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Originally Posted by Infinite Heartless Core View Post
Presuming the rumors are true, you can get Mewtwo and the Birds in the Re-Makes, MetalMario! I'm not sure about Hoenn Legends, but I have heard that you can obtain a single Hoenn Starter. Hopefully it goes deeper into the Hoenn Region than that, though. ;D
Let's please refrain from discussing unverified HGSS rumours. It can only lead to offtopic discussion and debates/speculation which belong ]URL=[/URL].

And one of my objectives is to catch as many of these cover legendaries on their respective versions as possible. The notable exception will be Rayquaza because of the broken Emerald RNG making SRing shinies 100% impossible.

I ran the calculations and confirmed that the first shiny frame on my Emerald save file occurs after three minutes of gameplay! This is much longer than anyone would ever take to make an SR. And if I were to attempt to time it (which is extremely tedioussssss), it would only count as an RNG-abused shiny.

So it's like I said before: stay away from Emerald version!

Originally Posted by Knyaz Vladimir View Post
I would like to join as well. Why? When people tak about me in school, they call me either the "Shiny Catcher" or the "Battling Master". Why? At school, I haven't lost a challenge in a year and I have the largest amount of shinies.

I'll explain which ones I have:

Munchlax (multiple)
Snorlax (2)
Arceus (traded to me)
Dialga & Palkia (traded away)
Mew (taken from friend's Emerald)
Empoleon (maybe)

And that's all I can remember off the top of my head. Still, it's a lot for me and I would like to know more ways on how to catch shinies.
Please explain which of your shinies are hacked or possibly hacked.

Originally Posted by Alinthea View Post
We should make a competition to who can get the best picture of a wild shiny sparkling like yours!
That would be interesting! XD
Umm, if you want then go ahead and make some sparkling pictures. I'm just making them because I like to. ^o^

Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
MM, I must say, that's an interesting quest you're on...I never would've thought of it myself. I have four myself, but two of them are RNG clones, so I really only have three... But what game was Mewtwo on the cover on? *confused*
What I said was: Cover legendaries + Mewtwo - Suicune. So basically all the uber cover legendaries, plus Mewtwo because he kind of fills the same role for Red/Green. Also Suicune, though not part of this quest, is going to be added to my hit list the moment I have a viable way to hunt him.
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