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  • I sent you a friend request on Discord.

    Both games had great music as well.

    I like Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)

    BTW, I plan on watching some Torodora today, its looks like a good Anime
    I don't mind if you reply late.

    I'l add you on Discord

    Taiga is indeed cute looking

    Mine is gen 4. I like the DP Anime a lot. And I liked the DP games a lot as well. (My favourite games are B2W2 THO)
    Hey my mom needs me to make her some food now :O (she's sick and needs me to care for her. hence why i'm up this hour xD) So i'm gonna go. Also, my brother tells me not to worry about him, but i can't help but worry when he acts triggered about stuff i do @.@; Hopefully i'll get to talk to you every so often though. Just, ya know, i just wanna be friends and nothing more, haha :P I like you a lot...but i'm not into online dating (also i'm pretty faithful to korrina<3). Just thought i'd let ya know that.

    See ya soon :3
    I like pretending to skate like korrina on my carpet for exersize :3 Oh and walk my dog too (my dog is so cute. he's a shiba inu named simba! have you had doggies too? :3 they're nice animals. simba's the only one i've lived with though so i'm sure my knollage is limited!)

    Korrina is in X and Y. Korrina's not annoying, she's kind and sweet. And goes through quite a bit with her Lucario xD You'd probably want to hug her a ton if you saw her arc. She capitivated me. I think Iris was a little annoying too although i don't think i dislike her too much but its been awhile since i saw b/w.

    Awwwwww. So cute. I hope we can talk quite a bit, but because i'm sensitive about triggering my brother, i probably should mostly talk to you at times when i don't think he'll look over my screen o_o; he can be hard to live with...

    I don't like Serena due to her awful fandom. Although she's kinda cute, i guess xD
    Matabilisum is basicly how easily you burn off food. If its low, you get chubby more easily. If its fast, you stay slim longer :O :)

    Hehe. I don't think you're hopeless :3 But maybe we should change the subject :O In case this turns into an unhappy one (i have a hard time with unhappy topics).

    My korrina tumblr :3

    May's pretty cute. I had fantasies about her as a teen xD
    Oh cool :D I'm bi, i mostly liked guys in the past. But....Korrina's the hugest crush I ever had now <3 I've liked her for almost 2 years now too xD She's the best. Her personality is just to die for too! So cheery! :D

    Strawberries are the tastiest, i can't wait till fresh ones are in season again. I like frozen ones too but fresh ones are way better :O :)

    Autism can be hard to live with. But I think i'm doing a good job overall :3

    You probably have faster matabilsm than me, haha xD I am on meds, though... :O Ahhhh lets not try to talk too much about food :P In case it could tempt me (i duno haha).

    Who was your first crush? I used to really like ash ketchum. Part of why i love korrina so much is she reminds me of him in a way. Just more female hehe ^//^
    Hehe :3 She's sooo cute, isn't she? XD I mostly liked guys till i got into her. BTW, i try not to be online on forums too much around my brother. He gets triggered by some things i talk about (we both have autism btw).

    Hehe. :3 I'm kinda chubby :O I don't really like eating veggies much though! xP Sweets taste more fun! So i've been trying to eat lots of fruit lately lol. Strawberries are good, they're low in calleries :3

    Oh i made a thread about fruit too btw
    Oh okay :3 Don't think i won't know if you do anything wrong :O I smart. I have Korrina's discaplined fighting spirit.

    Korrina is so hot. I love snuggling with her mmmmn x3 Do you like her too? :)

    I'm glad we're friends. Please...have a cookie :3 *gives you a cookie*
    KorrinaLoverX9000#2334 is my discord name :3

    Just pleeeeease never betray my trust. It would upset me so much. All I want is to be friends with everyone :D

    I see a lot of good in Korrina too. I don't see how she would dislike girly things, even if she does like 'tomboy' stuff. Maybe I just don't understand why any person would prefer evil :P

    Thats okay! I like talking to you here too *nod nod*
    Hi :D Whats some cute franchises you like besides Pokemon?

    I changed my nature on this forum to naive lol xD

    I think naive can be another word for innocent, too (people have told me i'm very innocent before and i think i'm starting to see it even more than ever now).

    I hope you can be one of my best friends here^^ also, i have a forum (its in my sig) that you can join if you like. Its detecated to my crush on korrina <3
    Yeah, I love writing! It's been a while since I've had any sort of time to dedicate myself to a specific storyboard, but with summer coming up I'll probably get back into it.
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