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    Originally Posted by PokemaxST View Post
    I'd like to suggest a move for gliscor, skorupi, gligar, and all the other poison type pokemon with tails.

    Toxic Stinger:


    A move that uses all the poison from the user and smashes the foe with poison from the tail. 100% poison chance. The user cannot use any other poison type moves for the battle.

    kind of like a super poison type iron tail.

    also for baby pokemon, a move like 'baby face' that reduces the foe's attack and defence.
    How about 120-135 for the Power, and the user's attack or special attack harshly falls, and/or the user waits a turn like a Hyper Beam? The use of no poison for the whole battle is a little extreme.

    EDIT: Fixed the quote.