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If you are really intrested into adding a feature to make it posible to save all information to a file format,
That would probably be best,
Since the way i would be reading things from YAPE,

Would break down every new version probably,
As for the format of the text itself,
Everything should do as long as its clear,

I would actually recommend a ini format,
count=4 < actually amount of diffrent pokemon stored,

Along of these lines would probably be best since about everybody knows how to read ini information,
And its pretty easy to write a parser for it,
If its made in ini format i probably write the parser in php.

As for the hex info thank you then now i know why so much data was changed,
I was actually trying to lookup where everything is stored so i could create my own tool and add it directly into a database.
I already checked the forum but only minimal information is public.

And as i'm quite new to gba editing/reading. i'm not quite sure on how to figure out where its stored at.

But i hope you add the new feature of saving it to a file that would be great!
Ofcourse i hope you not only add a posibilty to save 1 pokemon at a time but also to loop and save all pokemon information to 1 ini.

The ???? pokemon well i guess a option to save those or not would be best.

Thanks since this will save me alot of learning + messing things up.
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