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Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
TwilightBlade: Where did Lugia come from? BTW, if shiny Cresselia looked as it does in your avatar, I'd be a little more interested in hunting it. (I already released Cresselia on my game.)
Ticket on my Emerald. I bought that game right when it came out and then a week or so later, I was up in New York at the time hanging out with some relatives and I got the mystic ticket at an event they had going on there. My brother also got the ticket on his Emerald but he caught the birds pretty quick and he sold his game not too long ago to buy a game for his PS3 (thankfully I stole his birdies and most of his other rares so I can trade them here :3) but I saved my ticket since I'm always like that with legendaries... Still need to capture them on G/S/C too. xD So later I became really fascinated with collecting shinies (I got Poochy and Pidgey around summer last year I think) and then I tried testing out my luck and soft resetting for a shiny Lugia and caught her last October. ^.^ You might remember me as the crazy girl in the Shiny 3rd gen thread from SPPf and I posted there as well. And a pic of her summary and when I tried soft resetting for Ho-oh in a battle. I tried soft resetting for a shiny Ho-oh but I haven't had any luck for quite a while but now I have a shiny Corsola in Pearl and I'm gonna hunt for a shiny Absol today since they're my swarm.

Yeah Cresselia rock and thanks. I was gonna hunt her shiny form but it took too long... So I made my friend do it for me. Why did you release her though? I collect them... You could have given her to me. T-T
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