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  • Aw man, I'm so jealous! I'd kill for some legit competitive fairies. I think the only two that's actually really IV/EV'd for battle is my Azumarill and Gardevoir. But I did very recently get a flawless ditto so..! ;)
    oh yeah and information omg duh. here's my big'ol list

    Friend Code: 2964-8864-4483, Pokemon Y
    IGN: Alexial
    My TSV Thread, 2988
    Friend Safari: Water
    Hey there! Sorry, it seems I totally and utter missed your VM. :c Sorry about that.

    But thanks nonetheless! I really appreciate it. :') Yes, if it wasn't already painfully clear, I am a fairy.. enthusiast.. to use the tame definition lmao.
    Hey! I'm currently collecting Fairy type safaris. Any chance I could add you? :)
    Hey mate lets exchange codes~
    Here's mine.
    Name: Lacie

    VM or PM me yours :) Thanks :)
    you should get the new pokemon ^__^.

    i'm so excited! they released more new info about the games today. it looks great!
    i wanna get fire emblem and animal crossing for my 3DS. i don't like the XL ds's. they're too big lol.

    did you see the new pokemon x and y updates?

    thank you.
    well it does sound violent, but i do love cookies.

    how is fire emblem and the pokemon game? i wanna get those. and animal crossing!

    disney world!
    o_o you're creating a new government? well that sounds quite interesting.

    lol what games are you going to play?

    just working and gonna start packing this week for my trip!
    i'm good just online and leaving soon to take my sister to get a haircut hbu?
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