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  • You don't need to know anything about Gen VI or VII, except maybe their settings. While the whole event is themed around tropical Alola and it's Legendaries, the events and users stick to it to as much as they want. Some more, some less. But to put it simple... On the forum (not in the games) Tribes are groups that compete against each other, Kahunas are the leaders of these groups and Z-Crystals are points that each group collects.
    Hi, congrats on completing Ground Monotype on Ruby. I'm not sure how much you look outside of Challenges subforum, but have you heard about Get Together that is just going on? I made one Challenge designed for it and thought you might be interested in joining.

    Saw that you wrote your Trainer Personality Challenge in Challenge Logs. I was thinking in putting mine there too, just to individualize it a little bit. '-.-

    I'm texting you because I don't want it to seem like plagiarism or something.
    Thanks :) Yeah, it was mistake. I used him a lot and it ended on level 80. I didn't even noticed that I forget to change the level. Thanks again.
    Hey man, im sorry if i just came in and undercut you with the solo challenge thing, seeing your post really did just inspire me to take it on again. I wasn't trying to take away from what you did
    Hi, I'll saw your post in the Trainer Personality Challenge. I'll make you team tomorrow, because it's a little bit time consuming and I'll have to leave in few hours to do some irl stuff. I'm sorry, but hope you don't mind waiting for another day.
    Hey pal, just noticed you forgot to change the game title in your Blood Transfusions challenge in Black. It's still Platinum from the last post.

    Oh, and good look on Clay :)
    Hi, congrats on completing Rainbow Road in BINGO Challenge :) I hope you enjoy whole challenge so far :)

    Just one thing I noticed... You forget to change Xatu's nickname in your last two logs :D
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