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    Originally Posted by Feraligatr master View Post
    Gibbo, i would chain pidgy its golden when shiny o0
    Yeah maybe, now that I finished up the Pokemon League in Emerald and am trying something really stupid I'll start playing Pearl and chaining once again.
    Congrats on shiny Gible, I have the worst luck trying to get any shines via others means than chaining or soft resetting, it looks awesome. :D

    Ok so about that stupid thing, you all know how in Emerald after you beat the League eventually you choose which Lati you get? Well because of that I'm guessing their values aren't present at the beginning of the game like they are for R/S, which means I could probably soft reset for it shiny. Yeah but each soft reset takes like a few hours to run into it using the method found on the FAQ in the GBA section, so this might take awhile...
    But it's the only way for me to try and get a shiny Lati since I can't get the Eon ticket.

    Oh and Brawl, I see that you're soft resetting for Suicune, is there any method that you use to encounter it faster?

    Good luck everyone.

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