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    Originally Posted by Dougo007 View Post
    Yea, I'm back. Noone helped me with removing my account so I'll help you out first. I have learned that for some reason doing a "write state" (a feature in VBA) and THEN doing a cheat will safeguard you from unwanted side effects because reloading the save game file will not always work in undoing the cheat. However, loading from a state from before the cheats were implemented will remove ALL effects from the cheat (but make sure you remove the cheats before you load the state again). Hope this helps in the future. By the way, to be safe it is best to only do one cheat at a time until you are sure that it will work properly. I have tried several at once without using my state method in Fire Red and it made Bill's PC corrupt with "bad eggs" so I had to start the game over again until I realized that the "save state" and "load state" works as a semi-safeguard. I tested this myself personally. I am a scientist afterall (CHE).

    One of my favorite cheats is making all items in pokemarts $1. Make sure you use the right codes however, or else trouble will pursue, so don't forget the state method I mentoned. I CANT HELP THOSE WHO ALREADY CORRUPTED THEIR GAME SO YOU WILL HAVE TO DO WHAT I DID, REDO THE WHOLE GAME OVER AGAIN. SRY

    Sorry if I make moderators upset with this post. If so let me know, but this method DOES WORK!!!!! (At least in Fire Red)

    Thnx but i knew that stuff of load state and besides i just passed not to care about my deposit box

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