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    In RSE Norman is a Gym leader and little more than that. In my games he will be an interactive part of the story much like the Mom character in most of the previous games. However we will not be ridding the game of the mother either.

    @Bards Sword: Team Rockets goal has not changed from the previous games. They still wish to gain power through theft of pokemon and I want to try and make a few events where you must retrieve your pokemon from the Rocket orginazation. Team Enigma however doesn't so much need the power. They are a fairly wealthy organization of thugs who are basically out to exterminate the Rockets for invading their turf. They do have secondary goals as well. These include Capturing the Dusk/Dawn legendaries to rid the world of the Rockets completely. Yes this makes them sound like the good guys but their motive is not for the better good of the people but instead to restore order to their evil regime. Im debating on a 3rd evil syndicate as well thats a part of Team Enigma known as Cloud 9 which is a group of Team Engima's TOP trainers. Its work in progress and will be further developed for originallity.

    @Monarc: Currently Im actually debating taking her giving you a pokemon out and you getting a New pokemon (Scribble) as a gift from your parents for graduating the Pokemon Academy. I will not delete her roles out of the game however. You will still need a POKeDEX and she will have various other roles in the story. As I mentioned earlier to Bards Sword, My story is in development. Im working out the kinks slowly and surely. I will stop none to short of perfection. The region is actually more so South West of Sinnoh rather than directly west, Thus giving it the tropical climate. Also whereas I was planning on it being nothing but a large group of islands and everyone be in shorts Im reworking the Overworld map and its not going to be as broken up as I originally planned instead it will appear as a normal region with several islands surrounding the main land of the region. Also I don't think I mentioned this little bit of info. But besides having to aquire all 8 badges you must locate the Pokemon league. You won't be able to fly there either you will have to use another means of transportation I plan to impliment into the game. Public transport is going to be one issue I focus on.

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