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Hi. It's been quite some time and I would like to announce my return. I'm good, first and foremost, I'm well, just busy. Immensely so. I'm moving shortly, beginning a new job, have a very active social life, my life has changed drastically in the past few months. However, in spite of that, I will do my best to check in here. I'm at a place where I'm more capable of being present. I think an important part of adulthood (and yes, I am 20 now) is learning how to navigate my responsibilities and developing time management skills (which is something I'm actively working on). But, anyways, hi, I feel SO out of the loop because I have not been keeping up with any recent announcements involving pokemon. However, I am SO EXCITED for Gen 4 remakes!!!

I hope everyone here is well and I have missed you guys so much! <3

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