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    Originally Posted by mitchel1 View Post
    Yes i standing(was standing) in the first post but the pallet from misty was scruwed up so now it's dawn ;) and thnx ;)

    @prince112: that's right but ther's a problem.. i don't know how i must change the back sprite from the heroine in Fire-Red in ruby i's uber simple..

    @zel: Yes i know i'm still working on the dubbel sprite of jessie and jamesmaby it's possible to battle them both (in a double battle) in the Fossil cave

    @Cronos: Thnx and yes i know but i 've change the script a little bit so the jump 1x so that you don't see the sand.

    @shinypkmnfan13, SW47 and thechampl: Thnx ^^

    I've got new screenies people ^^
    Black Forest:

    The berry tree script:

    And awesome new screenies from Violet City (in the past) ^^ Thnx to Rsr for import the G/S/C tileset (tiles ripped from the old G/S/C games)

    I hope you like the new screens ^^
    (SoZ if my engles is not so good)
    Cya people
    If you don't know how to change backsprites, you can take a look at Zel's tutorials in one of the threads he made. And yeah, why do you go to the past? Is it because Celebi takes you to the past?
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