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"Every legend has a beginning and an end."

" Legends of Darkness have been at it for years and they still are. "
You are a 16 year old Legendlight operative from the Orre region. You have moved to the X region because your father has been transfered. He was a great engineer in Orre, but now he is to help Professor Thibault, the top engineer of Legendlight X division. What is Legendlight you ask? Well it's a group of people that have been stopping the Legends of Darkness, an evil organization, from catching legendary pokemon. You have been an operative for six years, but you couldn't complete missions, due to the inavailability of pokemon in your area. But now you get one. You will go about completing missions, but there will be some obstacles and traps that require X league badges to get past. You live in Mist Town and Professor Thibault has three pokemon for you to choose from. He has them because Mist Town is a safe place. However, there are two others that are to receive pokemon as well. Your rival, a fellow operative, and another operative. The Elite Four is still in.

Oh wow, I didn't expect you to arrive so late. I am Professor Thibault. It's quite nice to meet you. It's so dark out here. I can't see you well, and I'm tired from work. Are you a boy or a girl. And what is your name? [PLAYER]? I hear that you don't have a pokemon. Drop by the lab tomorrow morning to get your first. I have them because Mist Town is a very safe place. You'll need it for your mission if I know our enemy well enough. Oh yes, two others are coming as well. I'm sure you'll have first pick though. Well you'd better rest up for tomorrow. Also, with enough missions under your belt, you could get a promotion. Show true skill and you could even become leader.

Hack Of: FireRed (U) [BPRE]
Language: English
Author: megiddo

New Pokemon
New story (duh)
New Rival(s) Not sure if it's going to be just the one
New evil team
Be part of the good team
New Tiles (going to be made by me with Don Patch's help - tried to make a working tree and mart but couldn't. going to make mountains or other buildings)
New OWs, sprites, etc
New Trainers
New Region
Possibly being able to visit part(s) of Hoenn, Orre, and Sinnoh
All legendaries and one new one. Events will be completely different from DJG's. I did not steal his ideas. I had this planned out before I ever saw Ruby Destiny.



_________________Beta 1 Link:

Pre-alpha -
Beta 1 FIXEDBETA.ips
My name is Adam.
Please ignore the tile errors.
The pre-alpha ends in the town right before the first mission. Beta 1 ends in Silent Lake City.

» Hoverboard
» First Gym
» First Mission
» New Trainer Type
» Bandit

[ BUGS ]
» Weird warp image in Route 1 and Cedar Village
» Don't lose to rival

Getting missing sprites and more.

[ TEAM ]
megiddo: leader, scripter, mapper, ow editor, semispriter, general
makunouchi: mapper
amine: music editor
Rescue Team Wave: spriter
Wind~,SuperMonkeyMan,Tony the Awesome: beta testing

itman1234- tutoring and ideas
Don Patch - tutoring and inserting tiles. Pokemon Center, Mart, Flowers, and Tree Tiles, other tiles
phcompany - grass tile
pho- trees
~Keyr!n/EsMas - OWs(not the ones you can see)
Kazuma- Hero OW front still frame
NIN - mapping, sprites
LastHand - mapping (currently busy)
omomo0725 - spriting
~*Pikafan*~ - 1 script
Tony the Awesome - Music Looping
TB Pro! - banner, scripting, map fixing
thethethethe - scripting help
cooley - scripting help
Horus - scripting help
zel - scripting help, hexing help
blaster911 - spriting
kyledove - stair tiles
deoxysteen- music editing
pe2k- sprites
Shadow Arcanine - Sprites
wahwa - replacing charizard
X-buster - Region Map editing
clonex25 - music
wikipedia - pokemon data/descriptions
Yung Hove - banner
Kawa - sprites
Neti - banners
Wind~ - map fixes
Atomic_Reactor - sprites
dshayabusa - general help and css template
Ozumas - tree tile
Fangking Omega - tiles
serg!o- cactus tile
Disturbed - Logo
interdpth and haruki hanai - Anti-piracy screen
diegoisawesome - Dp font


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