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    Originally Posted by Q Man
    Well, here's my computer's specs, while not the greatest in the world, it gets things done.

    OS: Windows XP Professional SP1
    Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1.7 Ghz
    Video Card: NVidia GeForce3 64Mb DDR VRAM
    HD: 52GB (2 disks - 12 GB and 40 GB, partitioned into 20 GB partitions)
    Memory (RAM): 512 MB DDR
    Sound: Gineric onboard sound, I typically use headphones now

    ~~My Wishlist~~

    Fastest AMD AthlonXP (but not a 64-bit)
    ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 9600 (so I can also record from a TV signal!)
    Want to hear my Wishlist?

    3.4GHz P4 Extreme Edition processor
    Another GB of TWINX Corsair RAM
    Dual 72GB WD Raptor HDs
    New case and processor fans.
    Namebrand 300Watt Power Supply
    External IDE HD Bay

    That should just about cover it. lol Anyway, I suggest going for the soon to be released P4 Extreme Edition. It is faster than AMD's chips (current 3.2GHz P4 also is faster) and is pretty much a repackaged Xeon MP processor.
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