Tabitha walked home again and again and again, making her much more healthy, like it mattered, she usually burned off all the calories that she had recieved.

"There's nothing more communicative like e-maillllll~"

"I’ve been stuck here for a while now; Sangloupmon has stuck with me this whole time and without my crest I can’t even travel to the outlands to try and get home. The opponents are two strong for even me and Sangloupmon and I’m beginning to think that I will soon be a permanent addition to the Digital world. That damned Piedmon stole my crest from me about a month ago and I haven’t got the strength in me anymore to have Sangloupmon digivolve to take on those swine’s.

I found out that they are trying to resurrect ancient Digimon from the past in order to take over the Digital world. No surprise there, Tai, Davies, Takato…they were all faced with the same problem and they succeeded in restoring peace for a great deal of time. My turn came, but I failed. I was unable to protect my crest…my only true power from them and now I can go no further. They are building temples all over the place, dedicating them to one of the ancient digimon and I don’t know how, but it’s driving the digimon mad with anger. There’s something within them that’s driving the local digimon to go insane and attack anyone and anything.

I’ve tried my best to find out more about them, but I can always guarantee that a stronger Digimon than mine is guarding the temple doors and as much as I hate to admit it…Sangloupmon is not strong enough to take them on. It won’t be long before they succeed in restoring these Digimon and I can only hope that you get this message as soon as possible. The digidestined that accompanied me into this world have all been captured…or worse destroyed at the hands of these miscreants, I’m the only one left.

A man who calls himself Waka has been aiming to stop my progress, always battling me, always standing in my way, his damned digimon has the power to reach a high level thanks to his damned crest and I can’t get anywhere near the temples.

I need your help.

My companions....they deserved to be here with me, they worked just as hard as me to try and restore peace to this world. Please, when you receive this message do not be afraid. When you finish this message, do not fear the light that will shine before you. You are my only hope, and the only hope of this land. Do not fail as I did.

I will find you when you arrive, I will aid you, but without my crest, I can assure you that I will be of little use to you. But Sangloupmon and I will try our god damned hardest to help you in completing the journey that I did not. The dark lords never rest, they never sleep, and all they are focused on is the building of these shrines, the awakening of the ancient digimon and the ruling of the digital world.

Please help

yours forever grateful

Aisha Lorenzo and Sangloupmon."

"Naniiiii~ who is this Aisha-girl, and something with -mon in that, that's really weird, and why my e-mail address, is Luke tricking me again why that littl-" the ground began to growl a deep rumble, while the earth began to crack and split into a sunshine yellow shade. There were computer codes that were scattering all around, it looked a bit odd, and Tabitha, experiencing this could only speak one word:


Primary Village.

Tabitha landed on the butt, very hard. She saw some other people, and a spiky-haired brunette, and a wolf with lots of razors, it was very intimidating to Tabitha, she took a big, deep breath, along with a noteworthy gulp, and them Tabitha finally decided to speak, "E-eh, h-h-hello, m-my name is T-t-t-t-t.....-HELLO MY NAME IS TABITHA BUT YOU CAN CALL ME TIBBY TOUKEN."

Tabitha exploded.

June 19th, 2007, 7:09 PM
War and Peace.

Peace (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57983257/) ran her hands over her dirty sweater, “How dare he do that to me! He had no right!” she takes it off, revealing large breasts in a tiny tube top, “Now I have to change my sweater, and it was my new one too…”

Why don’t you wear the black on that everyone likes so much? A voice asks her from inside her mind, Peace shakes it off, she had gotten used to that voice, having Chimera Syndrome was not fun, especially when it was a male twin she had been meant to have. She reaches into her sweater drawer and involuntarily takes out her Black sweater and puts it on, it only covered half her chest so, it was no different then if she had left her tube top by itself.

She looks over at her computer it was turned on, she had left it that way that morning, she noticed a tiny dinosaur in the corner of the screen, “An E-mail….? I never get E-mails….” She says walking over and opening it, she read it over quickly, “What does that me-“Suddenly she felt as though she were being dunked in a pool of ice cold water. She closes her eyes and tries to be rid of the sensation, “What the h-“ she opens her eyes because she no longer heard the familiar sound of cars and the smell of Smog.

She was standing in a strange Rain forest, the plants were exotic and she had no idea how she had gotten there, “Wow… You were right! It was good to come to the pond today!” A voice says from behind her.

She turns around and looks at the to creatures behind her, “Huh...? Yeah…..” one of them started Drooling, a very ugly Yellow blob that smelled of excrement, “she’s just what we’ve been looking for huh Chuumon (http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/cd/Chuumon.gif)?”

“More so Sukamon (http://aa.1asphost.com/digitalempire/digidex/st/Sukamon.gif)! I think she’s worthy of being my wife!” says a tiny Pink mouse that was sitting on the yellow blobs head.

Peace backs up, “She’s going to run…” Sukamon says reaching to her.
Peace let’s out a scream and starts running past a tree that looked like a mushroom, she noticed that the two creatures were fallowing her still, “Get away from me..!” she screams running for her life, “help!”

She stops suddenly and turns on her heals, “Stay away from my sister….” A voice that was not her’s comes from her lips stopping the two creators in there tracks.

“What!?” Sukamon says backing up… “What’s happening Chuumon?” He asks as Peace changes to War, her body changes to that of a male and her sweater changes to a black leather overcoat soaked in blood, War opens his blood shot eyes and the blood begins to flow immediately, his hair was plastered to his head because of how much blood was flowing from his scalp, from the tips of his fingers blood dripped rhythmically onto the green grass.

War smiles evilly, “Time for you to deal with me…” he says stepping towards the two, Suddenly he feels a weight appear in his pocket, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his D-Terminal, “Well what do you know…” he says and get’s the sensation of being torn in half, “No… I don’t want... to go …. Not... now… no…. NO!”

Peace is standing where he once was the blood remained on the ground and the D-Terminal had blood stains on it, “You have to learn to control yourself War…” she says looking at the two Digimon, “I’m sorry about that.. But you scared me…”

Chuumon jumps down and looks up at her, “You scared us...”

Peace picks him up and hugs him, “you’re so cute…”

He blushes being against her chest, “You’re not the only human here you know... Why don’t you let us take you to the others?”

Peace lights up, “Will you? Oh thank you!”

Chuumon climbs onto her shoulder, “Let’s go, come on Sukamon.”

Sukamon fallows as they Lead Peace to the other human’s they had seen on the way to the Water Pool, they leave behind the blood stained grass that was attracting strange things…

“HI!” Peace calls when she can see the other people, “I’m peace!” she runs over clutching Chuumon in her arms.

((She runs over… hehehe…))

June 21st, 2007, 1:38 AM
They were beginning to arrive, in fact most already had, and she was just waiting on two more of the chosen to arrive now. But that wasn’t going to stop her greeting the ones that had bothered to check their e-mail sooner. She stepped forward, Sangloupmon in toll behind her, protectively shadowing her, his muzzle grazing the top of her shoulder indicating that he was not at all far behind her. She saw the Digidestined fidget at the sight of the large wolf.

“Look, little miss!”

Aisha dipped her head to see daddy Elecmon and a few of his little critters looking up at her. She tilted her head, motioning for him to continue what he was going to say.

“If ya need any help, just call. These little un’s may not look much but together we can pack a punch and they’re un’s are still baby’s anyways, so if they give ya any haste just let me know, kay!?” He looked determined and ready to act any time Aisha gave the signal.

Aisha opened her mouth to reply but was cut off with Sangloupmon rearing his head around her and snarling at the runty Elecmon. “That won’t be necessary, I watch her back constantly and Aisha can certainly watch her own back without you having to be close by.” He growled and took a step back so that he was standing behind Aisha once more. Elecmon gulped audibly and gave the duo an awkward thumb’s up. “No-no problems.”

Aisha groaned and ran her hand through Elecmon’s short fur, earning her a loud purr. She stepped forward and held up another hand in greeting to the chosen ones. “Hey there! As you may have already guessed, I’m Aisha and this here is Sangloupmon!” She motioned with the same hand to the wolf digimon that stood behind her, always shadowing her no matter where she moved. Aisha grinned and threw a thumb in the direction of Sangloupmon “He’s harmless enough, don’t worry about him he won’t hurt ya!”

She took another step forward, again, the wolf in toll. “Now then, you’re probably all wondering why you’re here right? Well, I can answer that in a short and simple way!” Aisha took out a scroll and flattened it out on the floor before her. She then sat down right in the middle of the length of scroll and beckoned for the chosen to do the same. Sangloupmon took to lying down behind her and wrapping its body protectively around his master.

“S’not just a pretty picture, I assure you.” She stated, smiling pleasantly up at them. The scroll showed what was like an array of pretty colors and patterns, but this was actually the tale of Aisha and her chosen partners long ago. “Now, be aware that time here is not like time in the human world. A week could pass here, where only a day could pass in the real world. My tale has been told for many a years in the digital world and even today I’m trying to find my way back.”

She pointed to the first picture on the scroll which showed a group of people, each with their own digimon. “This is me.” She pointed at the girl set to the front of the group with the Gazimon cast in an orange glow. “And these are the rest of the chosen.” She spread her hand across the entire page. “Now, we were brought here for the same reason as you, and that was to stop the dark lord from resurrecting the ancient digimon of the past. Of course, the dark lord has gotten a few more companions since then, heh heh. Now, we were sent out by the five sovereigns of the digital world to look for the crests of power that would undoubtedly show us the path to a place called Oni Island.” She pointed at a page covered in purple, black and red. An island on the bloody horizon and before it stood the digidestined and the five sovereign digimon.

“The crests were spread out in all directions, some to the north, some to the south, some to the west and some to the east. These crests were the power one needed to enhance a digimon’s power in order for them to digivolve. Digivolving was the process in which a digimon would absorb power and by doing so would evolve to a stronger, more powerful form of itself.” Her finger circled a silver and blue wolf like digimon.

“As time past, the crests were found and by the time we reached the southern coast under the full moon, Oni Island could be seen on the horizon. We found the last crest there and with it the barrier protecting the island disappeared and the five sovereign digimon created a path of light with their power in which we could reach the island. There we found an alter that asked for a blood offering, but Sarah gods bless her, she told me not to do it, but I didn’t listen to her. She said there was something suspicious about the fact that they knew we were coming, but all I wanted to do was go home. There we met Lucemon, the dark lord of Oni Island.” The next page showed a dark room caked in blood with only Lucemon as the light sitting at the throne, two demon digimon lay at his side.

“He told us about his plan to sacrifice us all to revive the ancient digimon and I stupidly challenged him there and then. Me and Z’d Garurumon just weren’t strong enough to defeat his two demon digimon Daemon and Belphemon” She caressed the page that showed herself and a mighty armored wolf fighting the demons, ten times they’re own size. She then skimmed over the horrid memory of falling in a puddle of her own blood.

“I managed to escape the Island, but I don’t know if that was Lucemon’s sick way of taunting me by letting me escape, knowing that my friends were still there acting as sacrifices, undoubtedly killed. They started to build these weird temples around the digital world, one to the south, one to the north, another to the east and west and finally one in the centre. They were all dedicated to one of the ancient digimon; this was the only chance I had of stopping the resurrection of those blasted creatures. The offerings were undoubtedly going to be made there and this is the only way I know Lucemon hasn’t been successful yet of resurrecting them, because they haven’t been anywhere near the temples. Why I don’t know, but every time I try to get close to them a guy named Waka stops me.” She ran a hand over a picture of a man wearing a white fox mask and his red centaur digimon facing off against herself and Sangloupmon.

She rolled the scroll up and sighed “That’s my story so far, still incomplete. But this is where you come in.” She jumped to her feet and pointed the scroll at the gathered group. “We need to the power of the crests back, gather your power and destroy those temples now before Lucemon has the chance to strike. Our last stop will be Oni Island where we will take out those blasted demons and that dark lord and what ever other recruits he has. Waka will fall at our feet and our story will finally be completed! But as you can see, the crests that hang at your necks are blank, deprived of color and power, after the fall of my partners and in a way, myself. The crests power returned to hiding and not in the same places as I originally found them, I checked. Our only chance is to seek help from the digimon of this world and for you all to follow your instincts. They are linked to you; you should know where to find them”

She took a breath, “BUT, first things first. I know you have been wondering what these creatures are.” She pointed at Sangloupmon behind her, still sprawled on the floor. “Well, these creatures are called Digimon. They are basically digital creatures made of computer data. They have the ability to digivolve into higher forms of themselves, but the Digimon you will be having are different. They can’t digivolve without you. You need to create a bond between you and your Digimon and together with your beliefs and power, they can make it higher. BUT, the crests are where the true power lies. Find them and your Digimon will grow stronger and stronger. I was unfortunate to loose my crest to a dark master called Piedmon, one of the followers of the Dark lord. He’s had it in for me ever since he was recruited to they’re likes.” She growled, but her anger was soon forgotten.

She spun around “Daddy Elecmon, they can come out now!”

The blue and orange creature pounced off, calling at the top of his voice. All of a sudden, eight miniature creatures bounced forwards, running towards they’re chosen digidestined.

“Say hello to your Digimon partners!” Aisha hollered as the bouncing balls flew past her.

June 21st, 2007, 4:51 AM

What a tale. The goggle-wearing girl revealed herself as non other than Aisha, the person responsible for that startling email Kay had received earlier. The story she retold them resembled that of said email. But with the visual aids of the scroll and the in-depth description from Aisha, it made more sense to Kay than it had the first time he read it on his own. Once more, he considered the wolf beast standing at her side, this time with a tint of comprehension flashing in his auburn eyes. So, that’s what a Digimon was. Kay was not sure if he should be impressed or freaked out that it boasted the ability of human speech. Well, Aisha insisted that the Digimon was harmless, and seeing as she was the only person who knew what was going on, Key felt compelled to trust her.

At Aisha’s request, a flurry of small, colourful Digimon hopped their way towards the group. If Kay understood her correctly, one of these energetic beings would be his partner. As the baby Digimon approached nearer, it became apparent which particular Digimon was headed his way. A round, green jellybean, with blackberry eyes and a cone-shaped horn hopped along, as it appeared to have no visible limbs. With one final push against the ground, the Digimon leapt into Kay’s arms, whom had been forced to catch it a tad unexpectedly. Kay looked at its tail, ending in a three-pronged formation, and was reminded how strange this experience was turning out to be.

Kay pulled the Digimon away from his chest, as its horn made the nuzzling a bit uncomfortable. For moments, the two, freshly established partners stared into each other’s eyes. Silence took over as they carefully studied one another.

“You’re weird looking!” The Digimon chimed suddenly. Kay’s hands stumbled at the abrupt sound of its childish voice, almost causing him to drop the little creature in a short panic. Thankfully, he managed to regain composure before any mishaps could occur.

“…I could say the same thing,” Kay responded, still partially in disbelief that he was talking to this thing.

The green Digimon smiled. The smile looked awkward to Kay, as the Digimon had no teeth save for two vampire-like fangs. “I’m Zerimon!” The Digimon announced in another loud chime. Clearly, it was excited.

“I’m Kay,” he returned the gesture. “Well, Don Kay Ignis, but all my friends call me Kay.”

“OK, Kay!” Zerimon said happily. “Hey, that rhymed!” he added, proud of this small feat. There was a short silence before he spoke again. “Nice to meet ya, Kay.”

Kay smiled back. “Nice to meet you too, Zerimon.”

The mission Aisha briefed them on sounded dangerous, even if accompanied by these tiny Digimon they were granted as partners. Kay remembered her mentioning something about them digivolving. The process would enhance their strength greatly. Maybe Zerimon could even end up looking like Sangloupmon. Kay panned his gaze between the Digimon in his hands and the monstrous one standing next to Aisha. That would be totally cool!


June 21st, 2007, 6:53 AM
"Hmm... So that's why my computer sucked me into this world after reading the email," Alex thought to himself. He didn't really understand much of the email because there was a lot of information he didn't know, but the lady named Aisha had cleared everything up for him once she had finished the information update. So far he had gathered that he was a chosen Digidestined with an empty crest, which he had to find. Now he was about to get his partner, which was also a Digimon, and then he and the others would help Aisha destroy the dark lord and his minions, the towers that have been built, and someone named Wakka. "This quest is going to be a long one"

Before he knew it a white ball-shaped creature had tackled him in the head. "Oww... what’d' do that for," Alex said, turning to see who had landed the attack. There at his feet was what appeared to be a white head. Nothing but big black eyes, a crooked mouth and two large blue ears were one the Digimon. "Well hey there. You must be the partner that Aisha was talking about. My name's Alex Topper, and who might you be?"

"Pupumon!" The small Digimon shouted before pushing his body up and tackling Alex's head once again. Before Pupumon had landed though, his partner had caught him and had now set the Digimon in the palm of his hand. Alex went to say something about Pupumon tackling him in the head; only Pupumon's tongue had shot out of his mouth and up his head.

"Okay, you've got some serious head issues," Alex said to the Digimon, wiping the saliva off of his face. "Now let's see if we and leave that out of our friendship or other wise I might have to follow up and do the same." Alex winked and smiled and the Digimon. Pupumon laughed and then gave Alex a wink and a smile just like Alex's. "Wow you learn fast."

June 21st, 2007, 10:11 AM
Leon removed the wooden katana from its scabbard, and bounced it off of his right shoulder as he listened attentively to Aisha's story. It was a habit he had picked up when he was training with his sword. There were often days where he didn't feel like training, so he carried the sword around his mansion casually to get a good sense of what it would be like to carry it around normally. From that, he received this annoying, and distracting habit. He stopped the bouncing whenever he heard something he didn't like, and he stopped at one point to look at the blank crest Aisha had been talking about. When she had finished her speech, Leon couldn't help but to speak up. "So basically, you brought us into this world against our will to face potentially serious danger all for the sake of some monsters made of data? Not to mention I have to work with people I don't even know to accomplish it? What do we have to gain from this?" It was always interesting how his speeches had a tendency to switch between "us" and "I". He had nothing personal against the group, but he was already in a bad mood because he had to get to his play so he could confess to Alicia, not to mention he was no good at warming up to people. They had to warm up to him first. It's also interesting to note that he was against it, even as an avid believer in protecting nature. Although he was assuming they were just data, and had no real importance.

WHAM! "Ow... why did you do that!? Meanie!" The little brown ball with a tail spoke. It SPOKE. Leon had caught it flying at him in the corner of his eye, and had instinctively used his katana to block the attack, sending the ball creature with three brown horns and a three pronged tail to the ground. It's beady black eyes began to look watery as it sniveled. "I-I-I'm supposed to be your partner! Stop being so mean!"

"Okay, okay, don't cry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I guess I'm a little on edge." Leon sighed in response as he placed the katana back in it's scabbard as he reached down to pick up the ball, which hopped happily into his arms. "My name is Leon, what's yours? Annoyinglittlebrownthing?" The brown ball bit him on the arm and wrapped its tail around it, so that when Leon went to drop it, it was still holding on. "Gah! You little..." Leon shouted as he grabbed it by the tail and lifted it up. The ball gave a cheeky little look as shot some bubbles out of its mouth at his face, causing him to drop it again.

"I'm Conomon! Don't you forget it, Leann." The brown Conomon giggled.

"LEON." He shouted, his eye twitching ever so slightly, before sighing. "Yet why does this thing remind me of Alicia..."

June 21st, 2007, 10:12 AM
OOC: Sorry I had mine digivolve first thing. But Bombmon digivolves when his fuse runs out


Axle listened to Aisha's tale. But then understood. This was more exciting then he thought. At least he was here to help everyone reach that goal. But then he heard the strangely dressed person rant about not knowing everybody to acheive what Ashia said.

"I am willing to get to know everyone"

Then a few small baby digimon began to jump towards them.

One like a bomb began to jump towards him. It had a fuse witch was lit and was slowly going to be put out.

Axle picked up the bomb-like creature. "Hi, I am Axle, whats your name?"

The bomb replied "Bombmon"

Axle became curious "Bombmon why do you have a fuse?"

"Because when it runs out I digivolve"

Axle was excited. His digimon would be the first to digivolve

Suddenly the fuse lit out. Then Bombmon began to glow. Then his voice began to speak "Bombmon, digivolve to...." It was as if a large explosion had happened. Then a flash of white light.

In Bombmon's place was another digimon. It was shaped spikelike with sharped points


Axle was overjoyed. His digimon had digivolved.

June 21st, 2007, 5:56 PM
Ace looked back over to Kay, "Yah, I'm a from the southahn pahts of tha States ya see." replied Ace. "There should be some sort of landing thingy round' these pahts to stop any form of accidents when people come here. I had landed way up there!" he said pointing to the top of one of the cushy buildings.

Ace listened cautiously as Aisha explained herself, the email and that wolf thing, the Digimon known as "Sangloupmon". He took in the whole story, about the crests and their power and most of all, why she needs our help. But why us? Ace thought. When Aisha finished speaking, a group of small digimon appeared and started to come towards us. They were extremely small; it was hard for him to imagine that these things could 'digivolve' into things like that razor-wolf. Ace could see which one was heading towards him. It was a ball of... brown fur, large eyebrows with equally large eyes and a black tail ended by a small, red feather? Ace stood up as it came closer and when it jumped up he grabbed it firmly with his right hand. The small thing chirped out in a deep yet young voice, "Well... I guess you're my partner... or the other way around. Anyways, my name is Puwamon and I assume you're Ace Marokii, right? Well... its a pleasure to meet you." The poor thing sounded so unenthusiased about this whole big journey while Ace had gotten all pumped up. "Y-yah, I'm Ace. Why d'ya seem so down? Aren'tchya excited?" asked Ace. The small thing looked up and put on a happier face, "I'm happy and excited... Its just this might be dangerous... and I don't want anything bad to happen." With that, reality seemed to come back and smoke Ace in the face. If the bad Digimon could beat something bigger and scarier than that Sangloupmon... than this adventure really would be dangerous. "But this is different Puwamon!" Ace yelled, "When Aisha fought those bad Digimon... she fought them alone... she wasn't thinkin' straight. If all of us here work together, I'm sure we'll prevail and bring down Waka and the other bad guys. Isn't that right y'all?!" Ace shouted cheerfully to the others.

Ace looked off and noticed another person appeared but this time she came from the forest. She beckoned over to us, I raised my hand and waived and shouted, "Howdy miss! Nice of ya to join us here!"

June 21st, 2007, 6:39 PM

Kay could not help but to notice the interactions of the other kids as they too met their Digimon partners for the first time. Alex Topper, he overheard his name, had received a partner bustling with almost as much excitement as Zerimon, or perhaps even more. In all his excitement, at least Zerimon managed to keep his tongue to himself. The more Kay thought about it, the more he considered Digimon to be like Earthly animals, and maybe even pets. In which case, it would be ideal for him to give Zerimon a pet name. Kay was never an animal lover, but if Digimon resided in his world, perhaps that would be different. His brow creased in concentration as he searched his mind for a name that best suited his new pal.

“What are you doing?”

Kay shifted his attention to the owner of the distractive voice. “Nothing. I’m just trying to think of a pet name,” he informed Zerimon, who unexpectedly frowned at idea.

“Why? I don’t mind calling you Kay.” The Digimon smiled innocently.

Kay face-faulted. Something told him that that mouth of his partner would cause trouble in the future. Apparently, Digimon did not like being referred to as pets. He could understand that. “…Zerimon, it is.”

The two partners sorted out that issue just in time to listen in one of the other’s issues. The enthusiasm Kay and Zerimon shared was not universal. Kay listened silently as the teen in the blue cape mouthed his distress. He made some valid points, some of which Kay could agree to. They were all possibly risking their lives for reasons beyond them, and no promised rewards. However, if Kay did half the things he did expecting something in return, he probably would not have as many friends as he had back in the real world. True, none of them knew each other, but that also meant it was an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Kay recognized several things they all had in common already. He thought to offer his opinion to the lad, but decided against it, having realised it would not be fair to expect everyone to react a certain way. Not to mention, this quest may have interrupted the others from something a lot more important than what it had distracted him from. Well, sort of.

Kay forgot about it all together until he witnessed the boy in a physical confrontation with his new partner. Judging by size, it hardly looked like a fair fight. Kay moved one step closer to the fight when Zerimon called out his name.

“Don’t worry about it. Those two are partners for a reason.”

“But --"

“I said don’t worry about it, sheesh,” Zerimon smiled. He understood why Kay worried, but there were things his partner still had to learn about being a Digidestined. “Besides, we Digimon can take care of ourselves!”

“…Hrm, OK,” Kay submitted, and reluctantly ignored the situation.

“There are more interesting things going on anyway,” Zerimon informed him.

“Like what?” Kay wondered. The Digimon rolled its eyes towards a certain flash of light emitting from where Axle stood. Kay pulled out the pair of dark glasses in his pockets and put them on before turning his gaze to where his Digimon had directed him. Unfortunately, whatever seemed to have happened already passed. Kay lifted his shades from his eyes and rested them on his forehead. “What was that light, Zerimon?”

“Oh boy, you do have a lot to learn don’t you?” Kay only responded with a puzzled look. “Bombmon just digivolved to Missimon!”

“Digivolved? Cool!” Kay tucked Zerimon between his arm and ribs carefully then ran over to where Axle stood. “Congratulations! I wish my Digimon could get bigger too. Right now all he has is a big mouth.”

“Hey!” Zerimon protested, but was outvoiced by a shout that came from that western kid Kay met earlier.

Kay walked over to Ace and winked. “Just to let you know, I totally agree with you. We can take anybody down if we work hard enough, and together.” Following Ace’s gaze, Kay too noticed the late comer. He waved friendlily as the girl approached them.


June 22nd, 2007, 2:37 PM
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June 22nd, 2007, 3:26 PM
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Could I have another chance? reserve for The Crest of Passion?

June 23rd, 2007, 3:56 AM
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Aisha wasn’t listening to the introductions between the digimon and they're human partners, instead she was thinking back to her fight with Waka earlier on that day. He’d grown strong along with that Kudamon of his. Who ever thought that runt of a Digimon would ever digivolve into something as spectacular as that raging centaur. Sangloupmon was strong, but not strong enough to take on something that strong, not without the right equipment anyway. One day she was going to drive her sword through his chest and watch as Sangloupmon dug his fangs hard into the armoured flesh of the centaur. But it was going to take a while for that to happen yet; she had to help these kids find the power of the crests again before they could go any further.

She bit her thumb worriedly as she stared at the next dig destined, were they even going to be strong enough to find them, even with her help she couldn’t hold off some of the stronger digimon with Sangloupmon at this level. If they were truly the chosen then they would have no problem, they’re hearts would lead them in the direction. Aisha was just a little gutted that the power of the crests had not returned to they’re original places. Not even the power of courage had returned to the volcano, she had hoped that the spirits of WarGreymon and the Flamedramon had come to find her once again after Piedmon had taken her crest.

Her eyes widened, perhaps she didn’t possess that element anymore, perhaps she had become more of a coward than she realized…or perhaps the power of courage had left her after she had left her friends for dead. The spirits of the digimon had despatched once again from the souls of the former digidestined to await the new and improved ones. She looked at the group and snarled, there was no way this group was greater than what they’re group had been, and to think that one of them showed characteristics of more courage than herself, it was stomach churning, but she needed them.

Perhaps she had taken on a more powerful characteristic of herself. Perhaps courage wasn’t her element anymore, perhaps it was something else. There was hope for her and Sangloupmon yet. But then…did that mean that Waka had also lost his characteristic for one of these chosen before her to have been called? It couldn’t be, he still had his characteristic and so did she…but it was always possible that they had become stronger, traded in they’re original crests for stronger ones. Perhaps the spirits of more digimon needed to be found…or had been found without them realizing it. But then if that were the case, why couldn’t Sangloupmon digivolve?

She was brought from her thoughts by a squeeze from the digimon curled behind her. “Are you okay?”
The teen nodded, “M’fine, Sangloupmon. Just thinking is all" She ran a hand through the silver fur and gave him a smile. She knew the wolf didn't believe her in the slightest, but he knew not to say anything to her. Instead he snorted and wrapped his tail around his master, the spikes failing to penetrate her skin. He then proceeded to hoist Aisha onto his back.

From atop the beasts back, she bent down and gave Elecmon a pat on the head. “Take care of yourself.”

“No worries, young mistress. I can hold my own! You take care now!”

She smiled “Thanks.", before guiding Sangloupmon over to the herd of baby digimon and humans. "Now let’s move it, people! We have a long way to go and were not even sure of where were going yet. Your digimon are skill in they're baby or in-training forms and we need to make them stronger, the only way were gonna do that is to get you into some battles. Evil digimon roam these lands and need to be taken care of, now lets move it!” With that, she moved off, hoping that by some chance, the hearts of these kids would lead the way to the first digimon. "Questions will be answered as we walk!" She called back.

June 23rd, 2007, 8:47 AM

Name: Uria Sotomura

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Description: At a height of 5'9'' , he is able to do most kinds of things. He has an athletic build and is always seen wearing a black vest with blue flames at the bottom. He has blown back dirty blonde hair and has blood red eyes to finish it off. He wears either blue or black jeans and is always wearing black gloves with the fingers ripped off. He wears athletic black sneakers and has a headband with a "V" crest on it. He is a kind of light skin tone color but not too light.He wears a black t-shirt under his vest and always has his Digivice in the inside pocket of his vest. The vest is high collared and sleeveless also. He has a scar going diagonally from the top of his nose. Gold trimmings border the edges of his vest until they meet with the blue flames.

Personality: He is very short-tempered but is mildly respectful. Lots of people in his class are very afraid to actually anger him , well , the smart enough ones are while the idiots are , well , stupid enough to actually do it. However , he has a good sense of humor and is very caring to his friends and the ones he love. If he has a plan he tries to ask for everyone's opinion on it , instead of just going for it like some people do. Since he never knew his parents he tried to find love from another person. He ended up living with his friend Kimiko and her parents , with his Grandmother's agreement. He has been happy and outgoing for a long time since that happened. He will never give up no matter what happens.

History: Uria never knew what love was until he moved in with his friend Kimiko and her parents when he was seven. His grandmother was too demanding and too money-minded to actually care for Uria , not that she would've though. When he was ten he became very addicted to skateboarding and basketball. He would always try to enter little skateboarding tournaments and if he doesn't win he tries harder the next time.He makes a lot of friends and always does his best in something competitive.

Crest: Knowledge

Digivice color: Lime Green with bits of dark green.


Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/be/Chikomon.jpg
* Bubble Blow: An attack that involves firing bubbles from its mouth.

Name: DemiVeemon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/29/DemiVeemon.jpg
*Hop Attack: A full body tackle.

Name: V-mon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/44/V-mon.gif
*Vee-Headbutt (V-mon Head): Charges and headbutts the opponent with tremendous force.

Name: V-Dramon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/45/Veedramon.jpg
* V-Nova Blast (V-Breath Arrow): Shoots out a V-shaped heat beam that can burn an enemy to crisp in seconds.
* V-Breath Arrow MAX: Concentrates his energy to shoot a big and powerful V-shaped heat beam. Only the ancient ones can use this attack.
* Hammer Punch: Powers up his fist and launches a punch at the enemy.
* Cutter Shoot: Uses his claws to create multiple flying blades of wind.

Name: AeroV-Dramon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e0/Aero_V-dramon_Zero.jpg
* V-Nova Blast (V-Breath Arrow): shoots out a V-shaped heat beam that can burn an enemy to crisp in seconds.
* V-Wing Blade: shoots out a V-shaped blast of heat.
* Magnum Clash (Magnum Crusher): punches the foe with a fist of glowing energy.
* Twister Saber: charges up the blades on his wrists with energy and slashes at the foe.
* Dragon Impulse: An energy dragon is created and released at the enemy.
* Wind Guardian: can use his wings to create a gust of air which blows away the enemy.

Mega level-UlforceV-Dramon form #1
Name: UlforceV-Dramon
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/ba/UlforceVeedramon.jpg
* Ray of Victory (Shining V Force): Fires a beam from the V-shaped armor on his chest.
* Victory Sword (Ulforce Saber): An attack using the saber that extends from his right V-Bracelet.

Mega level- UlforceV-Dramon form #2
Name: UlforceV-Dramon Future Mode
Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/77/AlforceVeedramon_FM.jpg
* Ray of Victory (Shining V Force): Fires a beam from the V-shaped armor on his chest.
* Victory Sword (Ulforce V Saber): An attack using the saber that extends from his right V-Bracelet.
* Saint Great Shield (Tengse Great Shield): Releases holy aura from his left V-Bracelet which becomes a barrier.

RP Sample:

"You're right , and we don't know what kind of hybrids they are. They can be anything from a Venasaur to a-" I paused for a minute and gulped before finishing my sentence. "-if they're lucky , a legendary." I said with a grimace.

I looked at my arm , I barely saw the scars of the battle with Lugia. That was when I lost my fourth pokemon , my Flygon named Kaze..... I shuddered with fear as I had horrible flashbacks of that time.

*Flashback to 3 years ago*
"Kaze! We can do this boy! Hit em' with a dragon claw!" I said as my Flygon slashed Lugia down with a flaming claw. The Lugia looked pretty weak enough to catch , but suddenly...

'Sheeeeeeekisheeeeer!' A noise sounded from Lugia and rang throughout the islands. It caused my hearing to partially fail and the legendary lifted its head up. I stared as I saw the source of the noise. "It's charging an aeroblast , watch out , Kaze!" I yelled as Kaze flew towards the Lugia. Then the legendary launched the attack.

'Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeee!' The blast made a glass breaking noise that sent my ears ringing. I looked up , and saw Kaze get hit by the Aeroblast. "Kaze!!!" I cried out as Flygon got knocked into one of the whirlpools in the ocean. I sent Milolo to save him. 4 minutes later Milolo came back with Kaze , on top of Milolo's 20 foot long body.

I kneeled down next to Kaze on the ground and let a tear emerge from my eyes. It's wounds were internal wounds and the attack was a critical hit. Soon, Kaze might fall asleep , forever.... The intense emotions transformed me into my hybrid form , and Kaze spoke to me in poke-speak. "Master , I'm sorry..." Kaze said in a low voice.

"Kaze , I'm sorry , I shouldn't have pushed you so hard to where you'd end up....end up... like this!"I yelled out as I cried. The desert dragon was bleeding rapidly , and I couldn't heal it. Not even if Milolo used recover on him. "Master , don't cry. Just remember , I'll always remember you , even in death." Kaze muttered to me as he finally closed his eyes , letting one tear roll down his face before he met his awful fate.

I turned to Lugia , who was roaring at its loudest , and I gave it a vengeful glare. I returned to my normal self as I yelled out , "LUGIA! I'll defeat you , to avenge Flygon and fulfill his dream of defeating you! One day I'll say.... 'It's time to lose!'" But Lugia turned and flew away , leaving me standing there next to the body of Kaze. " *sob* KAAAAAZEEEEE!"
*Flashback end*

June 23rd, 2007, 3:52 PM
"What the heck!? Stop ignoring me!" Leon started up, slightly angry at this girl, Aisha, ignoring every little thing he had said to her. "What if I decide I don't want to do this, huh? I have no incentive to stay with you people for this ludicrous journey." He looked down at Kokomon in her arms. Prior to his outburst, Conomon and digivolved into Kokomon, and that supported his little freak out as well. I mean, how often does a little creature change shape in your arms in less than ten seconds? Not often, that's for sure. "I have a play tonight, I'm the male lead! I was going to confess to a girl after, I've been planning it for months! I'll be ruined if I miss it!" Leon was apparently on a role, and Kokomon just let out a sigh before biting him on the arm.

"Would you snap out of it? Geez, I didn't realize humans were weird looking AND whiny!" Kokomon muttered. "Seriously, you aren't aware of everything at stake, and you're already running your mouth..." Leon's eyes wandered away from the brown Digimon as he began to follow Aisha. "You're a weird human, you know that? We'll probably become great friends!"

"Yeah? Why's that?"

"Well, I'm weird too!"

Great, this thing is now comparing me to it. Leon thought to himself as he continued to follow, not exactly sure of the destination. "Well, I guess I'll play along for now. Is there like a time difference or something? Are we going to be here long?"

June 23rd, 2007, 7:23 PM
Peace looks down at Chuumon and Sukamon, they looked up at her confused, “What does she mean by that?” Peace asks ignoring what was happening around her and only looking at her new found and only friends.

“She means that each of you were chosen to control a different crest element, the crests hold a Digidestand’s Digimon’s true power.” Chuumon explains from her arms.

“Yeah, the Crest elements are um…” Sukamon looks at his yellow hands, “Courage, Love, Friendship, um…” he closes his eyes, “Knowledge, Serenity, Hope and Light.” He looks up, “Those are the old ones that I know of anyway.”

Chuumon climbs onto Peace’s shoulder, “There are a few others now I think, but being low ranking digimon, we don’t know of them. No one tells us anything.”

“Low ranking… Digimon?” Peace turns her eyes to him confused.

“Yeah Digimon, Don’t tell me you don’t know about Digimon.” Chuumon gasps.

Peace blushes, “sorry I-“ If there are different crests for you guys then what did you get sis? Whispers a voice from inside her head, The crest of Ignorance? Stupidity? Lust maybe? Face it sis you don’t belong her as much as I don’t belong in you! Peace closes her eyes, “Shut up!” she moans, “Just shut up…”

Chuumon scoots back, “I didn’t say anything…” chuumon says as he drops down and lands on Sukamon.

“Neither did I…” Sukamon agrees taking steps back.

Peace looks down at them, They think you’re weird I., Just like the others that you befriended; they didn’t like you because of who you are! A worthless, no good, Slut! Who thinks of nobody but herself and talks to herself, claiming to talk to someone who isn’t even there! “It’s your fault!” she retaliates to the bodiless voice; She turned to a tree behind her because to her that is where the voice was coming from, “You’re the reason that even Mom doesn’t love me! You’re the reason dad Killed himself! You’re the reason for everything Alan!”

Peace didn’t care if the others looked at her weird Alan had to know his place right here right now, Alan used this moment to take control of half of his beloved sister, “I’m the reason you’re still alive! If it wasn’t for me dad would have taken mom and you with him!” “You’ve done nothing but drag me down ever since I can remember Alan!” “You’re nothing without me Sis!” At this point Peace had begun to walk around in a circle facing the tree the whole time as though the person she were talking to where standing there.

Coomon scoots over and stands next to Chuumon and Sukamon, “What’s going on?” he asks.

Chuumon jumps down and picks up Coomon, “We don’t know kid, but it can’t be good.” Chuumon jumps back onto Sukamon’s head.

“All we can do is watch and be ready so that she doesn’t hurt herself.” Sukamon says rubbing his hands together golden rings clinking together.

Coomon groans, “I was hoping my digidestand wouldn’t need help.”

“What makes you think I can’t do anything without you criticizing me all the time huh?! What makes you think that anything you have to say does anything good for me!?” “Because if I didn’t say anything you would done too many stupid things already sis, you wouldn’t still be pure. You would have only one God Damn Arm, You wouldn’t be able to see!” “And I would have friends!” “A small price to pay for keeping you safe! You have me don’t you! You’ve always had me and you don’t even seem to care! I gave my life to make you stronger and you haven’t even thanked me for any of it!” “I didn’t think I would have to thank you for being Weaker then me! Yeah that’s right! I did my homework, you had no choice in who was to get absorbed and who would do the absorbing, it was because I was stronger!” “If I wasn’t strong enough then why am I still here?!” “Because you’re too stubborn to admit that you’ve lost!” “It’s because I love you damn it!” peace was quiet, “I’ve always loved you sis, even before I knew what love was, I knew that I wanted you to live, you had the brighter future. I had nothing…”

Coomon takes his chance, “Don’t fight please. If you guys fight,” he says catching on quickly as digimon do, “Then I won’t be able to fight decisively, you guys are strong and I need you.” He jumps into their arms, “Pleas don’t fight.”

“Let’s not fight here sis, this world seems to need us.” “Your right Alan, you’ve always been right.” War retreated to where he couldn’t be seen or heard by anyone by Peace. “Alright little one, we’ll behave for you.” Peace says rubbing the little, black mouse Digimon against her face.

“Aww, thanks.” Coomon says purring.

Chuumon and Sukamon walk over to her, “We’d like to tag along with you for a while miss Peace.” Sukamon says. “Yeah, “Chuumon adds, “We feel you might need us. We may not be strong, but we know more about this world then you do.”

“That’s a fact you can take to the bank.” Peace says giggling, War smiles. Peace looks up at the people that also had digimon, “I hope they don’t think I’m weird now…” she whispers. She stays put, she didn’t want to go over there and have them walk away, and she had been hurt to many times to risk it anymore.

Sukamon get’s close to her and places a hand on her leg, “We’re here for you Miss. Peace, even if they aren’t.”

“Thank you so much.” Peace’s eyes start to tear up, no one had ever said that to her before, not even her own mother.

June 24th, 2007, 3:00 AM
(OOC- Omega: Accepted. If you just want to act like you were there the whole time that’s fine, but you can also post a really long first post if you want as well to describe your arrival and such.)


Sangloupmon stopped in his tracks and whirled around to face the boy named Leon, snarling fiercely down at him. “Do not speak to Aisha like that; do not even think of treating her so lowly. If it weren’t for her half of the Digital world would have been destroyed by now if she had not taught and trained many digimon to protect themselves. She remained at Primary village because she knew the numerous babies’ and digitama could not protect themselves. DO NOT speak to her in such a tone!”

Aisha rolled her eyes and leaned over so that she was more or less sitting on the wolf’s head. She stared Leon straight in the eyes and smirked “Then stay here, sooner or later they will come for you and you will never make it home to your beloved play. To get home, you need to do as I say.” She pulled herself back into her rightful place on Sangloupmons back and rolled her shoulders. “And to think that you are the one that is to hold that specific crests power.” At this she laughed out aloud and shook her head. “If you wish for your Digimon to digivolve further, then you need to make done of that attitude of yours towards your team mates.

She then turned her attention to the girl who had been circling a tree seemingly talking to herself. But Aisha knew better than that, being here for so long she could practically see the person she was fighting with. “And you, to think you are supposedly going to tame the crest of the heart. You certainly make me laugh; fighting will get you no where in this world, even if it is a battle within you.” She straightened and looked at the group “All of you, right now, need to come to terms with the fact that you are this worlds only hope, I request that you stop acting like children and deal with it!”

As Aisha finished her sentence a rumbling came from beneath they’re feet. Her brow caved into a frown and she immediately took her twin blades from they’re sheathes. She reared Sangloupmon and herself about to face the way she knew the rumbling to be coming from and readied herself. “Be prepared, we have company.” She informed the digidestined. “It’s time for you to meet your true partners for this journey!”

They’re surroundings was a complete desert, the primary village was seen in the background, along with the starting of a forest. The digital world was random in its scenery, what could start as a desert could end in a lush green forest. Other than the background scenery, the rest was desert; it was hard to tell where this enemy would strike from. For a split second the rumbling stopped, and even Aisha was confused as to what was happening for a second. There was an intense moment where the digidestined stood in confusion, but that soon came to an end as a figure emerged from the sand with a great roar.

Aisha was knocked from Sangloupmon as the digimon was closest to her and the large amounts of sand that spilt forward managed to dig its way into her eyes. She gave a snarl and took to covering her face with her hands. Sangloupmon, ever the knight in shining armour, was at her side immediately, covering her thin frame with his own slightly bulkier one. Aisha took to rubbing her eyes vigorously, but no matter what she did the sand would not budge from her eyes.

“Damn it!”

It was at this moment, that Sangloupmon became her eyes and ears. As the enemy digimon loomed over them, Sangloupmon spoke “It is one of them, a Drimogemon.”
Only this one has a navy bandana wrapped around its front right paw and stuck to the bandana was a gold badge shaped like a spear and a bow crossed with one large Katana going through the middle of the two other weapons.

Aisha, still trying to rid her eyes of pain, called to the digidestined. “I’m outa this one, it’s up to you. Get your digimon to attack, believe in them! The more you believe, the stronger they will grow! Have them Digivolve! You can do it! Sangloupmon, help them if need be, but let them grow stronger, I know they can take him down if they try, just protect them if things get out of hand!”

Sangloupmon nodded, but did not move from covering Aisha. “When need be.”

(OOC- Okay, your first battle with a Drimogemon! Now, your Digimon aren’t going to digivolve straight away obvioudly, for them to reach any higher, you have to believe they can beat this champion digimon. Sangloupmon is there for you to control if need be, so for this battle he is an open character as Aisha is outsies for this one.)

June 24th, 2007, 5:55 PM
OOC: About the frequency of posting... I'm not posting too much/too soon compared to others, am I?


Kay could feel his nerves getting the better of him as the Digidestined treaded deeper into unknown territory. As they travelled, the scenery changed from village to forest, to the most unbearable yet, dessert. The sun’s heat trampled on him, slowly depleting his energy and making it hard for him concentrate. Without even realising it, his body began to take smaller steps in order to reserve energy. Naturally, this caused Kay to drop to the back of the flock.

He looked at the Digimon resting peacefully on his palms. “How do you manage to survive in this kind of heat? It’s enough to drive you crazy!”

“Thanks to your shadow, I don’t have to worry about that.” Zerimon smiled. He had to live this opportunity up to the fullest, for he knew the day when he could longer fit in his Tamer’s hands would come. “Talking about going crazy, why don’t you go and check up on your friend over there?”

The suggestion initially confused the redheaded teen. Pulling his attention from his Digimon partner and looking to his left, Kay spotted the late comer in a conversation … with herself apparently. Emotional words were exchanged between her and her supposed alternate personality, while the Digimon accompanying her attempted to calm her down. Kay wondered what that was about but was not too sure he wanted to know. She was probably having a harder time processing all the new information than the others. Girls, in his experience, were more susceptible to such breakdowns under these kinds of circumstances. Perhaps it would do good for him to lend an ear. He nodded at Zerimon, thanking him for bringing the issue to his attention. Once the girl had settled down tolerably, Kay approached her and delivered a light nudge to the arm.

“Hey, you OK?” That was a stupid question to ask, Kay realised, as he noticed her green eyes had been burdened with tears. It would have helped if he had some sort of plan to help him direct his efforts. He did not even now what exactly was troubling her. Oh well, it looked like he would have to wing it. “I understand how much of a toll this can take on a person. But try not to feel secluded, as you probably know we are all going through similar situations. I mean, if you had not gotten here late, you would have heard superhero boy over there complain about practically everything that has happened since he was brought to this world. Can’t blame him though, this is pretty messed up.”

He looked up ahead at said teen. It was too far for them to hear what was being said, but it looked like Aisha was on some sort of rant, undoubtedly giving Leon the attention he had asked for. “Heh, I never figured her to be the type. She usually seems quite peaceful.”

“Oh, she is,” Zerimon commented. “She’s just determined. And strong willed too. Not to mention your caped buddy is disregarding everything she has been through. I’m going with Aisha on this one. Someone needs to tell him to lighten up, and enjoy the bumpy ride while he can. This is only the beginning. I’d shudder to think what he’ll be like later on.”

“I guess,” Kay said. He did not want to elaborate because it felt like gossip to him, a bothersome ritual he hated with a passion at his school. He turned back to the dark-haired teen. “Oh, by the way, my name is Don Kay Ignis. You can call me Kay. Or Don. Whichever you prefer.”

“Heads up!” The warning came from the partner in his hands. “Looks like we’ve got trouble up ahead!”

An abrupt rumble shook beneath their feet. Kay wobbled but managed to keep himself from falling. “We better catch up to the others!” And with those final words to her, he sprinted ahead, doing his best to navigate through the sandy, unstable surface.

He staggered to Aisha's side, hearing the orders she had given the Digidestined on his way. The sinister looking Drimogemon had drilled right to surface with that powerful, metallic, drill like snout of its. “We’re supposed to fight that thing!?” Kay asked in horror. “What does it want from us anyway?”

Zerimon hopped out of Kay’s hands, landing on the ground next to Sangloupmon. “Gee, I dunno, Kay. Maybe it wants to be our friend!” He said sarcastically. “Now, help me digivolve so we can bury this thing in the very sand it rose from! Just concentrate, you can do it!”

At first, Kay had no idea what he was supposed to concentrate on. Using his imagination, he decided he would focus all his energy and willpower, and then transfer that to Zerimon. Give or take a few seconds, the technique worked! Due to having his eyes closed however, Kay had missed the entire digivolution process (again). Where Zerimon had once been sitting, a new Digimon had taken form. It had developed the ears its predecessor lacked, and now stood upright, but not on legs, with rather some sort of skirt? It was the best way Kay could describe it at the moment. “Zerimon, is that a skirt you’re wear--"

“It’s Gummymon, now!”

Well, he looked different so perhaps it made sense that he got a different name. Shifting his attention back to the hazard at hand, Kay noticed something about the crazed Digimon’s appearance, and formulated a plan. He would probably need the help of Sangloupmon and the others to pull it off though. He walked over to the wolf Digimon, and kneeled beside him. “Hey, I’ve got an idea! I think if we can get one of us or one of our Digimon either on top or beneath Drimogemon, we can attack at its most vulnerable points. Only question is how are we going to do that!?” He gritted his teeth in frustration. “Think, Kay, think….”


June 25th, 2007, 2:52 PM
"Well, that's a big, drilling... mole thing?" Leon murmured skeptically to nobody in particular as he drew his wooden katana, just in case. He figured it was about as useful as throwing nitroglycerin on an open fire, but it never hurt, especially after that thing took Aisha by surprise. 'So, umm, little brown thing. Er... Kokomon, was it? How do you 'digivolve'?" As much as he didn't want to be here, Leon had come to the conclusion that he had no choice for now. Now he just needed to figure out how everything worked...

"Well, there's a warm feeling that makes you feel good, and then there's a WOOSH and a BLAM!" Kokomon replied as it leaped to the ground, apparently quite content with her less than mediocre description. Apparently a child-like mentality was not the greatest at producing accurate and helpful descriptive processes. "But I think it may have something to do with you... AH!" The mole... thing, Drimogemon, was it? Anyways, it had sent a large piece of rock in Kokomon's direction. "Koko Crusher!" Kokomon shouted as brown pellets shot from its mouth towards the rock. But alas, the attack was too weak, and just bounced off. Seeing no other option, it flinched, expecting to take the hit.


Leon was all over that rock like a chocolate obsessed kid on a 20 foot smartie with his katana, knocking it clean to the ground, with minimal chipping of the blade. "Well, can't exactly let my 'partner' get knocked out of the game at the very beginning, now can I?" Kokomon's eyes watered up as it jumped in front of Leon, the meaning implied. "So, you want to fight that thing, shortstuff? Well then, we better get strong together!" Apparently, Leon was all into it now. Nothing like heated conflict with an outside source to create a bond between people.

"Kokomon digivolve to... Lopmon!" Leon gave the Digimon a puzzled expression as she digivolved once more, her data reforming to look like a brown rabbit. Well, a primarily brown rabbit with three horns on her head and gigantic ears, with pink patches around her chest and creating lines on her ears, along with the ends. "Surprised?" She said in a much less childish voice, although it was still quite high. "This is our power. The sooner you come to realize we were fated to meet, Leon, the better!" She ran at the Drimogemon with her tiny legs, and jumped into the air. She opened her ears and began gliding closer, before shouting "Blazing Ice!" as little blue crystals flew from her mouth towards the Drimogemon. She adjusted her angle afterwards, and began gliding back to Leon, who was still awestruck.

June 25th, 2007, 3:44 PM
OOC: Here is a more detailed post

After they started walking Aisha noticed a Drimogemon. “I’m outa this one, it’s up to you. Get your digimon to attack, believe in them! The more you believe, the stronger they will grow! Have them Digivolve!" Axle was glad that Bombmon digivolved. Drimogemon was a big whale with a large weapon.

Then once the battle started two digimon digivolved. It was more impressive then Axle thought. "Missimon. How about you try"

Missimon nodded in its own floated way. Then it began to ram right into Drimogemon. However it just bounced off the large whale's hide. "Missimon. Can't you do something else?" Missimon nodded. Then yelled out "Missle Crash" A missle launched straight into Drimogemon. But the large whale just shaked it off.

Damn Axle thought, Drimogemon was to powerful for Missimon. But I can't just give up "Missimon, try to get underneath Drimogemon and blast"

Missimon went close to Drimogemon. Then went underneath the beheamoth and yelled out "MISSLE CRASH" But the blast wasn't very large. But still large enough to hurt the whale. It groaned in pain but still whacked Missimon out of the way.

"Good try Missimon. But it is just to powerfull. Keep ramming it and try to get underneath again" Axle knew that this was futile. But it was still a good shot

June 25th, 2007, 4:32 PM
Ace watched on as Cape-boy had gone on a long, unneeded rant about not wanting to help because there was nothing in it for him and that he was missing his play. Ace decided to ignore him, as well as the new-arrived girl who seemed to be having a massive arguement with, herself? Aisha had directed that everyone should be headed off and so he had followed right behind her making sure to stay away from trouble. Little did he know that being in the front would lead him to getting a ton of sand in his and hearing a loud roar. "What in tarnations?!?" yelled Ace.

Ace looked up at the large Digimon that Sangloupmon claimed to be a "Drimogimon". Three others had decided to attack it so far, two of them had digivolved and the other one had digivolved before hand. Unfortunately Aisha and Sangloupmon decided to stay out of this fight. Ace looked down at the little furry thing and asked, "Well, we better join in to. I dunno if we can help em' or not due to tha fact that ya havn't 'Digivolved' yet, aye?" Puwamon looked back at Ace with a nasty look and murmurred with a slight sign of depression, "Of course I havn't. You don't have any faith in me, do you? If you did... I might be able to Digivolve." Ace looked down at it with a big grin, "Of course ah have faith in ya! Y'know, I'll let you go fight, and beat that thang down, ah-kay!?" Ace cheered right into Puwamon's face. Puwamon nodded with a slight smile and jumped down. He hopped towards the towering Mole-like Digimon and jumped up and a bright light emerged from his body. His voice echoed as he said the words, "Puwamon Digivolve to... Pinamon!!".

Ace looked on in amazement; Puwamon... no, Pinamon had digivolved! He shouted across to Pinamon, "Good job!! You can do it, Ah'm sure of it!" The new digimon, who looked quite similar with the large eyes and large eyebrows; except this time the eyebrows were red and that the feathers were straightened along his sides instead of poofing outwards and also had two tails instead of one, had jumped up and faced Drimogimon and shouted, "Piripiri spark!" as a small amount of electrical energy formed at his tails and the static jumped from his tail over and hit Drimogimon in his driller nose. The large Digimon let out a small roar of pain. Ace's grin grew threefold as he shouted back at Pinamon, "Yah! That's tha way to beat em' down!".

edit: I was wondering... what about the Digivices... I don't think you mentioned anything about that nor did we include it when we were taken to the Digital world. x=

June 26th, 2007, 7:06 PM
Peace squeezed Coomon tightly in her arms, she didn’t want to fight that big ugly digimon, “What is that?!” she whispers to Chuumon.

“That’s a Drimogimon, it’s a very territorial digimon. They don’t attack normally and even if they do all they will do is drill a hole in the ground for you to fall in, they are more at home in the ground so if he makes a hole don’t fall in!” Chuumon says flatly.

Blank walks over to the boy named Axle, “Excuse me…” she says tapping his shoulder, “um… I… I’m kind of.” Pulling her hand back she looks at Shukamon, “I’m not good with people.”

“We can see that.” Coomon says smiling, “Don’t worry they’ll be your friends just like us. Now talk to him before he thinks you’re rude.”

Peace sighs and places her hand on Axle’s shoulder, “Um, can we talk somewhere else?”

((I was going to make it longer, but I ran out of time. That’s what I get for having only two hours and having three hours worth of stuff to do.))

June 27th, 2007, 10:19 AM
Axle kept calling to Missimon "Remember. Try to get somewhere where Drimogemon doesn't expect" Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He quickly turned around to see who.

He saw a gorgeous girl who was a little older then he was. She quickly asked “Excuse me… um… I… I’m kind of I’m not good with people." Axle looked strangely at this girl. She had a baby digimon in her hands who looked quite strangely at him. “Um, can we talk somewhere else?” she asks. Axle nods and calls out to Missimon "Missimon. Keep attacking Drimogemon. I have... something to check out"

"So... where do you have in mind?" Axle didn't know what she wanted but the girl was strange. As if there were two minds inhabiting her

June 28th, 2007, 3:35 PM

Kay and Gummymon watched on curiously at the attempts to bring the Drimogemon down. The kids and their partners put up a good effort, but at this stage of their development, he doubted their Digimon companions possessed enough power to eliminate the threat on their own. More than likely, Sangloupmon would be required to get involved. Kay considered the sapphire beast yet to move from his partner’s side.

As the red-haired Tamer contemplated a course of action, Gummymon struggled to find solid ground against the much larger opponent. Cone-shaped claws swiped at him, left and right, missing short of a finger's length. The Drimogemon was rather agile for a creature its size. Gummymon could only dodge so many attacks before his stamina had run out. A hard slap finally found its mark, sending the exhausted Digimon rolling along the sand. Stammering eyes rose to witness the same fate befall Missimon. Having no limbs at his disposal, Gummymon attempted to blink away the sand troubling his vision. The sight of Drimogemon marching to his position flickered obscurely.

Gummymon made out an electric charge striking the mole’s drill. The attack slowed down the oversized Digimon at best. Once the static had fizzled out of his system, Drimogemon continued its approach towards a helpless Gummymon. “Uh oh,” was all Gummymon gasped as the overshadowing foot descended above him. Smeared like poop on the sole of a mole’s foot … what a way to go, Gummymon thought, disturbed at the imagery he conjured up.

A silvery object swiftly cut through the sandy air, evoking a disgruntled roar once it had struck its target. Gummymon opened his eyes, half-surprised to feel his little body was still intact. In a sudden movement that briefly upset his tummy, friendly hands suddenly swooped up the small Digimon.

“Close call,” Kay said to the partner now secure on his laps. He received a weak smile as thanks.

“Don’t relax just yet,” Sangloupmon warned his riders. “The blade I shot at his shin may have stopped him for now, but the enemy still moves.”

Kay cringed at these words, his fingers inadvertently squeezing poor Gummymon a tad too hard. Gummymon yelped in agony as the clumsy Tamer added to the pain he suffered at the hands of Drimogemon. Kay apologised in a soft mutter. “Gee, you’re hurt pretty badly, Gummymon. Maybe you should sit the rest of this one out.” The last thing he wanted to do was push the In-Training Digimon too far.

Just as Kay had expected, Gummymon protested, churning his features as he tried to absorb the pain in his abdomen. “Not a chance!” He declared, one eye still twitching slightly. There was a short silence amongst them. Kay had a feeling trying to talk him out of it would be pointless, and Gummymon was grateful he did not bother with it.

“So.” Sangloupmon came to a stop. A safe distance away, Drimogemon was slowly recovering from his wound. “Your decision?”

The red-haired Tamer with dark glasses on his brow was unsure. Common sense screamed that it was too dangerous, especially for an injured Digimon. The sturdy glint in Gummymon’s eyes said something entirely different. It also reminded him how much he had to learn about Digimon, and the Digital World. He sighed. This was the second time he would go against his better judgement since entering this realm. “Full speed ahead, Sangloupmon!” He then patted Gummymon softly atop his horn. “I’m behind you, a hundred percent.”

Gummymon smiled.

“Gummymon digivolve to…” A luminous light enveloped the small Digimon. His body began to grow right in Kay’s hands. “Terriormon!” He announced at the end of the transformation.

Terriormon was at least three times the size of his predecessor. Kay’s hands collapsed at the added weight, causing the bunny-like Digimon to fall onto Sangloupmon’s back. It possessed the same dark eyes, only larger to accommodate its rounder face. Also large were its long ears, which appeared to be taller than the actual Digimon itself.

“Congratulations on finally growing arms and legs!” Kay grinned.

“Thanks,” Terriormon said, in a less high-pitched voice, though still audibly childish. “Now let’s go get that long-nosed-good-for-nothing-mole-creature!”

“As you wish,” Sangloupmon said with a slight smile.

Kay and Terriormon were forced to grab hold of the wolf’s shoulders as it suddenly started for Drimogemon. Visually recovered, the villainous mole began a charge of its own towards the passenger-bearing Sangloupmon. The two adversaries locked glares, neither seemingly intimidated by the expected collision. With a drill like Drimogemon’s, and a head like Sangloupmon’s, why would they be? Kay reckoned. He soon realised Sangloupmon had no intentions to butt heads with the attacker. Using its powerful legs to push against the ground, the sapphire beast launched them well above Drimogemon.

High winds fluttered Kay’s red bangs, as they soared through the air. He felt half-exhilarated and half-frightened, whilst Terriormon was clearly over-spilling with excitement, screaming ‘whee’ at the top of his lungs.

“There’s the advantage you spoke of earlier.” Kay nodded. He knew exactly what Sangloupmon was referring to. “Get the job done.”

“Will do!” The two partners shouted in chorus. Taking a leap of faith, Kay grabbed hold of Terriormon and dismounted Sangloupmon in mid-air. With a little bit of planning, and a little bit of luck, the pair freefell right onto the back of an unexpected Drimogemon. They landed with a thump that caused the Digimon to wail in pain. Not wasting any time, Terriormon began to concentrate energy within his body. Meanwhile, Kay did his best to prevent them from falling as the rabid mole struggled to shake the pair off its back. After what felt like several hours of rodeo to Kay, Terriormon had successfully charged his attack to nearly full potential.

“Bunny Blast!” A green energy ball, the size of a blown up balloon, shot forth from the bunny Digimon’s mouth. Kay and Terriormon were thrown by the force of the attack, sending them a few feet backwards. For Drimogemon, receiving the other end of the blast was no fun. The accumulated power, coupled with the point-blank range, struck the mole with incredible force in small of its back. The Bunny Blast sent the huge Digimon rolling a couple of times before coming to a stop. Sand was hurled into the air by the struck Drimogemon’s uncontrollable tumbling.

As it lay there, stirring painfully in defeat, two figures approached through the walls of sand. At closer inspection, Kay noticed something he had not seen when he first set eyes on the Digimon. “Terriormon, what’s that red thing wrapped around its right paw?”

Terriormon shrugged his shoulders. “I dunno.” Now that the Digimon was down and barely moving, Terriormon felt brave enough to walk right up to it and tug on said bandana. “A little help here!” He wheezed as he tried to pull it off single-handedly. Kay kneeled down and together, the two partners managed to yank the crimson strip from the downed Digimon. “Let’s see if anything happens,” Terriormon said, keeping a cautious eye on the Drimogemon the entire time.


June 28th, 2007, 4:12 PM
OOC: Aw I wanted to digivolve Missimon. Oh well better luck next time. Oh and Shaydeh did Iruka let you bunny Sangloupmon?


Missimon began to tackle Drimogemon over and over. But the inflated whale was just to much. The champion was far more of a match over the small in-training. Missimon hoped that he could digivolve soon so that he could defeat Drimogemon. Suddenly his prayers were cut short as Terriermon blasted Drimogemon with an attack. Terriermon kept attacking Drimogemon till he fell defeated.

Aw damn Missimon thought. He really was looking forward to doing that himself. Terriermon and its tamer went towards the downed whale.


Axle noticed Drimogemon's defeat. He quickly ran towards Missimon and knelt close to him. "You alright? What happened?" Axle was slightly disturbed by the fact how attached he got towards the small creature in the short time he had known about him. Missimon replied "Yes, Terriermon defeated Drimogemon." Axle was glad. But Missimon did not digivolve further like most of the rookies did. Axle was slightly disappointed but it quickly vanished. "Okay then Missimon."

Axle got up and ran to the girl who talked to him before. "Sorry about that. You were saying?"

June 28th, 2007, 4:19 PM
OOC: I'm not sure what you mean by 'bunny', but a few posts back I recall her stating that we could all control Sangloupmon for the duration of this battle... Oh, and don't worry about it, surely more battles lay ahead of us. Missimon will get his chance.

June 28th, 2007, 5:56 PM
((Bunny is Omni's way of saying control, It threw me for a loop the first time i heard it too.))

IC: Peace smiles, "I was just wondering if, maybe you could help me with Coomon." she bounces the now sleeping baby digimon, "he's so small and fragile, I'm afraid of him getting hurt, does he really have to fight? like that girl said."

Chuumon climbs Peace's leg and sits on her shoulder, it looked acward for a girl dressed in mostly black to have a pink mouse on her shoulder, but there were stranger things around them. "She's afraid that her new baby will get hurt." the comment had jumped out of peace's mouth so suddenly that she jumped. "She never liked fighting, just a pet peeve of hers," Peace's expression changes for a moment, "She likes you though."

peace gasps as this is said, "I do not! keep your nose out of my business!"

"We share a nose." War mocked before he returned to where he belonged.

"ignore him he just likes to hear himself talk, That was my twin brother Alan-"

"War!" War interrupted.

"Whatever, I'm sure Axel doesn't care." She blushes, "He never keeps quite, you don't' think I'm' weird do you?"

"He'd better not!" War drops in, Chuumon giggles.

June 29th, 2007, 12:32 PM
OOC: Ah it seems Iruka did. My apologies


Axle was perplexed. The girl who spoke to him acted like she had an alter ego. A guy by the name of War. This day gets stranger by the second Axle thought to himself. "Okay, I think that Coomon does need to fight. But I don't know this is my first time in this place as well." Axle was not confused though. He fully understood that to make a digimon stronger you needed to battle other digimon. It all reminded him of a roleplaying game he played before. "Don't worry I have seen weirder people before. I am Axle by the way. I guess you already knew that. Whats your name?"


Missimon floated towards Axle "Hey Axle, whatcha doin'." Axle looked behind himself and looked on the ground. Missimon was there with a curious expression. "Nothing Missimon. I was just... introducing myself" Axle turned back towards the girl. "Oh I'm sorry. So whats your name?" Axle was suddenly curious of what the girl was called in relation to her alter-ego

July 1st, 2007, 6:54 PM
Peace smiled, "My full name is Irisia Alejandra Candy Celaya, my boyfriends called me I. Candy, I prefer it if people call me Peace." She bounces Coomon, "It's nice to meet you." She leans down to Missimon, "Aren't you cute, hi..." she smiles her arms squeezing together and making things... more visible. "He's so cute, almost as cute as Coomon."

((it's short yes... I didn't have much inspiration.))

July 1st, 2007, 6:57 PM
OOC: Just a reminder that I'm gone until next Thursday as of tomorrow. I'll leave the temporary fate of my character in Iruka's hands.

July 2nd, 2007, 6:34 AM
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July 2nd, 2007, 7:47 PM
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July 3rd, 2007, 3:30 PM
OOC: So people are leaving left and right. Lets hope that we can get this roleplay moving before more people lose intrest


Axle bent down towards Missimon as well. "Yeah but it doesn't matter what he looks like." Missimon looked slightly alarmed by this comment. Axle continued "What I really want is him to be friendly." Axle knew Missimon was pretty friendly. But the digimon barely even spoke to him.

Axle stood up. He started to walk away with Missimon trailing him. "well I am going to check things out. Nice to meet you Peace". Peace was friendly as well but her alter-ego was a little disturbing.

Axle walked over to Aisha who was slightly quiet during the battle against Drimogemon. "So where are we headed from here? If we want to get your creast and the rest of ours we need to continue moving"

July 16th, 2007, 7:47 AM

The orange-haired teen walked into view, leaving a motionless Drimogemon at waste far behind him. Kay twirled a red bandana with his index finger. Terriormon, quite content on his Tamer’s shoulder, wore a proud smirk on his round face. The events of the battle unfolded favourably to say the least.

Kay wasted no time in thanking Sangloupmon once they arrived at Aisha’s side. Her faithful partner had returned to her aid as soon as his participation in the battle was no longer necessary. “Look what we found tied around one of Drimogemon’s legs.” Kay presented the red ribbon to Aisha, hoping that maybe she would be able to identify it. The reason he felt the item held some significance was that there was no way Drimogemon could have wrapped it around its own shin, especially given the inflexible structure of his ‘paws’. “I think a human might be responsible for it. Someone out there might be tagging these wild Digimon for who knows what.”

Terriormon nodded. “That’s what we came up with anyway. Maybe we should leave this to Aisha to figure out, Kay.”

There was no argument against that from his Tamer. Kay dropped the bandana on the girl’s lap. Backtracking to when he first arrived there, Kay vaguely recalled Axle mentioning something to Aisha. “I’m ready to continue on whenever everyone else is. If you need more rest, Aisha, then that’s fine too.”


July 16th, 2007, 10:41 AM
((I"m going to have to drop out here guys, I've had no time on the comp and there is nothing I can do about it so.. I'm taking my chars out. well actually, Omni asked to have my chars so he has permission to do what he wishes with them. so. that is all.))


July 16th, 2007, 11:06 AM
(OOC- Okay, Love, Reliability and Knowledge have gone. No worries, I’ll think of something in order for us to continue, as for my absence from the RPG, I have had RL problems as well as connectivity problems, we had to reset everything the yesterday because it has kept logging me off for no reason what so ever. Anyways: )

Aisha snarled, she had not been expecting to be rendered useless for the entire fight, but after picking another grain of sand from her eye she shook her spiked hair free of a mass of white sand and got to her feet. “I’m fine, we’ll keep moving, hopefully we won’t be running in to anymore creatures along the way, but I doubt it.” She looked around and noted that everyone had managed to get they’re Digimon to digivolve through out the battle and she smirked. “Well done, took me a little longer to get them to rookie, can’t say I was the bravest of fellows back in my day as a digi destined.”

She looked towards the horizon and gave a cough; they still had quite a while to walk before they reached their destination. She got back on to her companions back and made herself comfortable once again. “C’mon then, its already put us back a few, we need to make a move if we want to make it to the village before sun down, I don’t really fancy staying out her any longer than I have too. Our next destination is a small sand village home to some quaint little desert digimon, they’re village is untouched by the calling of those shrines.”

With that she motioned for them to move on through the desert land. But she pulled up beside the orange haired teen that had a red bandana wrapped around his finger, she took it from him and studied it for a second before handing it back to the teen. She smiled “Heh, your quite bright, could well be humans behind this, its always possible that they were the ones that programmed the shrines into the digital world and even created digimon to protect it, you could call it a virus. But yeah, everyone of the Digimon that I have had to face has been wearing one of those.”

“I’m not to sure of it myself because I have been stuck here for so long, but I always did think that humans has a helping hand in making Lucemon what he was, he did seem to aware of the human world than was necessary, he always taunted us about going back to those we loved, forgetting out mission and having him return us to the human world. Sometimes I even thought humans were speaking through him, as if they had made some sort of Virus to contaminate the digital world and wipe it from existence. Some humans have always feared the thought of the barrier between the real world and the digital world fading, which is why some humans have tried to destroy it or at least prevent digimon from entering the digital world. Maybe this time they succeeded in creating a virus powerful enough to accomplish that. It’s sorta as if Lucemon was created by humans. But again, I can’t be sure. All I know is we have to stop it before its too late.”

July 16th, 2007, 11:19 AM
OOC: Hey Iruka. Blank allowed me to control her characters. So can I do that?....

IC: To come later

July 16th, 2007, 11:35 AM
"The attack strategy itself was also worrisome." Leon said as he trailed after, Lopmon resting on his head as he placed his hands behind the back of his head. "It charged in with no plan whatsoever, without any form of defense. It was too distracted by killing us that it paid no attention to our attacks. Almost like it was fighting blindly. Anyways, if there are more of those things around, I'd like to analyze the next one we run into. We might be able to devise some kind of strategy if they all strike in a similar matter... As for who may be behind this, do you know of any place that archives the history of this world? We could gather some clues there... And how do our Digimon digivolve further? Is it the same as how it has been, or what? And what about wildlife? Do only Digimon inhabit this land?" It was apparent at this point that the previous battle had gotten Leon a little bit psyched about his situation. He was a scholar at heart, and the thought of having a completely new world to learn about was now making him giddy.

"Gee, you're a lot happier now. Giddy like a school girl!" Lopmon said drowsily as she rested her head on her tamer's forehead, ears pinned back. "Whew, I'm exhausted. Digivolving twice in one day hasn't been fun at all..." She followed up with a yawn, before falling off after Leon shook his head to shoo away an itch. "Hey, you big oaf! I was trying to sleep!" Lopmon called after the boy as she made an attempt to catch up. After she did so, she climbed back on top of his head and pulled his hair. Hard. Leon's head shot back in response, obviously in pain by the look on his face. Okay, so maybe they weren't exactly close yet. Even still, they were getting there...

July 17th, 2007, 4:15 PM
OOC:Hopes its not to late.
Description: Wears an Orange vest and a Black Tee-shirt Orange shoes and a Orange hat his pants are black and he also has a Backpack where he keeps all his important items. He also has a pendit that his mom gave him when he stared his journey and a Orange cap to go with his orange and black outfit. Like every other teen Kam likes to have a style all his own. He also has a pair of sunglasses that are usually on at all times. He is a little lighter then Brock
Personality: Very loveing and careing person. Thinks everyone has a little good in them.
Digivice color: lightOrange and lightBlue


Attacks:Tail Whip (Fox Tail): Smacks enemies with her tail.

Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Salamon.jpg
Puppy Howling: A shrill howl used to distract opponents
Petit Punch: Salamon uses her hind feet to push an opponent over
Petit Bite: Salamon bites the opponent

Personality:She is kinda hostil to strangers but she is a pretty sweel girl once she nows you well.She has a soft spot for recently hatched digimon and she is over protective
Lightning Paw (Cat Punch): A lightening-fast punch
Cat's Eye Hypnotism (Cat's Eye): An attack that allows Gatomon to confuse and/or paralyze the opponent.

Name: Nefertimon
Rosetta Stone: A pink beam of light erupts from Nefertimon's necklace, and stone slabs shoot forth from it.
Queen's Paw (Nile Jewelry): Gems are fired from Nefertimon's paws.
Cat's Eye Beam (Curse of Queen): Beams of light fire from Nefertimon's headdress.
Golden Noose (Sanctuary Bind): Nefertimon partners with Pegasusmon to bind enemies with a rope of golden light.

Name: Angewomon
Celestial Arrow (Holy Arrow): Creates an arrow that strikes her enemy.
Heaven's Charm: Creates a cross like shape that acts as a shield and an attack.
Heaven's Charge (Saint Air): Creates a ring of energy force that paralyzes her enemies and restores her allies, who can then lend their power to her.
Divine Kick(Heavens Kick): Angewomon jumps and kicks the enemy with supreme focus and agility.
Heel of Justice(Holy Heel): Angewomon charges all of her energy into her feet and with extreme focus, agility, balance, concentration, and strength she carefully pushes herself toward the enemy with great force and usually K.O. the opponent.

Fire Tornado (Holy Flame): A spiraling flame is shot from the mouth.
Dragon Fire (Apocalypse): Magnadramon calls down energy bolts from the heavens to strike her opponents.
Hermit Fog: Magnadramon sprays forth a mist from her mouth that corrodes anything that it touches.

Sample RP:"Today Class is the final day of being students, after today most of you will be Ninjas." the teacher said. The students started to whisper and think about their ninja teams. The teacher then asked the students to quiet down and come down and get their scrolls of who their teammates and Mentors will be. Hakato Momoshi, Nina Blojob, and Sunde Muschi have been made instructors. After the 30 mins our Hero comes in the class room yelling 'sorry im late'. Miss Yoko says 'your lucky im just calling your team members out' 'All right' Our Hero says 'Tenshi Hakasho[< our hero] Kazakaze Mochi And Mazuki Tamagotchi' the class begins to laugh at Mazuki last name as the teacher tell them to be quiet then the squad leaders appear in front of there Young Ninja and starts to take them for there training to begin. Tenshi was over excited and wanted to know who his squad leader would be after all he thought all the great ninja squad leaders there were before he can see he’s late a woman appeared in front of the young three ninja and said 'I am Tazaku Mewechu and I am your squad leader. Tenshi said um are you feeling in for our Squad Leader I thought he was going to be a male. Mazuki said not all squad leaders are males if you were paying attention there were two other female squad leaders Tenshi just said it doesn’t matter lets start our training Tazaku said all right meet in the second training grounds at noon.

After a hour of preparing all three young ninja appeared in the second training grounds waiting on Tazaku they looked around the open yard terrain then she appeared before them and said our first training will be to hit me in my face 1 time anything can be used know ready start. Tenshi was the first to run and tried to land a blow right for the face but before he could make it she just pushed him aside with her pinky finger and said as for me i will only use 1 hand to fight. Then jumped to doge Kazakaze ku knife that was threw at her, Then she threw Mazuki to the side of her in the mid-air Tenshi looking amazed tried to get her before she landed and to his success he hit but it was a shadow clone and she came from behind and hit him in his back with her palm Tenshi yelled with pain that’s when Mazuki came and grabbed her arm that she was using and kazakaze almost hit her right smack in the face with his fist then she threw Makzuki off and kicked kazakaze and stood straight up and said come on your moving to slow that’s when Tenshi came and threw two shurekins at her and she moved that’s when Mazuki came and hit her in her belly and she spat out spit and then kazakage hit her in her face witch made her look odd and said to herself 'just what I would expect from the those coming from miss Yoko's class' then said out loud 'Good job every one seems that your teamwork skills are great so today you get a treat’ she pulled out a scroll with the words A rank then Tenshi got excited because he knew what a-ranked means he gets to go on a Super cool mission that he read about in books and knew that the Mission would test his skills. She took out the scroll and started read it out loud to them after she was done Kazakaze said 'we should use the time to prepare for the mission there going to have tomorrow'. Mazuki asked if Tazuku knew what kind of country it was like she replied no sadly and to be ready for the tomorrow and disappeared from sight after that they all went there went home to get ready for tomorrow.

July 20th, 2007, 3:16 AM

Terriermon found his partner’s shoulder to be surprisingly comfortable, not to mention convenient. Despite the soothing position, part of him struggled to sit still. Traces of leftover adrenaline were coursing through his system and the boost in energy from his most recent digivolution had yet to settle. Feeling the way he was, the long-eared Digimon could take on another Drimogemon. Heck, maybe even two! In all likelihood that was just the adrenaline speaking. Once it wore down, Terriermon knew he would feel drastically fatigued. Resting on Kay’s shoulder was best for the moment. While Aisha’s theories were not exactly the most interesting thing to listen to right now, he tried his hardest to stay focused.

Kay listened to everything Aisha had to offer with keen interest as he walked alongside her and her companion. Most of the speculation was based on educated guesses and Aisha’s time in the Digital World. Kay processed the information to the best of his abilities. Unsurprisingly, he could not formulate any solid conclusions. It bugged him when he failed to decipher something this important straight away. He sighed hopelessly. “You’ve been in the Digital World a lot longer than we have,” he pointed out to their spiky-haired leader. “If you haven’t figured it all out yet, chances are slim that we’ll get any further than you have.”

“At least we know to keep a look out for tagged Digimon,” the voice on his shoulder shed some light.

Kay thought for a bit. “I’m confused. If humans were afraid of the barrier between our world and this one fading, why would they try to destroy it? That’ll be like doing the opposite of what they want. Preventing Digimon from entering the Digital World seems somewhat impossible to me too, especially since they’re born here. And if humans wanted to stop Digimon from breaking into the real world, shouldn’t they be trying to strengthen the barrier instead and not creating viruses to help tear it down?” The facts were tangled in his mind like a complex spider web and he was not doing a very good job untangling them.

“This whole situation makes me realise one thing,” Terriermon said.

“What’s that?” Kay wondered.

“The same thing I realised when I first set eyes on you.” There was a short, suspenseful silence. “Humans are weird!”

Kay slapped his own forehead. He was half expecting something of substance to come out from the Rookie's mouth. Although, admittedly, he was starting to think the same thing. He ignored his partner’s comments and looked at Aisha. “For what it’s worth, you seem pretty sure that getting rid of this Lucemon character will solve everything. I hope you’re right, and that we can get strong enough to beat him.” He contemplated how much of a fight said Digimon would put up. “There’s something unsettling about this Lucemon guy. You say you think he’s a virus? I hope he doesn’t turn out to be some sort of weird indestructible force...”

“Well, if he turns out to be weird, he’ll know for sure he was created by humans!” Terriermon decided. He earned a stern glare from Kay for that comment. “What? I’m just saying…”

Terriermon’s fooling around did not really bother Kay as much as he made it seem. But at least now he learned how to silence his Digimon partner temporarily. Behind him, Kay heard one of the other Tamers comment about the recent battle. “Personally, I’m kind of glad that that wild Digimon didn’t put much thought into a strategy. That’s probably one of the main reasons we were able to beat him.” Being in the Digital World no longer than Leon had, Kay could not even begin to answer his string of questions. He left them for Aisha to handle. “Finding a place that archives this place’s history would definitely turn out to be helpful. That sounds like a good idea to me! Or maybe Aisha thinks the little desert Digimon we’re going to find at that sand village will help.”

Terriermon had been quite taken back by Leon’s sudden burst of enthusiasm. One second he did not even seem happy about being there, and the next he wanted to know everything about the Digital World? Yep, humans were certainly weird…


July 22nd, 2007, 9:11 PM
OOC: Okay Iruka if you are still looking at this rp. I am going to assume that I can control Blank's characters. Anyway I don't know whether everyone is beginning to walk towards the sand village so I might as well start it

Oh and if you didn't notice Shaydeh my character is introducing himself to yours and my other character Peace is right next to him now


Axle listened to Aisha say that it took longer for her other parters to digivolve their digimon Well then all I need is for Missimon to digivolve then. Cain looked down at Missimon. Hoping that he would digivolve soon. Some of the others were already digivolving their partners to rookie. But then something dawned on him. He barely knew anyone he was going with. If he wanted to travel around the digiworld he would need to know who he was traveling with.

Axle walked towards the boy who had a Terriermon on his shoulder. He walked close to him and asked "So we are traveling together. I am wondering. I never got to ask. Whats your name?"

~~~~~~~Character Shift~~~~~~

Peace began to walk with the rest of tamers towards the sand village. The thought of sand was painful enough. She didn't like sand to much since it usually flew up her skirt. But War would snort at this. War was unusually quite now. But she didn't mind because he usually didn't talk to her for months on end. Coomon was in her arms and looked as if he was dozing off.

For the first time Peace noticed that she didn't know anything that was going on. So she ran towards Axle who was the only person who introduced himself to her. When she ran towards him she noticed that he was introducing himself to someone else.