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    Zel, there are 2 bugs that I found in the game. They both involve the trick house.

    When you get up to the spinning arrows map, if you go to the tile that points you down near the entrance, the game doesn't allow you to move. I saw that posted here before too, but you didn't answer him/her.

    And when you have 7 maps left in the Trick House, even after beating the game, he doesn't let you go into the room anymore, but he still says there are 7 more you need to do. Did you stop it there on purpose or is it a bug?

    And there's another thing that doesn't have to do with the game but with the front post. Just saying, when you're editing it, you put the Missingno. in Mt. Mortar Glitch twice, and I think the bike stuff twice too.

    @mach8822: He said after the Shiny Gold X Version is released you can, and it has been. So I think you can.
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