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    Originally Posted by ¿TB Pro™ View Post
    Hey, Jake! This looks great! All of the tiles look wonderful! I just hope the scripts will be as good as the tiles(I bet they will). Luck~
    Hopefully, we'll see some screens on them soon!
    Originally Posted by maximum911 View Post
    if you need any basic scripting that doesn't involve moving i can help
    Thanks for the offer, but I'm good right now.

    Originally Posted by DemiKid View Post
    Very Nice Title Screen!!!!
    I like it.... Its sooo cool...Anyways! Good Luck
    I swear, that thing is the only thing that attracts attention xD

    Yes, it's that time again!

    I am going to be making 3 desert maps, most of which will be seen in Beta One!

    What's so special about this desert?
    We've decided to set the tone for realism, if you were all paying any attention at all to the features, you would know what I'm about to put here. While in the clutches of the desert, your steps will be recorded. Every 200 steps, it will say something like "It's hot and exhausting!" and as soon as you take the 300th step, you'd faint and be ported to the nearest Pokémon Center. How do you avoid this?In the cave (the entrance is shown in a screenie above) you meet someone and he tells you about the desert. He gives you a knife, and you will have to cut cactuses, for the liquids contained in them. Every time you do so, your 'step counter' will reset. Everytime you enter a building, other than the Pokemon Center, Mart, or Gym, it will continue to tick along.