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Name: Vera Hill
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hometown: Viridian Town


Vera is tall at 5' 10", but very thin. Combined with her pale complexion, she tends to look frail and sick, but her silvery blue eyes burn with strength. Her gray hair reaches past her shoulders, and she casually wears it loose, but puts it up in a bun for more formal occasions. She wears casual clothes (running shoes, slacks, monocolor t-shirts) with her favorite black flannel shirt over top.

Family: Violet Hill, Vera's mother, was once a well-known Contest star and Grass type specialist, now semi-retired. Her father Vincent Hill owns a lumber company that operates in the Viridian Forest. Her younger sister Vanessa is only 10, but her parents already consider her a prodigy who would be attending Cape College already if not for the age restriction.

Brief history: Vera was sick often in her youth, so she tended to spend most of her time at home. Her parents schooled her at home, only making her go to a public school when she was strong enough (coincidentally around the same time her sister was born). Even then she tended to stick to herself, and was an average student. She almost wasn't allowed to attend a trainer's school, despite her begging to go. Her parents finally relented when she was 13, almost too old to begin, her determination finally wearing them down. Knowing she wasn't a very good student she elected to stay for as long as she could, starting her journey later than many others.

Personality: Honest, but straightforward, Vera says what's on her mind without sugarcoating it. She's generally nice, but can also be a little bit catty. (I really do love cats.) This blunt attitude doesn't make her many friends, but she's generally fine with that, seeing friends as a distraction and being generally antisocial. She is determined to prove herself, and is proud of her accomplishments, but acknowledges her shortcomings. She feels that she takes things more seriously than her classmates, and puts in more work and effort than anyone, making her irritable when she doesn't do well. And while she has a hard time relaxing around others, when alone and not busy she savors any quiet moment or bit of fun she can get.

Hobbies: Due to her poor constitution, Vera was never interested in sports or physical activity, and usually spent her days reading or playing games. In the Academy, she found she enjoyed cleaning somewhat, but really liked cooking. She's very interested in food, from Berries to baked goods, both making and eating them.

Dreams or aspirations: Vera has the nonspecific goal of impressing her parents and upstaging her sister, despite her sister not doing anything worth mentioning yet. To this end, she wants to be a famous battler, or a famous Contest star, or anything as long as she's famous. She doesn't know how she'll accomplish that, and doesn't know what to do after if she does.

Theme song: Alessia Cara - Here

Starter pokémon: Female Cubone nicknamed Bonnie. Relaxed nature, she tends to just go with the flow. Likes to collect flowers. Her Hidden Power is Grass type, and she inexplicably knows Leaf Blade, surrounding her bone club in a sharp green aura.
Moveset: Growl / Tail Whip / Bone Club / Leaf Blade

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