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    I am back from my trip out of town! Yay!

    Again, your comments cracked me up very much indeed. It's great to write parodies, because then no-one cares of any spelling mistakes As far as you know, it could very well be an intended mistake. Just so you know, they aren't intended, but that's not relevant.

    You thought it was funny!

    There's light in this world again!

    I was so afraid this one wasn't very funny because it sure wasn't as funny to write. I loved the part where I described Bianca, though, and I also love to write about sue-miracles. Just wait for that fight, I can promise you it'll not go like you expect and I ain't tellin what's going to happen.

    Thanks for your encouragement!

    Oh, and POB: that appearance of Sir Aaron and the "by the way" were both there because of you xD Your parody has strongly inspired me... And I figured those things would crack you up. Think of them as an early Christmas present or something

    Ninja Caterpie (damn you people for changing usernames): I actually found it very hard to read that post, also xD it took me a while to figure what you were talking about...

    thx so much everyone!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 Im so gonna rite moar!!!11111111 plz kep reeding!

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