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  • Haha it's all cool, I love me some blobs of texts hehe <3

    But yeah, it's been QUITE a while, hasn't it? I been pretty good other than being distracted and mesmerized by your profile background. Wowza. It's pretty. Very pretty. <3

    How about yourself? How have you been holding up?
    i think i ended up taking another route to Evrart Claire in the end. i didn't even know you could die to the ceiling fan..?? it's been like a few months since i finished the game now so my memory's a bit rusty innit. actually might be the time to finally try the HARD CORE TO THE CORE mode....

    i'm okay how are you?
    well idk about PRO BUILD but i picked 3 intellect, 4 psyche, 3 fysique, 2 motorics cause i'm a sorry cop who is too scared to be too weak on any stat... tho next time i might pick physical so that i have a better chance taking on that guy guarding the bridge instead of wasting time thinking about what race is superior. also hi!
    I found us <3
    Hi there Kitty! /Hugs

    I understand. Putting food on your table is what is most important. I saw that you had to take step back from staff for a bit, I miss you and hope you secure the position you're looking for. Don't worry about trying to fulfil the commission, when you told me your situation I made some other arrangements, so I have deed now. It's been all taken care of, you just concentrate instead on taking care of YOU dear. Sending you some love. Maybe I the future we could collaborate on something else and have even more fun?

    I'm happy to know all my doll photographs and customizations and projects will fit in just fine at the art studio. I'm going to be working on my Incan queen this summer, and be sure to share.

    See you later feraligatr, hang in there!

    Hi Kitty,

    I had a question for you not related to the commission. I wanted to know if the dolls I make would also o showcase? I wasn't sure if decorative arts or crafts count in the art studio. If it falls within your guidelines then I might just make a showcase thread of my own there. If not I understand that too ^_^

    Hope you're doing well!

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