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  1. ZeoStar
    5 Days Ago 3:31 AM
    I could not even express in words how excited I've started feeling about Monday. As a kid I dreamed of being in the audience for a live televised show. I've been waking up every morning eager for it.
  2. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 9:49 AM
    It's okay. No worries about matching pace. Thank you for taking the time respond to these messages so thoughtfully.

    It's likely not going to be noticeable. I get slightly more chatty when anxious, but most of the time I try and keep it internalized so I don't strain the other person. Been doing okay at conversing, but a complete oaf at 'being a friend'. Had a couple instances of somebody wanting to do an activity, suddenly find it nerve wracking, and I start avoiding my inbox. I guess that's gotten slightly better too. I played chess with Roni a couple times, and traded Pokemon with another user.

    Taking it in tiny steps. One big leap was when a friend on here convinced me to get on a live phone call. I catastrophized that so badly, but it wasn't as bad as I thought in my head. Still, I will probably never do that ever again.

    I pet the Kangaroos, didn't pet the Emu's. I love animals but I wouldn't say I'm a huge bird person. Still, I was happy simply being in the presence of them. Simiarily, I have a preference for dogs over cats.

    One of my favorite artists is Eddie Van Halen. It's not really the heaviest music, but I still like the instrumentals. ( Still more of a morning person. At night I start getting checked out.

    Never heard of mi goreng but hope you had a good time with it. I had a beignet for the first time last week, which is a fried french donut. Hoping to make my 10,000th post on here soon so that'll be pretty neat. I might be around the TV camera, hopefully our seats end up slightly above that. It's a 3 hour show so being seated right on camera angle might be an exhausting realization. I wouldn't mind if it panned across us once or twice.

    I do appreciate how Mario Kart 8 doesn't lag online. Can't recall if I have played any other online games aside from Smash Brothers and Mario Kart, but the former does have serious lag problems.
  3. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 6:52 AM
    They released new Mario Kart stages this morning.

    I tried them and liked almost all of them. Sky High Sundae is a new original stage which I thought was neat. Sydney Sprint was my favorite out of the tour stages so far. This is also my favorite iteration of Kalimari Desert.

    Not sure if I'm renewing the expansion pass come October. I've gone through most of the content and the forced $50 instead of allowing to pay in small amounts per month isn't something I like.
  4. ZeoStar
    2 Weeks Ago 3:51 PM
    My family is planning a trip to Wrestlemania. It's basically a "season finale" of sorts for WWE fans held in a stadium. Very large event which is usually attended by an audience of between 80,000-100,000 people.

    I've never gotten to go. Even though it's a couple years off, I'm very excited at the prospect. It's like a childhood dream for me to see one of these shows.

    The televised WWE show I'm attending is in a couple weeks too, and I'm very eager for it. (Will actually be my first one. Only been to small non filmed events). The TV episodes are much more extravagant.
  5. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 6:20 PM
    Most of the time I write before bed, usually within 48 hours. This sounds weird, but I appreciate the slower responses. I am trying to improve socially. I've noticed that if a week passes with no response from somebody, I start feeling anxious. VM's make good practice. Apologizes if I'm not flowing conversation perfectly, didn't actually start socializing until later than most, and in a way I'm still learning.

    Best of luck on finals. I got the chance to visit a zoo 12 hours away. I pet some goats and kangaroos. Some of the emu's came right up to me, which made me euphoric.

    My ordinance was keeping the town clean despite being away. Village getting swamped with weeds is one of my least favorite parts about animal crossing. In the older games, they punished you with having villagers randomly move out if you didn't play. It seems that they always ask first in New Horizons/New Leaf.

    I haven't played any video games in the last week, aside from Dragon Quest 5 on my phone. Even then, it's mostly grinding levels while listening to spotify. I do plan on picking up Hallow Knight again soon. It hasn't been too difficult so far, but my attention span is a little middling and I end up looking for guides quicker than I'd like to admit. (not sure how you feel about guides)?

    I have never been to a proper concert. I think the closest thing was a "country music showcase" my family wanted to see. Found it kind of noisy, but we had also been placed close to the stage. Explored music since we shared songs a few months ago, and found a preference towards heavy instrumentals. I have a spotify playlist of 16 hours length. Which sort of answers the question for stuff I'm trying to get into. I always enjoy looking for new albums.
  6. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 7:16 PM
    Sorry for not getting those pictures of my island :( Despite saying I would do it soon.

    Not feeling very social. I haven't logged in much at all this week.
  7. Inky
    4 Weeks Ago 5:37 AM
  8. ZeoStar
    July 12th, 2022 5:11 PM
    It's okay. Hope the midterms go smoothly and that you get well soon.

    Jerimiah was scanned with an Amiibo card and I have a Marlo card who hasn't been scanned yet. I'm happy with my villagers but out of ideas for my island. I'll share a few pictures of it at some point. Heavily into flowers but not super into fencing. Only added some fencing because it pushed my island into 5 stars.

    I think a large portion of the community has merged into Discord. It made for a good chance to try and leave my comfort zone. It didn't go as smoothly as I wanted, but I'm still happy I gave it a try. Often times, I still hesitate with trying new things. It's a work in progress.

    Subnautica is always 1st person, not sure about the sequel. Currently trying Hollow Knight, although I'm fairly mediocre at most video games so I don't know if I'll ever finish it. It's regarded as very difficult. It's a miracle if I ever win online in Mario Kart. That said, I didn't play the Wii version much despite growing up on the console. I think it was due to a preference for handhelds.

    WWE is simulated fighting mixed with theatre. Gets bashed all the time for being fake, which I find totally weird. Almost all movies and TV shows are fake, but WWE seems to get the worst of it. I think it's due to being presented in a 'sport' format and sports are always real. Sometimes the stars do autograph signings and I think it would be cool meeting Finn Bálor. This is what I mean by theatre. Of course it's not real, but this stuff is amazing to see live.
  9. ZeoStar
    July 8th, 2022 6:17 PM
    Oh to clear up confusion, I sent that through private message since I pulled the images of my DS from social media. It's quicker than uploading on imgur, but starting to realize it might not be safe publicly.

    Also realizing I've probably talked a lot so I'll step back. I don't want to be overbearing. Keep in mind no need to rush or respond at all if you ever feel tired of talking.
  10. ZeoStar
    July 6th, 2022 2:02 PM
    I'm going to this event on August 15th

    I have a cousin into WWE shows so we've been attending them together. Last time was in December. She decided to take a photo of us together, tagged WWE on twitter with the photo, and they liked it enough to put our picture on the giant venue screen over the ramp. Made for an extremely surreal and cool moment.
  11. ZeoStar
    June 29th, 2022 9:47 PM
    I found Julian on a mystery island. He was on my New Leaf town too, so it made for a lucky surprise. Poncho was one of my starter villagers, and I think Marina was someone who came in randomly. My sister has also purchased me amiibo cards so I can scan villagers in. I do have a random photo of us together. (My character on the left, my sister on the right with the fancier hair). Taken around Christmas last year.

    I don't really enjoy making posts on social media. I've gotten decently comfortable enough on Pokecommunity. It can be tricky with severe anxiety. I'm happy with being a quiet presence, yet sometimes sad I can't jump into discord without feeling paralyzed. Oh well. I'm having fun speaking with you through VM so I'm glad this worked. Happy I worked up the courage to ask for a friend. I felt so bad for the first few weeks about being so random with it.

    The ocean is a love/hate relationship for me. I do think it's beautiful, yet it's absolutely horrific imagining the descent and unknown of what could be lurking down there. There is a game called "Subnautica" which entirely revolves surviving in the ocean. I got it for free. Never finished it.

    My favorites are Mount Wario, Sunshine Airsport, and Electrodome. I also like the standard plain racetrack levels like Mario Circuit GBA. There are extra levels being released, but it feels so slow. Apparently they won't all be out until the end of 2023. I was hoping they would release some at yesterday's direct.

    I've never heard of Rune Factory. Feels so familiar but my mind is not recalling...maybe sheep has mentioned it. What is it about exactly?

    Museum was super fun. It was a guided tour, sort of like walking through a time machine. It was a perfectly preserved 1800's house. Used as a hideout for the guy who killed American President Abe Lincoln.
  12. ZeoStar
  13. ZeoStar
    June 20th, 2022 7:26 PM
    My mother is like that too with photos. I feel rather self critical with pictures. I'm willing to participate but I don't always want to look back on them. In a similar sense, I don't frequently like uploading my own photos online either. Especially since social media includes the 'like' feature. After posting a photo, I feel like it can be easy to start fixating on likes. (shouldn't seek such validation, but I am not perfect).

    Jump scares can get me too. Especially as someone who habitually zones out. On the other hand, I'm not too bothered with gore. Still feel some movies take it too far. But it's okay, I actually don't mind answering questions. (related or unrelated to current topics) If you ever have something your more than free to ask. Let's see...

    My biggest fear would be deep ocean water. I don't like the idea of vast open space and not knowing what's underneath. Same applies to outer space. I don't like hospitals either. If I have a nightmare, not uncommon for hospitals as the setting. Last, I find Japanese Folklore creepy and don't even like reading about it.

    It went okay. I visited my dad's stone and placed a potted plant on it. Thanks for the condolences. I think the week leading up is the hardest part. Father's Day is commercialized and everything can feel like a reminder. Highschool could be sort of awkward too. Occasionally there would be someone curious about why my dad isn't at events or why I never bring him up, and I would have to explain it.

    Thank you for the early birthday wish. These days, mostly Mario Kart 8 online. Maybe Mario Party, but people tend to quit and I end up against computers. Animal Crossing is something I play long distance with my sister. We exchange DIY's, generally hang out, and sometimes I water her town flowers.

    Hope you and your friend have a wonderful time with Stardew Valley. I have it for free on my phone with play pass. Just not something I've touched yet.
  14. ZeoStar
    June 18th, 2022 3:50 PM
    Oh? Only curious, but how did you guys capture a photo during the ride? I'm thinking maybe your referring to those booths that captures photos and riders can pick them up for a price. Animal Kingdom was fun. The animals looked genuinely happy and healthy. It was a great experience.

    I'm totally okay with horror. I have a couple of odd specific fears, otherwise anything goes and I'll view any sort of movie/game. Not sure how I would feel about virtual reality horror. I think my only gripe with the genre is that I find it exhausting. I'll use Friday the 13th as an example. They use brutality and shock factor as a scare method. It doesn't scare me. It drains me. Horror can be a fun genre...but it encompasses a certain kind of content that I don't always feel like looking at.

    It looks to be a nice week. Father's Day is celebrated tomorrow. On Monday I plan on making the trip with my mother to visit his resting spot. It's a bit of a drive. My birthday is Thursday too. By the way, I hope you have a wonderful week.

    I have other hobbies, but I don't play other board games. I invest enough time into chess, so I haven't taken much interest in learning another. Still rather anxious socially, and don't really have friends, so hobbies include stuff I can do on my own. (Biking, Swimming, Sketching, Single Player Games). I go online sometimes on my switch to play with random people. There's no chat system and I find it easy.
  15. ZeoStar
    June 14th, 2022 3:23 PM
    There are certain rides I look back on and I know that I will never do them again. I recall a water slide in which I stood on a trap door. It opens and you fall into an enclosed tube slide. It was way too intensive. Couldn't breath inside the tube. I remember I swallowed too much water and kept coughing upon exit. I can understand what you mentioned about wanting off the ride. For me, it's usually halfway through.

    This sounds silly, but my favorite part was absolutely everything. I loved Disney World. The whole park had a wonderful atmosphere. Definitely the best few days of my life. We left Disney and ended up in Universal Studios. All the rides were virtual reality and it felt like a different world. One of the coolest things I've ever experienced. Of course, I loved the Animal Kingdom park in Disney World too.

    It is a walking tour through the house/museum. It's given me something to be excited about for my birthday. Very eager to go ^_^. If photography were allowed I would throw you a picture or two, but I'll probably just end up telling you about it. But yes you are correct. It has been a fast year so far. I recall your post in a thread I made regarding being halfway through the year. I hope the rest of 2022 goes smoothly for you.

    I feel average at chess, maybe a bit below average. That might sound harsh, but I do watch videos sometimes and it reminds me "wow there's so much stuff I don't know". When my siblings came here last month, I played my older brother on a real board and beat him 5 times in a row. Ended up feeling guilty. Was hoping he still had fun.

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