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    In this chapter, we meet the whole cast of this fic. Because that pretty much is the purpose of this chapter, this might not be as funny. This centers a lot less on Sora and Usa-chan, but don't fear, they'll return to the spotlight (too) soon enough. Also, this chapter shows us how sues bring people together even if they didn't get along well at first - but in a whole different way you'd think.

    First Chapter

    In which all the other important characters make their first appearance

    Sora, Moonlight, Usa-chan and Susanne walked on a road that passed trough a rather dark forest. The forest was getting darker and thicker by the minute. There seemed to be mysterious ruins on both sides of the road in the shadows of the forest, but no-one saw then clearly enough to be sure they were there. This was indeed a magical and intimidating forest. Sora and Usa-chan weren't very afraid, because they knew they just had to get trough the forest to reach Vanilla Town. There just wasn't another road that lead to that town. Susanne, however, was starting to get slightly uncomfortable in the dim light and mouldy air of the forest.

    She was also the only one to get an heart attack when someone appeared in front of them on the road. The person had a big hat and a black cloak on him, and he seemed to be wearing gloves. His face couldn't be seen clearly without additional light, as it was covered by his hat.

    When he spoke, his voice was incredibly friendly. "Hello, my fair maidens. Are you on your way to Vanilla Town?"

    "Why yes, we are," Sora answered. She was pleasantly suprised by the sudden appearance of the young man.

    "Who the heck are you?" asked Susanne. She was freaked out by the sudden appearance of the young man. She was pretty sure they were all going to die now.

    "My name is Sir Aaron," said the man and smiled, but of course no-one saw his smile in the dim. "I am going to Vanilla Town myself, but when I realized how scary this forest was... I have been here waiting for some passers-by who want some more experienced people to accompany them on their trip trough this forest. There are some powerful Pokémon out there, I can tell you. So, do you girls need an escort?"

    "We would love to travel with you," Usa-chan said and smiled, again a futile smile that no-one saw.

    The situation was about to end happily in everyone travelling together with the stranger, but then they could hear someone approaching. The person was running, they could hear his heavy breathing and the silent thumps of his feet. When they could see the person, who, most apparently, was also a young man, he leaned to a tree and panted.

    "Sir Aaron," he huffed, sounding desperate to the extenct of having tears in his eyes. "We need you! The Tree of Beginning is... It's... Oh, it's too horrible! Hurry!"

    Sir Aaron grabbed the brim of his hat. His paleness could be seen even though the forest was unbelievably dark. He took a deep, quivering breath and said: "I must get going, then. Please, messenger, escort these girls to Vanilla Town in my place. When duty calls, I must answer."

    He dashed off, leaving the girls and the panting messenger alone in the forest.

    "Come on, then, my ladies," said the messenger boy in a suspiciously self-satisfied voice. "My name is Marcus. Very nice to meet you."

    They started to walk ahead in the forest. Usa-chan and Sora were keeping up a friendly chatter with Marcus, but Susanne was silent and eyed at the silhouette of Marcus. Had she been alone, they boy would certainly have been a serial killer searching for new, interesting victims. However, because Sora and Usa-chan were with her, she knew she'd never have the joy of seeing the two murdered. They were perfect and would remain so, right until they dropped dead at the age of ninety without a single wrinkle or gray hair. Susanne, on the other hand, would probably die in a matter of months. If not by pure irritation, then by a self-inflicted dead. When Usa-chan and Sora laughed graciously at a joke Marcus had told, Susanne almost burst out in tears of frustration. She hated those two girls, but because they were so good, she hated herself for hating them. Life was often very hard for her. If only she'd get rid of her fox-parts...

    "Kitsuneko, you should come here," Usa-chan shouted unnecesarily loudly. "Marcus here has some pretty awsome stories!"

    At that moment, two different things happened. Firstly, Marcus turned to look at Susanne. Secondly, they came out from the thick part of the forest, so it was now bright enough to see clearly. As a result of these two events, Susanne recognized Marcus. Judging by his expression, he recognised Susanne, too.

    "Marcus!" Susanne pouted.

    "Susie!" Marcus exclamed.

    "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be..." Susanne began, but was interrupted.

    "So nice to see you, Susie!" Marcus yelled and then turned to Usa-chan and Sora. "You girls wouldn't mind if we go a bit further and reminisce a bit?"

    "Of course, not at all", said Sora and smiled like a selfless nun. You could just see the light beaming from her face.

    As Marcus dragged Susanne a but further away from the two girls, they could hear Usa-chan say something about how great it is to find long-lost friends. Susanne gulped. That naive bunny girl had got it wrong again. Marcus was no friend of hers. Far from it.

    They stopped behind a bush, where Marcus grabbed Susanne's shirt just below her neckline and lifted her up from the ground. She gasped. Marcus looked at her in the eyes menacingly for a while and then set her back down without loosening his grip.

    "You're not going to tell those girls about me, Susie", he murmured.

    "Why's that? I-I-I mean of course n-not", Susanne gasped as Marcus tightened his grip.

    "Because I want to get my perfect girlfriend at last", he whispered, "and that's not something I'm going to succeed at if you tell them what an ass I am, now, is it?"

    "Considering it's those two, I bet they'd forgive you", Susanne noted. "I mean... Okay, you were awfully rude and all, but all you did was leave a girl, after all."

    "I don't think those two would forgive me for killing a fly", Marcus claimed with a baffled look.

    "No, they definitely would. Even if you'd kill me, they'd forgive you", Susanne assured, "They're just that pure."

    "You've got to be kidding me", Marcus growled and tightened his grip again a bit.

    "Watch them for a while and you'll see", Susanne answered and pointed at the direction of the two girls. Of course, they could not be seen, as there was a bush blocking the view. To get rid of this inconvenience, the two walked around the bush to see Sora and Usa-chan. When they saw what was happening, they were utterly astonished.

    A third girl had appeared, this one with two bodyguards. She was wearing a light blue, pleaded miniskirt; almost knee-long, light brown boots; light brown, skin-tight, long-sleeved t-shirt with a huge neckline and the word "Power" written over her large breasts; three blue bracelets in her right hand; a ring in the middle finger her left hand; golden earrings; and three light blue hairpins. She had dark brown hair and her eyes were like bottomless emerald orbs. Her skin was also very tanned, suggesting she was from further south. The bodyguards standing behind her both had a dark blue uniform with a tiny picture of a black helicopter embroidered in the arm of the jacket. The one on the left was a man with short, green hair and the one on the right was a woman with curly, blue hair tied to a ponytail. The girl frowned at Sora and Usa-chan, but the most suprising thing was that they frowned back.

    "I challenge you to a Pokémon fight", declared the unknown girl. "My name is Bianca Massimo, you'd do well to remember that name. I'm going to be the greatest Pokémon Master one day."

    "I am Sora Tranquility Crystal Mary Susan Hikari Tsukino", said Sora, "and this is my best friend, Usa-chan."

    "Best? They just met today!" Susanne retorted, rather annoyed.

    "I see. I shall now challenge you. Do you accept?" asked Bianca.

    "We will accept! It's a double fight, then!" yelled Usa-chan. Her whole posture was like the embodiment of a raging fire and her eyes were burning with hatred. She could not explain it very well herself, but she saw this girl was obviously evil and that she was supposed to hate her with all her might. She knew that this was her rival, hers and no-one elses. Ironically, Sora felt exactly the same way, but it bothered neither of them.

    "All right, idiot duo, which one will help me?" asked Bianca, turning towards her bodyguards.

    "Actually, there's three of us", the green-haired man corrected right when a beam of red light came out from his pocket and materialized as a Muk.

    "To smite the world ahead of us", continued the blue-haired woman.

    "To save the world from devastation", exclaimed the man, suddently holding a daisy in his hand.

    "By Mr. Massimo's designation!" the woman shouted and took a dramatic pose.

    "Oh, dear", said the Muk, covering his face with his silmy hands. Suprisingly enough, he had a strong British accent.

    "Jack!" yelled the man, holding his daisy with an exaggerated expression of emotional pain on his face.

    "Ripper!" shouted the woman, taking a battle pose.

    "Cut it out or Miss Bianca will fire you!" screamed the Muk, still with the British accent.

    "Damn right I will", Bianca said, her arms folded on her chest and her foot tapping the ground rapidly.

    Susanne and Marcus were watching the farce, not believing their eyes. They both had their mouths wide open from sheer astonishment and their eyes were the sizes of plates. A woman called Ripper? Was that her first or last name? In any case, Ripper wasn't a name at all. Not suprisingly, though, this weird name didn't puzzle Usa-chan nor Sora at all.

    "Bring it on, Ripper!" they yelled and took their own battle poses.

    "What kind of Pokémon do those two have?" Marcus asked Susanne as the battle was about to begin.

    "Well, as far as I know, Sora only has her Umbreon, Moonlight", Susanne answered, watching as Moonlight jumped in front of Sora and took a menacing posture. "But Mary... I mean, Usa-chan has a Wigglytuff, a Skitty, a Luvdisc and a Lopunny."

    "Lame Pokémon like that?" Marcus was suprised. "They don't have any decent Pokémon and they're that stupid? They have no chances!"

    "Oh, just watch", Susanne said in a jaded tone. "I've seen Usa-chan beat a Garchomp with only her Luvdisc."

    "...What?!" Marcus blurted. He looked at the girls preparing to battle and didn't understand anything. What were these girls? He felt scared. No matter how beautiful and perfect Usa-chan and Sora might've been, at that particular moment Marcus thought even Susanne was more attractive.

    After Moonlight had took it's place on the battlefield, Bianca sent out her Ponyta called Blaze and Ripper sent out her Seviper. Usa-chan took a Pokéball from her belt (which, by the way, she doesn't normally have, and as she doesn't have a bag either, it's a huge mystery where she keeps all her stuff) and threw it high in the air.

    "I choose you, Hearts!" she yelled, made a quick pirouette while waiting the ball to fall back to her, caught the ball and threw it on the field.

    A Wigglytuff appeared, wiggled for a second for the heck of it and took a ferocious pose. The four Pokémon glared at each other, as did their trainers. Then, the battle begun.


    So, was it fun?

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