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    Congrats on your shiny Beldum, MM. That's really an awesome pic you've got, lol. Congrats to you, too, Alinthea, your pics are very clear as well!

    MM, I must say, that's an interesting quest you're on...I never would've thought of it myself. I have four myself, but two of them are RNG clones, so I really only have three... But what game was Mewtwo on the cover on? *confused*


    I think keeping track of my eggs here in my posts would be a bit more accurate, so, I'll start doing that from now on, as well.

    Starting Point: 850 eggs

    That number of eggs represents the total number of eggs I've hatched on my Diamond version, so it includes eggs of Pokemon of different species. By using basic subtraction, I can keep precisely track the amount of eggs I hatch for a particular species.


    I have a question for you all. Of the shiny Pokemon you own, which is your favorite(s)?

    My top favorite shiny has to be a tie between my shiny Charizard and my shiny Latias. My shiny Charmander was my first SR'd shiny ever...I remember how overjoyed I was when I finally got it. As for Latias, I worked so hard for it...and in addition to being my favorite shiny Pokemon ever, it's just awesome! So I guess Latias does edge out over Charizard a little bit.

    After that, I would say my Shiny Porygon2 is my next favorite shiny. It has some pretty good IVs, and it has the prettiest combination of blue and lavender. *__*

    For third place, I'd have to make it a tie between my shiny Moltres and Zapdos. In addition to just being a nice shiny, my Zapdos has a good nature and decent IVs...Moltres, while not having the best nature, has excellent IVs. And shiny Moltres' pink body appeals to me quite a bit.

    Sorry for all the ties.

    Edit: Mence Master, how did you get a shiny Darkrai? I'm curious.

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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