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  • We can battle whenever actually, just as long as its before the event is over. Is anytime today good or no?
    Thanks! I hope to knock out around 30 of them to day and dust off the older ones and start welcoming the newer ones so I can remain on top of things! I just seemed to have forgotten how many can show up in a single day! Wow!
    Oh, I hope I can remain that way ohoho! Right now I'm going back and welcoming all the new members that I missed while I wasn't as active! There are a lot of them! I dropped the ball on that one big time!
    Hey buddy! I've been much absent for a few weeks. Not really, but I haven't really been as active as I should have been!
    Because that feature isn't coded into the forums yet. The only way you can get notifications via posts is getting automatic emails whenever someone replies to your thread, which I'm not sure is something you want to do.
    do you mean not getting notifications from people replying to your threads? unless they quote you, this is normal. o.o
    Hi! We don't really delete threads on request. I encourage you re-post in our Art and Design forum's DCC if you want to show some cool Gen 1 SM sprites. Just be sure to credit the artist that made those sprites!
    I can't delete threads that aren't on my section. Each section has their own moderators to take care of it, only staff members who handle all sections are Super Moderators and Admins.
    Hmm okay then, sometimes you just need to check if the GIF actually works. I had that problem so many times :P
    It's really hard to tell. Are you using Imgur to upload your pics? Gifs sometimes don't work, even if the image is a .GIF, so there's that too.
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