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    Art Critic Cubone:
    You... you evil, evil person.

    You just made me friggin' relive the day my dog died. (Do I even need to tell you I was nearly in tears?)
    I'm sorry. XD.. I know how you feel, since I had a cat that passed away not too long ago.

    Seriously though, the story was good. It made me feel depressed, and happy, and confused all at the same time. (Is there an emotion for this?) What interested me most was the ending to be precise the visit the places with special meaning for you and your Charizard. Your story makes me feel so depressed that I walk around with a cloud over my head for a few days... and I keep coming back to read it anyway, because the prose is so good.
    Wasn't my intention to make everyone depressed... XD.. but I'm glad it mad such an... impact. Thanks for your review!


    if it's not too much of a personal question, has somone close to you died before?
    Naa, not too much of a personal question. But yes, someone close to me has died before. Not something you can help at all.

    Battle ye not with a monster, lest ye become one.

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