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  • Nice, fellow a roleplayer! I don't do it much these days, the only one I'm in right now is Gunpowder, right now. Which ones are you in? Have you been doing it long? Are all these questions annoying you? When will they stop? I'm scared…?

    But the whole spending thing wasn't really by choice. The sale just kind of snuck up on me… And so did the date of the game coming out. I mean, I do have the money to buy it, I just don't know if I want to yet. Maybe if I work a few more days, be a little frugal for little while, maybe sell some things that I have around, I can start making crazy buying decisions again. Oooh, how nice that would be.

    Though, as the mod, I have to ask-are you into other games, too? Well I guess you kind of said you were, but with types?
    I would very much appreciate it if we could move on soon. It seems everyone has run out of things to do.
    Yes! Loved the new trailer and characters~ <33

    The music is also really amazing from that. <33 I'm guessing you're a fellow fan? :]
    Hey there Sayoko, nopes we don't know each other.
    Hi, I'm LegendChu, really nice meeting you :)
    There, now we do!
    Hahaha, I joined in 2006 so I suppose you can say a while :x I actually checked your profile and we joined on the same day 10 years apart! Pretty neat! I wander around Off-topic mostly, Treehouse/The Mall/General Entertainment because I like talking about random things. I recently got my interest in RPing revived, which I see you enjoy too :)

    I didn't realize it was coming out in June! I was under the impression it was later this summer SO HYPED. I'll probably legit take a day off work to play hahaha.
    I know there might be some other people not done with their Route, but you should totally post something new today or tomorrow. :)
    IN this specific situation, the pokemon in the wild learns Reflect and LIght Screen at level 14. Should I inculde those moves in the battle or is that too much?
    I'm currently writing about a pokemon capture; how high can wild pokemon levels be? This is for move learning by wild pokemon.
    Hey there! Just wanted to say drop by and say hello, and glad to see your RP is doing well!
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