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    by Neti and the Rom Reaverz Hacking Team

    Hack of: 1636 BPRE

    Thread Rules
    - Do NOT ask for Releases
    - Do NOT ask for any ressources
    - Do NOT apply as a beta tester

    Please Note:
    The Alpha was deleted because it had too many bugs!

    Jump to Headline:
    OW Sprites

    The Legend of Fenju

    Geographical Information
    You start in the small village Benyuan in the region Binggao which is located on the continent Fenju.
    On that continent there are also 2 other regions, Huoshi and Gaoya.
    Binggao is in the nort of the continent. It is very cold there and it snows all year.
    Huoshi is ruled by a desert enviroment. there are not many places where life is possible, so most cities are at the coast.
    Gaoya is very industrialized. Their technologies are future-like to the citizens of the other two regions.
    But Fenju is no peaceful place: The 3 regions are in war with each other since decades.
    The trigger for that war were legendary pokemon. All People believe that Fenju was created by Legendary Pokemon, but each Region believes in a different group of legendarys and the citizens of each regions belive in different "Leader-Pokemon" who lead that group.
    The most people in Binggao think that Suicune was the "Leader Pokemon", but others trust in Articuno, Kyogre, Lugia or Regice.
    In Huoshi most people belive in Groudon, others think of Entei, Moltres, Ho-Oh and Regirock.
    And the people in Gaoya think that it is Rayquaza, but others believe in Mewtwo, Registeel, Zapdos or Raikou.

    Plot Information
    One day youre outside to help your father Wallace catch some pokemon.
    Suddenly he is trapped and attacked by some spys of Huoshi.
    They run away, but you manage to remember their faces.
    You go to your father, he is heavily injured. He tells you to go to your mother and tell her what happened, she know what to do. Then two people arrive and bring your father to the Pokecenter.
    When you go to your mother she gives you an Eevee to protect you on the way to Shengu, where your father is now. Then she leaves.
    When you arrive in Shengus Pokecenter the two guys who helped your father see you and tell you that you father is dead.
    Your mom tells yout to go search your older brother Archie, who is now the leader of Binggao and tell him what happened.
    He is defending your region, so you have to travel through it in order to find him.

    Thats it for now (Plot of the first [not-released] Beta), The only thing I can spoil for now is that there will be a big twist in the game ;-)

    3 Completely New Regions with stunning tiles, palettes and maps
    Each Region has a different Enviroment, you'll travel through Snow, Deserts and futuristic Towns
    A catching Story of which you only know the boring part so far
    New OW Sprites (Some from Myster Dungeon)
    New Characters and old ones that you all should know in new roles
    A new Hero: You!
    No Gyms and Elite 4, but Village Elder fights instead
    Rom Reaverz Perfection in every aspect




    Benyuan, The starter Town

    Route 1, South of Benyuan

    Shengu, South of Route 1

    Route 2, West of Shengu

    Guaiwan, West of Route 2

    Route 3, South of Guaiwan

    Snowspire, West of Route 3

    Route 4, South of Shengu

    Route 5, South of Route 4

    Dahai, South of Route 5

    These are of course not all new OWs in the game.

    Check the Legend of Fenju Playlist on Youtube for all videos

    Additional Help:
    XDRules - Story Assistant

    Beta Testers:
    Heartless Sora
    riolu 9
    Platinum Lucario
    Ray Maverick

    There will be Beta Releases after each Region and a final one when the hack is fully completed.

    At the moment i dont need Any Scripter/Mapper/Spriter/etc. but you can always support me with ideas or by inserting one of my Userbars into your signature.

    Fenju Bar, made by me:

    Animated Fenju Bar, made by me:

    Binggao Bar, made by me:

    Huoshi Bar, made by me:

    Gaoya Bar, made by me:

    Animated Bar, made by me:

    Time Bar, made by me:

    Unown Bar, made by me:

    Binggao / Suicune Bar, made by me:

    Huoshi / Groudon Bar, made by me:

    Gaoya / Rayquaza Bar, made by me:

    Legendaries Banner, made by me:

    Groudon Banner, made by me:

    Suicune Banner, made by me:

    Rayquaza Banner, made by me:

    Kyogre Banner, made by Master_Track


    dshayabusa -> Ice Palettes
    Fanking Omega -> Ice Tiles
    X-Buster -> Super DP RomBase
    Serg!o -> Desert Tiles
    PHO -> Most of the Huoshi Trees and plants
    Dodo_Cat -> Temple Tiles
    Coronis -> some OW Sprites

    Special Thx to
    My Team for always helping me out
    Lu-Ho for making Advance Map
    Everybody with my Userbar in his sig
    All people I forgot
    Oh see, i didnt list Gamefreak and Nintendo... Maybe because their Mapping Skills suck xD

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