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    Thanks, Gibbo. :D

    My parents were gracious enough to give me back my FR, so now I have Diamond, LG, and FR back. I'm currently soft resetting for Bulbasaur and Squirtle on FR and LG respectively. Good luck, everyone.

    Edit: Sorry guys, but I went back on my word. It hadn't even been a full month since I obtained my shiny Magnemite, and I felt as if I were gonna go crazy without a new shiny. The PokeRadar has spoiled me.

    Anyhoo, I got a bit tired of SRing and hatching, so I decided to chain for Murkrow. Got a 40 chain after 5 other chains broke at surprisingly low numbers. I already captured one, and I'm battling the second.

    Good luck, everyone.

    Edit2: Oh, yeah, and I definitely will not be chaining for another shiny until I get one through soft resetting or breeding.

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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