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    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    Yes, yes, they are in. I have changed a bit how they work. So, the idea is you will only be able to find Monica at first (search around, it's easy to find her), once you talk to her, she'll enable you to see Tuscany and so on.
    But I've really hid them (some more, some less), so you'll have to waste some time to find them all (Remember there are clues in that book at Route26)
    I imagined you did that way. That's why I'm so crazy. I've read the clues but can't find Wesley... Well, the others I've got an idea.
    Just for asking, Zel: Carlos said,
    on the league confront,
    that the pokémon he had were caught in Johto, so, it made me think: is Beldum catchable in Johto?
    Ah, another thing: why had you kept Dragon Scale in the game? It's only purpose it's evolving Seadra, right? As it evolves by level now, does it really have an use?
    Just for saying: Sealeo is catchable, but Spheal not, according to the pokédex. Not an error, but it's something curious.
    I'm Brazilian, by the way.
    So, feel free to speak portuguese with me.
    I do like breeding a lot, being a bit of a maniac for Luxury Balls. So if you want anything bred in a Luxury Ball, chances are I can do it for you.
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