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    I'm not really too keen on having a baby Pokémon-exclusive move... Last Resort can already be considered as one, anyway; several first-stage Pokémon learn it, but not their evolutions (such as Phanpy, Chingling and Munchlax).
    Baby Pokémon will still have other advantages, such as being able to learn rare moves unavailable to their evolved forms (often after they're supposed to evolve).

    I think Toxic Stinger is a bit overpowered; being able to use other non-Poison moves just makes the side effect less of a bad thing, increasing its strength even more. I do like the idea of an always-poison attacking move, though; perhaps it could be a Poison-type counterpart to DynamicPunch and Zap Cannon?

    To anyone else suggesting ideas and offering to be an 'idealist'; I don't believe ideas aren't enough to give you a position in the team. This doesn't mean I won't use them, though, and any I do use will be credited in-game. Basically, this means you don't need to ask whether you can help; just post your ideas in the thread, and I'll consider them. Or even better, sign up on the dev forum (see my signature) and submit them in the specialised threads there.

    Anyway, to celebrate this thread passing 1000 replies, here's a treat for you guys:

    That's right, I finally got around to doing official art for Fatablos :D

    Also, take a look at the top of the first post.