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    This has got to be somewhat of a badfic, because it's the first thing I ever wrote in English. It should have something about a gazillion spelling/grammar/general mistakes and also some minor inconsitencies and plot holes, because I modified some of it later on...

    Name of the Fic: Journey to Isle of Jade
    Link: Just click here and you'll be there.
    Summary: One day, an exhausted Bulbasaur crawls out from a forest near Cimi's uncle's Pokémon ranch. As she takes the Pokémon inside to recover, she hears strange story from this Bulbasaur. Completely ignoring her work, she decides to escort the Bulbasaur to its destination - the Isle of Jade. Soon, the trainer who supposedly abandoned the Bulbasaur appears and tells a whole another story of how he got separated from his starter Pokémon... Includes a Pichu and a Kirlia! And I kind of accidentally switched the protagonist halfway trough the story! Oh, and it kind of has a conspiracy, but I think it's after the page limit, so you won't be getting to that...

    You should probably not read the 10th chapter, because it ends on page 27 or something. So, stop at the end of 9th chapter, which should be on page 23. I guess it might depend on what program you use.

    Also, do I need to pester you in order to make you insult me or will you do it if I ask nicely? I'd really like to see what you'd say, so if you come up with anything funny, feel free to mock me to the lowest neatherworld available. I don't take it personally very easily ^-^

    You can either submit it to this thread or – if you prefer not to attach your name to what you consider a piece of crap-for-crap – via PM or e-mail to the author your author of preference.
    Is it supposed to have both 'the author' and 'your author'? It doesn't make sense to me, but then again, I have not been fully introduced to the subtleties of your language. So, am I dumb or did you screw up?

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