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  • I appreciate you mentioning that. I will make sure I visit previous gens this week, and more often in general, and give it some tlc. I'll bump a couple threads, or start new ones. I like coming there anyway, since older games are more of my thing. So it's definitely worth a post from me, if you feel it might help out in any way with activity. Like you mentioned, things go slower on forums these days, but hey, we're still here, and that's no small feat. I think things look fine all in all too for 2022. Glad to hear that you also think things are mostly getting along alright. <3
    Hi Nah, How are you doing? I always like seeing you on the forum, and wanted to say hello. I'm always just a pm away should you ever need help from your humble team lead with anything. Is there anything I can do for you, or for you section right now?

    Are you overall comfortable with how things are going forum-wise, and having a nice pokecommunity experience?
    I like your avatar. Do you make them yourself or do you just know where to find some good ones? :3
    I'm ok could be better, I could really die for some more footage of the New Pokémon Legends Arceus game I just want that game in my hands now.
    When I wrote that an hour ago I was in a pissy mood.

    I use what I find comfortable and it ends up being enigmatic. (Almost only using smash art shulk, no projectile duck hunt, sonic without spin dash). It doesn't always translate well online.

    I learned Mythra/Pyra because I enjoyed Xenoblade 2, but malos would have been way more interesting.
    I was finalizing the roster by getting the oddity characters into elite (Duck Hunt, Wii Fit, etc). Just for the purpose of playing friends or arenas and being able to hit random and know the basics of whoever I get.

    But...good lord I abhor the people who play online. I'm a defensive player but the people online take it to an extreme.

    I'm fine with "teabagging", even fine with lag, even items on, if the person approaches. But so many players will just run away shooting projectiles. I don't understand why it's so common online or how anybody could find it fun. Getting shulk into elite almost killed my sanity because he has no counter play.
    The only real "salt-mine" I see comes from Fire Emblem, which is a hell storm. I couldn't care less about the series but all the characters are fun aside from Corrin.
    I see. I didn't think the reaction was overbearingly negative, most of the complaints are stemming that they find him difficult to play. The character(s) from my favorite franchise (Dragon Quest) ended up getting included, and what you stated makes sense. When Hero released, I no longer cared much for other characters since he was who I liked.

    I wanted the entire cast in elite smash so the CSS would glow, and I anticipated Kazuya being difficult and putting a halt to this. Yet he was way easier to get in than Sheik.
    What do you think about the tekken representative in smash ultimate? interestingly the reception seems mixed, but i've only looked on gamefaqs.
    So it's another case of "I'm too blind to find the obvious". Thank you for telling me! ^o^
    I see you have your badges colored on your flair. May I ask you how you did that?
    Yeah, that was all stuff I'd pretty much figured out. I choose to interpret as not a biological relation for my own sanity though.
    Few weeks ago! I posted about it on social media but was a little quieter about it here ❤️
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