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  • I was in a shop earlier and I suddenly realised they had taken down all the hand sanitiser stations, as well as removed the trolley cleaning area. The pandemic truly is over now. *cough*
    Hi!!! I had an... interesting trip! I'll tell you about it via dm I think. A lot of good and some bad but overall I enjoyed it ty!!!

    I'm still struggling with covid symptoms rn but I do seem to be getting better I think so hopefully it won't sideline me for too much longer!

    How are you my friend?

    I'm ready when you are! I haven't started any so I'm good to go! We better finalise the rules I guess but either way... let's do this!
    Aw... thank you Megan! And that sounds nice, hope bride-Megan has a wonderful marriage with her significant other <3

    I think I'd still love to see them in this current art style actually, it's just so adorbs!
    Lol no we can't do much about that! And glad to hear you're fine!!

    I'm slightly better now. Took every ounce of my strength to forget a friend which I'm still sore over lol!
    I'm super late to this but if you still can't allow me to come I'll legit fight you D:<
    First of all, how could I ever steal the spotlight from someone that cute, and second, how could you ask me to be your bridesmaid and expect me to say no? :o

    Jokes aside... hi ♥ I wasn't doing too well this week but I'm trying to change that and bring myself back up~ how are you doing? And what would be that sillier idea if you don't mind sharing? :)
    surely it can't be any sillier than turning my roleplay character into a waitress on skates with an outfit bordering into maid territory

    and last question. How long are you going to refer to your profile picture as "your OC" and not just "yourself"? :fufu:
    Ooh... that's a lovely new profile picture!
    But I have to ask, who are you marrying? And am I invited?
    Aw thanks! Juno made all of the main characters in Hoenn Square 1 (where I also play) and I had to take the chance to do some theme collabs and change up my flair!
    Haha wouldnt it be bretty funny if i commented on the first person i see lookin at my profile lol

    Happy birthday my friend, hope you have a lovely day and a year filled with happiness! <33

    Thought I'd send some hugs here too because you're an amazing person who deserves them! Feel better queen!! <33
    Things are not fine for me but I'll be good!

    Also hope you get to enjoy your weekend! <33
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