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Long Awaited Kyeldove Rombase
punk rocker proudly presents

Conditions of Use:
• I don't want to see hundreds of threads using this rom base, who have barely done ANYTHING.
• I tried to scrap the scripts as much as I could, but some are still there, if I notice use of my scripts I will automatically ban you from using the Rom Base, no takebacks.
• Map names and maps are still there, if I see you using these aswell, the same thing will happen.
• Don't complain about some palettes or tiles being stuffed, there aren't enough palettes to make this perfect, deal with it.
• Flower animations haven't been inserted, therefor scroll down to the black spaces between the tilesets and there is a replacement there.

• Main Tiles.
• Tiles for five more cities, which are found in their respective tilesets.
• Land feature tiles, lakes/seas.
• Palettes made by me.
• Some of my tiles. (might not be noticeable though)


• Kyledove - Most tiles.
• Peyi - PC and Mart.
• Punk Rocker - Palettes, some tiles I made.

Up Rep Please >;].
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