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Both of mu nicknames are also names I go by offline although my name isn't Katchelina.

I used to be on PC as ♥Pureza♥ and worked with a group of other members in a trade shop. Circumstances in real life caused me to have to quit PC and sell my games and old ds shortly after Black and White came out.
I bought a 3DS and started over again in my X version.

I can be unsure how to respond sometimes so I may take longer to answer sometimes. I also tend to type as I think(and my mind is constabtly sorting through various topics and information) which results in some pretty long messages sometimes. It seems to be a common trait for myself and others I have met diagnosed with Asperger's. Please let me know if I type too much, I usually try to catch myself but don't always realize just how long my messages I am typing have gotten before I hit submit.

I am always up for a conversation about any of my favorite video game, anime, and manga series. Bringing up any of the series I mention below are probably likely to get me to type long messages back.

As my sig, avatar, and profile picture show, my favorite character in any series is Xerxes Break from my favorite manga "Pandora Hearts". I also love the Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, Monster, Ouran Highschool Host Club mangas and others I have read but haven't been able to finishbor keep up with long enough to include.

I love games with stories with well developed characters and plots. I also love strategy and/or puzzle games or just about anything thought provoking.
My favorite video game series is the Tales of series, but I also like Pokemon(obviously), Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, and others although I mostly only have one or two titles from other video game series atm.

And for anime, I actually watch less anime and regular tv shows than I play games or read so I only have a few favorites. I love the anime Steins; Gate. I also like Psycho Pass, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Parasyte, and Ouran Highschool Host Club.

Play video games, read manga, novels, and scientific or news articles, draw, look up information, watch movies, go for walks, hang out with friends, listen to music
Feb 5, 1993 (Age: 31)
Quick Self-Introduction
I also go by Kat or Kate if those are easier.
I used to be on PC as ♥Pureza♥ but left due to my real life situation at the time
Female ♀
Also Known As
Kat or Kate
Favorite Pokémon
Quite a few and I'll probably miss some.
In-Game Name


Click my trainer card for my Trade Reviews
Due to poor health and other issues coming up in real life, I wont be able to be on here and breed very much for a while. If you have a trade with me please send me a pm, I have some trades in my pc that I never heard back about.